Deviant Dorm Rooms Ch. 02

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This is a story loosely based on my experiences in college. Loose enough that this could be called fiction. Obviously names and dates have been changed. All character’s mentioned in sexual references are 18 years of age or older. I hope you love my characters. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * *

Angelica awoke feeling comfortable with her eyes closed. Her dream had been wonderful but she couldn’t remember it. She kept her eyes closed and snuggled up to the warm body next to her. Strong, soft hands were rubbing her hips.

She felt the warm embrace of a solid chest pressed against her back. She felt his hand slide up her side and finally reach around to cup her bare breast. She was gently squeezed before she felt her nipple roll between two fingers. She found herself rubbing his hands into her own boob as she felt her arousal growing.

Angelica’s eyes snapped open. The sun was barely up. She saw Brent sleeping alone in his bed. She gasped when she realized she must have fallen asleep topless during her massage. With a pang she also realized who was creating shockwaves from her nipples down to her pussy and it was not who she would’ve imagined.

She wanted to leap out of bed but she didn’t want to wake Brent; and him see her half naked in Jayson’s bed. She therefore slowly removed his hand and began reaching for her shirt which was still on the floor.

“Hey sleepy,” Jayson said quietly.

Angelica snorted. She had hoped to simply get a few minutes’ massage and then maneuver to the couch in her suite. She was angry at herself, at Jayson and at her own body.

“I need to go,” Angelica said, once she was dressed and put on her glasses.

“See ya soon,” Jayson smiled before he rolled back over.

Angelica left the dorm room and walked past a sleeping Ash. She had obviously migrated to the couch during the night, much in the way Angelica wished she had. Ash’s hand was still clutching a small bottle of rum as she slept.

When she returned to her dorm room it was empty. She climbed into bed and fell back asleep, but not before she reached into her shorts and worked herself to a small orgasm.

* * * * * * * * *

Darin was grunting as he ran his hands over Erica’s back. He had awoken on his back to the blissful feeling of a warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick. He could see his girlfriend’s booty poking out from under the blanket as her head rose and fell in his lap.

Now fully awake, Darin was humping into her mouth while Erica was slurping his manhood. Her tongue trailing underneath the shaft, it didn’t take long before Darin felt his release approaching. Electing not to tell his girlfriend, he kept thrusting up into her lips.

Erica had a mouth full, but no gag reflex, as she had been quite adept at dick-sucking even before she took Darin’s virginity. So handling Darin’s nine inches was nothing for her, in fact she found it fun to see how much she could force into her own throat before she needed air. She was in love with the sounds Darin made while he was inside her. She loved Darin’s dick more than anything else.

So when Darin started bucking and she felt his dick twitch a few times in her mouth, her pussy shuddered with anticipation. She continued her bobbing until she felt Darin’s cum splatter against the roof of her mouth and she did not stop there. She dragged her tongue under Darin’s spurting shaft, sending bolts of pleasure from his sensitive penis to his brain.

Darin was trembling and moaning softly while biting his blankets. He was trying to stifle his own sounds of joy as Erica sucked him off. When he was finished emptying his load into his girlfriend’s mouth, he put his hand on her head and shoved as much of his dick into her throat as he could.

She took it like a champ, holding him in her airway for five seconds before coming up for air. She sucked up and down a few more times before peeking at her boyfriend from under the covers, with a playful smile on her face.

Darin was still hard and Erica did not waste time. She climbed up his body, pausing only to rub his wet dick in between her boobs before moving herself into position in his lap.

Lining her bald pussy lips up with Darin’s tip, she held his rod in place and lowered herself until she was completely impaled on his dick.

* * * * * * * * *

Dustin opened his eyes wondering what he was hearing. His head was pounding. He turned over and got a full view of Erica’s ass plopping down on a big black dick. He watched in disbelief as she raised her hips; her pussy clinging to Darin’s shaft.

The bedframe was whining in time to Erica’s motions. Though they were quiet he could hear Darin’s grunts of appreciation and Erica’s soft breaths. Dustin couldn’t believe it.

‘They were really having sex while he slept in a bed less than 15 feet from them.’

Darin reached around the back of Erica’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss before feeding one of her luscious tits into his mouth. Erica grabbed two fistfuls of blanket while she had her tits sucked and covered Büyükesat Escort both herself and Darin.

Darin could now only see the lump of blanket but judging by the slapping sounds of their sex and the moans from the two lovers which were gradually getting louder, he could tell they were going to be getting into it and it was not going to be a quick fuck.

