Digital Spy Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Sorry for the wait on this one, real life got in the way of fiction! A few people were asking for more Aless, so I hope this chapter satisfies. Unfortunately the plot, such as it is, doesn’t advance much, I hope to do something about that in the next part. As always, thanks for taking the time to read.


I told Max she could call in sick for a couple of days, but to my surprise she was in the office bright and early on Wednesday morning. She looked a little pale but otherwise OK, dressed in an attractive dark suit that highlighted her curves. She addressed me with a meek “good morning” before moving on to Dominic.

“Dom, I’m sorry if I was rude to you the other day,” she said loudly enough for the rest of the room to hear. “I hope you work extra hard this week, to give me the chance to make it up to you.” She raised a suggestive eyebrow, and I thought Dom was going to faint.

I tapped my finger on the workbench firmly. “OK folks, let’s settle down, we have a lot to get through today.” The guys almost fell over each other in their rush to start working.

With the steady buzz of activity in the lab the day passed swiftly. Julia apologetically called to say she was working through lunch again, which bothered me a little because I was hornier than Hell. I had been banking on sinking my cock into her tight asshole for an hour or so, but it looked like I was going to have to wait. I pondered taking Imani off to a quiet corner of the building and screwing her instead (I figured Max still needed time to recover from the previous night’s ordeal), but I didn’t want to distract her or her team from their work. Instead I decided to see what Julia was doing.

Quietly I clicked on a camera feed from her office, making sure the sound was muted and the angle of my monitor blocked anyone else’s view of the screen. I could see Julia standing in front of her desk, clad in what at first glance looked like a demure, somewhat 60s-style purple business suit. It was only when she turned to face the camera that the zip-fronted leather halter top she wore instead of a blouse became visible. The halter fastened just under her breasts and gave her a cleavage worthy of a porn star. I had half a mind to storm down there and fuck her whether she liked it or not, but I knew she must be genuinely busy to miss our lunch date.

The object of Julia’s attention was seated in front of her. Curled on a hard chair, looking like she’d rather be anywhere else, was Libby. Tears were gently running down her face as she read through a thick document on her lap. Julia thrust a pen in her direction and Libby flinched, before accepting it with a trembling hand. She signed the document in various places, barely finishing before Julia snatched it up and countersigned it with a flourish. Libby put her head in her hands, and I was curious to know what would happen next when Phil asked my opinion on something. I quickly shut down the feed and, with some difficulty, turned my attention back to work matters.

As the afternoon wore on I found myself getting hornier and hornier. When I eventually sent everybody home for the day and tore out of the Company’s garage I had only one thing in mind – blowing my load as quickly as possible. The Lamborghini’s V12 snarled behind me as I wove in and out of London’s back streets, drawing angry honks from other cars. As I screeched to a halt outside Aless’s school I was already opening the passenger’s gullwing door.

“Aless? Let’s go!” I called a little too loudly. She looked around startled from her group of friends and hurried over to the car.

“Hi Daddy, is everything OK?” she asked a little timidly as she slid into the handmade racing seat.

“Everything’s fine darling,” I said rather more quietly. “Sorry if I startled you. But I really need to fuck you. Right now.”

Aless literally squealed with delight. “Turn right down the side of the school!” she said, “I know a good place!”

I gunned the engine, tearing around the corner and attracting concerned glances from parents and staff. The Lambo’s 4-wheel drive almost magically maintained traction as I recklessly flung the car down a narrow road. Aless gestured right again and I slotted the roaring Murcielago down a narrow, dead-end side street. On our left were the backs of old warehouses, now converted into trendy cafés and boutiques around the other side. To the right was the high, featureless brick wall that kept the kids locked safely away during school hours.

“Some of the girls sneak out to smoke down here,” Aless began. “There’s never anyone arouuuuHEY!” I grabbed Aless’s school blouse in both hands and tore it open. Buttons flew around the Lambo as I ripped the white cotton from her body, leaving the front of the shirt in ruins. Aless had taken to wearing her uniform without a bra because she knew it drove me crazy to see her nipples poking through the thin material. Now I squeezed her bare tits hard and dropped my mouth to one rigid point, sucking and nipping at it desperately. Aless’s hand curled Rize Escort into my hair and a delighted moan escaped her lips.

