Dirty in New York, New York!

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I learned my lesson the hard way on what not to wear in the streets of NYC. Fresh from LA, the car capital of the US, I wore a skimpy sundress, which proceeded to blow up from the wind that whipped across the avenues. I got so many catcalls and men talking bullshit to me, that I had to take a cab and swore to be more inconspicuous next time. The dress… the dress was an orange and white number with a flower pattern on it and had thin straps at the top, barely holding the dress on my shoulders. It wasn’t obnoxiously short, but it was above the knees and the top half was loose enough for anyone to get a full view of my tits anytime I bent or leaned over. The material was thin and the outline of my brown nipples peeked through the white parts of the fabric. When standing directly in the sunlight, it was apparent that I wore no underwear.

The office I met my boss at was on the eastside of Manhattan, where it was mostly businesses. Once inside of the office, I was in my element and in control, which I love. The meeting was quick and painless. I played my role as the sexy assistant to the T. By the time we were done talking business, it was evening and my boss invited Ted, our client, a handsome man in his 50’s out to a Sushi restaurant where we proceeded to get trashed on saki. At this point, the attention was on me. Ted kept asking my boss how he was able to have such a pretty assistant and not have his wife be jealous. We both told him that I told his wife that I was a lesbian.

As the night went on, the straps on my peek-a-boo style dress continued slipping off of my shoulders, giving him quick views of my breasts. Eventually the sneak peeks turned into stares. We all got to know each other better. Ted is a happily married man, who has a house in New Jersey and two kids. Tonight, he was not acting like he was married. Eventually my boss called it a night, but encouraged us to hang out as long as we wanted and the night was “on him.”

We ended up tucked in the corner booth at a trendy bar in the east village and drank Long Island ice teas all night. It was pretty private back there. People were around, but no one was paying attention to anyone else except the ones they were with. We were kind of an odd couple, being that I am at least 26 or 27 years younger then he is. I am of mixed races and he looks like an older corporate guy. A real Michael Douglas type.

Needless to say, I was totally fucked up and I didn’t care. I just knew I was going to fuck him that night. As the night progressed, my dress had slipped off of my shoulders, exposing more than just my breasts. A few times my nipple popped out as well.

We just laughed and laughed. I was having a great time and I am sure he was too. Eventually we even joked about underwear and what he liked and didn’t like.

I told him that I rarely wear any. He didn’t believe me so I had to prove it to him by flashing my hairless and wet pussy. When I drink, I get so horny. Old fashion seduction of “eye winking” and coy laughter has never been my thing. I am straight up “gonzo” porno style gal. “See the pussy! Taste the pussy! Fuck the pussy” is my motto! I reached down in between my legs and slid my finger into my sopping wet pussy. I pulled it out and slipped it into my mouth, tasting my juices. “You want some?” I asked. “Please”! He responded. He wasn’t even in surprised that I did that.

It was like he knew he was going to get this pussy. I liked his confidence. I dipped my finger once again into my wet honey box and pulled out a long string of my tasty love juice. He asked for more. I told him we could not get into it properly here at the bar, so I invited him back to my hotel room.

After paying the bill and stumbling into a cab, I found myself spread-eagle in the back seat of the taxi as he fingered my pussy. I didn’t care who could see us, including the cab driver, who obviously could see everything. By the time we got to the hotel in SoHo, I had my one finger in my ass and one in my pussy, letting him watch me play with myself. The doorman for the hotel opened the cab door, getting a full glimpse of my exposed Escort Sincan pussy as I climbed out of the cab. He was young and very handsome and had a huge grin on his face. I am sure at this hotel he has seen a lot of wild stuff.

We stumbled into the lobby and into the elevator. Inside the elevator I immediately grabbed his dick for the first time. It was rock hard and appeared to be big. I knew there were cameras in the elevator, so I chose to wait to attack him. He had his hand on my ass, lifting my skirt up in order to squeeze it. His hands were big and strong. We began to kiss each other hard and furiously, but then the elevator doors opened to my floor.

We rushed to the room and immediately dropped my dress to the floor. The light from the street lamps illuminated the room as I fell onto the bed, legs spread and ready for some good old fashion sex. He got on top of me and began kissing my neck, moving down to my breast, tummy and landing smack dab on my hot love box. He slowly sucked and pulled at my full, luscious petals as I squirmed with pleasure. He knew what he was doing as he found my clit and began to suck it gently, yet vigorously. Only 10 minutes or so went by and I was already feeling like I was going to cum. He took his two fingers and slid them into my asshole and with just a few more licks I came hard and strong. I practically pulled the sheets half off of the bed. After I calmed down, he stood up and took off his clothes. I could see his hard cock in the dim lighting. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small either. Without saying a word, he climbed on top of me and slid his cock into my pussy. His dick felt so good. It was very warm and thick. It seemed like I could almost feel the veins throbbing with excitement. The mixture of my pussy juice and his pre-cum made a sexy wet sound as he slowly began to pump my pussy.

