Dinner and More with Julie

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Group Sex

The weather got bad sooner than usual, heavy snow and brisk winds. Driving to work by myself was awful. I said something to my boss, Julie, about how I hate driving in the snow, It makes me so nervous. She said, “I think Joe in the rear cubicle lives near you, maybe you could ride with him.”

I went to see Joe and he agreed to give me a ride, but only for a week as he was moving.

When I saw Julie she asked if I talked to Joe. I said yes, and he could give me a ride for a week but that he was moving. She said, “Let me see if I can think of something.”

The next day she asked me to accompany her to the old office I worked from. When we passed Jim’s coworkers, they all yelled, “Hi Cindy, nice to see you again.”

I knew my tits still bounced, even without the high heels. She asked, “What was that all about?”

I said, “Long story, I’ll tell you when we have more time.”

Walking back I made sure my tits were bouncing more, I looked over to Julie and noticed her tits were also swaying pretty good. She had kept herself in great shape for a mid forties woman. I thought about what she might look like topless.

Later that day Julie called me into her office, I closed the door behind me as I entered, she always wanted it kept closed. “I thought of a solution if you are interested. It’s not perfect. You can start an hour earlier, I can use the help in the morning. I tried to let Jim start an hour later but the union wouldn’t let me.” “Thank you” I replied, “I’ll see if Jim is ok with it.”

“We’ve got a couple minutes, do you want to tell me your long story?”

“When Jim and I first met he told me the guys called me bouncy boobs because my boobs bounced when I walked by them. I tried to hide it by wearing an iron bra but I couldn’t help it wearing high heels. I walked so hard in them he said they could hear me coming.”

Julie said, “I noticed your breasts were bouncing pretty good, I also noticed when we returned they were bouncing a little more. Was that intentional?”

“Yes, I always liked them checking me out.”

“I know what you mean, I enjoy it also. I often wondered how they would react if I suddenly took my top and bra off.”

I said, “I looked at you and wondered the same thing.”

With that, Julie stood up, I thought she was mad, she walked around her desk and said, “Wonder no more, as she removed her blouse and bra.”

Julie had gorgeous breasts with perfect nipples.

She said, “I think you should show me what they wanted to see.”

I couldn’t remove my top and bra any faster. She reached out and cupped my breasts. Her hands were very soft and it felt great when she fondled me. I was so used to rough, masculine hands. I reached out and took her breasts in my hands. Feeling her erect nipples, I bent over and sucked on them, running my tongue over them, feeling them getting even harder. Soon we were in an embrace, kissing each other, our naked tits pressing against each other, feeling her rock hard nipples pushing into my tits.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. She said just a minute as we got ourselves back together. I opened the door and left, confused but knowing I wanted more, wondering if she did also, after all, she was also married.

I wanted to get home quickly to tell Jim about coming in early but also about Julie. Unfortunately it was snowing hard and it took me an extra hour to get home. I was completely frazzled by the time I pulled into the driveway.

Jim met me at the door, I kissed him and said, “I need a glass of wine. Then I need to tell you a couple things.”

First I said, “Julie, my boss is letting me start an hour early so we can ride together. You’d have to wait an hour for me, are you ok with that?”

“Sure, anything so you don’t have to drive in this snow, look what it does to you. So what else?”

“Julie asked me to walk with her to my old office and when the guys said hi Cindy, she asked what that was all about. When we got back to her office she had me come in and close the door. I told her the bouncy boobs story and she said she liked the men looking at her also. Then she said she wondered how they’d like to see her topless, I said I wondered that also. She got up and walked over taking her top and bra off. She wanted me to take mine off also, so I did. We were fondling each other and kissing when somebody came to her door. Jim, she has beautiful breasts and nipples!”

Jim asked how I felt about what happened. I said, “I enjoyed it, it was my first time having any sexual contact with another female and she is so hot.”

Jim said, “Remember, she’s your boss, don’t do anything that will jeopardize your job.”

I couldn’t help but ponder what was in the future with Julie, maybe it was just a one time thing.

Joe picked me up Monday, Eyüp Escort I asked him what he wanted for the ride for the week.

