Dirty Sex Memories

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Dirty Love Memories

Author’s Note: I want to thank the talented and gorgeous Skye_sub for co-writing and editing this story with me. It is because of her this was brought to life. If you have not read her work, you really need to do so. She is an amazing writer. I love you KYT.

In a much needed moment alone, Bob was sipping a beer, seated by his in-ground pool. His three adult children, their spouses, five young grandchildren and his wife of thirty years, Brenda, were all inside his home, celebrating her birthday. He had happily grilled burgers, hotdogs and steaks for his family. Yet, once the meal had been finished, he felt the need to rest in private away from all the hectic commotion. Now a wealthy man living in upper New York state, he reflected back to when his excavating business had taken off years before. That success had led to his current life, a life he found satisfying and content with a wife he truly loved.

If hard-pressed, his only wish was that she was more into “dirty” sex because that was all he yearned for in his life of fulfilled dreams. To Bob, “dirty” sex meant anything but the generic lovemaking his wife desired, be it taboo because of its sleaze, inappropriate place, time, or unlikely participants; it didn’t matter, just as long as it was spontaneous and exhilarating. After a long pull on his beer he puffed his cigar and reminisced back to when he discovered the thrill of nasty, dirty and most importantly raw, unabashed sex. His current undeniably good life at age 62 was not always good when growing up. While he had tried to block most of it from his memory, there were some amazing experiences from his sexual beginnings that he clung to.

Growing up in the 60s and 70s in the heart of New York City as the son of an alcoholic father was rough. His mother died from an infection when he was young, but not before she started the trend of calling him Bobby which followed him throughout his youth. Independent from an early age, he was a solitary white boy among a demographic of mostly blacks and immigrants which led him to acceptance of other cultures from an early age with little fear or prejudice. When his father was drunk, which was most of the time, he would become abusive or if Bobby was lucky he would simply be an absentee father. All this propelled Bobby to run the mean streets at times no person should have been allowed out in the city that never sleeps. New York City had earned that distinction and when Bobby would wonder around; drugs, sex advertising, prostitution, and adult theaters were prevalent on every corner. These thinly veiled vices showed themselves in the dawning light of his sexual awakening even though he never partook in them.

Because of his family’s several day visit, he had not been able to have sex with Brenda or even jerk off for some relief. He was horny. Tossing a cautious glance over his shoulder, Bob peeked back at the house to see if anyone in his family was in need of him. Confident he was in the clear, he made his way to his pole barn at the edge of his expansive property. Once inside, he stood back by his bulldozer unbuckling his pants for some release. Tugging them down to his knees, he slapped his flaccid cock a few times in order to wake it up before preparing to jerk it silly. Bob loved sensation on his balls so he cupped and fondled them like an eager young porn actress. Just as his manhood began to rise, he gripped it tightly and stroked his veiny eight inch member until it was full engorged.

Even at his age, he had no trouble getting hard when his memories and his fantasies of dirty sex came flooding to his mind. Internet porn was inferior to the power of his own imagination and the images of his youthful adventures imprinted in his brain. On that day, it was going to be his memories that did the trick. Enhancing the experience was the fact he was standing in his dimly lit barn, with his pants around his knees, about to beat his meat while his family was innocent to his shenanigans. Bob felt dirty and reveled in that familiar feeling especially since he seldom had the opportunity to feel that way anymore. Following that feeling, he drifted back into his memories with his eyes closed and his mind alive.

The year was 1976, New York and all of the United States, for that matter, were in the middle of an election year and Bobby had just turned 19: much too old for an attractive young man to be a virgin. A fact of which he was about as interested in as people were in the lackluster candidates of the day. Of much more importance to him was the stubborn existence of his virginity, even though he was superficially experienced with sex. How could he not be? It permeated everything all around him on a daily basis, but he was introverted and shy which kept him an unwilling virgin. Sure, he had been jerking off for a year, but that was where his sex life sadly ended; his hand partnered with the Playboy and Juggs magazines he would steal from his dad’s closet.