I dropped my right hand to Aless’s thigh and pushed upwards under her pleated grey skirt. I felt hot, bare skin above the top of a dark stocking and she shivered beneath my palm. She spread her thighs as far as the cramped cabin would allow and I slipped my first two fingers into her tight wetness. She moaned and pushed her nipple further into my face as I stroked my thumb over the slippery pebble of her clitoris.

Aless’s arm snaked over to my lap and began to squeeze the bulge in my trousers. It was my turn to gasp as her young hand expertly caressed my shaft. I couldn’t take much of this in my frenzied state so I grabbed her around the waist and dragged her into my lap. The closeness of the steering wheel meant she was pressed against my chest, the coarse wool of my suit jacket scratching at her breasts. I lifted my door allowing her to place one foot on the road, her other leg folded against the central control console. She fumbled between us for my belt and fly as I grabbed the hem of her skirt and ripped it apart.

Finally Aless freed my cock and I lifted her naked ass in both hands, positioning her over the tip. Her head and shoulders were clear of the car’s low, open roof and she placed her hands on the rear edge of the cabin for support, as suddenly I lowered her onto my hardness. She stifled a cry, biting one perfect lip between her teeth. I began to bounce her helplessly up and down on my cock, her single ponytail whipping around the car as she groaned with satisfaction. Her tits bounced in my face and I tried to suck and bite at her nipples.

Aless slid one hand between us to find her clit, balancing precariously on her other arm. I felt her nails brush through my pubic hair as she worked the hard button above my cock, and I began to slam harder into her young cunt. My foot inadvertently caught the gas pedal (the car had been idling at a low, caged rumble the whole time) and the engine bellowed. It echoed around the walls, only just covering Aless’s scream as we both came.

As Aless slid from my lap I cut the engine, the sudden silence ringing in my ears. I stroked her thigh. “Thank you, love. You don’t know how much I needed that.”

She sighed happily, slipping one hand beneath the ruins of her skirt. I realised she was catching the semen leaking from her pussy before it could puddle onto the seat, and I watched with exhausted delight as she lifted her slick fingers to her lips. “I love it when you pick me up from school, Daddy,” she said between mouthfuls. “Why do you think I didn’t bring my own car?”

I grinned, feebly attempting to tuck my cock back out of sight. “Sorry about your uniform,” I muttered. Aless giggled, looking every bit the young schoolgirl that in many ways she still was.

My cell phone buzzed and I opened it with a trembling hand. “Did you enjoy that?” laughed Julia. “I just thought I’d see what you were doing before I left the office. It’s a good job I have a bit of shopping to do, I suppose I’d better pick up a new school blouse and skirt!”

“Good idea,” I replied, winking at Aless. She pulled her blazer around herself to cover the wreck of her shirt.

“Well, I hope you’re not too tired, I expect to be good and fucked when I get home!” Julia demanded.

“Yes, dear,” I answered weakly.


When Julia arrived back at the house we were sitting on the couch in our bathrobes watching TV. Julia tossed a Debenhams bag at Aless, saying, “try not to rip these ones, OK?”

“It wasn’t MY fault!” Aless responded with a pout, snuggling against my arm.

Julia couldn’t suppress a smile. “Dad been leading you astray again, has he?” Aless nodded vigorously as I adopted an expression of wounded innocence.

Julia lobbed a plain black carrier bag at me. “I picked this up on Wardour Street, I thought it might come in handy,” she said.

Inside the bag was an interesting object. It was a large, flesh-coloured dildo, about 2 inches longer than my cock at 10 long and a half-inch wider across at about 2 inches. At the base, where a real cock would attach to the scrotum, the dildo flared into a thick-rimmed plastic ring. I looked quizzically at Julia.

“It fits around your cock, darling,” Julia explained, her voice full of sarcasm. “I know how hard it must be trying to satisfy two horny women all the time, so with this you can fuck both of us at once!”

I shook my head in fake astonishment. “Progress eh? First they split the atom, then they put a man on the moon, and for the finale they invent a spare cock. Mankind has nowhere left to go.”

Julia threw her jacket onto a chair and removed her skirt, revealing hold-up stockings and no other underwear. “Less jokes, more fucking!” she grinned, attacking the front of my bathrobe. Dropping to her knees she took my cock in her mouth, sliding her tongue around the head wonderfully. Aless slipped off her robe and picked up the Rize Escort Bayan dildo, hefting it in one hand. “Mmmm, this looks like fun,” she giggled.

