Dirty Patrol

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Scott had started his Sunday as he started most days, with a workout. Most days it was a calisthenic workout of the day or PT with the unit. Today, with no PT and no WOD he decided to go for a quick run. He liked morning runs as it often put him in the path of many other fit, often shirtless men. It had been such a long time since he’d had any contact with another guy. Usually they’d just jerk each other off. A few times he’d gotten oral and other times he’d returned the favor. Most of it had been while on deployments. As a major in the military he felt he had to keep up appearances which included a wife and a dependent. But at thirty-six it was growing more difficult to ignore the lust he felt for other men. Feeling like forty was around the corner he was starting to feel like he was missing out on something. Today he was restless even after the run. So, when his wife needled him to go to mall with her he agreed. Thinking he might at least have a chance to check out the guys walking around. Particularly, he was hoping to see one bull of a man. Just the site of him made Scott horny and the last time he’d seen him around Scott had even thought the man might have shown and interest in him too. Wishful thinking, Scott convinced himself. The best he could hope for is another glimpse of those biceps and tree trunk legs.

Getting to the mall Scott was able to meander in a way that would take him through a store where he had seen his fantasy man several times. As he walked around it was unmistakable, the hot guy that Scott had seen on previous trips was there and definitely checking him out as he moved through the lower floor of the department store. Feeling anxious he informed his wife that he was bored and would check out the men’s section and meet up with her later. She agreed, assuming that her mall-hating husband would ditch her and go sit in a massage chair or something and wait for her. Instead, Scott strolled over to the section where the man stood, no longer pretending to look at shirts. They locked eyes for a moment. The man cocked his head toward the dressing rooms which so soon after the store’s opening were empty. The man began to slowly walk towards the entrance. His heart racing, Scott followed.


Ray was a fucked up person. He knew this about himself. Not on a deep level. But he knew, at least on a surface level, that there was a certain degree of wrong to the things he often did. The main thing being: using his position as a police officer to fuck married guys in public places. He could understand being excited by the idea cruising for sex in public places but he had a special type of malice when they were married. This didn’t stop him from enjoying it though. Just recently on his patrol near a bike trail he had dominated a stocky-muscular gentleman who made no attempt to hide his wedding ring. Ray was able to push that encounter to the limit and today, at a sparsely populated mall on a Sunday morning he was ready for a new adventure.

He spent a bit of time walking around the lower floor where most stores kept their men’s departments before settling on one of his previously set up spots. He was a tall man with a powerfully fit build and a bald head that often made people think of him as a “hot dad”. He didn’t look old but the fact that he had a shaved head often made people think that he was older than he was. His last bike trail conquest, a man named Sam had thought that he was forty. He was in fact thirty-four years old. Many of the men he had fucked on patrol were middle aged, though still fit. The younger generation had mastered online dating. It had been a slow morning but that had given him time to set up his hunting ground. Many of the workers in the retail stores knew that he was a cop and for the most part left him alone when he made certain dressing rooms inaccessible to other customers.

Ray was noticed for his height and build in most situations. While on patrol and looking, he often wore shirts that showed off his large biceps and pants or shorts that made his thickly muscled thighs all but unmissable. Just walking around garnered the attention of the average mall goer and it especially got him attention from men who liked men. A couple of hours into this particular stakeout he noticed a fit man of medium height walking with his family. He had seen the man before and there had definitely been some chemistry but it was all preliminary. The weather was mild that day and the man wore what Ray considered to be a “dad uniform” shorts, flip flops, and drab colored t-shirt. He knew this type, and he knew exactly how to get what he wanted.


The unnamed family man followed Ray back into the men’s dressing rooms. It was still early for a weekend and all of the rooms were empty. Ray looked back to make sure the man was still following and saw him furtively gesture to one of the empty rooms at the middle of the corridor. Ray gave his head slight shake to indicate that this would not do and gaziantep escort gestured in the direction towards the back of the corridor of dressing rooms with a knowing smile.

Normally, the locked door at the end of the row would indicate that the room was occupied but Ray had prepared for this and made sure to observe the man’s reaction when he pulled out a set a keys and unlocked the door. Since there was no else in the dressing room area he quietly stated.

“Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.”

Family man, as Ray derisively referred to him in his head, followed Ray into the dressing at the end of the hall. He could tell that the man was nervous. He could also tell that this man was trying to hide it.

He was about 5’8 with light brown hair and a very nice, lean body. As he flip-flopped his way into the dressing room Ray immediately became aroused. He had him now. Ray was very good at getting what he wanted in these encounters and this would be no different. Even though he knew this man was nervous, he also knew how the make him loosen up. At this point, Ray understood that the guy’s biggest fear was getting caught. That this was some kind of set up to catch guys like him and haul them off to jail. With any other cop that might be true. So with that knowledge he made a bold move. Standing tall, his six foot, one inch, thickly muscled frame both intimidating and exciting this man he moved in close, uncomfortably close. Ray boldly placed a hand on Scott’s toned chest and the man let out a rush of hot breath. He stood stock still as Ray commenced to feeling him up; running his hands firmly across his chest and down his flat stomach before curving around to his back and gripping his buttocks.

“How do I know this isn’t some kind of set up?” The man asked, trying to project a weary toughness but actually sounding nervous and frightened.

In response Ray took his soon to be conquest’s hand and pressed it to his crotch. Ray was fully erect and likely giving this guy his biggest thrill in a long time. The man was apprehensive but excited. Next Ray put a hand to his chest and felt how hard his heart was pounding. Ray took Scott’s other hand put it to his own impressive chest. Ray could have been a body builder. Scott breathed deeply, gave Ray’s pec a squeeze, and ran his hand over Ray’s shirt down the rippling abs that he could feel even through the fabric. All while growing bolder with Ray’s erection in his other hand.

“That is…impressive,” The Scott managed to say, giving it a squeeze.

“Take it out and play with it,” Ray suggested.

Scott gave a Ray a cautious look and let out a sigh. He paused his manual exploration of Ray’s upper body and started to unbutton Ray’s black shorts. Still nervous, he fumbled a bit but eventually got to unzipping and was shocked to find that Ray wore no underwear. He looked up at Ray with muted surprise and Ray gave him an encouraging nod.

“Take it out,” Ray said again. His hands still on the man’s taught body. He reached through the zipper of Ray’s shorts and freed the long hard cock inside.

Scott was conflicted. His pulse was racing as he started to stroke Ray’s impressively meaty manhood. Ray put a hand on his shoulder and gave a slight downward nudge. Scott knew what he wanted. He hadn’t expected this. Even as he had followed Ray into the dressing room he hadn’t really known what to expect. Now he stood in front of this tall, muscled man with a hardon.

Ultimately Scott decided that this was too good to pass up, bent down, and took Ray into his mouth. He started tentatively, pursing his lips at the tip while still holding the base in his hand. He started to move his head back and forth letting the large tip and part of the shaft slide in and out of his mouth. Ray was tall enough that Scott could just bend over to get his mouth to Ray’s cock but now, the feeling of Ray’s hand petting the back of his gave him a rush that sent him to his knees.

Being on his knees before this unbelievably sexy man in a department store dressing room aroused Scott more than anything he’d ever done. The shame he felt and the submissive nature of his position fed into his excitement in a way that Scott didn’t even realize. He opened wider to let more of the girthy shaft glide past his lips and fill his mouth. Ray’s dominant stature, towering over him, feeding him this perfect cock made Scott’s mouth water and he bobbed his head back and forth more vigorously. There was no way he’d be able to take the full length but he loved the feeling of it prodding the back of his mouth. If Scott had stopped to think about it he might have been astonished at how easily he had taken to sucking cock given his lack of experience.

After a few minutes Ray started to get slightly more aggressive. Instead of just petting the back of Scott’s head he started pushing it further down the length of his cock. As it started to reach the back of Scott’s throat he started to gag and choke. Ray loved the sound. He took control and grabbed the sucker’s head with both hands. Holding it steady he started to buck his hips, his wet dick invading Scott’s mouth as he forcefully fucked his face. And it was a fairly handsome face, Ray admitted to himself. He decided to change positions. There was a cushioned bench in the dressing room behind where he was standing. Ray pulled out of Scott’s mouth and sat down.

