Developing a Panty Fetish Pt. 08

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I woke up around 11:00 am feeling quite lively considering the escapades of the previous night. Wow, the sex with Amrita was great! I also got two new trophies; Amrita’s panties, and Elisa’s panties. I was slightly confused about Elisa’s panties; the pink pair of panties left on my doorknob. Those were very surprising to find on my way back to my room in the early hours of this morning. I chose those panties to be the ones to wrap around my cock as I fell to sleep.

I began to wonder what Elisa was thinking when she tied her panties to my door handle. She was the best friend of Catherine. She teased me and tried to publicly embarrass me about my panty fetish. Was she just trying to embarrass me some more, or did she come looking for me when she was in a drunken state on the way back from the bar? Maybe my panty fetish secretly excited her?

As I thought about this my cock grew hard with her pink panties wrapped around it, but I quickly got jolted back to reality with a loud knock on the door. “Hey Mike! Are you there? A few of us are heading to the diner for breakfast. You wanna come?” Jeff enquired.

“I’ll be right there.” I said and pulled myself out of bed.

A minute later I was dressed and opened the door. “Man; am I glad you are here and not with Amrita.”

“Why, what’s going on?” I asked.

“I was walking over here and bumped into Natasha, Chris, and Amrita’s boyfriend! He came down to surprise her, and she’s not in Natasha’s room. Fuck man! I thought you were toast! Her boyfriend is mammoth!”

“Oh shit! I was with her last night!” I responded; “I’m glad I didn’t stay all night.”

Just then Chris came down the hall. “Hey Mike. You joining us for breakfast?”

“Ahh yeah, I’m coming.”

“Good.” Chris said; “Oh, Jeff; we found Amrita in the laundry room. Girls. Shit they stay one night and decide they have to do laundry. Let’s get going I’m starved.”

Chris, Natasha, Jeff, myself, Amrita and her boyfriend, Will, all went to the nearby diner for a greasy breakfast. This was the same diner where Amrita and I fucked in the storage room the last time she visited. This felt strange sitting across from Amrita’s boyfriend but Amrita seemed to enjoy the circumstances.

“This place brings back good memories of the last time I visited.” She announced to the table. “I remember leaving this diner all filled up and satisfied.” She gave me a sly smile.

“That was a fun weekend.” I responded.

“Yeah, Mike, but we haven’t seen you much since.” Chris said; “but that was the weekend you started dating Catherine. I’m sorry it might be over between you two, but’s it’s good to have you out again.”

I was glad the conversation changed, I was feeling a little guilty about fucking Amrita. Will seemed like a good guy. After we finished our breakfast I went down the stairs to the washroom. When I came out Amrita was standing I the hall.

“I didn’t know my boyfriend was coming! I wanted to get away from him for the weekend!” She whispered; “I’m sorry. Here take these.” She handed me her panties and I quickly shoved them in my pocket. “I’m hoping we can sneak in a quickie some time today, or before I leave tomorrow.”

We all went back to our dorm, I went off to my to my room to study and everyone else went their separate ways. Despite what Amrita whispered to me I figured things were done for us over this weekend, and my mind kept drifting off to Elisa and her panties. She lived in the dorm building next to mine so she went out of her way to stop by my room. Would she do that just to embarrass me again? I was wondering if I should stop by her room but I decided not to. I stayed near my room all day in the hopes that she, or Amrita would come by, but neither did.

As the day slowly slipped into the night, Jeff came by to see if I was coming out with everyone. I had decided it would be better to stay in that night. Maybe just watch a hockey game or a movie and see if anyone else was around the dorm. Jeff completely understood.

It started off as a quiet night. Just me and a couple other dorm mates were having a few beers in the common room watching a hockey game when a few girls, including Elisa, came by.

She froze in her steps when she saw me. I knew by her reaction to seeing me she left her panties on my door handle for a reason other than to embarrass me. “Without Catherine being here I thought you’d be partying with your friends.” Elisa said with a sneer.

“No, I decided to stick around and maybe see you Elisa.” I said sarcastically.

“You and Catherine seemed like such a nice couple. What happened between you two?” One of Elisa’s friends boldly asked.

“Maybe you should ask Elisa. She seems to know everything that is going on.” I bitterly stated.

“I think Mike freaked her out and I don’t think she’ll want to see him anymore.” Elisa announced.

“Easy you two.” One of my dorm mates said; “have another drink.”

With that I grabbed a beer and Elisa opened a cooler.