Julia gently pulled me to a standing position by tugging on my cock, then Aless slipped the dildo over the end. I was probably only three-quarters erect so it went on easily. The base pressed against the bottom of my stomach, making me look like some sort of weird Japanese animated sex beast. I was a little worried that after such a fierce sex session with Aless and the previous night’s revelry, I might not be up to the job at hand. My concerns were unfounded; Julia had already thought of that. She unzipped her leather halter just enough to expose her firm nipples while leaving her tits pressed together hypnotically. Slowly she sat on the sofa, reclining fully and spreading her legs.

“Alessandra darling,” she purred, “come and give your mother a kiss.” Aless quickly obliged, kneeling legs-apart between Julia’s thighs. She bent forward until their soft breasts pressed together, and slowly, passionately kissed her mother. They fenced tongues, Julia opening her eyes just long enough to shoot me a look of pure lust over the black rims of her Quicksilver glasses. The damage was done; my cock felt like a steel bar. I positioned myself between their entangled legs and tried to manoeuvre both hard shafts into position behind their pressed-together pussies.

The head of the dildo slipped between Aless’s lips and she gasped, partially muffled by Julia’s deep kisses. I pushed in gently until the tip of my cock butted against the opening to Julia’s pussy. Slowly I moved forward, until both rods disappeared into hot female flesh. Aless moaned “oooooh Daddy!” as I began to move in and out, slowly and deliberately fucking the two women I loved. Once I’d got used to the odd rhythm of using the dildo I began to speed up my thrusts, grasping the pointed stems of Julia’s expensive stiletto heels for purchase.

Aless buried her head against Julia’s neck, groaning rhythmically as I fucked her. Julia gazed lovingly over her shoulder, licking her lips and blowing me a tender kiss. I could tell she was enjoying every second of this; a depraved and yet at the same time totally loving act. A familiar flush began to creep over her chest and cheeks, as much from Aless’s pussy rubbing against hers as from the thrusting of my cock. Silently she came, shuddering and hugging Aless to her tightly. A tear ran from one eye into her glossy hair.

“God, that was wonderful,” she breathed. “I’m sorry baby,” Julia continued, kissing her daughter’s forehead. “You didn’t come yet.”

“That’s OK Mum,” Aless said quietly. “I wanted to…” The rest was inaudible as she whispered in her mother’s ear. The wicked grin I adored spread over Julia’s face.

“Oh, yum!” said Julia. “That’ll make a great video. Here, bend over the couch.”

I pulled away from my girls, allowing Aless to stand. Julia moved to the middle of the sofa, lay back and grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs wide apart. Aless spread her feet in front of Julia and bent forward from the waist, displaying the perfect split peach of her ass and pussy. She gently began to lick Julia’s moist cunt.

“Our daughter” – I shivered when Julia said that – “would like you to fuck her ass with that giant thing, seeing as she needs the practice.” I silently thanked whatever deity was looking out for me as I rubbed a palm full of saliva over the rubber shaft still slick from Aless’s pussy. I tried to be as gentle as I could as I pushed into her tight sphincter. She gasped, but continued to work on Julia as the dildo overcame her muscle’s resistance. I was careful not to push too hard, slowly sliding forward until my cock could enter the young girl’s pussy.

I gently rode Aless as she sucked and nibbled at Julia’s clit, both of them moaning with pleasure. Julia, ever the professional, made sure she threw her head back for the cameras as she writhed: there would be no doubt to anyone watching that she and Aless were mother and daughter. Seeing them like that, these two amazing women, was enough to send me over the edge. I felt the familiar tightening sensation and began to pound harder, desperate to make Aless come before I did. I leaned forward to grab her nipples, rolling and tugging them gently. “Ohhh, yessss!” hissed Julia. “The harder you fuck her, the harder she licks! Ohhhh..!” She threw her head back as another orgasm hit her. Aless Joined her a second later, her cunt contracting gorgeously around my cock. That was enough to set me off too, filling my ‘daughter’ with her second load that evening.

Knees wobbling, I slumped onto the floor. “I’m going to have to start taking vitamins or something,” I muttered.

Julia laughed. “I think we broke him,” she said to Aless. “Don’t worry darling, after a fuck like that you deserve a bit of pampering.” With that she and Aless disappeared down to the kitchen. I pulled myself up onto the sofa and flicked on a cable news channel. I watched for Escort Rize a while, until I heard footsteps on the stairs. It was Aless and Julia, bearing trays of steaming, delicious-smelling food. But dinner barely registered, because they were about to serve it clad in only black seamed stockings, 8-inch platform heels and white frilly aprons. Ah well, I thought, I guess if they kill me I’ll die happy.


