Dinner Plans

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She prepares herself carefully.

First, she showers with fragrant soap and shampoo, which leaves her smelling like a sweet, ripe strawberry. Next, she anoints herself with nourishing cocoa butter which turns her skin into a slick, shiny surface. A tiny smile bends her lips because she knows how much he loves her combination of scents. She inserts contact lenses in her green eyes and applies dark smokey eye makeup and shiny lip gloss. She makes a kissy face at herself in the mirror and giggles. She dries her burgundy hair and arranges it just the way he likes it.

Now, she enters their room and dons the purple satin and black lace garter set he bought her. The lace of the demi-cup push up bra scratches her nipples ever so slightly, causing them to redden and stand at attention. She stands with one leg on the bed and one on the floor as she bends down to pull on the black silk stockings. They slide over her glazed legs up to her thighs where she attaches them to the garters. She enjoys her reflection in the huge mirror on the wall behind her and in the one in the mirrored headboard in front of her. Her hands enjoy the sensuous slippery stockings against her newly smooth legs. She knows how much he loves to run his fingertips down her body and legs. The thought sends a shiver down her spine. She feels heat building between her legs as she thinks of those magical hands.

She turns to her closet and brings out the conservative black skirt and jacket set. She slides on the narrow skirt that falls to her knees. When she buttons on the jacket, she is pleased to see that only a hint of black lace peeks out at the top. The lace is almost lost under the swell of creamy skin pushed up and out of the V-neck of the jacket. She finds the 3″ kitten heels that do up at the ankle and bends down to do them up. She smiles again as she remembers how many times she’s driven him to distraction by putting on or taking off these sexy shoes.

She’s çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle already wet under her skirt as she imagines the erotic night she has planned. Now, she hears him open the front door and call her name as he always does. A new flush of moist heat floods her as she hears his voice. She doesn’t answer but waits for him to follow the trail of love notes to their bedroom. She arranges herself on the bed with legs demurely crossed at the ankle but breasts pushed out to full advantage. He is smiling as he opens the door and his eyes darken to smoldering green embers as he sees her. She smiles seductively up at him as he advances toward her.

“You like?” she purrs using the low voice she knows turns him on.

“O, yes!” he answers back in a growl.

He reaches for her but she pushes his hand away as she tells him he can have her AFTER dinner.

“I’m for dessert, my love,” she purrs and looks up at him from under a thick fringe of lashes.

After he showers, shaves, and changes and they are in the car, he instictively heads toward their favorite Italian restaurant. She keeps up an insistent and slow assault on his senses by running her finger up and down his leg. Every sweep brings her hand closer to his growing cock. Just as they pull into the parking lot of the restaurant, she bends over him and, in one fluid motion, unzips his pants, takes his entire cock in her hot, wet mouth and slides it from base to tip. She releases him and zips him up before he even has time to sigh. She smiles and sweetly tells him to park under that tree in the dark corner of the lot. He obeys with a grin. She checks her lipstick and asks him to get out and open her door, please. He is starting to understand just what kind of evening she has in mind!

She made reservations so their table is ready when they walk in. It’s a booth at the back of the chasing waves izle restaurant which is perfect for her dinner plans.

As they are seated, she lets her hand brush against the front of his pants and she feels his cock jump. They order their drinks. After the waitress leaves, she holds his gaze as she slips her hand under the table and unzips his pants again. A smile plays along his lips as she takes him in her hand. She runs her closed hand back and forth over his hard cock. He is already halfway to cumming because of the way she’s dressed and her surprise quick gulp of him in the car. She feels his hand start to wander over her knee and up her bare thigh. He groans appreciatively at her ministrations and because he realizes she’s wearing the garter set. The waitress returns with their drinks and asks if they’re ready to order. The girl is banished from the table with orders to return in a moment. Now, she picks up the speed of her hand. His precum is making his cock slick in her grip. To put him over the edge, she looks straight into his eyes and raises her wet, salty fingers to her mouth and licks them off one by one.

“O my fuckin god,” he groans and he can feel the orgasm starting.

She quickly takes a napkin and arranges it so that, after a few more strokes, he cums with another groan into her hand and the napkin. She is so turned on by his orgasm, as she always is. Her juices are flowing in earnest and her eyes are shining as she watches him come back down to earth. She zips him up just as the waitress returns. She orders for both of them.

He finally turns to her and says, “You KNOW that I have to return the favour, my kitten!”

She smiles and unbuttons the top button of her jacket. Now he can see that she only has on the bra underneath. Unbelievably, he feels himself getting hard again.

“Kiss them!” she orders in a rough whisper.

Without even looking around christina in the country izle to see if anyone is watching, he bends down and tenderly kisses the smooth milky white flesh. He flicks his tongue under the black lace over her nipple and she gasps. His hand moves up her thigh and he is pleased to realize that she isn’t wearing any panties. He works at the edge of the bra until he has her whole beautiful nipple in his mouth. He suckles it and feels it go rock hard in this mouth. Her hands come up and tangle in his hair reflexively. O how he loves the feel of her nipple in his mouth! His hand reaches her pussy and he cups it, feeling the juices that moisten her skin. He knows that she will be soaking inside and he holds off from sliding his fingers into her. Instead, he strokes her outer lips and runs his fingers through her small trim bush. She moans in appreciation. He pets her a little longer and then, quickly slides two fingers into her. Her hips buck up and that is when she opens her eyes and giggles softly.

“I DO love your hands, my love!” she whispers.

He lets her nipple pop out of his mouth, smiles down at her and puts his thumb to work. He just taps her clit and feels a new wave of juices run down his fingers. He suddenly smells her sex and his cock strains at his pants again. He loves to make her cum quickly like this so he works with his thumb on her clit and continues to slide his fingers in and out of her.

His voice ragged and deep, he softly tells her, “Cum for me, baby, cum for me!”

She barely hears him through the wave of pure pleasure working up through her thighs and exploding through her pussy. She stuffs her fist in her mouth to muffle her moan as the wave breaks over her body. She shudders several times as her cum pours out over his hands and down her legs. He knows how much she enjoys the taste of herself so he doesn’t wipe off his fingers. Instead, he rests them on a napkin on the table. Finally, her breath quiets and her eyes flash when she sees his fingers still shiny from her cum. He offers them to her and she greedily licks and sucks them clean. This almost makes him cum again but he gains control. At last, she licks her lips with a sigh and takes a sip of her white wine. With half closed eyes and a lazy smile, she exclaims quietly,

“I love you sooo much!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32