Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 23

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Dex and the Twins at College


As usual, I’m lying here wide awake in my room at a five-star all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean in the pitch blackness of 3:00 AM. June and Julie’s new friends: Macie, Eva, and Niki left hours ago fully satisfied. I outdid myself to make that happen and even though the twins got-off too, they stayed for more. I asked for a break and we fell asleep in the familiar position of most nights back at college.

Despite the sex with these five women, I woke dreaming of Mandy. She was all that was on my mind lately. Mom took me off to a private beach under the guise of having sex. She quizzed me on Mandy instead. Sex with Mom is always amazing but her insights were food for thought. She didn’t attempt to tell me what to do or not do. She just offered some thoughts about how to process my feelings when they seemed too complicated. I was laying here now working on the problem with a naked June to my right and a naked Julie to my left. They were laying on their sides facing away from me. I could tell by their breathing that they were fast asleep. My dick laid on my left hip and gave no hint of arousal from my dream of Mandy. It wasn’t a sexual dream. It was a serious dream. About what? I couldn’t tell you.

I had made the mistake of turning off the AC and opening the windows in my room. A gentle breeze pushed at the curtains and the sound of what seemed like a million crickets pierced the quiet. At first, the sound was annoying but then it became hypnotizing and I drifted back to sleep.

I came awake suddenly. I was gasping for air in my dream and in reality. The blankets on top of me were so heavy. As I came out of the dream, my first thought was, ‘I can’t breathe.’ I tried to get the blankets off my face but they just seemed to get heavier. I turned my head to the side and suck in a lungful of air. I was sort of awake and I tried to get the blankets off me by pulling them off my face first so I could breathe. My hands pawed at the weight on my face and then I discovered that the blankets over my face were Julie’s thighs and pussy. I was pawing at her butt-cheeks and she was grinding her sex around on my lips. I drove my tongue into her and she groaned and shifted her position and I grabbed another breath of air.

I was awake and the heavy, weight of the blanket was her body laying on mine in a sixty-nine position. I had a huge erection and I wasn’t sure if I woke with a morning woody or Julie and sucked me up hard while I was still asleep. I groaned as she pushed her lips down my shaft and I pushed my hips up at her face. She knew then that I was awake and she chuckled around my cock. I flicked my tongue on her clitoris and she groaned and trembled on my face.

Julie began bobbing her lips up and down my shaft at a furious pace. I matched her pace with my tongue and she had to stop as her body quaked above me. She flooded my mouth with her fluids and I was slurping it up as fast as I could. I couldn’t imagine that June was sleeping through this but I couldn’t see anything except Julie’s perfect ass above me.

I got my answer soon enough when Julie pulled her lips off my cock with a loud pop which elicited a stereo giggle. Julie pushed herself up and moments later I felt a new pressure on my cock and I knew it was June dropping her pussy down my shaft. June’s voice muttered, “Oh fuck. Yes.” She was in a cowgirl position and was slamming her hips forward driving herself on my cock and then slowly withdrew to repeat the action.

Julie sat up higher so she could suckle June’s tits. I couldn’t see but I could hear. I reached around Julie’s body and took her tits in my hands. They were more than a handful and Julie moaned into June’s tits. I continued with my assault on Julie’s pussy as she squirmed her hips around on my face. I could breathe again.

The noise of the crickets was drowned out by the gasping and moans and groans of the three of us. Julie groaned hard into a second orgasm. As my orgasm churned and built higher, June started to shudder as she started a long moan that started deep in her lungs and ended in a high-pitched screech, as she rolled over the crest of her orgasm. On the first clench of her pussy, I launched my load, and we were both groaning and thrashing.

Julie pushed her body up over my forehead and sat back against the headboard gasping for air. I looked up at June and smiled at the look of pure bliss on her face. Her body spasmed on my cock as I rocketed cum into her as her clenches milked me dry. We finished together and June collapsed her body to mine. Her legs stretched out over mine and then worked their way in between my legs and she pinched her thighs together to pinch her pussy on my hard cock. I couldn’t tell if it was going to go down or not. June’s fingernails traced over the ripples of my obliques. I steeled myself against the urge to laugh from the tickling sensation. I folded my arms around her and let my hands move down the arch of her lower back and up the curvature of her ass. I fingered her rosebud, Esenyurt Escort which caused her to moan. I couldn’t reach any further in this position. I teased June a little by rolling my hips back to withdraw my cock from her sex and then slowly rolled my hips forward to ease back in. She groaned and then muttered, “Are you ready to back that up?”

