Dirty Weekend with Photos

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This story is founded on fact and I can strongly recommend the Swan at Southwold. Comments gratefully received as usual and if anyone wants further news of me and Pushpam and an invitation to the wedding just feedback as usual.

Pushpam was a fairly new recruit at work and really gorgeous. Indian with soft brown skin. A lovely face, and long legs that would have been up to her armpits had it not been for two rather large tits. She had flowing black hair that framed the face and eyes like two brown swimming pools. I took her out for lunch a couple of times and the second time asked her if she would spend a weekend with me. To my astonishment she agreed and it was the work of a few moments at my desk and phone to book up at the Swan in Southwold.

I picked up Pushpam on Friday evening and was utterly horrified. She was wearing a dress of some clinging material (cashmere is it?) that showed every movement of her body so clearly that she might as well have been naked. Things actually got a lot worse as looking at her moving slightly, I got a massive erection. I am not claiming that I am any sort of superstud but she did have an amazing effect on me. She noticed after we had been driving a it and were bashing along the A412 and to my even greater horror put my hand on my lap and said ‘Are you uncomfortable?’ I told her I was very uncomfortable and she undid my trouser button and pulled down my zip. ‘Would it be more comfortable to have it in the air? I would love to look at your cock I have fancied you ever since we first met,’

Before I could say anything she reached into my pants and pulled out my cock so I was driving along steaming with lust with it sticking straight up. ‘There that must feel better. It looks lovely’. It was then I discovered that Pam as I call her is a photography freak. She pulled her mobile out of her bag and began photographing then wrapped my cock in one hand and continued snapping with the other. I was a bit worried but short of crashing the car seizing her mobile and stamping on it I could not stop her. Driving was now a real nightmare and it was lucky for me that there were no patrol cars around.

To my intense relief she stopped before I disgraced myself all over my shirt and said ‘My turn’. Things then got worse as she pulled up the skirt of her dress. She had a thong and pushed the gusset aside and began rubbing herself with contented little moans. Idid not then know what sort of bra she was wearing but guessed that there was not very much of it as her tits were really getting into the swing of things as she wriggled her torso.

Anyway I managed to get there without hitting anything worse than a tractor and a school bus and three lampposts and the hotel is strongly recommended. I despise the Mr and Mrs Smith stunt and there was no problem about if yer ain’t married we can’t put yer in a double room which my father said was quite common in his youth. It is quite comfy and pleasant and not far from the sea.

As I went to the lift the proprietress who was a somewhat statuesque lady said ‘I hope you both enjoy yourselves you both look very nice.’

I desperately wanted to assault Pam after that amazing ride but thought it would be polite to let us both settle in a bit, much as I wanted to settle in her cunt.

I went to shave and shower because I was dripping with sweat after the drive and heard Pushpam doing things on her mobile probably reporting me to the local police for uncontrollable lust When I came out she went in for a few minutes with her mobile and still clicking away and came out looking like heaven on earth the same slinky dress, some pink lipstick and some eye make up it is called kohl I believe. I asked her if I could have a quickie and she let’s have dinner so since I am not given to raping women I left her alone and he went down.

So down for dinner I had a very light meal of celery soup and a salmon salad as the only thing I wanted on my stomach that evening was Pam sitting there mercilessly raping me and as we had coffee in the lounge conversation rather dried up and I sat in silence there looking at her with my eyes out on stalks. I am not a sentimental man but my love for her flowing black hair succulent pink lips eyes still like brown swimming pools high cheekbones and tiny pointed chin sort of went into a sticky goo of love for her.

Anyway I felt terribly embarrassed and shy even after her rubbing my cock and frigging herself in the car but got up and so did she and we walked to the lift. When we were in it I cuddled her and kissed her and she did not slap my face.

When we got to our room I decided to be bold and started taking all my clothes off. To my relief she did too and beat me to it. I had a packet of condoms and put one on and Pushpam who was wriggling gently on the bed as her breasts wobbled too told me she had been scared I would forget and brought a packet too. Some bloke in the office who knew what she was doing had bought them for them for her. IS NOTHING SECRET?