The night progress a couple people left to go elsewhere and a few stayed to watch çankırı seks hikayeleri a movie and have a few drinks. One of the ladies who stayed was Elisa. As we sat she drank more and more. I was surprised how much she could handle in her small 5 foot 2 inch, 32b slender frame.

At the end of the movie one of her friends asked again; “So what did happen between you and Catherine.”

“It was his panty fetish Catherine didn’t like!” Elisa boldly blurted out.

“No Elisa, it was your blowjob technique that ended our relationship.” I replied; “she told me you gave her tips on blowjobs, and they were terrible, you obviously don’t know what you’re doing!”

Elisa looked shocked and speechless, but everyone else had a good laugh. “Haaa! You did give Catherine tips! I was there!” Her friend laughed. Elisa looked angry and she was speechless.

Things got pretty quiet after that and one of Elisa’s friends suggested we all go to the campus bar. “I’m going to skip that tonight and just go bed.” I announced, and with that I left the common area and went back to my room thinking it was going to be an early Saturday night.

I had just gotten ready for bed, stripped down to my boxers, and pulled out Elisa’s pink panties when I heard a faint knock on my door. I wasn’t that surprised to see Elisa on the other side when I opened it.

“You’re an asshole.” She said shoving my bare chest. “Get in your room. The last thing i want is for someone to see us!”

“I thought I was being really nice to you.” I responded. “I could of told everyone about the present you left for me.” As I held up her panties.

“I would of denied it. Jeff is right. I normally don’t wear panties.” I gazed down at her mini skirt. “I better take these back.” She said and tried to pull her panties from my hand.

“No way!” I reached back to keep them from her and spun around causing Elisa to fall back on my bed. Her tiny 5ft 2 inch 32B body was lying down beneath me as I stood beside the bed. Her legs were spread out on either side of mine. “I thought Catherine was your friend. Why are you here?”

“Catherine told me how nice and thick your cock is – but she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I had to see for myself. And I now do see. You’re hard already! Your boxers don’t hide much!”

“Your skirt doesn’t hide much either.” I said looking down at her bare clean shaven vagina. Even though I love panties, it was really turning me on seeing that she came without any on in only a miniskirt and loose cut off t-shirt.

“You must have mixed feelings about this. You love panties but I’m not wearing any.” She said teasing me and she slid her fingers over her slit and rubbed herself. She sat up, her head and lips only a couple inches from my bulging cock. Looking up at me through her black rimmed glasses she then ran a finger slowly into her slit. “Ohh, I guess you’re allowed to be hard. I’m already wet. Let’s get these off.” And with that she pulled down my boxers completely freeing my cock. Her face was so close my bulging mushroom head bounced off a lens on her glasses. She grabbed my cock with one hand at its base and took the middle finger of her other hand and slid it back inside her slit.

“You want me to suck you. Don’t you?”

“Yes – suck me.” I replied.

“Oh, but I thought you said I don’t know what I’m doing.” She continued to tease while fingering herself. “Do you really want me to suck you? It looks so ready. There is cum at the end.” She took her finger out of her slit and ran it over the end of my cock. Then brought it back down and slid it back into her slit. “Oh….now our cum is flowing together.”

I couldn’t resist her smooth vagina showing under her bunched up miniskirt. i dropped down between her legs and pushed her back. “No. I’m going to suck and lick you first.”

“Ahhh….” Elisa moaned as she fell back on the bed spreading her legs for my wanting mouth. “Yes. Suck and lick me.”

Below my mouth was her beautiful shaved vagina. My mouth salivated at the site of her pushed up mini-skirt and bare vagina. It was so smooth, and bulged out with anticipation.

I slid my tongue along her slit. Elisa’s juices were flowing. I felt a fresh drop flow to my tongue. She tasted sweet as nectar. Despite her wetness her slit felt tight, but as my tongue slithered up i discovered that she had a large clitoris. It was on her clit where my tongue started to lightly flick and tease.

I then brought her panties above her clit and started to massage her stretching her vagina with them. “Aaahh that feels good.” Elisa moaned approvingly. Her panties were thin, my nose and eyes were pressed into them and she felt my tongue below continuing to flick her clit. She started to squirm under my tongue, her back arched as she stretch out pushed herself against my mouth.

As i massaged above her clit, I loved the feel and smell of her panties against my my face. I slid a finger inside her, curving it upwards. “Oh yes, right there.” Elisa panted. Her wetness was flowing, lubricating her cavern. “That feels so good.”