He said, “You don’t have to pay me anything, but it would be nice if you and Jim would help me move this weekend.”

As soon as he said, “but,” I thought he was going to ask for a sexual favor, I was actually ready for it. To not have to drive I would have done whatever he asked. I was relieved to say the least that he only wanted help moving as I wasn’t attracted to him at all.

I arrived at work, very apprehensive about how Julie would handle what had happened. I was relieved when she acted like nothing happened. The day was very normal, no emergencies, I don’t think I was up for any stress.

The ride home was good, no snow, Joe made good conversation, I think he was glad to have somebody to talk to. He dropped me off and said to have a good night. It was pleasant for me also to have somebody to chat with on the ride home. Joe was actually quite humorous. I looked forward to riding with him the rest of the week.

I told Jim we needed to help Joe move Saturday as payment for giving me a ride.

Jim said, “That’s fine, we didn’t have any plans, that will work out fine. I’m just surprised he didn’t ask for something else.”

The drives were entertaining, Joe was quite the card. I kind of wished he wasn’t moving.

The weather was good, they were predicting heavy snow Thursday but not until the late evening. Well, as often happens the forecasters were wrong. The front moved in around noon and the snow was really coming down. When we left work, you couldn’t see twenty feet. Joe was only able to go about 10 mph. I was more than just a little nervous. We travelled about 15 miles and ran into a traffic jam. No one was moving, the road was virtually shut down. Cars lined the road in front and behind us.

Joe shut the car off, saying, “We need to conserve gas, it may be a long night.”

I knew Jim would be worried, he’d be watching the news and find out the roads were impassable. Note; there were no cell phones back then!

It was getting cold and Joe got a blanket out of the back seat for us to wrap up in.

I thought, I guess unless I want to freeze, I’ll be snuggling up with Joe after all. Joe would start the car and run it long enough to take the chill off, but it was getting cold and I snuggled in his arms trying to keep warm. Joe would get out and clear the snow from the tail pipe, he didn’t want us to die from carbon monoxide. He was cold when he got back in the car and I would wrap my arms around him, holding him tight, to warm him up. We took our coats off and tied them together to act as a comforter, it helped to keep our body heat in. As we held each other tight, I could feel his hand had found my tit. I didn’t care, all I wanted was to be warm. If it meant letting him feel my tit, so be it. My hands were cold and Joe told me to put them between his legs to warm them up, it made them feel much better. We stayed like that a long time, Joe didn’t run the car anymore as he didn’t want to be stuck there with no gas. We only had each other for warmth.

We huddled most the night. Then snowmobiles came by giving people stuck some hot coffee. They said the traffic should start moving in about an hour. It was two in the morning when we were able to start moving again. I finally got home about 3:30 am. Jim asked if Joe was a gentleman. I said all he did was feel my tit up.

Joe picked me up the next morning, I was extremely tired from the night before.

He didn’t mention the night before at all, I was glad. I fell asleep on the way to work and Joe had to wake me when we arrived.

The day dragged, many people stayed home after the snow storm, including Julie. I did what I could but there wasn’t much for me to do.

Joe didn’t have much to move as he lived with his parents after college to save up for his own place. The move only took about an hour.

Monday was my first early day. I had an hour to kill so on the way we stopped and I got breakfast to go at the golden arches. Jim dropped me off at my building and I went to my desk to eat. I was surprised to see Julie there.

She said, “I have a lot of catching up to do from Friday, if you want to help me I’ll give you an hours overtime. Please don’t tell anyone about the other day, I got caught up in my own fantasies.”

“Don’t worry, I said, I’d love to make a little extra, our honeymoon is only two weeks away.”

The next few days flew by, the work finally was caught up. Julie had me start work as soon as I got there. Thursday she asked, “Cindy, you’ve been a big help, how would you and Jim like to come to my house Saturday for dinner and a few cocktails with me and my husband?”

I replied, “I have Eyüp Escort Bayan to ask Jim but I’m sure he would like to.”

Julie said, “Great, would around 7 be ok?”

“Yes, that would be fine.” I said.

Friday I told Julie that Jim would love to come. She gave me her address and said, “See you tomorrow, just dress casually.”