Anyway this is where ciplak izle I let the side down. I lay next to her and started kissing and groping politely but just could not contain myself and rolled on top of her and inserted myself yelling SORRY SORRY as I went in. I kept on apologising and asked if I was hurting her but she said no she was quite flattered that I wanted her so much. I took this as a yes but was very relieved and quite surprised to find that she was actually quite soft and moist so I do not think I did hurt her too much. She did not actually complain but let me go on and it was absolute utter bliss. She did not seem to mind my brutal rape of her defenceless body and kept twisting her hips around.. I was feeling terribly ashamed of myself for lack of self control but she felt so lovely and it was such utter bliss.

I had to slow down quite a lot because I wanted the bliss to last without untoward premature events and moved in and out fucking slowly with every inch in a a state of total ecstasy. Pushpam was very polite and after about ten minutes faked an orgasm, she sort of went all stiff and squealed and her cunt muscles went sort of tight round me and that was too much so I came inside her still apologising for my lack of self control.. I kept on saying how sorry I was as I went to the bathroom to remove the condom and clean up and telling her I would try to do better next time.

I lay next to her after I had cleaned up a bit and started squeezing and kissing her and stroking her body. It was more bliss because she is slim where she ought to be slim and large where she ought to be large. She did not object too much so I kissed the rest of her body and she seemed to enjoy my head between her legs and I licked her and kissed her. Once again she did not seem to object even when I pushed my tongue into her cunt. I went on trying to get her to enjoy sex too and went up to kiss her breasts too and nibble her nipples. My cock was about half hard by this time and she suddenly reached down and grabbed it and started stroking it. I am no stud as I say but the sense of her warm little fist around me soon got me really hard again, I kept on apologising for having been a beast and she said she had actually quite enjoyed it.

\Then when I was hard she reached over got a condom and actually fitted it on me herself, it was so sexy then seized my cock and balls in both hands and dragged me on top of her! She said that her cunt had been hot ever since she got into my car and that she wanted a really good fucking.

I have never lasted so long before and she was polite enough to fake two orgasms.

We both went to the bathroom and I was removing the condom and cleaning up she used the bidet which was too sexy to be true watching her rub her soapy fingers round her pussy. Things got a lot worse then. Sashaying totally nude in front of me she went to her case and took out a white nightie. And put it on. It had two broad straps on the top to cover the nipples and a broad elastic waistband and was some sort of satin down to her ankles slit up the sides to her waist so every time she moved long brown legs showed. I told her I would never get a moment’s sleep if she slept in it and she slapped me again and told me not to be silly. Then she got into the bed and rolled over on her side.

Well that was pure torture but I rolled over on my side and we both went to sleep. I woke at 0430 unless my watch lies and considered another brutal assault on her but decided to let her sleep but this proved a futile sacrifice. I developed a furious itch on my scrotum and started scratching and she was awake and asked me what I was doing. I told her and she said she thought I had been wanking. She reached down and wrapped her fist round my cock and started asking me about my wanking habits and methods. I told her I wanked about five times a week and used my middle and fourth finger to rub the spot just below the tip and she said like that? And I said ooooh just like that.

Things got a bit kinky at that point. She said she loved looking at my cock and would I do it for her while she watched? I told her it would be a waste of a good erection and I would rather do it in her cunt so she giggled and said I was a dirty man but would I do it for her? Well I am a perfect gentleman so I kicked back the duvet. She switched the light on and then settled down with her pointed little chin digging into my thigh about six inches from my cock. She pulled the straps of her white nightie off round her head and her lovely large tits naked bobbled about as I watched.

Well I got down to work and suddenly saw that she had her mobile and was snapping away as I rubbed my big stiff cock. This was even more sexy so I rubbed myself harder enjoying ever second of pleasure while my cock grew and swelled. She kept on snapping then reached down to fondle my balls which are quite large and this was too much so I began spurting as she snapped away.

