Devon Ch. 1

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Devon-Part One of College Life

My name is Devon and I am a 19 year old sophomore at a large college in Texas where I am also a member of a fairly large sorority. In just my first two years here, I have had some pretty wild sexual experiences. I have finally found a place to share them, just to maybe shed some light on the life of a sorority girl at a big school. I will keep sharing stories, I guess in a sort of series-type thing to keep you all coming back. This is the first part, and I’ll go in order of when they happened, if I can remember them correctly. So, here goes.

I like to think of myself as an attractive girl, I have never had any problems finding dates or picking up guys. I’m about 5’9″, I’m not going to say my weight, but I have a nice body. I keep tan all year (which is key later on!)and I have shoulder-lenght blonde hair. I think my best assets are my tight round ass and my smooth, tan legs. I always wear shorts to show both of them off.

The first semester I was at school, it took me a while to find my place. I didn’t really know a whole lot of people until classes started and I pledged (I will keep the name of my sorority unknown for obvious reasons).

I was in a Biology class that was really difficult and some us formed a study group. The group consisted of me, one of my pledge sisters Amy, another girl I don’t remember and two guys who were pretty cute, Kevin and Nick.

One night we all got together at Kevin’s apartment and tried to study. Instead, we screwed around, joking, laughing and having a few drinks. The other girl soon left with Nick, leaving me and Amy with Kevin. He and I had been flirting off an on during the first few weeks of the semester and I was really nervous to be in his apartment.

Amy Escort Sincan decided that she needed to buy some cigarettes and left to walk to the store. Kevin and I were finally alone, sitting really close to one another on his couch. We started making out hot and heavy and I could soon feel him moving closer. He ran his hands up my legs, rubbing the inside of my thighs, which always drives me crazy. I ran my hands over his chest when he suddenly grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch.

Kevin stopped kissing me just long enough to say “take it out.” I was a little nervous, not having done anything like this in so long. Kevin was a sophomore and probably had a ton of girls to do this to him.

I fumbled with his zipper and button until I finally got his jeans down to his ankles and his big cock in my hand. We kept making out while I stroked his cock and he ran his hands up underneath my shirt, feeling my hard nipples. He stopped kissing me again and said “Would you want to suck my dick?” I was a little surprised he was so forward, but I thought “What the hell?” He’s hot, he’s got a big cock and it’s about time I get some action.

So, I yanked his jeans of his ankles and dropped to my knees in front of him. I had given a few guys in highschool blowjobs, but I felt like this was so different for some reason. I felt like I had better do a really good job.

“Amy might be back pretty soon, so you better hurry,” Kevin said. This made me more anxious, so I took his cock in my hands and gave a few long strokes and began licking the head. Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and forced me down onto his cock.

I took his cue and begin bobbing up and down while I stroked the shaft. His big swollen head was running deep Sincan Escort into my throat, hitting the back of my mouth. I could tell he was enjoying it because he started to pump his hips into me. I would start to choke on it a bit, so I spit out a mouthful of saliva down his cock to keep it lubricated for my hand and lips.

Knowing that we were running out of time, I started sucking harder and faster. Once Keving saw that I was getting into it, he started pumping his hips harder. I would gag on it and spit a lot, but he would just grab me by the back of the head again and guide me down. His cock tasted so fucking good, filling up my mouth, that I wanted to suck on it all night.

I could feel his cock swell in my lips and he could sense when I would gag, because he would jab it in a little deeper, ensuring a mouthful of spit would come trickling down his hard shaft.

I knew he was about to cum and I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do. I knew some guys liked it when a girl swallowed and some liked to cum on their face. The guys in highschool usually came in my mouth, so I was ready to swallow it. In between breathes and moans, Kevin asked me “Where do you want me to cum? On your face or in your mouth?”

“Cum on my face, baby,” I said quickly. I had never had a faceful of cum. As he approached climax he quickly stood up and took his cock out of my mouth. I was looking up at him with my mouth open as he frantically jerked his cock inches from my face.

He put his left hand on my forehead and just when he stopped jerking off, he aimed at my face. The first spurt was small and landed on my cheek, but the next few were fucking huge. Kevin was slinging his cum all over my face, making sure to get it everywhere. I could Sincan Escort Bayan feel it shoot onto my lips and over my eyes. He was moaning loudly with each spurt. The last shot landed on my chin and began to drip off. I quickly caught it and wiped it on my lips. I licked off what was there, afterall, I wasn’t getting out of this without some cum in my mouth.

Suddenly, we could hear Amy stomping up the steps. “Oh shit!” I yelled and hurried into the bathroom. When I got in the bathroom, I looked in the mirror at all the cum on my face. “Damn,” I thought, “that was a fucking load.” I didn’t really notice how much it was when it was shooting out of his cock. The cum from my chin had dripped down onto my tits and it was all over my cheeks and lips. I rubbed the cum into my tits and all over my nipples. I enjoyed feeling my nipples slip and slide with his cum on my fingers. I hadn’t realized had wet I had gotten giving Kevin a blowjob. I could hear Amy and him talking outside and realized I had a few minutes. Facing the mirror was a laundry hamper that was big enough for me to sit on. I quickly stripped off my shorts and sat on the hamper.

I opened up my legs toward the mirror. I wanted to see my cum-covered face while I fingered myself. I wiped more cum off my face with my fingers and began rubbing my clit with them. My pussy was soaked and I pushed my wet fingers up my tight hole. While I fingered myself, I looked into the mirror. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I started approaching climax and began rubbing more cum into my pussy.

Suddenly I grabbed hold of the side of the hamper and let out a silent scream as I came. I raised my ass into the air and crammed my fingers far into my hole. I pulled my soaked hand out and quickly washed up, knowing that Amy was waiting for me.

Satisfied I was clean, I walked out into the living room, where Amy and Kevin where waiting. We both said goodbye and Amy and I left. We were in the car on the way back to the dorm and Amy said “Devon, what is that on your cheek?”

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