Developing Pt. 02

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For awhile Jake and I would occasionally repeat our male bonding sessions. Watch porn and help each other get off. Whenever we were home alone and horney, or caught the other masturbating. But, things quickly began to change. Terri was getting older so it became peril that I started wearing more clothes often. Jake soon graduated high school and went off to college.

My other son, Dustin I watched over the years build himself up to a hot, young specimen trying to emulate his big brother, whom he looked up to. But, I never attempted to find out how he’d been developing. Not even after he turned 18. I mean, the pattern of body hair has definitely run in the family but, Dustin chooses to be hairless. He had worked so hard to get a body like Jake’s and he seems to have gotten there but, maybe a little stronger than Jake was at his age. And the genes on my side of the family must be pretty strong as both of my son’s look a lot like me, with bits and pieces of their mother sewn in. Dustin gets his thick, charcoal hair, fine jawline, and cleft chin from me. His eyes he gets from his mother, a blue like the Caribbean Sea. His lips are like his mother’s too, angelic and full. But, everything else is me.

This was an odd weekend as it was one of the rare times where I was off from work and Carolina was working. It’s usually the other way around but alas here we were. Terri was now 13 and made a habit of taking forever in the bathroom and using all the hot water. So I made sure to get up before her, take a shower, and shave. I had already showered, and manscaped to my desire. I had always liked my body hair to be thin but, a small bush of pubic hair, and hairless balls. I was now shaving my face when Dustin poked his head in the door.


“Dad…?” He asked opening the door slowly.

“Yeah, bud?” I answered looking at him in the mirror.

“God, put on some clothes will ya?” Dustin says in disgust as he tries not looking at my naked ass.

“My bedroom, my bathroom, I can be as naked as I want.”

“Whatever just… Terri’s taking forever and I gotta piss! Can I use your bathroom?”

“Go right ahead, I’m not gonna look at you.” And really, I had no intention too. I might wonder and hope he’s developed well but, using the bathroom is personal and should be respected.

“Thanks.” He said entering cautiously in a pair of baggy, light blue, plaid boxer shorts. He went up to the toilet next to the sink and looked over at me and back down before pulling down his waistband and wiping his penis out of his shorts and proceeding with his business.

Carolina and I had been together a long time and sex had gotten stale. We still managed to have sex every once in awhile but, it wasn’t like it used to be. So I’ve been horney for a bit. Before Dustin even poked his head in the door my nine inches hard, thick, bulbous shaft was hanging in the sink. It hopped a few times as I shaved and Dustin took notice. He looked down to see my gorging penis as he aimed his own peeing and his jaw drops and eyes widen. He was in complete shock and awe at the sheer size of his dad’s penis. He might have seen me naked before but, Dustin has never seen me erect.

My head stays the same but my eyes look over at him, “You can put your eyes back in your head, bud. And close your mouth. It’s just an erection.”

“Ahem. Sorry, dad.” He says looking forward almost like a soldier. His eyes look back over taking another peek. His stream begins to spurt irregularly as he looks up squinting his eyes shut. “No, no, no, no no.” He whispers almost to himself.

I finish shaving my face knocking the razor on the side of the sink and pushing the lever on the faucet back down so the water will drain. As the water gurgles down the drain I turn in Dustin’s direction, my bulging head flopping back down from the sink. I take a step over behind Dustin reaching over to the wall next to him where the face towel hangs, “Sorry, son. Just grabbing the towel.” I can feel the elastic waistband of his shorts on my foreskin. Dustin finishes his pee as I grab the towel in my grasp. Dustin looks nervous as he gives his penis a few shakes, instinctively causing me to look down. “Woah there, tiger!” He must’ve been a good seven and a half inches hard.

At that Dustin gasps hurrying to cover his big erection. “Dad!”

“Heh-heh.” I laugh backing up and whipping my face. “It’s okay, son. It’s perfectly natural to get an erection even when you don’t want Escort to. Just look at me.”