He had ritualized how he would jack off, casino siteleri starting with locking the door, he would then get his lotion handy, and sit himself comfortably propped up on his pillows. Loosening his pants and pulling them down around his ankles where they would be easily pulled back up if his father should knock unexpectedly. It had started then, his love of playing with his balls. He would reach his hand down into the musky warmth of his jockeys, taking the time to caress and cup his sack; a habit that would eventually follow him into his sixties. After massaging himself to a throbbing erection, he would sort through his magazine of choice to find that perfect pose of a “slut” on those shiny pages. This was usually a girl on her back with her bush covered pussy on display. Eyes locked on his “slut,” he squirted an abundance of lotion all over his cock and built up to his rhythm until it achieved that sloppy smacking sound made by fast jerking. Eventually, his face would contort as he shot his cum all over his chest and stomach. On average, Bobby would jerk off three times a day just to satisfy his urges.

Of course, Bobby’s dad did not acknowledge the Saturday of his nineteenth birthday. There were no gifts for him or even a cake. He was used to that kind of treatment. As if to accentuate his apathy for his son, his dad had been out all night. Upon return to their home, he seemingly amped up his disregard for his son and his birthday by finishing off a bottle of whiskey, then passing out on his bedroom floor. Bob now knew with the wisdom of many years on this planet that his dad was likely trying to drink away the pain of his existence and the guilt of being a shit father. When his father’s girlfriend, Shonda showed up at their apartment around 3pm; she just shook her head before demanding with disgust overwhelming her tone, “Where is Henry? Is the bastard passed out drunk again?”

Shonda was a thin woman of sharp angles, a 40-year-old blonde who looked much older because of her hard life. The smoking, drinking, and dating abusive men had taken its toll but she was bound by her circumstances. Working as a clerk at a local grocery store, she felt herself lacking the financial stability she craved. This made her feel indebted to Bob’s father, Henry despite the constant shit he put her through. Yet, there were times he was decent enough and made a good living with his factory work.

“Yeah. He’s in there,” responded the downhearted Bobby.

While heading towards Henry’s room, Shonda huffed, “I know I should leave his ass but life is hard. I guess I could do worse.”

“At least you have a choice.” Bobby mumbled almost imperceptibly as he turned to walk away.

Before he had a chance to leave, Shonda inappropriately added, “Ha! I guess I do and I do love that dick of his. Your father can fuck like nobody’s business. I can’t resist it.”

Those words were something Bobby could have done without but he had gotten used to hearing that kind of talk nonetheless, especially with the type of women that his father tended to attract. Just as he was about to enter his bedroom, Shonda blurted, “Hey… isn’t today your birthday?” After a nod from Bobby, she continued, “Well happy birthday, sweetie. I know your deadbeat dad probably did nothing for you.” She paused as though something had just occurred to her and looked into Henry’s bedroom, then added, “Hmmmm…I have a great birthday present for you. I will meet you in your room in just a minute.”

Thinking she meant a couple of bucks or something sentimental, he closed his door to put on his most recent Pink Floyd album on his second-hand record player. Just as the horns began signifying the start of the album, Shonda slipped into his room with a mischievous smile on her face. She slowly closed the door behind her and began unbuttoning her top. Reclined on his bed, he sat in disbelief by her sudden unexpected seduction. Euphorically, he was mesmerized as it all seemed so surreal like one of his many wet dreams from his not so distant teenage past. Reality dawned once her shirt was on the floor, and she unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall as well. Bobby had never seen real life boobs and Shonda’s were surprisingly nice.

Approaching him sitting on his floor mattress without a bed frame, she squeezed them together and presented the large D cups to his face, “You want to feel them? You can even suck em if you want to.”

Once her nipple touched Bobby’s lip, his inexperienced mouth parted naturally and he began sucking his father’s girlfriend’s tit. He wasn’t quite sure if he was doing it correctly but Shonda moaned before grabbing the back of his head for a strong pull in. His lips were tugging her tire stem sized nipples and his saliva coated her dark brown areolas. In an attempt to please Shonda, he sucked much too quickly but his intent was clear. He just hoped he was doing it right.

She took the lead he needed her to and whispered kindly, “Slow down, sweetie… they aren’t güvenilir casino going anywhere. Lightly bite on them just enough to give me a sensation. Mmmm… yes, just like that… mmmmm.”