Julie said, “If he’s backing anything up; it’s my turn.” They were always squabbling over who’s turn it was on my cock. I pulled my cock from June and slid it up under her flat tummy and let it slowly deflate. We stayed like that as my fingers traced along the contours of June’s ass. She randomly trembled from my touch.

The three of us showered and the twins went back to their room. I stood in their door and listened to Mom and Dad tuning up in their room. June giggled and said, “Whoever wants to hear their parents having sex?” Julie and I raised our hands at the same time and June raised hers a moment later. We all laughed.

It was particularly hot. The incessant breeze had died to hardly a puff of air that barely rustled the palm fronds. I closed my windows and put on the air conditioning. Mom came in fresh from the shower and still naked and tossed a small piece of blue material at me. I picked it up to see what it was. She stood there grinning as I figured out that it was a new tiny bathing suit. She said, “I saw this on a mannequin in one of the shops. I had to see you in it. Try it on. It’s different from your speedo.” It was different. Instead of a flat front, it had a formed pouch to cradle my package. Thankfully, it had a full back, instead of straps like a jock-strap. Mom laughed at the look on my face and said, “It’s called a banana-hammock.” She laughed again.

There was no hiding my dick in the speedo but this suit would bring all eyes to it. I did as she asked and pulled it on. I had to admit that the pouch effect did provide a comfortable hammock for my dick even though the glans was pushing the limits at the elastic waistband. There was room in the stretchy material to expand to contain an erection within the hammock but it would be obvious. Then again. It was always obvious in whatever I was wearing. I posed for her and she grinned her approval. She said, “Perfect,” as she pinched her hardening nipples.

I pulled on a pair of athletic shorts over the banana-hammock and then a tank top. I waited for the others to get dressed. As usual, Mom took forever. She had to look her best. Even her ‘messy-hair’ look had to be just so. The twins weren’t much better as they tried on several tiny bikinis before they settled on one. They both wore thong bottoms that they looked incredible in. Their tops did not attempt to cover anything other than their nipples. It didn’t matter because they would discard the tops as soon as we got to the pool or the beach. Dad wore cargo shorts and a tee-shirt and I wondered if Mom had bought a banana-hammock for him too. We all left our rooms from our own front doors and headed for the buffet. Mom and the girls wore scarf-like wraps on their hips to their calves and loose tank tops with armholes nearly to their waists. Mom’s bikini top was smaller than the twin’s tops.

Dad and I walked several steps behind Mom and the twins so we could admire the erotic sway of their hips and also, so we could chuckle at the looks on the faces of men and women passing by. As usual, they had the full attention of everyone.

We had to search for enough lounge chairs at the pool because we were late. We carved out enough room for all of us and the outer clothing started coming off. The twins posed in their tiny thong bikinis for Mom and Dad and everyone else. Mom immediately discarded her ineffective bikini top and she was wearing a thong bottom too. I heard groans from men around us. Dad was reluctant to take off his cargo shorts until Mom’s hands went to her cocked hips and the look on her face prompted him to display his banana-hammock. His face was red with embarrassment until I pulled my shorts down to reveal mine. Mom was grinning and the twins gawked and began chewing on their lips.

I waded into the pool and pushed my way through the people to the bar and ordered our drinks. Zee stretched her body across the bar to look at my suit. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes and said, “Nice bathing suit.” I sat on a submerged barstool and flirted with Zee while she made our drinks. June and Julie appeared beside me. Julie nudged my arm with her elbow and whispered, “Are you going to introduce us to your friend?” She nodded toward Zee. I made the introductions.

Zee’s attention flitted from June to Julie and back again as she worked and then she muttered, “Just great. Twins, and gorgeous ones. There’s no competing with that.” She looked at me and said, “I see you’ve moved to the top shelf.” The twins were confused by her words but I got her meaning.

I looked at Zee and said, “Actually, I started on the top shelf the moment I got here.” Zee got my meaning and she smiled as her face flushed red with embarrassment at my compliment. Avcılar Escort She pursed her lips and gave me an air-kiss as she loaded the drinks on a tray and pushed it toward me. She looked at the twins and said, “It’s nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay.”