Jim wore casual pants and a long sleeve golf type shirt. I couldn’t decide how I should dress, I didn’t want to dress too sexy. I decided on dress pants and a semi-sheer top with a lacy camisole. I checked the mirror to make sure I wasn’t going to show Julie’s husband a full nipple shot. You could make out my nipples but not too much.

We arrived about five minutes early, I didn’t want to be late. As we walked up to the door Julie’s husband opened it and said, “You must be Cindy and Jim, I’m Paul, Julies husband. She’ll be down in a minute, come in. Let me take your coats for you. Paul was tall and very handsome. Jim handed him his, when I took mine off, his eyes went right to my chest. Cindy, you are as beautiful as Julie said. Would you care for some wine before dinner?”

We gratefully accepted the wine, I had a feeling I was going to need a lot of wine that night after Paul’s stare. I wondered what Julie had told him.

Julie came down and joined us in the living room for some wine. “I see you met Paul, he is a great cook besides being a great doctor. I hope you enjoy dinner. You two look great together.” I looked at Julie, her nipples were showing more than mine, I guess I didn’t have to worry. Looking at Jim I could see he noticed also.

After another glass, Paul excused himself to finish dinner.

Dinner was served and we all went to the dining room. As dinner progressed Paul and Jim bonded over sports talk as the wine flowed freely. Julie and I talked about how much we loved the beach, we both found the sound of waves washing ashore to be very relaxing. Walking the beach with the sand between our toes was both of our loves.

Jim helped Paul clear the table, still talking sports. Julie asked if I wanted to tour the house. I agreed, it was the nicest house I had ever been in. As we toured the house I was overwhelmed by how opulent it was. We walked to the rear and entered a room and it smelled like a swimming pool. Julie turned on the lights and there was an indoor hot tub.

I said, “I’ve been in a jacuzzi tub but never a hot tub, it must be very relaxing.”

Julie said, “It’s really nice after a hard day, we’ll have to try it later.”

I said, “I don’t have a suit to wear.”

Julie exclaimed, “Of course you do, it’s called a birthday suit.”

“You mean we all will be nude?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we never wear anything in it.” she said. “Will that bother you and Jim?”

“Not after a couple more glasses of wine!” I said.

“Good, let’s go back to the living room for more wine, while the men finish cleaning up. I want you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself.”

I was nervous, Julie was really hot and I didn’t know how Jim would react around her being nude or how I would feel. Neither of us had been in this situation before. The men finished up in the kitchen and joined us for more wine.

Paul and Jim had hit it off great, they had a lot in common.

The conversation turned to their house, specifically the hot tub. Paul must have told Jim about it already. By now we were half way through the second bottle of wine, everyone was feeling it’s effect. Paul said, “I mentioned to Jim how nice you looked, especially the way you managed to show your nipples, but not show them.” I sat there stunned but not bothered by the comment, they obviously talked about more than sports. “Jim said I should see them when you’re topless! That you wore that camisole so you wouldn’t show too much.” Too bad, I’d have liked to seen that. I excused myself to use the bathroom.

I decided that as Jim and Paul had discussed my tits I would remove the camisole before I returned. After all, I was now sure it was only going to be a matter of time before Paul saw me nude in the hot tub and Jim had told Paul he should see me topless.

Paul’s jaw dropped as I returned, he just starred at my breasts, taking in what I was showing him. With this top, I might have well been topless. Jim sat there grinning ear to ear. “See, I told you.” Jim said.

Paul said, “Cindy, Jim’s right, you have beautiful nipples!”

Right then, I don’t know what came over me, probably the wine, I said,” I think it might be time to try out that hot tub!”

Julie said, “I agree totally with Cindy, Paul, bring the wine.”

We followed Julie in and she immediately stripped nude. I saw the look on Jim’s face, admiring Julie’s body. She had a nice firm ass, nicely trimmed pussy and those Escort Eyüp magnificent breasts. As I stripped I couldn’t help but feel a little envious of her. She was as hot as I thought she would be. Jim and Paul stripped and we all entered the hot tub. Julie first. I was behind her, looking up at that sweet ass and pussy, wondering if I was going to be brave enough to taste her sweet juices. Paul followed me up the steps, I could feel him starring at my ass and glistening pussy lips. I turned my head and he smiled, licking his lips with his tongue. Jim brought up the rear, with only a hairy ass and balls to look at.

