Dinner Dance

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This is a true story about a Dinner Dance that I attended a good number of years ago. I had gone to it with my then boyfriend Greg, his best friend Robby and Robby’s date Jane. The story doesn’t really involve the Dinner Dance itself – it’s what happened after the dance that was exciting.

Just before the end of the dance somebody went round and passed the word that there had been a bad snow storm further North and that the road was blocked. All four of us lived north, beyond where the road was blocked. We all knew that we couldn’t get home and none of us had any friends or relatives who lived in the town that the dance was being held in to be able to scrounge a bed off for the night. Greg and Robbie went off to the hotel reception to see if they could get us any rooms Eventually, they both appeared back to announce that there were no rooms in that hotel but that they had managed to get a room in another one.

“One room,” Jane and I exclaimed.

“That’s all there is available in this whole town – everywhere is booked solid due to the weather,” explained Robby.

“It is a double queen bedded room” Greg went on to tell us.

Jane and I looked at each other and both realized that we didn’t really have any other option.

“Okay, but Becky and I are sharing one and you guys are sharing the other” said Jane.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed –I wasn’t a virgin and I’d been looking forward to some sex later that night courtesy of Greg. I knew that Jane’s cherry was still intact. She wasn’t really one of my crowd at college but it was well know there that she was still intact and no guy had managed to penetrate her defenses yet. I have to admit that we were kind of chilly with each other – I have to admit that Greg wasn’t the first guy I’d had sex with and there had been quite a number of other guys who I’d given blowjobs to. Basically, if a guy took me out for a drink or a meal I’d suck him off. It was my way of saying thank you – and anyway I loved the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth. I also enjoyed it when he would shoot his load down my throat. What was interesting was that different guys cum tasted different. I felt that I had him under my control when his cock was in my mouth. I know some girls felt that it was the other way around – my argument to them was that if I wanted to I could bite it off – therefore I was the one in control.

Jane and I phoned home to our parents and explained that we were stuck down south due to the snow storm. Both of us told them that we had managed to get two hotel rooms – the boys in one and us in the other. Both sets of parents seemed satisfied with the arrangements.

We got into Robby’s car and headed of to the hotel where we had managed to get our room. Once we checked in Robby wanted to go to the bar – he could now have a drink since he’d been the designated driver for the night. All four of us headed into the bar and Robby ordered a round. He ordered doubles – he wanted to catch up to the rest of us – we’d had a four hour head start on him. Needless to say Greg, Jane and I were pretty soon feeling the effects of the drinks that Robby was buying for us as we were already pretty far gone.

After about an hour and at least five rounds of drinks – all at Robby’s expense it was agreed that we all adjourn to our room.

Jane and I told the guys that we would get changed in the bathroom and that they could get changed in the bedroom. When we were ready we would call them to make sure that there were in their bed and had the lights off so that Jane and I could get into our bed. To tell the truth I wasn’t really bothered – I was feeling horny and with the amount of alcohol that I’d had my inhibitions were pretty far gone. Jane was pretty drunk too but I could tell why she was concerned. When she removed her evening dress, she was naked underneath it – no bra and no panties.

“I didn’t want any lines” she explained to me.

“Don’t worry” I told her as I removed my dress. I had a bra on but no panties. ” I didn’t want any lines either but with boobs my size I’d have taken someone’s eye out with them.”

We both laughed at that. I couldn’t help but notice Jane’s body. Her boobs were really perky with pink nipples and her pussy hair was pretty sparse which didn’t do much to cover her neat little slit. I on the other hand had heavier boobs than hers and my nipples are quite dark – they are a lot darker nowadays after childbirth (this was all twenty years ago – Jane is now pretty hefty, I saw her a couple of years ago at a college reunion). My pussy had a thick mat of dark hair which didn’t cover the fact that I had a set of large, puffy pussy lips (I still have them but now I tend to keep myself shaved smooth, I’ve finally learnt to accept them and in fact I’m quite proud of them).

Jane and I both knew that we didn’t have anything to wear and we’d be naked in bed together. Only the day after did I wonder why we didn’t get the boys shirts to put on – but hindsight is a great thing.