“I guess you’re right.” He says tugging his penis through his shorts.

“Hell, bud. You might be better hung than I was at your age.”


“Or Jake.”

“You’ve seen Jake’s?”

At that, I noticed what I had just said and the can of worms I just opened. I awkwardly rubbed the back of my head, “Yeah… might as well tell you the truth. When he was old enough and when it was just the two of us. I would allow Jake to watch porn with me.”

“Woah!” Dustin replied amazed. “And when was he old enough for that?”

“Well, c’mon and I’ll show you.”

Dustin followed me out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. He stood by the bed while I quietly shut the door. Walking over Dustin has not taken his gorgeous blue eyes off my now throbbing penis. He’s grown a full tent in his shorts. I grab the remote from the nightstand and turn on the TV taking a seat and getting comfortable on my regular side of the bed.

“Grab a seat, Dustin.”

He nervously sits down on the other side of the bed grabbing at his shorts. I pick a video that I think he might like. Young guy with a big dick, and a blonde with a Kardashian ass. Dustin’s girlfriend also happens to be blonde with a nice, round ass for a young girl. Dustin’s penis has poked out of the flap of his shorts at this point as he sits there, silent, nervous, looking down to the floor, over to me, and back to the floor. I take my throbbing penis in hand as he looks back over.

“Wanna jerk off?” He doesn’t respond and looks away from me. “C’mon it’s just us guys.” I cup my hand under my gorging shaft and stroke slowly, barely even a squeeze to my grip. “Let’s see what you’ve got. Drop your shorts.”

Dustin lifts his butt up from the bed pulling off his shorts. As he sits back down his penis pokes up past his thighs and curves downward. He looks at me as he takes his penis in hand and begins to stroke himself slowly. “Heh-heh.” He laughs softly. “Looks like big dicks run in the family huh, dad?”

“They sure do.”

Dustin seems to get more comfortable as shifts on the bed, scooting more towards the middle. Not hanging a leg off the side of the bed. He begins looking back and forth from the fuck scene down to my penis. To give him a better view I reach my arm behind him resting it on the headboard of the bed. Dustin leans back matching my pace in strokes now fully watching me.

“Dad,” He says. “Can I touch it?”

I let my penis drop between my legs and put my hand down to my side. “If that’s what you wanna do, be my guest.” I scoot closer to him and Dustin rests his head in the fold of my elbow reaching and curling his fingers around my penis.

My penis throbs and jumps in his hand as he begins to play with it. He wiggles it then cupping his hand under my shaft and slightly bouncing it, weighing his dad’s penis.

“Yours is bigger and heavier than mine.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get here.” He grasps my penis giving it a firm squeeze and begins to stroke me. “Here, let me show you a great trick.” I say pulling my hand back around and spit on it.

“What’d you do-“

His body quivers as I rub my spit into his penis.

“Yeah, that’s nice isn’t it.”

“Ho, that’s better than nice.” He replies starting to trust his hips into my hand. “Mmm. You like my dick, dad?”

“Yeah, it’s a beautiful piece of meat.” I haven’t taken my eyes off his member as he thrust his hips into my hand while I stroke him off. I was thinking he was beginning to notice when he asked, “You want my cock?”

Still stroking him I look up to see a lustful look in his eyes. “Do you want me to suck you, son?”

He nods biting his lip, “Mmhmmm.”

With that, I grab the base of his member and his hips meet my head halfway. I felt up his hairless body as I took him down to his smooth pubic bone. “Oh yeah…” He whispers. I cupped and rubbed his balls as he thrusts his hips into me, fucking my face. “Yeah suck that dick…” He whispers some more thrusting harder and beginning to make some noise. He’s a lot rougher than Jake ever was. He shoves his member into my mouth and as I awaited him to go back down his hand grips the back of my neck shoving me down more. The musk of his balls and ass were amazingly manly and so hot! “Fuck dad, I’m beginning to think maybe you’ve done this before. Maybe with that pesky older brother of mine?” He says Escort Bayan as I begin to gag and saliva begins to drip down his balls.

