Diamond Back Prison

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Standing at the large windows Grace looked out over the prison yard her prison yard the one she now ran as warden.For two years she had been the warden of Diamond back prison running the prison that housed male and female death row inmates.Diamond back prison was located in a remote isolated area especially built to house these prisoners to take the pressure of the inner city prisons.What the general public did not know was that alot more went on at Diamond back then excuting prisoners for their crimes against society.This was all Grace had ever wanted to do was to be in some form of law her father was a cop and his father before him and Grace loved her dad since her mother was a total bitch who Grace hated with a passion from a very young age.Grace sometimes tried to feel sorry for her mother but that feeling was short lived.

Grace was a accident that her mother hated and for most of her life she constantly told Grace that.
“I was only fucking seventeen old when i had you,you ruined my life i should have got rid off you and told no-one god how i hate you” She would say she constantly hit and pushed Grace over and a few times Grace ended up in hospital with injures and once a broken arm from her mother pushing her down the stairs or tripping her over so she fell hard on the cement. At the age of thirty Grace’s mother had a major stroke and spend weeks in hospital every day her father took her to see her mother and each time Grace went to leave she kissed her mother cheek and lent to her ear.
“I hate you and i will get you back mother” Grace said her mother would look at her and wonder what her thriteen year old daughter could actually do to get her back.Eight weeks later her mother was released from hospital she could not speak and was totally dependant on someone for her every need.
Dad did all he could but working the hours he did he was tired when he got home but as soon as he did get home the carer would leave and dad would take over looking after his wife.Every night Grace did the same routine kissed her mother’s cheek and whispered in her ear.
“Pay back are a bitch mother and you will get your’s.” Grace whispered and smiled and went to her room.

Six weeks later Grace walked into her parents room and crawled and laid down beside her father.
“Gracie what are you doing in here?” Her dad asked.
“Had a nightmare Daddy” She said and cuddled up to her father making sure her tits were pressed against his chest.
“Ok for to-night only young lady” He said and closed his eyes he could feel his daughters tits against his chest and for just a fleeting moment he wondered what it would feel like to hold them.
Grace did nothing more that night but for days after she caught her father staring at her and not like a father is suppose too Grace smiled to herself.About two weeks later Grace again used the excuse she had had a nightmare and climbed into bed beside her father.Grace pushed herself up close to her father just has he father had had sexual thoughts about her Grace had altıparmak escort also thought alot about her father wondering what it would be like to have him touch her.But Grace reminded herself constantly she was doing this solely to hurt her mother.Twenty minutes later Grace felt her father touch her leg softly he must have thought she had fallen asleep.Grace didnt move and tried so hard not to change her her breathing as his finger tips moved further up her leg.Grace moved and opened her legs just alittle his hand pulled away quickly Grace didnt move and a few minutes later his fingers were on her leg again further up he moved until Grace felt him run one finger along her panties.The feeling that ran through Grace totally shocked her then she felt him do it again.Her father moved closer to her to where she could feel his breath on her neck.Grace felt his now hard cock pressing against her leg god how she wanted to reach down and just touch it.What her father whispered next Grace knew her plan was going to work but now beside hurting her mother she really wanted her father to do things to her.

“You smell so good Gracie and i want to do things to you if only i could” He said so softly and ran his finger along her panties a few more times.Grace rolled over and faced her father and snuggled up to him and whispered into his ear.
“You can daddy i want you too” She said and let her hand move down his body until she had it resting on his very hard cock.She felt his hand go over her’s and squeezed his cock with his hand and her’s.
“Oh shit Gracie we shouldnt be doing this its wrong so wrong.” He said and pulled her hand away.
“Its only wrong if someone finds out and i wont tell daddy please touch me again like before” She said.
“Gracie your mother is laying beside us we cant.” He said his breathing getting quicker.
“Daddy can you walk me back to my room” She asked and sat up and climbed from the bed and stood and waited to see if her father followed he did.
Grace followed her father out of the room making sure to leave the door wide open and entered her room after her father and left it wide open as well.Grace looked at her father then down to the huge bulge in his boxers taking her panties off she walked to her bed and laid down.
“Rub me with your finger again daddy” Grace asked and opened her legs her father walked to the bed and looked down at his daughter’s pussy with its lightly covered pubic hair .Laying down beside her he looked at his daughter and put his hand between her legs and began rubbing her.
‘That feels so good daddy” She said and opened her eyes wide as she felt herself getting really wet.