We shouted through to the boys that we were bursa escort ready and to turn off the lights. They told us it was okay. We opened the bathroom door and true to their word the lights were off. When we were feeling for the bed nearest the bathroom – this was the one that we’d agreed to have, Greg turned on the light. He was in one bed and Robby was in the other. Jane froze to the spot and so did I.

“What’s going on guys” I asked.

“Come on you can’t expect Robby and I to sleep together with two beautiful girls in the next bed to us can you. Anyway, we’re both too drunk to do anything to you.”

Secretly, I was glad about the situation. I knew that I’d get Greg’s cock inside me later that night. I jumped into bed with him and pulled the covers over me. Jane was still stood at the foot of the bed I was in, she looked over at Robby like a scared rabbit.

“It’s okay, you’re safe with me” he told her.

She still stood there trying to make up her mind. I don’t think that she realized that the longer she did this the longer the boys got to view her naked body. Eventually, she went over to the bed that Robby was in and climbed into it. She took one of her pillows and one of Robby’s and stuffed them down the middle of the bed. She asked if there were anymore pillow in the room – she needed one more. I told her that there was usually extra pillow in the wardrobes. She turned to Robby and asked him to get another one for her. Robby said sure and hopped out of bed.

I was amazed at what I saw. I didn’t realize what a fit body he had. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him and his muscle tone was fantastic. Robby had been working in the Middle East for a couple of years and the physical work in the heat had definitely kept him in shape. He was tanned but his butt was pure white. I could feel myself getting wet between my legs at the sight of him – I positively gushed down there when he turned around. His cock was about the same length as Greg’s but Robby’s was much thicker in diameter. This was with it hanging limp – I imagined that a girl would have a hard time fitting his cock into her mouth when he was hard. I looked over at Jane and I could see her eyes were out on stalks – I imagine that she was thinking that there was no way anything that thick could fit inside a pussy.

Robby gave her the pillow and Jane stuffed it down the middle between her and Robby – she now seemed satisfied that she was going to be safe. In my mind I was thinking that I’d be getting the pillows out of the way and would be sampling that fat cock between the lips of my mouth and ultimately the lips between my legs.

Jane turned out the light and almost immediately I felt Greg’s hand come over to touch my pussy. I parted my legs to allow him easier access.

“You’re so wet” he whispered.

“I’m tired” I told him. I was really in need of cock but I was a bit uncertain about doing it in the same room as Robby and Jane.

Greg persisted in playing with my pussy. I could have clamped my legs together and not allowed him access but I have to admit I was enjoying it. He was rubbing my clitty and pumping a couple of fingers in and out of my pussy. I kneaded my boobs and pinched my nipples. I love having them stimulated at the same time.

After a while I reached over and started to stroke Greg’s cock. With amount of alcohol he’d had that night I knew that the thoughts in his mind (fucking me) were probably more than he was going to manage physically. My pussy was soaking and I wanted a cock in it that night. So I wriggled down the bed and took him in my mouth. I knew that this would get him hard. I could hear Robby snoring lightly, so I imagined that both he and Jane were asleep. I went to work on Greg’s cock and after a while I had got it hard enough to know that it would give me some satisfaction.

Once it was hard I knew that I was going to have to help myself to it. I threw back the covers and got on top of him. I held his cock with one hand and spread my pussy lips with the other. I then slowly lowered myself down onto it. I was so wet that I took it all in one go. It felt so good to have my pussy filled. I then slowly pumped myself up and down on his cock. He was moaning softly as I worked up and down it. I pushed all the way down on it and ground my pubic bone against his. I needed more stimulation and proceeded to rub my clitty with one hand and pinch one of my nipples with the other. It didn’t take too long for me to start moaning as well. The alcohol had dulled my senses a bit and I knew that I’d need a wild fuck to make me cum. As I got more excited and started fucking Greg harder I totally forgot about sharing a room with Jane and Robby.

I have to admit I was getting carried away and started to make a bit of noise. At that the light came on and I looked over to see Jane. She was still getting her eyes used to the light and was blinking. She asked if I was okay – she finally managed to focus on me. I looked over at her. Her face was a picture!