He lets me up for air as I wipe the saliva from my chin, “Once or twice.”

“So are you guys… y’know… gay or something?”

I laugh at the thought, “No son, your brother and I perfectly straight. We just acknowledge that we’re each attractive with big pieces of wood that need to be serviced often.”

“So what, you two would get off together, suck each other off and give handjobs?”

“Yes. Nothing else to it whatsoever.”

“But why, you have mom?”

That hit hard. I love Carolina dearly. Always will but, “Jake and I had this conversation awhile back too. I want you to know. I love your mother and that will never change but, we’ve been together a long time and after a certain period of time sex starts to get stale.”

“Parental sex TMI, dad.”

“What I’m saying is that your mother and I went through our experimentation phase, trying new things to spice up our sex life. Nothing really stuck and when that happens you’re sort of left to your own devices. Masturbation was mine until Jake and I started servicing each other.”

“Experimentation? Like what? What did you do?”

I felt a little awkward but, totally turned on at the thought of what I was about to tell my boy, “Your mother likes to stick her fingers or a vibrator up my ass while she blows me.”

“Holy shit!” He exclaims practically jumping out of his seat. “Ha-how was it? What did it feel like?”

“They were the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.”

“Cou-could you try it on me?”

My face churned as my head tilted and my eyebrow raised. I felt a huge question mark above my head. “You into anal, son?”

“Yes. I’ve been trying to get Ashley to rim my ass but, she won’t do it. It’s like standard now, though. Everybody’s eating everybody’s ass.”

I couldn’t believe it I was so speechless after what felt like forever with my mouth wide open in shock the only words I could muster up were, “Wow, times really have since your dad was in the game.” I stood up from the bed tugging on my member as a droplet of pre-cum poked out from the slit. “I’m down, son. Just climb over here and bend over. I’ll take care of the itch for you.”

Dustin gleamed with excitement as he hopped off the bed and bent over. I had gotten down on my knees looking at my son’s member hanging down between his spread legs. He had a beautiful hairless bubble butt. I was so proud that to have the kind of relationship with my sons’ that they could share their curiosities with me. Even more proud to see them blossom into a couple studs, using the blessing between their legs. Just a big penis family. Dustin was so hot and horney that pre-cum was oozing onto the carpet below him like drool which, I was at this point. I had taken the drool into my hand and slapped his ass.


Dustin looks back with a red handprint on his cheek, “Ah ow, dad. Heh-heh, that was so hot, spank me again.”


Dustin bites his lip jumping forward, squeezing his eyes shut. He groans maybe in a sting of pain as that was harder than the first time. I gripped his cheeks spreading them out to take a peek at his hole. I jiggle them a bit before slapping them again and going in. I stuck my tongue out and buried my face in his crack. His body quivered as my tongue hit his musky, hot hole and his back arches up, mouth wide open and his eyes squeezed shut once more. The taste was driving my penis insane as it jumped constantly between my legs

“Ha-ho! Fuck that’s good!”

I licked and poked at his hole, swirling my tongue around his ass as he rocked back and forth on my face. He was in pure ecstasy, on cloud 9, and I was hot at just how much he was enjoying it. Finally, his hole puckered and it was time. I slipped my index finger into his crack and poked at his hole until the slime of my saliva allowed my finger to enter. He jumped and looked back at me as I slid my finger all the way in. His groan of approval was all the confirmation I needed to work my finger around. I began spinning my finger on the walls of his anus and he let out a huge moan that seemed to echo throughout the room.

“Mmm OH yeah!”

I quickly covered his mouth, “Shhh you have to be a quiet as possible. Do you understand?”