As Bobby sat on his floor mattress sucking Shonda’s nipples, he was so focused on pleasing her that he was unaware his cock was rock hard and leaking inside his pants. Suddenly, the constrictive pressure ripped his attention from her tits long enough for him to make an adjustment. At that moment, it occurred to him how wrong it was to be sucking his own father’s girlfriend’s boobs especially while his dad lay sleeping in his room, not 30 feet from where they were. His cock throbbed as it swelled further, the sneaking, dirty feeling skyrocketed his lust even if Shonda’s looks were a pale comparison to her younger glory days. Smelling strongly of smoke she was hardly the subject of any of his previous fantasies, but he thought that was maybe about to change. Shifting to her left nipple, she slumped lower, placing one knee beside him on the mattress as she grabbed his young cock through his jeans. He grunted and it forcefully twitched causing her to squeeze tighter.

Licking below his earlobe onto his neck, she whispered, “Now it’s time for your birthday present. Take those pants off for me.”

As she continued to softly kiss his neck that “butterfly in the stomach” sensation took him over. Goosebumps tingled their way up his arms as he slid his pants off while feeling like he was outside of himself. Once his underwear was removed, his hard dick pressed against his stomach, and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen next. He worried if they had sex, he would shoot off too quickly and Shonda would think him a pathetic lay. If there was one thing he was certain of it was that he didn’t want to pass up any opportunities for a second showing.

Pressing her lips in a downward horseshoe shape, she marveled, “Wow! You are even bigger than your dad. Lay down on your back and let me take care of it for you birthday boy.”

Shonda’s main intention was to give the young Bobby a birthday present he would never forget. However, in the back of her mind, she also had ulterior motives of exacting some revenge on Henry for being a regular son-of-a-bitch and his consistently shitty behavior. Not to mention, she had come here for dick anyway, as that’s all Henry was good for, since he got too drunk to supply it, she felt justified in fulfilling her own needs with Bobby. Sliding down on her stomach, she positioned herself perpendicular to Bobby’s crotch. Completely on his back, his longer floppy brown hair spread around his head and he outstretched his arms in a youthful gesture deferring to his elder’s superior experience. He assumed she knew what she wanted and he wasn’t going to risk getting in the way of her getting it.

Pulling his leaking cock away from his flat stomach, she pointed it to the ceiling. Once her hand gripped the base tightly, she was even more impressed at the size because the eye test alone could not appreciate the girth. Shonda used her elbows to elevate her head in order to put her mouth on his hard cock. Once the large head was fully engulfed, she repositioned her hand under his large smooth balls. Fondling a guy’s nuts when she started her blowjobs was a technique she had always used. This practice was twofold, as she used it to build him up and because she had always found a man’s balls erotic. She loved that Bobby’s young balls were still relatively smooth. Now in his later years, he always thought of Shonda when he cupped his balls before jerking off; the craving for that sensation stuck with Bobby for all the rest of his years.

Bobbing up and down on his veiny dong, she was careful to keep her teeth out of the way which was not easy when tasked with slurping on such a thick cock. Bobby had never felt anything so amazing and that warm, wet, smooth pressure on his dick would not allow him to last very long. A talented blowjob artist, she would go down until his cock would press past her gag reflex and enter her throat before she would pull back up on it. He tried to prolong the best sexual experience of his young life by shifting his thoughts to something else. No amount of baseball plays could delay the inevitable; the sensation was just too much and he jerked his hips upward erupting like a popped cork on a wine bottle.

“Ungggg! Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Unggg!” He grunted loudly above the slurping, smacking sounds from her sucking mouth. His first couple shots were so powerful that Shonda gagged but she managed to maintain her rhythm so that he could fully enjoy it. Bobby’s legs were stiff and shaking as she placed her palm on his flexed ab muscles throughout his orgasm. Hardly able to believe how superior this was to jerking off; his cock head felt like it was going to blow clean off inside her mouth. At one point, both of them thought the spurting may never stop. Finally, the jetting ropes of cum dwindled into an ooze. Her mouth was nearly canlı casino full and when she pulled off, she sat up to reorient herself.