The feel of my finger curled inside her moist tight cavern, her panties massaging and stretching her, and my tongue flicking her clit, started making her heart race and head get light. “Oohh…keep going.. Oohhh ..keep going…keep going! Yes like that! LIKE THAT!” Her legs started to shake around me, were wetness flowed down my hand and on face. “YES LIKE THAT! LIKE THAT!”

Elisa grabbed my head pushing it down harder against her and her hips bucked up. “YES YES YES!” She screamed and convulsed against me, clenching my head between her legs. Her juices flowed as she orgasmed, I pulled my head back and rubbed her panties over her wetness. “OH YESSSSS – OH YESSSS! NO MORE NO MORE!” She screamed pulling my finger out of her as more juices flowed down on panties and she then pushed them away.

“Oh god that felt good!” She gasped as I knelt beside her.

I brought her panties to my face and gave them a big smell. “Hmm…they smell great with your juices.”

“Let me smell.” She smiled at me mischievously. Her blue eyes glowed behind her glasses. I pushed her panties against her nose, and she inhaled her own aroma. “Ahhh, they’re wet from me.” She reached up holding them against her face.

I sat back on the bed enjoying the sight of Elisa inhaling the smell of her own panties. Suddenly she pulled her legs together, lifted them up and slid her panties on. In nearly one motion she stood up in front of me, smoothing out her ruffled mini-skirt and t-shirt she stated; “Well I got what i came for and much more.”

“Wh…what are you talking about?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Ha, ha, this worked out so much better than i thought!” Elisa laughed; “Do you think I’m going to fuck my friend’s boyfriend? Do you think I want Catherine to stumble across my panties? Ha, I was ready to prove to you how good of a cocksucker I am! This worked out so much better! See you later!” I was speechless as she turned and opened the door.

“Oh, don’t be too upset.” She said looking back at me. “You felt great. I might show up again just to have you lick me!” With that final comment she walked through the door and started to exit leaving me naked on my bed.

Elisa then suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her laugh ended and she looked back at me nervously.

“Ah, hello Elisa.” A familiar voice said from a couple feet outside my door.

I jumped off the bed, wrapping a towel around myself.

“Oh, Hi Valerie, I was just ah, oh…” Elisa sputtered nervously. “I thought you weren’t in school anymore?”

“I just came to visit.” Valerie said with a smile while she started to walk into my room. “Hi Mike. It sounds like at least one of you had fun.”

“I have to go.” Elisa said flatly and she darted down the hall.

“Oh shit. What are you doing here?” I was shocked. “You could of at least called.”

“I suddenly got the night off work, so a few friends and I decided to come down here on a last minute road trip. I did try calling earlier but you didn’t answer. My friends from home are all getting hammered and starting to hook up with some of my friends from here. I thought I’d walk over to see if you happened to be around. You and Catherine broke up, but It looks like you are doing just fine.” She said smiling at me.

And then, right on cue, Amrita knocked on my open door to see Valerie and me standing side by side, with me only wrapped in a towel. “Ahhh,,, I came by to see if you want to join us Mike, but it looks like your settling in for the night. See you later Mike.” And with that Amrita turned and walked away.

I then left the room to call after her. “Maybe I’ll catch up with you guys in the morning before you and your boyfriend go home.”

“Ah, yeah sure. Maybe.” Amrita replied as she continued to walk down the hall.

“I see you are doing more than just fine.” Valerie laughed as she sat down on my bed.

I decided I should put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and sat down on the bed with Valerie. As surprising as it was to see her, it was also very nice. I updated her on everything that had happened between Catherine, Amrita, Elisa and myself. It was really easy talking with Valerie. We sat in my room, chatted, joked and listened to some music for most of the night.

Before we knew it, it was 4:00am and we both fell asleep on my bed.

At 9:00 am there was a sharp knock on my waking both Valerie and i up. “Valerie are you there? We have to get going.”

“Yes, I’m here. I’ll meet you at the car. I’ll be there in a minute.” Valerie replied. Then she turned to me and said, “I’m sorry that’s a friend of mine. She’s my ride back home. Shit i came here to have sex with you and we ended up talking all night. We’ll have to change that next time.”

“You can stick around for the day and take a bus back later.” I replied.

“I wish I could, but i have to get back to work this afternoon.”

We both got out of bed, still in our clothes from the night before. Valerie gave me a big tight hug. Her 34C breasts pressed firmly into me chest. She looked up at me with her beautiful big green eyes. “I’ve missed being with you.” She said and we kissed deep and sensual. Her pouty lips merged into mine as our open mouths allowed our tongues to duel. My cock grew hard and started to press up against her body.