Julie went all the way across the tub and I sat just to the right, I assumed Paul would sit with Julie but he sat next to me and Julie called Jim over to sit with her.

I realized then that this was preplanned.

Paul immediately put one arm around me, cupping my tit, running his finger across my nipple. His other hand found my very wet pussy, taking no time inserting his finger into my vagina. I looked at Julie and Jim and they were taking no time getting to know each other. Jim’s hand massaging Julie’s tits. I knew he would love them, he is a tit man. After all, bouncy boobs was the first thing he noticed about me! I could see Julie’s hand stroking Jim’s hard cock. I began stroking Paul’s cock in unison with Julie’s stroking of Jim. Paul’s cock was rock hard as he fingered my pussy, expertly moving to my clit, sending chills through my body. I thought about licking Julie’s pussy and let out a loud moan as I came, bucking against Paul’s hand.

Julie must have cum about the same time, I saw her writhing with pleasure as Jim finger fucked her. I heard her tell Jim to stand in front of her, As soon as Jim positioned himself to be given a blow job, Paul stood up in front of me, putting his cock to my lips. I eagerly took him in my mouth, sucking for all I was worth, awaiting his cock’s explosion down my throat. I heard the guttural moan from Jim that he always makes as he comes. I knew he was filling Julie’s mouth with his creamy semen. I sucked Paul harder and soon he spasmed, filling my mouth. I sucked him dry and swallowed it all. I continued to flick my tongue across the head of his cock, enjoying feeling his cock twitch as I did.

Julie suggested we get out and have some wine, relaxing with each other. They had a loveseat and two recliners for seating. We all took a towel and I headed for the loveseat, waiting to see who would join me. Jim and Paul took the recliners, Jim sitting in the one next to me. Julie sat with me, just as I had hoped she would. Paul poured us more wine and we all sat there naked, enjoying the company.

Julie asked us where we were going on our honeymoon. I told her Jacksonville Beach. I said we were disappointed because all the hotels directly on the beach were already booked. She said, “hand me that phone.” I gave her the phone and she made a call, without having to look up the number. She said, “Hi Rudy, this is Julie, not much, just sitting here naked with some friends. Look, my friends here are coming down in two weeks for their honeymoon and can’t get a room on the beach, can you help them. That’s great I’ll have them ask for you. Thanks a million.”

Julie said, “I’ll give you the details before you leave for Florida, but you’re all set to stay on the beach. I’ve known Rudy a long time and he always comes through for me.”

Julie handed the phone back to me and as I rolled onto my right side to put it back, Julie put her hand on my pussy and said, “let me have some of that.”

I turned to look at her and she was licking her hand. I had never been with a woman before and I really didn’t know what to do. I laid on my back and spread my legs wide, just like I do when Jim wants to eat me.

Julie buried her face in my pussy, licking and probing me with her tongue. Every time she licked my clit I felt a rush come over me. I knew this wasn’t her first time giving oral to a woman. I hadn’t even noticed what the guys were doing, I had my eyes closed playing with my tits, pinching my nipples. I felt something run across my lips, I opened my eyes to see Paul, he was jacking his cock, rubbing it against my lips. Jim was behind Julie rubbing his cock against her pussy and ass, getting ready to fuck her from behind. As Paul rubbed his cock across my lips I flicked it with my tongue. As soon as he was hard enough I turned my head to the side and told him to give it to me, parting my lips to suck his cock while his wife ate my pussy as she was being fucked by my husband. I felt my body tense as I orgasmed. Julie consumed as much of my cum as she could while Jim unloaded his cock in her pussy. I felt Paul’s cock twitch as he came again in my mouth.

Julie suggested we get in the hot tub again. I said, “Not before I eat you till you come.” She was already so turned on that it wasn’t long before I could taste her flowing juices mixed with Jim’s as she bucked wildly.

The night ended with one last soak and a glass of wine. I knew it wouldn’t be the last time.

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