With her eyes wide open, Shonda swallowed the dense load before smacking her lips, “Wow! That was a bunch. Was that your first blowjob, sweetie?” Suddenly shy and ashamed of his actions, Bobby mumbled his affirmation. Hearing his innocent reply, she altered her thinking from her original plan. At first, she was going to just suck his dick and be done with it, but now she was tempted to take his virginity. She had truly thought her days of scoring “V” cards were over. Now, there was this young virgin man with a big cock, hard-on still raging, laying before her. Her pussy juiced and she decided she was going to fuck him. Just as she started taking off her jeans in order to ride Bobby’s pole, they both froze as they heard a thump from the other room.

“Shonda! Are you here?” Bobby’s dad Henry yelled from his bedroom, his voice slurring.

Frantically, she jumped up from the floor adjusting herself while whispering, “Shit! Sorry Bobby. I better get out of here, but I hope you enjoyed your birthday present. I know I sure did.”

For the next two hours, Bobby sat in his room trying to listen to his music, but even with that distraction it was difficult to drown out his dad’s grunting, Shonda’s moaning, and the bed squeaking and thumping through the thin apartment walls. Turning off his music, he jacked off shamelessly, not only replaying in his mind the blowjob he had received but he also fantasized it was himself in the other room, fucking Shonda instead of his dad. It didn’t take long and he shot another large load all over his stomach.

In the present, Bob had not came to that experience so he shifted to another memory and now it was the summer of 1977. It was a very hot one and this particular evening was no different, Bobby was out with his buddy Trent. They had met up for a meal at a dive diner on 3rd Street. Working at a Bodega not far from his house, he now had a little money for the first time in his life. As they were leaving the diner at 11pm, Bobby surveyed the grungy streets that had always been the backdrop to his life. Many of the local prostitutes hung out there and the two young men were bombarded by solicitation.

Trixie, a large Puerto Rican woman was notorious enough in the community that both boys knew her by name. The typical uniform of her trade was much too tight for her 270 pound 38-year-old body. She called from across the street, her commanding tone was laden with a heavy Spanish accent, “Hey you two! I know you boys could use a good blowjob. Come over here to Trixie and get your dick sucked before you head home. Come on now!”

Trent clapped his hand on Bobby’s shoulder while boldly bragging, “Speaking of getting my dick sucked, I better head over to my girl Alicia’s now. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

As Trent took off walking in the opposite direction, Bobby took two steps before stopping. Despite himself, just the talk of a blow job had him adjusting his hardening cock in his tight bell bottoms. His 19-year-old libido was raging, calling all the shots, as he realized that jerking off at home just wouldn’t be enough on that night. Hesitantly, he crossed the busy street to where Trixie stood among other hookers. None of them had led an easy life and it showed on their drawn out aging faces that no amount of makeup could obscure. Yet, most were built better than Trixie. She was heavy and wore way too much makeup, but in her favor she still had a cute face, thick wavy hair, a great personality and humongous boobs that were on display with her low cut top. Bobby thought she held her weight well with confidence and good humor. Puffing out of her high heels, her feet reminded Bobby of baking bread rising up through fishnet stockings, but she was still sexy to him that night.

The other prostitutes were vying for his money, rubbing themselves all over him spewing flirtatious and filthy propositions. Positive, he was a neighborhood boy and not a cop, the soliciting rang from several voices all around him, “Hey baby, you want a real woman to make you feel good?”

“For ten dollars, I will make both heads spin.”

“You wanna go behind that building and get some good pussy?”

Concerned they were going to argue amongst themselves, Bobby pointed to Trixie. She immediately grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the crowd while turning her head to gloat, “See you later skinny bitches. He wants a real woman.”

Hand in hand, they both made it around the corner to the alley behind the building. Ducking into an obscured alcove between two buildings, Bobby’s wide eyes took in one of the sleaziest places he had ever seen. On the cracked pavement, some trash lay as well as several used condoms and their matching torn wrappers. The filthy scene only served to heighten Bobby’s arousal.

Once she set her purse down, she inquired while squatting, “We need to take care of some business first. Hon, do you have the ten dollars?”

Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled the ten dollar bill from his wallet and handed it to her. While she unzipped her purse, she instructed Bobby, “Get your pants down. I’m gonna suck that thing real good for you, baby.”

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