He turned over to face the wall and covered his head with his pillow, but it didn’t block out Erica’s moans. Before long he could even hear the squelching of wet pussy as it was repeatedly filled.

Finally, after 15 minutes of listening to Erica’s whispers calling Darin “Daddy”, telling him how hard his dick was and explaining in graphic detail how she was cumming on his dick, Dustin could take no more. Climbing out of bed making as much noise as he could, he stolled past the two fucking freshman and went to the shower.

* * * * * * * * *

As the day wore on, new and returning students alike took advantage of the last day before classes began. All over campus, students were having sex.

On the top floor of O’Bannon, a freshman finance major from the itty-bitty-titty-committee was deep throating a senior’s dick. It was the first time she’d ever seen a penis and it was down her throat.

In one of the campus apartments, a future congresswoman was bent over in her shower, getting drilled by a future college drop out. He reached around her and grabbed her big tits while she reached between her legs and fondled his balls. She moaned when she felt his cum splash into her pussy.

In Ruston, a dark haired nursing student named Sarah was fucking herself on her laptop’s camera with a large pink dildo. Her boyfriend, who was halfway across the country, was stroking his meat in the screen’s window. When the roommate walked in, she got a great view of Sarah’s hairy pussy and swollen clit before the horny sophomore snapped her legs closed. She was so close to cumming. So was her boyfriend.

Rachel, a senior early-childhood teaching major, was supposed to be meeting her younger sister who was new to campus. But she hadn’t noticed her missed calls, as she was getting her blonde-haired pussy eaten by her sexy red-headed roommate. The red head’s boyfriend was shoving his dick into Rachel’s lips at the same time. So she was pretty distracted.

In the parking lot, a theater student from the University of Evansville sat in his car enjoying the warm wet mouth of a sexy junior nutritional science major. She was leaning over the armrest with his dick spurting nutrition into her mouth. They met at an off campus party and fucked all night at his apartment. They were both very drunk at the time and neither wanted to admit that they couldn’t remember the other’s name.

And Courtney, a big-tittied Bio-chemistry major, who had just turned 18, was on her knees in her Governor’s Hall dorm. She had two members of the basketball team in each of her hands and cum all over her glasses. Her shirt was pulled up to reveal her bra-encased boobs. Even as she stroked the two spurting dicks, the guys were roughly pulling her bra down. They each groped at her pale white titties and pinched her bright pink nipples. They would flip a coin to see who would get to fuck her first.

* * * * * * * * *

Back at O’Bannon, Jayson was in his usual spot on the couch. It was early evening and he was knocking back his second beer. Erica and Darin were sitting in their loveseat and they were watching Transformers.

They were waiting for Kaci to come back with weed.

“Is there any white girl sexier than Megan Fox?” Darin asked the room at large.

“Hmmmm…..Scarjo” Jayson answered, rubbing his goatee.


“Scarlett Johansson?”

“I don’t know her,” Darin said. “She looks better than Megan Fox?”

“Uh…yeah dude,” Jayson said. “And a better actress. You ain’t seen Other Boelyn Girl?”

“With the king?”

“Yeah. She was the sister,” Jayson said. “She was the one riding the Hulk’s dick halfway through that movie.”

The three of them laughed.

There was a knock at the door. Jayson answered and Angelica was at the door.

“Hey cutie,” Jayson said. “What’s up?”

“I need my bag,” she said curtly. She brushed past him and without looking at Erica and Darin went to the room and grabbed the sack she had forgotten when she left in such a rush. Jayson couldn’t keep his eyes off of her legs as she walked back with her things.

“We are getting more drinks today, if you wanna come back over,” Jayson said. “You can have Jennifer and her man come through too.”

“Jennifer’s boyfriend went back to ISU,” she said. “And I’m meeting someone so I probably won’t be back, but enjoy your alcohol.”

“God, what a bitch,” Erica said, when the door closed. “What was her bag doing in your room?”

“Well, if it was doing anything but sitting on the ground, I’d be concerned,” Jayson said smartly.

“You know what I mean.” Erica said.

“I’m sure I don’t,” Jayson Çayyolu Escort said, not looking at the couple. Darin and Erica exchanged smirks.

“Did you fuck her?” Darin asked Jayson, with a big smile.

“No, I didn’t fuck her,” Jayson said.

They were silent as they tried to discern Jayson’s demeanor and tone.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Darin said. “And you wouldn’t tell us if you did, huh?”

“Naw…..I’d probably tell you,” Jayson said, nodding. “But I’m gunna get some pizza.”

“Hell yea,” Darin said. “From where? Let me put in on that.”

“Everyone on campus is talking about Azzip Pizza, so I’mma see what that’s all about,” Jayson said.