“You’re having sex” she shouted. bursa escort bayan

That woke Robby up and her lifted his head off the pillow and looked over as well. I was too far gone – I was in need of an orgasm and there was no way I was going to forgo one tonight. I continued to fuck Greg – there was no way I was going to stop. Occasionally, I’d look aver at Jane and Robby. Both of them were watching me bounce up and down on Greg’s cock. I was sure that the angle I was at afforded them a view of my pussy as it slid up and down on Greg’s cock. I didn’t care – I felt hornier knowing that I was being watched.

Once when I looked over I saw that Robby had his arm around Jane – he was tweaking her nipples with one hand and his other hand was definitely rummaging around under the sheets. I imagined that he was getting to work on her pussy.

I knew that they were both watching me and I was determined to put on a good show for them – I also knew that Greg would suffer from “hair trigger” trouble due to the amount of alcohol that he’d consumed. Every time I looked over I could see that Jane was getting hotter – I secretly hoped that she and Robbie would start to fuck as well – then I could watch them. What’s more I might get to see her lose her virginity to that fat cock that was between Robby’s legs.

I continued to grind my pussy lips against Greg’s pubes. My clitty was sticking out like a tiny cock – I was rubbing it like mad and could feel the first orgasm starting. At this point I got carried away and went for it. I know I had at least four orgasms – one after the other. I was moaning and screaming. Eventually, I felt Greg’s cock start to twitch and pulse inside my pussy. I knew that he was pumping his cum inside me. I loved it when a guy pumped his seed inside me – I still do.

I climbed off Greg and lay on my back. Greg almost immediately fell asleep. I lay there with my legs apart and I was too washed out to pull the sheet over me. I wanted the chilly air to cool my hot, well fucked pussy. I didn’t care that Jane or Robby could see my recently fucked pussy. I knew that my large pussy lips would be swollen and visible to them even through my thick mat of dark pubes.

Once I’d got my breath back I looked over at Jane and Robby’s bed. I was amazed – Robby had managed to get the covers off Jane’s boobs and he was sucking one and squeezing the other. Jane was wriggling and squirming. I could tell that she wasn’t trying to get away from his attentions – she loved it. I t didn’t take Robbie long to get a hand down under the sheets towards her pussy. I lay there watching – I was about to witness her losing her cherry and I have to admit that it was a turn-on.

Eventually, Robbie moved the pillows that separated his body from Jane’s. I watched mesmerized. I think that they were totally unaware of the fact that I was watching them. I thought it was a fair bargain – they’d got to watch me fuck Greg.

As I watched Robby slid under the sheets – I knew he was going to lick Jane’s pussy. I could see his head was between her legs. She had her eyes shut and was moaning. Both of her hands came up and she started to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Robby must have spent a good ten minutes working his tongue between her legs. I was still lying on my bed with my legs apart – I didn’t care that they could see my well fucked pussy. At the moment though, they were too busy with themselves to look my way.

Robby then worked his way up from Jane’s pussy. He was kissing her belly and eventually he was sucking and squeezing her boobs. I could see one of his hands disappear beneath the sheets. I just knew that he was fixing to guide his fat prick into her virgin pussy. I saw his buttocks thrust forward, even though they were still covered by the sheet. Jane let out a long low moan. I have to admit that I was excited watching “Little Miss Prim and Proper” lose her cherry. Robby then began to pump his cock in and out of her. I imagined that is what he was doing as his buttocks rose and fell under the sheet. Jane was in ecstasy. She was letting herself go and seemed to be enjoying it. It didn’t take Robby long to build up to a steady rhythm between her legs. As I lay there I desperately wanted to see his thick cock pumping her tight pussy.

Robby must have read my mind. He flipped her over onto all fours. He had positioned her so that her ass was turned towards me at a slight angle. I saw Robby take his cock in one hand and guide it towards her pussy. Even though Robby’s thick cock had just been inside her – it still looked neat and tidy. It was nothing like my pussy. My pussy lips always get puffy and bigger when I’ve had sex. I watched as his cock slowly slid inside her. He eased it all the way in until his balls were hard against her pussy. He grabbed her hips and started pumping her. I could see her juices coating his cock. I was getting more and more excited watching the spectacle in front of me. I reached down and started to stroke my pussy as I watched.

