Dick’s Hangout

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It’s colder than penguin shit as the saying goes. Two Saturdays after New Years, crisp and cold. The sky the kind of blue you only get when it’s below minus fifteen C.

The stars in the country will be magnificent tonight. But I’m not a country boy (any more).

Twenty eight, slim, short blond hair, blue eyes, sixty eight kilos, one sixty six tall, a junior CPA in a big accounting firm.

I’m wearing dove grey ankle boots, charcoal wool slacks and my powder blue silk shirt with the full long puff sleeves. The top two buttons casually undone to show my gold chain necklace.

It’s Saturday night but things are slow at ‘Dick’s Hangout’ the gay bar one block up Twelfth from King. Probably the weather.


“Karen, Chelsea, hi!” I didn’t see them come in. They bring their drinks and raft up to the tall round bar table I’m sitting at.

Chelsea doesn’t look like a Chelsea. She’s tall and solid, with short purple hair and never wears skirts, dresses or makeup.

Karen though is a very girly girl. Just my height, long thick blond hair, and a fluffy figure. You know the shape. Curvy and cuddly. Must be wearing a corset under her turquoise ‘V’ neck dress. It’s waist is too slim. It’s skirt flows over her hips and falls to a snug hand width above her knees.

The two of them love to laugh. The perfect companions to defeat the winter blahs.

“Cabin fever got you too, eh? Karen was just about climbing the walls.”

“Ya, Chel. was even getting bored with the new vibrator she got for Christmas.” Giggle.

“Wasn’t getting bored.” Laugh. “I just couldn’t keep it’s batteries charged. I think Karen is using it when I’m not looking.” We all laugh.

We sipped our drinks, talked, gossiped and laughed. Then she came in.

Taller than me, but hard to tell how etlik escort tall in those soft white leather knee high spike heel boots. Casually styled short grey hair. Flawless pale complexion, blue eyes, thin red glossed lips.

She gracefully slipped out of her three quarter length silver fox and lighted on a stool at the bar with her fur across her lap.

Angel, the bartender served her a martini. She chatted with the lady. She laughed at something she said. She looked our way. The lady looked over her shoulder towards us. Angel held up her finger in a ‘just a moment’ way, lifted the bar flap and came over.

“Hi guys. Lady at the bar wondered if she could join you.”

“Sure, why not?” Said Chelsea without a moments hesitation. “We could use a little variety in our gossip.” She chuckled.

“Hi. I’m Katrina. Thanks for letting me join you.”

“I’m Donnie, this is Chelsea and Karen.”

As we were introducing ourselves Angel brought over another chair. Katrina hung her fur over it’s back and settled onto the seat.

She wore a high collar button front, knee length smoky green dress printed with tiny white ‘X’s and a pleated skirt. She was here on business and flying out tomorrow afternoon.

She had that ability to blend into the conversation. I realized she was more than a lady. You know.

“There’s Sam.” He gets a pink girly drink and comes over. Slim and lithe, his white silk ruffled blouse and pink culottes accentuate his blue black complexion.

Mark isn’t with him. Maybe I can hook up with him tonight. His twelve inch cock (honest, twelve inch!) is such a yummy mouthful. I show him the tip of my tongue.

He gives me a little smile and sips his drink through it’s straw. Maybe.

Friends come eve gelen escort and go. Soon it’s closing time. Sam left a while ago with Eddie, dammit.

“Hold my coat for me, Donnie?”

Oh! “My pleasure.”

“Like to come back to my hotel for a nightcap?”

We took her rental to one of the better hotels on hotel strip by the airport. We kissed on the elevator. She had a suite. We kissed ferociously inside the suite. I took off my down filled jacket but she kept her fur on.

“I know what you’d like.” She unbuckles my belt, pulls down my fly and digs in my boxers for my cock. “Sit down on the couch, Donnie.” I kick my pants aside.

She kneels between my knees. Two fingers. She strokes my hardon with two fingers. “Very nice.” She cups my balls. “Such a nice young man.”

She looks up as me as she kisses my knob. She wraps her lips around my knob, then looks down as she swallows. She continues fondling my balls as her head bobs up and down. Her soft fur feels so good against my bare legs. With both hands I stroke the thick soft fur collar. I gently stroke her grey hair.

My God, this is a fantasy come true, being blown by an elegant lady in a fur coat. The visual is amazing. The top of her head, her fur flowing across her back, her white spike heels pointing out behind.

“Mm.Mm.” She’s enjoying my cock.

“I’m close. I’m close!”

“Gh,gh.” She swallows and sucks ’till I’m sucked dry.

She sits back and smiles up at me. The tip of her tongue catches a drip of my cum at the corner of her mouth. “Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.”

She returns barefoot, but still in her fur. “Go down sweetie. Your turn.”

I get to my knees. She’s naked under her fur. Her cock isn’t nine inches long, gaziosmanpaşa escort but it is quite thick around. Her chest, legs and crotch are shaved. Her hand gently rests on the back of my head. “Good boy. You know what to do.”

I wrap my left hand around her shaft. I lick the jewel of pre-cum. I kiss her knob. Another wet sloppy kiss. Beautiful cock.

“Agh.” I swallow. “Gh. Gh. Gh.” So good. “Gh. Gh.”

“So sweet. You’re so sweet Donnie.”

She strokes my hair.

“Gh. Gh.” I’m in the moment. “Gh. Gh. Gh. Gh.

“Such a good boy. Ah!”

Her hands gently but firmly hold me down as she cums. My God what a load of cock cream!

“Pretty boy. Get up here.”

She pulls me to my feet and enfolds me in a soft fur embrace. We share a long tender sweet cum flavored tongue kiss.

“Lets go to bed.” She takes my right hand and leads me to the bedroom. She lays her fur over a chair.

Now I see ‘her’ as a ‘him’. A well toned body for a middle aged man.

He pulls me into bed. We kiss. Our hands roam. Neither of us speak. I giggle. he ‘ums’ as we cuddle and feel each other.

We’re both hard again.

I never noticed the bowl of ‘Trojans’ on the bedside table.

“Here, roll this on my cock, pretty boy. Pretty Donnie.”

I take the package from him and kiss his cheek. I kiss his nipples. I kiss his knob. I roll the rubber down his shaft. We kiss some more.

“You’re such a pretty boy.” He fondles my balls. “Roll over pretty Donnie.”

“Ah!” His finger massages my prostrate. I move my knees forward to lift my butt and accommodate my raging woodie.

He moves between my legs.

“Aah!” His knob pushes and stretches my ass/cunt. “Uh.” He’s in. He pushes deeper. So good. “Mm.”

“Pretty Donnie. Nice tight pretty boy.” He strokes, slowly at first.

Sure beats wall banging my dildo. So good.

Beautiful cock. “Ah. Ah. Ah.” I vocalize my pleasure. “Ah. Ah. Ah.”

“Good boy. Good boy.” He strokes and strokes.

“Mm.” He stops all the way in and shudders as he cums. “Oo.”

We kiss and snuggle to sleep.

All in all, a pretty good Saturday night. In fact damn near perfect.

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