Dustin nodded and I got back to work. His member oozed like a faucet. I grabbed his penis by the Bayan Escort base, his balls hanging over my hand and stroked him as I fingered and rimmed his ass. He looked back at me the whole, closing his eyes and biting his lip in moments of intense pleasure. His Caribbean blue eyes reminded me of Carolina in or prime of sex life. Her eyes would gloss over and rest peacefully as we would fuck. She would look at me with such warmth and love. I felt that here with my boy. Dustin wiggled, bounced, and humped the air moaning in a slight whisper as my fingers fucked his ass.

My fingers pulled out and I slapped his ass, “Let’s lap up this pre-cum.”

With that, Dustin turned around and leaned back on the bed. My tongue swirled around his head not letting any of the family juices go to waste. I cupped his balls swallowing him down and his head fell back and his hips came up. I kept my head in place as his hips went back down leaving just the head in my mouth and pushed himself back in and Dustin began fucking my face.

“Oh fuck, suck that dick, dad! Yeah!” He said in a whisper.

Dustin’s balls tightened and his member throbbed in my throat and he patted me on the shoulder letting me know, he wasn’t ready just yet. I let his penis fall from my mouth, “Why don’t you lay down and let me take care of that ass some more.” In no time Dustin was on his stomach, hands behind his head, and penis between his legs. I wiggled my finger into his hole again. “You wanna try two?”

“Fuck yeah.”

I wormed my middle finger into his hole with the other and pushed in till I was knuckle deep. Dustin humped the bed and moaned. As I began pulling my fingers out and pushing them back in Dustin arched his back lifting his ass in the air.

“Shit…” He moaned gripping the bottom of the bed and dropping his leg down off the side and humping the corner of the bed. With his pleasure, I got so into it that I began going harder and harder.

“Oof! Mmm!”

“You like that, Dustin?”

“Yes!” He exclaimed in a state of high-pitch. “Harder, daddy!”

He hadn’t called me “Daddy” since he was nine. It was like once his tenth birthday hit I had been reduced to just “Dad”. I was so in love with this feeling that my fingers began fucking his ass so hard the bed creaked as a squishing noise began to sound as I rammed my fingers into his ass.

“Fuck yes! Oh!” Dustin moaned in yet another state of high-pitch.

His balls began to tighten again and loosen so with my other hand I pick up his member and swallowed him down to his balls. As I fingered his ass and swirled my tongue around his member his balls tightened again and cock throbbed in my mouth as Dustin pushed back into me.

“OH FUCK!” He screamed into the bed as his hot cum streamed down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could before the amount erupted outward. “Ha-ho Oh fuck yes, daddy!”

I cleaned off his penis with my tongue, not letting any of our family cream go to waste. Dustin turned around as I stood up. His penis was still hard and going strong. I was so hot and yet to be serviced that I had a river flow of pre-cum leaking from my penis.

“That… was SO intense.”

“Didn’t I tell you?”

“Looks, like someone else needs to be taken care of too. Do you mind?” He asked as if I was going to say no.

“Not at all, son. It’s time to worship the equipment that made you.”

Dustin gave it no second thought. In no time he had grabbed my cheeks and shoved my member into his mouth. He struggled at first to even get a few inches but, with each time he went down he got better and better taking more in and using more tongue. Soon enough he was swallowing his dad down like a pro. He didn’t even need my guiding hand. It wasn’t long after he got the hang of it that he took me down to my balls and held it there. As he began to gag my balls tightened and my member throbbed in his throat and erupted, dripping down my balls as he tried to swallow every last bit of the cream that made him. When I finished cumming Dustin licked up and down the sides cleaning me off and sucking the cum off my balls as my penis went soft and rested between his eyes. It was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in awhile.

“Damn, dad.” He said looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and my penis on his face. “Even when you’re soft it’s big.”

“Like I said, son. Big dick family. Trust me. You’ll get here. You may even be bigger. Now, why don’t we get cleaned up. I’m sure your sister is done by now.”

Dustin stood up and hugged me, our penises pressed against each other. “Dad,” He said. “Why don’t we clean up together. We can shower in your bathroom. Terri will never notice.”

“You’re on, tiger.”

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