After I had cleaned up the mess with a wad of tissues commander fort izle I cuddled her and was feeling her bum in a sort of absent minded way when she asked me if there was anything else I would like to do to her. Well I could think of about a million things but told her that like all English males who had been to boarding school and thrashed within an inch of their lives every day I was obsessed with bottoms and hers felt so nice that I would like to spank it. To my utter astonishment she did not tell me to stop being disgusting and when I sat on the edge of the bed she took off the whole nightie and then draped herself naked over my lap.

Her bottom thus presented to view was so lovely that words fail me. Taut muscular small neat trim and that lovely brown skin. I did not really want to hurt her so I spanked gently loving the feel of the muscular flesh bouncing under my firm strokes. I moved my spare hand round under her and began rubbing her pussy, then shifted her a bit on my lap because I was getting a hard on again and needed to make room for it. I spanked a bit harder and she went OWWW OOOUCH and began to squeal and squirm so that her hips wriggled around quite delightfully.

I stopped after a bit though I could have gone on for hours and she stood up and began rubbing her bottom. ‘That was a bit rough Peter’ she said. I think I need some revenge if I can manage to sit down.’ She took one of the soft pillows and sat on it and said now your turn over my lap so I obeyed and felt so utterly humiliated my white bottom totally displayed for her and my balls dangling against her thigh. It was still an enormous turn on to be so utterly displayed for her and to be at her mercy.

She had no mercy at all and was soon thrashing so hard that I was yelling and sobbing as each firm stroke of her hand cracked into my bottom with a sound like riflefire. She still had her mobile out and was snapping away with her free hand so my posterior was recorded for posterity. It seemed to go on for hours and hours but eventually she stopped and said ‘That was real fun I shall want to do it again soon now you can fuck me if you want’.

After that awful spanking I was in mood to be a gentleman so I just rolled her over on the bed and pulled her legs apart plunged into her cunt which I was relieved to find was quite juicy so I fucked hard and fast.

Once again she did not seem to mind too much so I fucked steadily away getting up a nice rhythm..

She started screaming and moaning and faked an orgasm again as her cunt muscles tightened round me so I just came like s fire hose the jets of spunk nearly dislodging the condom.

The morning was even worse. We both woke more or less together and I started to grope. She slapped me again and told me not to be silly and went to the bathroom for a shower and the loo and a wash. I could hear the mobile clicking as she reported me to the police for vile brutal lust. I did so want to go into the shower with her but just managed to control myself. She came back totally nude with various bits wriggling but again I was the perfect gentleman and went for my own shower and shave. More pure torture. I have several razors with me as I believe women do not like bristly chins rubbing theirs or bristly upper lips against their private parts as you kiss their fleshy cuntlips.

Anyway when I got back she was still totally naked and was applying make up so I decided I had better get dressed. I asked her if I could do it again and she said no she was hungry so I got into my things. I have many faults but rape as I say assault is not one of them but I was deeply tempted as a=she pulled on a pair of white panties and a white bra and a petticoat and a a huge baggy sweater and a pair of jeans. To my intense relief this was a fairly sexless outfit apart from her bottom wriggling about in a pair of tight jeans.

Breakfast went OK she had a ham salad and I had two boiled eggs. The waiter was quite a handsome young man and I felt intensely jealous as I saw Pam looking at him.

We had agreed to go on a walk to Walberswick which about the loveliest town in Britain but it was not a success. In her baggy sweater there was no evidence that she had breasts so I had to keep putting my arm round her to check that they were still there. A female bottom in jeans is not very accessible but it wriggled delightfully soI did pat it a few times as well. She kept telling me not to be silly and slapped my face twice

Walberswick is lovely and I recommend a visit. But things got a lot worse. We dropped into the King’s Arms hotel for a bite and as I was sitting in the lounge with my arm round Pam trying to find out if she still had tits on her chest the landlord came up and asked with a big grin if we would like to hire a bedroom for a couple of hours. Well the answer was yes but like the fool I am I had forgotten to bring my condoms with me. Since he obviously knew I was a sex crazed maniac I told him the problem and he said there was copenhagen cowboy izle no problem and many guests left half used packets behind and he would bring one up. So we went to the bedroom and stripped and there was a knock on the door and he handed in a packet so I put one on and then I laid Pam on her back with her legs round hr ears to allow maximum penetration and had the most enormous long satisfying fuck more total bliss and I pushed in and out and she squealed and faked two more orgasms tightening her cunt muscles round my cock. I was groping her tits (they were still on her chest) as I rammed in and out of her.with long steady strokes yelling with the sheer total joy of the feeling. It was so utterly lovely I had another massive cum and withdrew my flaccid cock and we cleaned up and got dressed.