“Come over here.” Ray said. Scott, instead of standing up and walking the few steps to the seat, crawled over on his knees. Ray smiled inside. The submissive nature of Scott’s move was totally unintentional and that excited him.

As Scott got comfortable sucking Ray’s cock on the bench. Ray decided to push things. He had made sure when he sat down that this man was slightly to the right of him and with his right hand he reached down started to palm his ass. It was not as muscular and thick as Ray usually liked but it was toned and firm. Tired of feeling it through his clothing, Ray reached under and unbuttoned the drab colored shorts that had been worn my many dads at the mall. Scott was rock hard and Ray gave his nicely average sized cock a tug before slipping his hand under the back of his boxers. The feeling of that firm ass in his hands turned Ray on even more. With his palm firmly gripping the tight ass he let a finger drift between the smooth butt cheeks. He let this index finger graze Scott’s hole. When he didn’t feel the man tense up he reached up, wet a finger in his mouth, and, placing his hand back under the loose boxer shorts began swirling it around the tight opening. From his scent Ray could tell that he had recently showered. Likely, after a morning run. Ray let his wet finger slowly slide it into the man’s sphincter. He felt a sigh from the mouth on his cock. He didn’t know that Scott had practically begged his wife to do this for him the last time they’d had sex. Ray decided not to prod too aggressively.

“Stand up.” Ray commanded. Scott did, half expecting Ray to return the sexual favor. Instead Ray also stood up. He then quickly got behind Scott, pulled his pants and boxers down, and then got on his knees. Scott was confused until he felt Ray’s hands gripping his ass cheeks, pushing them apart. The sensation that came next nearly made Scott cry out. He’d never felt a tongue on that part of his body and never realized how sensitive he really was back there. Now he was learning. Ray let the tip of his tongue swirl around the smooth opening of Scott’s ass then flicked it up and down. He repeated this motion for a short time and could tell from the way Scott bit his balled up fist to stifle his moans that he loved it.

Scott’s guard was down and he was relaxed from having his ass eaten for the first time. Ray took advantage. While tonguing his hole Ray had slid on a condom and now, standing up behind him he pressed the tip of his huge dick against the unsuspecting shopper’s tight wet hole. Ray had simply unzipped but his new friend’s shorts and underwear were bunched together around his ankles. Ray spat on one hand, used it to lube his cock and then to guide it into this anonymous man. He placed his other hand over the man’s mouth to keep quiet the desperate, high pitched, and involuntary sound he made. Ray felt the man’s body tense up a bit as he the tip of his cock pushed into his asshole. Scott was a mess of excitement, arousal, apprehension, pain, and also a little bit of fear. Ray was sexy but also intimidating.

“Just relax” Ray whispered into his ear. “You’re gonna love this.” He said firmly. He felt Scott start to loosen up and start to give. Scott moaned helplessly into Ray’s palm as Ray slowly worked his way into him. Ray had done a pretty good job of lubricating himself so now it was all down to Scott’s inexperience. Soon, though, Ray was able to work half the length of his long cock into his knew conquest. He began to work his hips slowly, pulling and pushing halfway in and out of Scott’s opening. The major’s desperate whimpering gave way to heavy breathing, his breath catching. Ray increased his speed, gradually working his cock deeper and deeper into Scott. Scott was now feeling immense pleasure instead of pain and let it happen. In both body and mind Scott had completely lost control. He felt himself give even more as Ray stretched him open and invaded deeper and deeper inside of him. Even as Ray had slid into him Scott’s cock remained harder than it had ever been, jutting out angrily from his groin and leaking precum. Finally, Ray worked the entire length of his long dick up Scott’s ass and he held it there. Pushing Scott’s chest against the dressing room wall.

He leaned forward, “I didn’t think you’d be able to take it all.” Ray said in an almost mocking tone.