Even though he left his tank top T-shirt on, his body appeared to be in good shape for a man of his age. He was going at it, fucking me like a stallion. It felt so good having this mature man on top of me. I loved the weight of his body. The dark side of me loved the fact that he was married. His cock was really hard at this point and his strokes got more and more intense. Since I came so hard several moments ago, I knew it was going to be hard for me to get off again. I was wrong. He told me he wanted me to cum again. I moaned and took it all in, enjoying his manhood.

Stroke after stroke he began to feel even better than before. After several pounding minutes, I felt an orgasm begin to build up. “Harder” I whispered in his ear over and over. He kept going and suddenly my toes began to curl from one of the most intense orgasms I have had in a while. Just as the last wave of my orgasm came over me, I felt his cock stiffen even more and his strokes became more and more direct and with a purpose.

He tensed up and began to shoot a wonder wave of his cum deep inside of my pussy. With each stoke I felt his sperm shoot out, coating my love tunnel with his hot cum. He kept going stoke after stroke and the fucking became noisier and noisier with the introduction of more fluids.

He began to calm down from his cum high and so did I. We were both breathing hard and he eventually collapsed on top of me. He laid there silent for a while as I felt his cock lose it’s erection. Eventually his dick began to slip out of my sopping wet pussy. I told him I needed some water and he got up and grabbed a bottle of spring water off of the table for me. My head was still spinning from the alcohol and sex. He was up and decided he should go home, which I agreed to as well because all I wanted to do then was to sleep. As I lay in bed, legs spread, leaking with sperm, I gulped down the water and passed out. I barely remember saying goodbye. I do remember him telling me how “great it was and how he wanted to see me when he came to LA”. I said “Sure”. That was the last thing I remember saying.

When I woke up, I had the worst headache. I packed my things and waited for my cousin Leon to come and pick me up. Once I was uptown, I took a nap. After I Sincan Escort woke, Leon and myself went to the movies. It was so hot and muggy outside I barely wore anything. Just a light colored sundress. This time I was safe in the car and in the company of a man.

Throughout the movie, Leon played with my pussy as I sat with my legs spread in the semi-deserted theater. We saw the new Tom Cruise movie and it was OK. I was so fucking horny afterwards that I wasn’t sure if I could make it home without fucking. We walked back to the parking garage, holding each other like a couple. Since Leon has the illegal, limo tint on his windows it made things easier. We climbed into the backseat and within seconds he had his cock in my soaking wet pussy. After about 10 minutes, we decided it was too damn hot and we would finish when we got to his house in Harlem.

On the ride uptown, I slowly sucked his dick as he drove. It was one of those slow and intense blowjobs, where I concentrated on licking the hole on the head of cock, savoring the massive amounts of sweet pre-cum that dripped out. Every once and a while, I would milk his shaft from the bottom to the top and it would draw a large dollop of pre-cum to the tip of his cock and onto my awaiting tongue.

After driving around uptown, looking for a parking spot, Leon and I dashed into the house, where my aunt and uncle were on their way out to the store. We basically ran up to his run and stripped off our clothes. I was on my back and he immediately slid his cock into my awaiting pussy. He fucked me missionary style for a good ten minutes straight. Slow and steady. It felt so good. Each stroke, he would almost pull out, then slam back into me with his long, thick, black dick. I was amazed that he hadn’t cum because of the intense blowjob I was giving him a few minutes ago. He suddenly me turned over and spit on my asshole and with one swift stroke, he slid his cock into my butt. I bit the bottom of my lip from the sharp, abrupt pain, which slowly subsided with each stroke. I felt so good and knew I was going to have an intense orgasm. Cousin Leon was groaning hard, so I knew he loved every minute of it. I don’t know how long we were doing it, but my toes were curling up and BOOM! I came hard, moaning into the pillow. Seconds later, Leon came in my ass, shooting a large load deep inside of me. My nerve endings were so sensitive and I felt each pulsating spurt coming from his rod. He collapsed on top of me, and then we began to spoon with his semi hard cock still in my ass. It was still “jerking” from the orgasm he just had. A few moments went by and we heard the door open up downstairs. I got up and walked into my room. I collapsed in my bed and fell asleep.