When I came back with the tray of drinks, Mom was getting a lot of attention, even though she was surrounded by topless women of all ages. She seemed oblivious but I knew she loved the attention. Dad was amused by the men sitting close by. Some just stared at Mom with no attempts to be discreet while others stole glances at her.

I sat down in my lounge chair and worked on my tan and then I went for a walk. I had no particular destination in mind, but I wound up at the beach bar. I confess that way in the back of my mind I was hoping to find Laura. I didn’t find her or her friends, Charlie or Wilma. I chuckled when I thought of Wilma. Not because of her name but because she was so obviously a Lesbian who was desperately trying to hang on to Laura and Charlie for herself when I was around. Either Wilma was being successful in her efforts or they had gone home already. I wasn’t so much interested in Laura as in how she made me think of Mandy. I had tried to call Mandy but discovered that my cell phone service didn’t include calling from the Caribbean. I had already decided that I was going back to see her as soon as we got home.

I had just reached across the crowd at the bar to get my beer when a very attractive woman ran up to me and took my hand. I smiled down at her aqua-blue eyes and ultra-white teeth. Her hair was streaked blonde either from the sun or the salon. She pulled on my hand as I continued my scan of the rest of her. She was smoking hot in her black bikini bottoms. She was topless, like all the other women here at the bar. She displayed an impressive set of firm jugs. She pulled on my hand again and said, “You play Volleyball. Yes?” I couldn’t make out the accent, but it was clear that English was a second or third language. Sports are not my thing but I did play Volleyball. I let her next pull on my hand break my inertia and I followed her. She grabbed my other hand and was walking backward toward the Volleyball court professionally marked out in the sand. Her boobs swayed from side to side and she looked me over from head to toe with no discretion. She liked my physique, but she was concentrating more on my new bathing suit.

In broken English, she told me her name was Gretchen as she pulled me onto the court into a group of her friends or acquaintances. I put my hand on my chest and said, “I’m Dex.” From there, communications went downhill as each of them spat their names in their native language, which I assumed was the same as Gretchen’s. I didn’t get any of them.

I had watched other Volleyball games from a stool at the beach bar and most of the players had no clue how to play the game. The ball went back and forth across the net like they thought they were playing badminton. Not so with this group. They set the ball up properly with me as the spiker. The other team was pretty good too. Both teams were evenly mixed with men and women. Naked tits were swinging and bouncing and generally being distractions for the guys. At one point, I was stretched out horizontally trying to make a save with Gretchen doing the same. I landed on my back and Gretchen landed on top of me with her tits in my face. Instead of rolling off me, she pushed her hands into the sand and intentionally dragged her big tits across my face a few times. I flicked my tongue on her nipples as they went by. Everyone was laughing as I spit sand for several moments after.

The game continued and we won two out of three games. Then the teams split up and headed for the bar. I was covered in sand from my hair to my toes. The sheen of sweat made it impossible to wipe off, so I veered off and headed for the ocean. I’m not a fan of sand, but when in Rome…. I ran into the gentle surf and dove in. I surfaced and splashed water on myself to wash off the sand. I heard splashing behind me and I turned to see who it was. As I finished my one-eighty, Gretchen threw herself into my arms and planted her lips on mine in a passionate kiss. She held the kiss for several moments and then pulled back. She was still in my arms. She took my face in her hands and forcefully pushed her lips back on mine. She was breathing erratically, but that could have been from the Volleyball game or the run through the surf. She curled her legs around behind me and locked her ankles as I staggered in the sand washing out from under my feet and then fell sideways. As the surf washed back, I was sitting on the sand with Gretchen in my lap grinding her pubic mound on my hardening cock. One of her arms circled my neck as she continued to kiss me. The other hand was groping for my cock. I responded by cupping her tits in my hands and tweaked her nipples.

She pulled back from my lips to take a huge breath. Her sultry aqua-blue eyes were on fire with lust. She gasped a couple of times and shoved her groping hand down in my bathing suit. Her fingers found her target and her eyes went wide. She muttered something in ‘not-English’. A wave rose gently to our shoulders and then receded to our waists.