He then grabbed Scott’s hips and pulled him back forcing him to take a step back and bend over a bit more. One of Scott’s flip flops slid off but he barely noticed and he instinctively put an arch in his back, his body now eager to receive everything that Ray had to give. With that Ray began to fuck him in earnest. Pumping his hips forcefully, loving the feeling of Scott’s tight asshole around his cock. Ray was really giving it to Scott but for all the control he’d lost Scott knew that he needed to stay quiet. All that escaped from his mouth were low, whimpering moans. Realizing that Scott would take this fucking without getting too loud Ray increased the intensity of his strokes. The excitement of the moment was finally starting to take over Ray. Looking down at the tight, naked ass in front of him Ray wanted to see more. He started to take liberties with his new bottom. Still bucking his hips forcefully, Ray reached under Scott’s t-shirt, slid it up and off his upper body, and threw it across the dressing room. Ray loved seeing Scott’s rippling nude physique bent over in from of him. Scott was totally exposed now. He didn’t care.

“I’m making you sweat.” Ray said, as if in justification for stripping him down. Stepping on the shorts and underwear that were bunched together at Scott’s ankles he grabbed the back of his right thigh and instructed him to put his leg up on the cushioned bench next to them in the dressing room. Scott did and let the idea of what his naked body, bare foot on the bench might look like pass from his mind. He was rewarded with a continued assault on his until now virgin hole. It didn’t matter though. Scott had never felt so good in his life and if he stopped to think about was happening he might feel something besides pleasure. He thoughtlessly braced himself against the wall and arched his back. Scott’s fully naked body was totally visible to Ray in the mirrors of the dressing room. It was why he like fucking in them so much. He was even able to see Scott’s eyes rolling up into his head every so often as the cock inside of him drove him wild.

“Your ass is so fucking tight.” Ray said under his breath so that only Scott would be able to hear him. Ray wanted to make this last but he knew that time was limited. Still, he maneuvered Scott’s exposed body down to the dressing room bench seat. It was intended for customers to sit or place clothes on but it was large enough to accommodate Scott on all fours. His body was now adjacent to the entrance to the dressing room and in a perfect position for Ray’s modus operandi.

“Get that butt up.” Ray said, forcefully. Still low but just as commanding. “Yeah,” Ray said mostly to himself as Scott presented his anus and let Ray continue taking him from behind. “You like that don’t you?” Ray, towering over Scott, pounding his ass aggressively. “You like that hard dick up your ass.” Scott only moaned helplessly in response.

Getting close to cumming the cop thought about shooting all over this guy’s back but realized that he could take it further. With that thought Ray turned Scott over on his back, his cock still buried deep inside of him. Scott had managed to keep one flip-flop on which fell off as Ray lifted his legs up. His underwear dangled comically around his left foot. Ray snatched off this last vestige of Scott’s clothing and discarded it haphazardly. Now with one of Scott’s legs over his shoulder and holding the other by the ankle Ray commenced what he knew would be the final few minutes of his time in the dressing room. He pumped his hips slowly at first, knowing that going deep from this position might cause Scott to cry out but soon abandoned caution. Scott’s bare feet swayed back and forth from their position up in the air in concert with the pounding of Ray’s hips. Soon, Ray let go of the ankle and spat into his hand. He reached down and grabbed Scott’s decently average sized cock with a firm grip and started stroking it. He loved this part. Ray began fucking Scott even harder, his legs flailing helplessly as he lay on the bench. As he did this he jerked the hard, throbbing, cock in his hand expertly. The bottom had already been leaking precum and now it was oozing out even more, leaving a puddle on Scott’s admittedly impressive abs.

Scott began to loose control. His moans grew louder. In response Ray pushed aside the leg over his shoulder, bore down, and placed a hand over the helpless bottom’s mouth. He did not, however let up on his anal assault. What Scott did next surprised both of them. He quickly spread his legs wider and used the hand that was not bracing himself on the bench to reach out and grab Ray’s torso, feeling up the strong body that was bearing down on him. The sight of this man on top of him, the pleasure that came from feeling a cock deep inside of his body, and the expert stroking of his own cock became to much for Scott. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, his body spasmed uncontrollably and he finally came. Ray’s hand was so good he was able to make Scott shoot perfectly. Streams of semen erupted from his cock and all over his shirtless torso. This was a feeling and an experience like nothing Scott had ever known and his mind was gone as his body shook, emptying himself uncontrollably over and over again.

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