By the time the pizzas had arrived Brent and Dustin had returned and Kaci had texted saying she was just now getting back to campus.

“So the real question is do we eat now or do we wait to smoke and then eat,” Jayson asked.

“I smoke all day,” Erica said. “But I’m hungry now.”

The two took their food into the dorm room and Jayson decided to wait.

While Brent texted Ash, Kaci showed up with weed and even more alcohol. She was wearing tight red shorts and a black zip-up top.

“I’m not trying to pay a senior every time we want a drink, so I brought a shit ton,” she said.

She began pulling out bottles of alcohol. Jayson took the weed he’d purchased through Kaci and went to the bedroom. He smoked a bit of weed in a one-hitter before there was a knock at his door. He cracked the door and saw Kaci’s smiling face.

“What you doing?” Kaci asked. “Masturbating?”

“Yeah,” Jayson said, sarcastically. “Wanna watch?”

“Hardly,” Kaci said. “Is this your pizza? Let me get a slice.”

Kaci got permission and got a pizza. When Erica and Darin came into the suite, Kaci was finishing up her slice.

“Oooh,” Darin said to Kaci. “You ate Jayson’s pizza? He’s gonna be pissed at you.”

“Uh Jayson said I could have a slice,” Kaci said.

“What really!?” Darin said. “He never shares.”

“Hmmm. He must like me more than you,” Kaci said. She reached into the bag on the table and pulled out a bottle of Captain Morgan.

Again there was a knock on the suite door. It was Ash. She was in a lime green cut-off shirt with a white skirt.

“It’s like magic,” Kaci said when she saw who it was. “Soon as Captain is out the bag, you pop up like some alcoholic genie.”

“Shut up slut and get me a cup,” Ash said laughing and before long the room was full of raucous laughter with the drinks flowing. After a while everyone in the room was talking a bit louder than usual. Darin found a music station on TV and had turned it up to get the atmosphere more lively.

“Is all this your pizza?” Brent asked Jayson who had returned and was on his third slice of sausage and pepperoni.

“It is,” he said.

“Can I get a slice?”

“Five dollars,” Jayson said seriously.

“Five dollars!? That’s insane.”

“That’s supply and demand,” Jayson said, with his cheeks full. “Or didn’t you take Econ at Anderson?”

The room laughed. There was a knock on the door. Jennifer was back wearing some white jeans and a colorful shirt.

“You guys are loud as fuck,” she said.

“Ooooohh,” Kaci started when she saw who was at the door. “Where’s yo man at? You finally get laid?”

“Ugh no…” Jennifer said. “We didn’t do anything like that. But he’s coming back tonight. He just needed to get his stuff ready in Terre Haute. Ooooh. Whose pizza is this? Can I have some?”

“Of course,” Jayson said, opening the box. “You want supreme or sausage and pepperoni?”

Brent looked incredulous as Jayson passed her a slice.

“Supply and demand dude,” Jayson said.

Again the room laughed as Jennifer looked confused at the joke. The evening roared on and the students kept drinking despite classes starting the next day.

Jayson and Darin eventually convinced the room to play a version of Spin the Bottle with a Truth or Dare twist. The questions started out innocent enough.

“So is your name Ash or Ashley?” Jayson asked.

“Nope it’s just Ash.”

“Did your dad love Pokemon or something?”

“That’s two questions.”

The dares began pretty mild as well.

“I dare you to do 15 pushups,” Kaci said.

“15? Ha! Make it 20,” Darin said, hitting the floor.

But as the drinks were consumed, the group had turned into their raunchy selves. By the time the second bottle of vodka was opened, Jennifer’s boyfriend had arrived and was convinced to play.

“Um I’ll do… truth,” he said when the bottle landed on him. He took a drink per the rules of the game.

“How’d Jennifer’s pussy taste?” Ash asked, yelling above the music from the TV.

Everyone in the room was laughing.

“I told you we didn’t do anything,” Jennifer said.

“Well, I wouldn’t say we didn’t do anything,” her boyfriend interrupted. “I mean a BJ is something, right?”

“Hell yeah, that’s something,” Darin said, reaching for a high five as Jennifer scowled.

“Wait. Cebeci Escort So she sucked your dick, but you didn’t eat her pussy?” Kaci asked, narrowing her eyes at Jennifer’s boyfriend.

“Naw. I’m not a carpet-muncher” he said.

“So you’re a selfish lover,” Jayson said, smiling.

“No……..I just don’t do that,” he said, shaking his head.

“Poor Jennifer,” Ash said. Everyone was laughing.