Jane bursa merkez escort was now pushing back against Robby’s thrusts. I knew she was enjoying it. Robby looked over at me – he knew I was watching them. I still kept rubbing my pussy and in fact turned a little so that he could get a better view of my pussy. I wanted him to see it and to see how wet I was. It was soaking with both my juices and the load of cum that Greg had deposited inside me. I looked over at Greg and found that he was sound asleep. He’d got off and was obviously satisfied. On the other hand I wasn’t yet. I was still one horny young lady who hoped the night wasn’t over yet.

What Robby did next just about took my breath away. I watched him stick one of his thumbs in his mouth. Once it was wet he guided it towards Jane’s ass. He has been kneading her ass cheeks and had been slowly kneading them apart to expose her rosebud. I was amazed as he slowly slid his thumb into her ass. Jane let out a low animal like groan. He kept his thumb buried in her ass as he continued to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. I was getting wetter – I was trying to imagine what it would be like to have my ass penetrated. I had never been fucked in the ass before – no guy had even tried to finger it.

I watched as Robby slicked up his other thumb and eased it between her cheeks as well. Slowly, he eased that into her ass. I could see that he was spreading her asshole apart. I hoped that I was going to see him shove his fat cock into her tight ass.

After a few more minutes he withdrew his cock from her pussy and placed his big cockhead at her ass. He held her cheeks apart and pushed forward. His cock was coated with Jane’s pussy juice and ever so slowly he eased it into her ass. Initially, he just kept the head of his cock inside her. As she became more relaxed with it he pushed more of it inside her. I don’t know how long he took – time had become a bit of a blur – but he finally had all of his cock buried inside her. I watched as he reached around and started to rub her clit. Robby had found the right spot – Jane was now bucking like mad as he finger her little love button. Robby then reached around with his other hand and grabbed one of her tits. I just knew that Robby was going for it now. He looked over at me and smiled. I was by this time ramming three fingers inside my pussy with one hand and rubbing my clitty with the other. I was determined to have another orgasm tonight.

Robby managed to hang onto the bucking Jane. She ended up having a couple of orgasms before I saw Robby’s buttocks tighten. I knew he was now shooting a load of cum up her ass. Jane relaxed and slumped beneath Robby. He then slowly removed his cock from her ass. It was covered in his come and from the angle I was at I could see a trickle of it leaking from her. I felt my orgasm hit me at that point. Robby rocked back on his heels and looked over at me – this sent me over the edge. I came even harder than I had when Greg had been inside me. Jane was laid out face down and she seemed to have no energy left. Robby got up off the bed and pulled the sheet up over her exposed ass. Robby then made his way to the bathroom. I lay there for a moment before making up my mind.

I got up off my bed and followed him into the bathroom. Robby was washing his hands and cock. I reached over and told him that I’d wash it for him. He smiled and said that would be nice. I just wanted to feel that thick cock with my own hands. I could feel it coming back to life as I washed it and fondled it. I have to admit I was very enthusiastic. It only took a couple of minutes and it was rock hard. I wanted so much to feel it between my legs.

Robby picked me up and placed my ass on the vanity. He spread my legs and exposed my fleshy pussy lips. I looked down and could see some of Greg’s cum dribbling out of me. Robby grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy lips. Once it was coated with the mixture of my juice and Greg’s cum he slid it into me. I t felt so good – his fat cock was stretching my pussy. I’d never had such a fat cock inside me. I felt no guilt about Greg – I just wanted Robby to fuck my cunt and fill me with his cum. We both went at it like animals. He pumped hard and fast and I tried my best to push back against them. I felt him reach around my back towards my ass. As he continued to pump my pussy he slowly slid one of his fingers inside my ass. I loved it – it felt so good.

It didn’t take too long before I felt his cock spurt s load of cum inside me. I had managed an orgasm which I think had been brought on by the fingering he had given to my ass. When Robby had eased his cock out of my pussy I looked down at it. My pussy lips were the fluffiest I had ever seen them. They were gaping apart and cum was running out of them. Robby also looked down and almost immediately he dropped to his knees and started to lick my pussy clean. I really did love this. Up until this point not too many guys had eaten my pussy – and that was before they’d fucked me. Now Robby was down between my legs licking me clean and not only was his cum inside me but Greg’s as well. I really couldn’t believe it. When I look back from now I think it was probably the most erotic thing that had happened to me up until that time. After he’d licked me clean and got on my knees and sucked his cock clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32