The next day, Thursday, Libby disappeared from the office. I asked Julia what happened to her, but all she would say was something vague about ‘time off for re-training.’ I had a good idea about what that training might entail. We were chatting quietly about it in, of all places, the spa pool at the Company gym. The team and I had ended up working well past noon – all of my troops were desperate to impress by the next day – so I gave everyone an extended lunch around 1.30. Julia had some free time so I suggested a quick dip in the spa. I kept a gym bag in the lab and I wondered if Julia did the same with a bikini – I was half-hoping I could convince her to go naked. Of course I should have learned by now that trying to one-up Julia was an exercise in futility.

When she walked out of the changing room I almost choked. She was wearing a one-piece slingshot-style swimsuit the likes of which I’d never seen. It began as a thin, liquid-silver strap behind her neck, which passed over her shoulders on both sides before widening – slightly – to cover both nipples. The straps then joined again below the navel to cover Julia’s pussy – again, just barely. Most of her delectable body was bare. But when she gave me a twirl as she approached the spa I got an even bigger shock: the single thong of material connecting the bottom of the suit to the neck strap was made of clear plastic – effectively from behind Julia looked stark naked.

Fortunately the gym and pool area was deserted apart from the two of us, since it was generally only busy before and after work and during regular lunch breaks. So I was alone with Julia as she slipped into the warm, frothing water next to me, her hair pinned hastily back in a gloriously shambolic crown. She sat in my lap, deliberately rubbing her almost-bare backside over my speedo-clad crotch.

We sat like that for a little while, talking while Julia ground her ass against me and my erection threatened to tear its way free. Eventually she took pity on me; under cover of the bubbles she tugged my shorts down and slid my cock into her pussy. Gently, almost imperceptibly, she rode me in the water as we talked and kissed softly. Suddenly we were interrupted by a voice.

“Erm… Dan? Julia? Sorry to interrupt.” It was Max. “I thought I’d chill in the spa for a while, if you don’t mind.”

Max had her hair tied back in a bun, and was clad in a skimpy black bikini and thong. “Not a problem,” I said. Max stepped tentatively into the water.

“Are you OK?” asked Julia. “We were very hard on you the other night, and… Well, Dan just said to teach you a lesson, but since I met him I get carried away sometimes…”

Max smiled slightly. “No permanent damage, in fact I’m fine really. The only thing that’s weird is, well, I can’t stop thinking about what happened.”

“Oh God,” gasped Julia. We’ve traumatised you, poor thing!”

That made Max laugh. “No, what I mean is I think about what happened and I get excited. The pain was, well, it was too much, but the feeling of being bound and helpless, unable to fight back… I loved it!”

“Really?” asked Julia hopefully. Max nodded.

“Maybe we could, I don’t know, do it again sometime? Just the ropes and the fucking, not so much of the burning clamps and the hot sauce?”

“Hmm, on one condition,” replied Julia. She pulled aside the straps that just about covered her nipples. “You have to suck these while Dan fucks me.”

Max didn’t need much encouragement, and leaned forward to take one in her mouth as Julia started to bounce on my cock with more urgency. Max reached her hands out of the water and gently squeezed each hard bud between thumb and forefinger. “So,” she began, “you can dish it out, but can you take it?!” With that she twisted Julia’s nipples aggressively. Julia squealed and tried to shove Max away, but I grabbed her wrists and forced her arms up behind her.

“Don’t let her fool you, Max, she loves being treated like a slut,” I said.

“Good!” replied Max, she hoisted herself up onto the edge of the spa and pulled her bikini crotch aside. “Then the least she can do after the other night is eat my cunt, don’t you think?”

I stood with my cock still inside Julia and guided her forward, her arms still held behind her. She shot Max a dirty look, but the Asian girl didn’t care. She simply grabbed a handful of Julia’s hair and yanked her head down to pussy level. “Come on, white bitch!” snarled Max. “You liked burning my cunt, now let’s see if you can kiss it better.”

I thrust into Julia harder, forcing her face into Max’s pussy. I couldn’t see what was going on down there but it was soon obvious Max was enjoying it. “Ooohhh, that’s it, Gweilo whore! Lick my pussy, make me come! Harder, you fucking filthy slut!” The fact that anyone could walk into the gym at any time seemed to only add to the arousal of both women.

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