I woke up to the smell of food and the presence of someone in my bed. It was Leon. He snuggled up behind me. I felt his bulge in his shorts pressing against my ass. He kissed my neck and that sent tingles down my spine. Suddenly he moved his shorts to the side and began rubbing his dick along the crack of my ass. I felt the wetness from his pre-cum and from the cum that was still oozing from my ass from the earlier fuck fest. Leon was rock hard again and slid his dick into my well-used butt hole. The noise from the wetness filled the room, but we were quiet, only breathing hard and trying our best not to squeak the bed. The slow fucking went on for about ten minutes and he said he was starting to cum until we heard my Aunt yell out, dinner is ready in 5 minutes. He jumped up; yanking his cum coated dick out of my asshole and ran to hide.

My Aunt opened my door a crack and stuck her head in. She asked if I was eating dinner with everyone and I pretended to just wake up. I said “yes”. She proceeded to call out Leon’s name, but got no answer. She went back downstairs, so we knew we only had a few minutes before she would be looking for him again.

Leon had lost his erection, which is understandable, being that we almost got busted. I walked over to where he was standing, got on my knees and gave him a blowjob. His dick was shiny and slick with our juices. I licked it Sincan Escort Bayan clean as he got hard again. Slowly he tensed up and within a few seconds he began spurting his cum in my mouth on my face and in my hair. I was amazed how much cum he had for me, being that he had just cum a few hours ago.

I wiped the cum off of my face, threw on a dress and ran down stairs. As we ate dinner I felt the tingling sensation from having Leon’s cock slamming into my ass a few moments ago. He pointed to a spot on my neck where some of his cum had dried up. I wiped off with my napkin and finished eating with a smile on my face. My Aunt kept asking me what was the joke, but I said nothing.

After dinner I took a shower and we went down town to a bar. It was dead in the bar because it was raining buckets outside. We drank a few margaritas and I wanted to go home because the bar was hot and smelled of smoke. We drove back home and I immediately jumped in the shower.

It was not too late and suddenly I decided I wanted to check my email, being that I didn’t want to watch TV. I was dressed in a gray, cropped T-shirt and tight, bootie shorts, that hugged and showed off my cheeks perfectly. It was not the type of outfit that I should be wearing around my uncle and cousin, but I wanted to tease them a bit by showing off. It was basically an outfit that my aunt would call slutty. She was asleep by then. I spent at least an hour talking to my friend online as Leon played Playstation upstairs. I was in the den and my uncle was in the living room. I could see in, but we really couldn’t see each other.

Eventually I found it necessary to walk around the living room to get a drink or whatever. Eventually Leon came down and got on the computer to instant message my friend on the Internet while I teased my Uncle. Nothing sexual, just visual stimulation which included me walking around in my skimpy little shorts and reaching for a couple of glasses over the bar, which in turn caused my shirt to rise up and expose my breasts for a moment. As a few minutes of teasing and mixing drinks went by, I joined Leon back in the den and began chatting with my friend. They were apparently chatting about how slutty I am. For some reason, that got me excited again and I began to play with Leon’s cock as he chatted with my online buddy. He told me to sit on his dick. After some strategic positioning of my shorts and his boxers, I sat down on my cousin’s erect cock. It slid in with no problem as we both kept an eye out for his father who was in the next room watching TV. The fear of getting busted was too much, so I got up.

Eventually I sat down and began to type in how horny I was. I told my online buddy that Leon’s cock was right in front of my face, hard and wet with my juices.

He told me to suck it, which I did. I milked a large amount of Leon’s pre-cum out of his cock and smeared it on my lips, then licked my lips clean.

After a few moments of trying to appease my online buddy, we realized that we really wanted to fuck and could play around anymore. I told my online friend we had to go and myself and Leon went into the living room and made a couple of drinks for a nightcap. At this point my shorts had risen so far up my ass cheeks that I might as well been wearing a thong. Still, my Uncle said nothing. I know he saw me, but I sometimes wondered if it was turning him on. I kissed my Uncle goodnight with the same lips that were recently coated with Leon’s pre-cum.

We ran upstairs and practically jumped into Leon’s bed. I told him to keep it down. He just laughed and snickered like a kid. My shorts were off in a flash and I was lying on the bed, legs spread and ready for action. He gulped down his drink and dropped his pants in a flash. He slid his hard cock into my wet and waiting pussy. The feeling of Leon fucking me was becoming too familiar, I wondered what I was going to do once I went back to LA. That didn’t matter right then and there. We fucked slow and hard for a long time. Since he had already cum a few times that day, he was going on and on, stroking me like a painter. I came 3 times. Soon after my last orgasm I felt his cock get extra hard. Then I felt his sperm spray inside of my pussy, flooding me with his cum. We fell asleep right after. I woke up at 6 AM and sneaked back into my bedroom and slept soundly. I love being dirty in New York.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32