As I left and paid the room fee the landlord gave me a big grin and said he thought half Suffolk had probably heard us.

So back to the Swan for the evening and things got kinkier. Pam said that she would like some pictures of us fucking and could not take them while I was buried in her cunt fucking happily away and would I mind awfully if someone else did it.

We discussed it over dinner and our waitress was a strikingly attractive brunette with long legs and a lovely pair of pert titties, in waitress uniform of the Swan, a short black dress and black stockings and a white cap. Her name tag was Erica. Pam suddenly asked her, Erica I want someone to take pictures of us fucking would you come and do it for us? Erica do my surprise did not deem fazed at all but stood there for a minute thinking. Then she said ‘I’ll do it if I get a fuck too, that bloke of yours is really good and he makes my cunt feel hot.’ I felt flattered but felt sure that Pam would refuse but she just nodded and said yes of course,

We went upstairs and stripped and I started fondling Pam but she told me not to fuck her as ahe wanted it properly snapped. So I just went on groping Pam squeezing her breasts and fondling her pussy and slipping a finger into her cunt while she groaned and moaned and told me to control myself; I told how much I loved feeling her super tits and asked her if she would really not mind me fucking someone else and she said she would really enjoy watching and wanking herself. Eventually there was a knock on the door and Erica came in still in full waitress uniform and told us she was ready. Her eyes seemed to swell like balloons as she drank in the two naked bodies locked together and my long cock

I told her to remove her panties and get her tits out her costume. They were not all bad perky and firm and bobbing around gently. I told her she looked lovely and Pam gave her the mobile. She asked when was she going to get her fuck and pulled up her skirt to display a lovely trimmed pussy. Pam told her all in good time and I got Pam on her hands and knees and rammed into her. Erica got the idea and started snapping away at my cock disappearing into Pam’s lovely cunt. Her cunt is always I had found a total turn on tight soft juicy and warm and embracing and it always gives the most lovely fuck. She does horrible things like wriggling her hips round your cock and pumping up and down on it.

Anyway I had a good long lovely fuck quite enjoying the sensation of a young girl watching me and taking pictures while I looked round from time to time at her wobbling tits and eventually came. I went to the bathroom but Erica came too and pulled the condom off and mopped by flaccid cock with bogroll as I stood there totally naked. Pam totally naked do women have no shame or modesty came in too and watched and asked Erica if she liked my cock. Erica said yes he was really giving you a good pounding I was really jealous. But if I am to have my fuck as you promised I need to get it hard again.

Pam agreed and grabbed my balls and pulled me back into the bedroom amd laid me down on the bed. And sat beside me. Erica was still mainly in her maid’s uniform although her tits were wobbling about in a quite obscene and lovely manner and she pulled up the skirt again and displayed her pussy too. They bent down and started to lick and tease my cock with their tongues. Erica cradled my balls in her hot little fist and rubbed them gently.and Pam reached for her camera again. I reached down to grab Erica’s tits and started squeezing and massaging and she told me to go on that was making them all tingly and nice so I did.. As I say I am no superstud but the combined treatment was having its desired effect and my cock began to rise. Pam put her fingers on it and told Erica that that was the way I liked to wank myself and Erica said can I do it and began a very efficient job, Pam snapping away.

Soon I was hard as a rock and Pam said he always looks lovely when he is hard I think he’s about ready now how would you want it? Erica seemed to get a bit shy at this point but after Pam slapped her said she wanted to rape me. This was another dream come true so I raised no objection as she climbed on top of me and lowered her pussy on to my cock. Pam still snapping away held my cock and rubbed the tip against the pussy lips and Erica moaned and shrieked Oh stop teasing me I want a fuck you said I could have a fuck then suddenly sank down and impaled herself on my stiff cock as Pam guided it into her.

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