Gretchen was frantically pulling at my bathing suit with one hand as she pulled my fully erect hard-on free. Her fingers encircled about three-quarters of the circumference. She thumbed the bulbous knob several times and shoved her lips back on mine as she let the buoyancy of the next wave lift her off my lap as she quickly tugged her bikini to the side of her sex. She guided my cock to her pussy and as the wave passed, she eased down on it. She groaned hard as I penetrated her inner labia. I groaned too. She was tighter than I had expected.

I was facing toward the beach and I had to smile when I saw the crowd at the bar watching us in the surf. It was obvious what we were doing and the guys were all hooting and pumping their fists. Gretchen was facing the horizon behind me and she pushed her chin to my neck for leverage as she pulled herself up my shaft with the arrival of the next wave and let herself descend again as it passed by. I let her take control except to grip her hips and pull her on as she came down. She groaned each time. Her lips had fallen open to form a sensuous “O”. The last time I saw her beautiful eyes, they were closed as if to savor the sensation.

A bigger wave broke over my shoulders into Gretchen’s face. The buoyancy lifted us off the sand and set us back down in shallower water so that when it receded, there was no water covering us. Gretchen had pulled her feet back behind her and was on her knees using her legs to hump herself up and down on my cock. The crowd at the bar went wild even though they really couldn’t see anything except her bikini bottom pulled off one cheek. A wave covered us again for a moment and I felt Gretchen’s body tighten and she bit lightly into my shoulder. It didn’t hurt but I wasn’t sure how much harder she was going to bite me. I kept up my attack on her tits as I tried to roll my hips forward to push my cock deeper.

I released her tits and leaned back on my elbows and she was now in a cowgirl position and I could drive my hips up. She screeched loudly as I apparently pushed in too far and then she went rigid in my lap. Her fingers dug into my pecs as the tendons in her neck went taut. She started a groan, deep in her lungs, and I watched her build rapidly to a crushing orgasm. Her head flew back on her neck as her hips flailed forward and back. I could feel my orgasm building but I wasn’t going to catch up with hers. She crested her wave at the same time as an ocean wave rose up our bodies to our necks. She gasped as her pussy began clenching hard on my rock-hard cock. The rhythmic rocking of her hips went spastic and she was everywhere. The crowd at the bar was hooting and hollering their approval.

After a while, Gretchen’s body relaxed and she smiled down at me. She dragged her tits across my chest as she bent forward and kissed me. She rolled her hips around in my lap and said, “You still hard. You go again?” She didn’t wait for my response as she started driving her pussy on and off my hard cock again. I groaned as she started and she grinned down at me. I flexed my cock hard in her and her face grimaced in response.

She turned to look back at the bar crowd, found who she was looking for, and waved for the person to come to us. A woman, younger than Gretchen but looked very much like her, pushed her way through the crowd and approached us as Gretchen continued slowly fucking my cock. It seemed that she was just trying to keep me hard.

The young woman came up beside us and knelt in the water. She had a huge grin on her face as she watched Gretchen thrusting her hips back and forth on my lap. They spoke in their native language for a moment and then Gretchen slid forward and off my cock before sitting back down on my thighs. My cock lifted out of the water and slapped back on my stomach. The new girl’s eyes went wide as she watched my cock lift off my stomach and bounce there. The new girl pulled her eyes up to look at Gretchen’s face who was grinning broadly at her. Gretchen nodded down at my cock and the new girl’s eyes crinkled into a smile. The new girl must have been Gretchen’s younger sister. They looked so much alike in the face and their exposed tits were the same too. She pulled her eyes from my cock and touched her chest and said, “Claudia.”

I said, “Hi. I’m Dex.” I wasn’t sure if she understood me or not. She swung her leg across my chest and sat down my stomach, facing Gretchen. She was inches from my bouncing cock as she pulled her bikini crotch aside. Gretchen grabbed my cock and held it for her sister to slide on to it. Claudia groaned as she pushed onto my knob and threw her head back as she pulled back off. She shook her head at Gretchen who grinned and urged her to try again. Claudia hesitated as the crowd urged her on from the bar. She pushed back on and stopped. In English, she said, “Fuck.” Gretchen was patient but then urged Claudia to slide down toward her. Claudia groaned constantly as she pushed down my cock and then she started her fucking motion. It was very slow and cautious at first but she got into it as her passion grew.

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