“No, no.. I have to get going.” Valerie objected. “We should of started this 10 hours ago.”

“I’m sorry, i really wish we did. I am happy you came over. It was really nice to see you.” I told her.

“It was great to see you as well. We’ll have to talk soon to figure a time to meet up again.” Valerie gave me a quick kiss and was gone out the door.

For the second time in the last ten hours a lovely, sexy young lady left me hard in my room. I immediately grabbed Amrita’s panties that she gave me in the diner. The black lace felt rough but nice as i stroked them over the shaft of my hard cock. The silk felt smooth against my head. I wrapped them around my hard cock and fell onto my bed.

I was relaxing in bed, enjoying the feel of Amrita’s panties, and started to dose off to sleep when another knock stirred me back awake. i got up and only wearing boxer shorts, a t-shirt, and Amrita’s panties tied around my cock when i opened the door.

“I saw that girl you were with last night leaving.” Amrita stated; “I got up to take a walk around campus. Will is expecting me back any time now, but i had to come up here for quickie. I hope you still have some energy for me.”

Amrita pushed her way into my room and immediately planted her full lips on mine. She ran one hand behind my head and the other on my chest pushing me to my bed. I gently fell back on my bed and Amrita quickly straddled me, and pulled of the sweater she was wearing revealing her large 38 DD breasts. “It feels like you do have some energy left for me. I can feel your already hard.” She quickly slid down my bed pulling her own jeans off revealing bright purple G-strings.

Amrita looked like a goddess standing fully naked at the end of my bed. Her long flowing dark hair showering over her shoulders to her firm and large breasts peaking with rock hard nipples capping her large areolas. Her deep brown eyes radiated into me. “I’ve worn these panties for you all night. I played with my clit, making them wet just for you, and now seeing you already hard is making my panties even more wet.” She panted through her full, luscious lips.

I was mesmerized by her beauty, and found myself speechless as she grabbed either side of my boxer shorts and pulled them down. “Oh wow!” Amrita gasped as she saw my hard, throbbing cock wrapped in her panties she handed to me the day before. “Oh my god! You were hard thinking about me before I got here! That is such a turn on! Tell me; were you thinking of me when you were fucking that other girl?”

“No.” I stated; “I didn’t fuck her because I was saving it all for you.”

“Holy fuck! I don’t believe you but I want that cock right now.”

Amrita straddled me again, reaching down pulling my t-shirt off, leaving me also completely naked except for her black panties tied around my pulsing cock. With her legs on either side of my waist she grabbed my stiffness and used it to push her purple panties to the side of her inflamed vagina with the head of my cock.

I could feel the rough side of her panties on the enlarged head of my penis as she slid it along her wet slit. Her wetness was flowing right along the head and mixed with my precum as she rubbed my cock up to her clit. “Last night with my boyfriend next to me I rubbed myself dreaming about your cock.” She positioned herself and slowly lowered herself down, taking inch by inch inside wet cavern. “Oooohhhh yessss. I love that I’m feeling your cock inside me while Will is upstairs waiting. Ohhh it feels sooo good!”

As she slowly lowered herself down, her purple panties, still around her vagina, merged into her black panties tied around the base of my cock. “Oh you are so hot and sexy.” I managed to pant out: “You feel so good.” Her wetness enveloped my cock as she dropped down, feeling me deep inside her.

I slowly moved my hips, grinding into her as she rode above me. Her black panties, wrapped at the base of my long thick cock merged with her purple panties she was still wearing. Her juices flowed into both pairs has she grinded onto me harder.

“You love being bad, don’t you?” I stated; “Fucking me with your boyfriend so close.” I slapped her ass and she let our a small shriek and a surprised smile.

“Oh. Oh yes. I’m being bad. His cock isn’t as good as yours.” Amrita panted and I slapped her again. “Oh! Yes slap me! I’m being bad. Will is right upstairs but I love your cock in me!” I continued to slap her ass as she felt my hips grinding upwards and my cock stretching her pussy. Every slap was echoed with a yelp of approval.

With my spare hand I pulled her panties that were tied to my cock up to rub her clit. She felt the smooth silk rubbing her clit making her more excited and more wet. “Oh fuck that feels good! Oh fuck yes.” I continued to grind her and slap her ass while she rode on top of me. With every ass slap she got more wet. My cock grinding higher into her, stretched her further as I rubbed her clit with her panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32