“Daddy can i touch your cock?’ She asked and went bright red her father smiled.
“Well i would like you to Gracie..Gracie have you started your periods yet?” He asked rubbing her a little harder.
“Not yet but i have had pains in my belly some of the girls said i will properly get them soon.” She said and moaned as her father slipped bursa rus escort bayan a finger inside her.Reaching down Grace pulled the front of her father’s boxers down and gasped when her father’s cock sprung out seeing one on the computer was one thing but seeing it for real was amazing as soon as she touched it her father groaned.
“You know i could go to prison for doing this and being a cop i should know better i have arrested father’s for doing this to their daughters.” He said but he could not stop.
“Gracie put your hand around it and pull up and down.” He said and a few seconds later put his hand over her’s and showed her what he meant.
As she pulled him off his finger was going faster in her pussy he placed his thumb on her clit and began rubbing Grace cried out.
“Daddy i feel funny.” She panted and dropped her hand from his cock.
“Go with it Gracie you will love the feeling it will give you i promise.” He said and went faster Grace arched her back and went so stiff as she expreinced her very first orgasm.
“Gracie you just cum all over daddy’s finger.” He said smiling
Grace still panting looked at her father.
“So thats what they mean by cumming daddy that felt so good can you make me do it again?” She asked.
“In a little while Gracie just let you settle for a little bit Gracie i want to put my cock in your mouth i want you to suck on it will you do that for me?” He asked.

Grace nodded and got on her hand and knee’s and lent over her father’s cock and took the head in and sucked on it then took a little more.
“Gracie put your hand at the bottom of my cock and do what you did before as well you will need to practice sucking.” He said and rubbed his hand along her back as she did as she was told.
“Ohh god Gracie your doing great.” He said the excitement of having his daughter sucking his cock was to much as he pulled out and rolled her on her back and came all over her belly.
“See how excited you make me Gracie now spread your legs” he said and she did and let out a yell as he father licked her pussy he lifted his head again..
“Shh Gracie we dont want to wake your mother” He said and went back to eat out his daughter.
“What;s she going to do dad she is bed ridden and cant talk or write.” Grace said and gradded her father’s hair as he continued to lick and suck on her pussy Grace called out she was cumming and again arched her back a her father licked up all the cum.

Over the next hour Grace’s father had her straddle his face as he ate her out turned her around so she could suck on his cock and he could suck on her pussy he kissed her hard and deep and pushed his tounge into her mouth and explored her mouth.Grace looked at her father then laid down and spread her legs.
“I want to feel you inside me daddy.” She said.Her father got between her legs and leant over her.
“It will hurt the first time Gracie when i break your hymen do you really want me too do this iam happy just to do what we bursa üniversiteli escort bayan have done so far.” He said but deep down he knew he was lying he wanted to fuck her so badly.
“Fuck me daddy” She said.He guided his cock to the opening of her pussy and gently pushed in feeling how tight she was he slowly moved in and out.
“Please daddy fuck me i dont care that it will hurt” Grace said and grabbed her father by the hips and pulled him forward her father responed and pushed in deeper.Grace screamed out as a ripping pain went through her.Her father kept going and pushed into his daughter and began fucking her Grace had tears running down her cheeks as the pain still ripped through her after a few short minutes Grace still felt the pain but a new feeling was also there Grace began to relax and found once she did the pain was not so bad.But just as she was starting to get into it her father pushed in and held himself against her hard and released his load and collapsed on top of her panting.
“My god that was awesome the next time will be alot better for you Gracie.” He said and sat up and picked up his boxers.
“You need sleep and take those sheets off there is some blood on them.” he said and leant down and kissed his daughter and left the room smiling.

The next morning her father was gone by the time she came out of her room smiling she walked down to her parents room and walked to the bed and laid down beside her mother.
“I had daddy’s cock inside me last night did you hear us god i hope so mother he licked my pussy and i sucked on his cock but iam not finished yet mother i want to have him fuck me in this bed beside you.” Grace said and got back to her feet and looked down at her mother.
“I hate you mum for what you did to me.” Grace said and walked from the room to get ready for school.
Five nights later Grace got her wish and convinced her father there was nothing her mother could do to tell anyone what they were doing as Grace straddled her father’s face and he began sucking on her pussy Grace looked down at her mother and smiled.

“God daddy keep going ohhh shit daddy iam going cum.” Grace said and moments later she did her father told her to get on her hands and knee’s as he got behind her and fucked her.
They fucked alot over the next few weeks and as often as she could Grace got him to fuck her in his bed and it was in front of her mother that Grace expreniced her first ass fucking and she loved it.
Grace and her father continued fucking until Grace moved out to start her career but when ever she went home it was her father’s bed that she shared.Grace knew she had turned out the way she had because of her mother’s abuse she was cold and told that oftened and would not let anyone get to close to her and from the age of thirteeen she used her body to get what she wanted and fucking got her places like the job of Warden at Diamond back prison.Grace turned her head as she heard a knock at the door.
“Come in” She called out and turned around to face one of her prison guards.
“The transporter is here with the new prisoners” He said Grace nodded.
“I will be there shortly.” She said and turned her head slightly to look out over the yard and smiled then walked from her office down to the receiving room..

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32