Dinner Date

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I lean even closer to you and whisper softly in your ear. As I do, my dress wafts away from my body, gently exposing my naked breast. I see your look change, growing hungry and I glance down only to realize what I’ve done. I smile and sit back.

“Maybe later. If you’re good.”

Your look turns from hurt to hopeful. I reach across the table for your hand.

“Should we skip dessert?”

You nod and signal the waiter for the check. The night is turning chilly as we leave the restaurant. There are no stars and it appears that it will storm soon. I move closer to you and your arm drapes over my shoulders. I start to feel the heat that that our bodies are capable of when we’re together.

“Let’s hurry. I’m cold.”

You open the passenger door for me and I get in, leaning over to unlock the door on your side. I know that you realize that I’m wearing the black garter that you like. I wonder if I should tell you that I’m pantiless too but I decide to keep that secret. You pull the car out of the parking lot and I lean against your arm. My hand comes to rest gently on your thigh and I feel you shiver. I like the power that I have over you. Or at least when you let me. You pull the car smoothly into our parking spot beside the building.

You open the door and help me out. You pull me close and I feel a slight bulge in your pants. I tilt my head up for a kiss. With one hand you caress my neck while the Escort Eryaman other one pulls me even tighter. Your lips meet mine and once again I become the aggressor. I thrust my tongue into your mouth, drawing battle with yours. I love the way that you taste. You pull away, your breath coming slightly faster than before. I grab your hand and pull you towards the front door, holding the keys in my hand. Once there you move close behind me, gently grasping my breasts as I try to turn the key.

“You’re making this hard. Do you know that?” I can see you smirk in the glass.

“Honey, you haven’t seen hard yet.”

Your hands start to slide lower as I get the door open. I move out of your embrace. You follow closely, trying to maintain some type of contact. We reach the elevators and you kiss me again. I can tell how badly you want it. With each passing moment you are becoming less patient. The elevator doors open and I shove you inside. I loosen your tie and start to undo your shirt. I kiss your chest with every button that slides out of its hole. I reach your pants and stop. You nibble my neck and I let out a slight moan. You reach the garter and pause.

“Higher,” I whisper to you.

Your hand travels up my leg smoothly, teasingly, until you reach my hips. There you pause, running your hands along my lower back. You look at me and I can see your slight confusion.

“Something wrong?”

As Eryaman Escort your hand starts a journey towards my pussy, I quiver because I know what you’re trying to figure out. The anticipation is killing me. Just as your hand encounters my pantiless pussy, the elevator stops at our floor and the doors open. I turn from you and quickly step into the corridor. I know that you are steps behind me. I open our door and this time it is you who pushes me inside.

“You devil. Have you been like that all night?”

I can only smile. You push me up against the wall. Your knee is between my legs. Your mouth comes down to mine and our tongues dance, aggressively. With your knee where it is, my dress is riding high. One hand pulls my leg up and then grabs my ass. We continue kissing as I rid you first of your tie and then your jacket. Your shirt follows mere seconds before your belt. I hear you sigh as it slides from its loops. I nibble on your neck briefly, then move to your shoulder. I kiss my way down towards your chest. Your breathing is increasing in pace. I know that you enjoy the anticipation as much as I do. You step back to give me better access to your pants and I bolt. You catch me in the living room and together we tumble to the couch.

“You’ll pay for that,” you pant.

“Really?” I inquire. “You really think that you’re man enough?”

With that sassy reply from me you flip so that Eryaman Escort Bayan I am underneath. Trapped. Your body comes to rest between my legs. I’m fully exposed to you. I struggle but you quickly trap both my wrists in one of your hands. You pull them over my head. You slowly undo the buttons on my dress. A moan escapes my lips. I’m starting to squirm and you know that it won’t take much to finish me off. You bend down and take a nipple into your mouth. I arch my back and moan once more. Your hand travels down between my breasts; across my stomach to my navel. Your touch has set me on fire. I squirm as your hand dips lower, curling in my nether hair. Your mouth moves to my other breast. It’s difficult for me to remain still. Your fingers drop lower still and you test to see how wet I am.

Your finger travels up and down my slit. The air is filled with the smell of arousal. It’s pungent. Strong. I look at you and I see the hunger in your eyes. You touch my clit and it feels like an electric shock. My breathing is hard and fast. I know that I’ve lost this round.

“Baby, please?” I whisper.

You kiss my lips as I feel you thrust two fingers inside me. I moan against your mouth and arch even closer to you. Your tongue and fingers set a rhythm that soon brings me very close. Your thumb starts brushing my clit.

I hear you whisper, “Open your eyes. I want to see you cum.”

I open my eyes and your fingers take me over the edge. I climax and you let my wrists go. I pull you down for a kiss. Both of us are sweaty and slightly spent. I look at you and smile.

“What?” is the only thing that escapes your lips.

“I need a shower. Dare to join me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32