“I thought black men didn’t like to…lick it,” Jennifer said, looking from Jayson to Darin.

“Somebody lied to you,” Jayson said, shaking his head at the floor.

“Yeah, if Darin didn’t eat pussy, I wouldn’t even be here,” Erica said, laughing.

“Like here in the dorm?” Jennifer asked.

“Like here at USI,” Erica replied.

* * * * * * * * *

Across the hall, Angelica was sitting with her friends, Christa and David, whom she had met her first day on campus. Angelica was in a long-sleeved blue top. While Angelica had brownish hair that looked red only when the sun hit it just right; her friend Christa had much more of a crimson hue. Christa was wearing a yellow t-shirt that stretched across her large breasts.

“So you slept together, but you didn’t sleep together?” Christa confirmed.

“Yeah,” Angelica said with a snort-laugh. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep at all. But that massage felt so good. Next thing I know….”

“He was squeezing your nips?” Christa finished. “You should have let him stick a finger in you. Maybe two.”

“Oh my gosh, Christa. I had to get the fuck outta there,” Angelica said.

“And this is the black guy with the face-fuzz?” Christa asked. “Well, who else is in that room now? What the fuck are they doing? Sounds like more than four people.”

“What ever happened to the cowboy?” David asked. “Weren’t you like…. into him when you got here?”

“Brent? I mean, I thought he was cute too,” Angelica said. “This was before Jayson got here.”

“You were just looking for any old dick, huh?” Christa asked, smacking her new friend’s arm.

“Come one, come all! Virgin hole here; needs a plug!”

“Shut up,” Angelica said, smiling. “It wasn’t like that.”

“So what? The cowboy went and fell in love with the drunk one?”

“He’s not a cowboy,” Angelica said, laughing at Christa’s characterization of Brent.

Christa pulled out her iPhone and quickly scrolled back to his Facebook profile.

“He’s wearing a cowboy hat over his eyes; and he’s holding a black guitar,” Christa said.

“Only thing missing is a horse named Melody,” David said, making the girls laugh.

“So maybe you lucked out,” Christa said. “This….Jayson. He smokes, you like to smoke weed. He drinks. You drink. Everyone drinks.”

“Yeah. Jayson said they were drinking,” Angelica said.

“Drinking in the dorm? What the hell are we doing here then?” David said. “We need to be where the party is.”

“Ugh, I don’t know,” Angelica said. “Everyone is there and Jayson probably told them all what happened, or worse; he lied and said we had sex. I just don’t want to deal with all that right now.”

“Girl, who cares,” Christa said. “It’s college. If there’s a time to lose your virginity, now is the time. Isn’t that right, David?” she finished with a telling smirk at her boyfriend.

“And if there was a guy to take it from you,” she continued. “Sounds like you could do worse than the hot black guy across the hall.”

Angelica considered her new friend’s words.

“You better not mess around either,” Christa continued. “Because by the sound of it, it’s only a matter of time before he trips and falls into Ash’s pussy….or Kaci’s. I wouldn’t want to compete with that bitch. You said Jayson is good-looking, right?”

“He is very attractive,” Angelica said, nodding slowly. “He’s kind of an asshole though. Like a big know-it-all-jerk.”

“He’s a guy, Angelica,” Christa said. “If he wasn’t a dick, he wouldn’t have a dick. That’s what my mom used to say.”

“Didn’t she cheat on your dad with a black guy?” David asked.

“Let’s not talk about that,” Christa said, as the dorm room door opened.

Two handsome guys came out of the suitemates’ room. They waited for the actual occupants of the room by the suite door. Angelica could see a sizable tent in the crotch of the black guy.

Perplexed, she looked over at her suitemates and saw the dirty-blonde Lexi and her big-breasted roommate Maddy following behind.

Lexi shooed the boys out of the room. Once the guys and Maddy were out of earshot she turned to the three on the couch.

“Hey,” she began. “Do either of you have condoms? I really…. only need one.”

The girls exchanged glances before answering.

“Um…no sorry,” Angelica said. “I don’t but uh…”

Right on que, a roar of laughter came from the room across the hall, easily audible as Maddy was standing in the open doorway, rolling her eyes.

“You could go ask those guys,” Angelica said, with a shrug. “There’s alot of….sex going on over there.”

“Really?” Lexi asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Or least there will be,” said Christa, nudging Angelica. “By the sounds of it we may need to investigate that room.”

“You guys…think you could go ask them for me,” Lexi said. “I would but…ya know…I don’t know them.”

“Fuck it!” Christa said. “I don’t know them and I’ll do it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32