Destroy This Disc Ch. 03

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(Part 3 of 3)

Amy came to visit me in the spring. She had started a tradition of visiting our parent’s grave on their anniversary and this would be the first year I’d be home to join her. Though we were dressed in our mourning clothes it wasn’t a somber occasion. I’m sure Helen and Charles wouldn’t want us to mope around. The weather was perfect and the cemetery sprawled through beautiful wooded acres. After silently meditating by the gravesite, we walked for hours along the shady paths, sharing memories of when the family was together. My sister was so beautiful, our mother’s diamond necklace sparkling at her throat.

We were sitting on some moss-covered boulders, talking about I don’t remember what, and I must have said something funny when Amy laughed and loudly said, “Oh, Daddy!” They hadn’t quite registered on me, her words, when she flushed red and went quiet. I couldn’t get her to engage after that so I suggested we go back to my apartment and change for lunch.

When we were in our street clothes Amy went to my liquor cabinet and got out the vodka and soda.

“Day drinking today?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied. “You might want one too. There’s something I need to talk about.”

I had no idea what she had in mind but so much weird stuff had come up for me lately I was expecting just about anything. She poured us both a tall one and we topped them off with ice. Amy sipped and looked around the room like she was searching for something.

“Jim, you know how they were on their way back from Aspen when they, you know.”

“Sure, it was their favorite ski spot.”

“Well, I shared their vacation pictures with you, the ones they had on their camera, right?”

“Riiight.” I was starting to have a sneaking suspicion.

“About a year after the accident I found a second memory card. Mom had it hidden in her toiletry kit. It had pictures of them in Aspen, but not vacation pictures, little brother.”

Ohhh my goodness. Carrying unencrypted files in public. Very careless. I was glad Amy found it and not someone else. “Dirty pictures, I presume?”

“The dirtiest. They were taking pictures of themselves doing it, doing everything, all over their cabin. There were videos too. You remember helping me set up a lockbox on my computer? That’s what I needed to hide.”

“Well, sister, I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you something as well, and you just made things a whole lot easier.”


I put my secure laptop in front of her and attached it to the television. I explained to her how I discovered an encrypted drive in Dad’s mystery safe deposit box, showed her the drive in its brown paper envelope. She saw the words written on it in our father’s script: “Destroy this disc. Do not read.” I plugged in the drive and opened the first volume. The twenty-eight cover images came up on the screen.

“I’ve already seen these,” she said. “You sent them to me last year.”

“Click on an image,” I said, pointing to the picture of Mom dressed like a sexy librarian.

She clicked, and the picture gallery appeared. Amy scrolled to reveal the graphic scenes of our parents making love.

“Oh, wow.” She backed out of that gallery and selected another, this one featuring Dad on the cover photo. While she gaped at them I briefly described how I found these images and how I struggled with the questions of what to do with the files and how to tell her about them. I didn’t tell her how I obsessed over them for months. I certainly didn’t tell her how I developed a disgusting infatuation with our mother. As for the second volume, the one with the videos that bothered me so much, I figured I’d see how this went.

“I’ll give you some privacy while you ponder this,” I told her.

“No, stay. It’s cool.” She held her empty glass toward me and waggled it. “And would you mind?”

I refreshed our drinks and returned to the sofa while she clicked and scrolled. She was going through them pretty quickly. What took me months to get through she was on course to digest in a couple of hours. Of course, she wasn’t pleasuring herself every time a new gallery opened up for her. I was thinking of what I would say if she asked me if I had masturbated to the pictures.

“So it looks like they Kıbrıs Escort would take a bunch of pictures and videos, then cherry-pick the best ones to keep.” She was being surprisingly analytical.

“That explains it for me. Makes more sense than them trying to take the perfect shots using a timer.”

“Jim, when you look at these, do you think Mom is attractive?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Do you think she’s sexy?”

“Well, yeah.”

“When I found those pictures from Aspen, I was pretty shocked… at first. I have to confess, though, that it turned me on. Mainly the idea of them doing that, as opposed to looking at them doing it, turned me on. And I had that secret knowledge. It was very… alluring. Can I save some of the safe-for-work images?”

“I don’t see why not.” I hadn’t thought of doing that. Of course, my problem was looking at too many images of our mother, not too few.

She created a folder and started dragging pictures of Dad to it, pictures of him looking suave in a suit, of him removing his tie, of him with his shirt unbuttoned. As she did this she continued her thought. “As I looked at the pictures, over and over, I was struck with how really attractive Dad is. Really… masculine. And the way he makes love to our mother, powerful. Do you sometimes look at Mom that way? Do you ever wish you were in Dad’s place, making love to our mother?”

“I… I’m sorry, I did look at Mom that way. Yes.”

“I became kind of obsessed over Dad. Sounds weird, but I feel like I’ve fallen in love with him. I know I shouldn’t feel that way. And even if it wasn’t wrong, I can never have him.”

“Listen, Amy, I know exactly how you feel. The lust, the guilt, the longing. I am glad we can talk about this.”

She closed the laptop and turned to me, taking my hands in hers. “I’m glad too, Jim. This feeling has taken over my life, making me crazy. And It’s ruining my relationship with David.”

“I can see how that could happen.”

“I love him, but my feelings for Dad interfere with that. I try to act normal but he can tell something’s off. He doesn’t know what, so he attributes it to other things. I’m guessing you’re having a similar problem getting over Mom.”

“Yeah, not exactly like that, but similar. I don’t have a girlfriend, mainly because I can’t stop thinking about… her.”

“Well, now that we understand each other, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. Suppose you had a favorite restaurant, ate there all the time. They made the best carrot cake, the very best, but you never tried it. Maybe you’re always on a diet.” She caressed my hands as she talked. I remembered our mother doing that when I was sad or upset.

“Then the restaurant closes. The owner retires suddenly and moves away. You’ll never have that carrot cake. Suddenly it is very important to you. But there’s nothing you can do about it.”

She looked into my eyes with such earnestness. “But something happens. You run into the owner’s daughter. She tells you she has the recipe. She’d be glad to make you a carrot cake. It wouldn’t be exactly the same. But it could satisfy your desire, your craving for something you never had.”

“Are you… saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“That depends on what your answer might be.”

“I’m in. I definitely am in.”


Our lips met and we kissed and petted desperately for over an hour. In the warm afternoon light I could really imagine I was there on the couch with my mother, kissing her, feeling her. I wanted to make love to her but I held back, afraid to cross a line that I knew was wrong. But I wanted it so badly.

Amy crossed the line for us both. She ran her hand up my inseam to my crotch. I gasped when I felt her fingers brush my manhood. She traced its shape in my slacks, then wrapped her hand around it through the thin fabric. My own hand slipped into her shorts and thrilled to the touch of her panties. I was so turned on that when she got my zipper open I was already sticking out the top of my briefs. She kissed the tip and swirled her tongue around the head.

“Yummy,” she said and took it into her mouth, pulling my pants and underwear down in the same motion. Her mouth on my penis felt Lefkoşa Escort amazing. I didn’t think I would last long but Amy took it real slow, going down half way in slow motion, looking up to see if I was watching, then coming back up to swirl around the head. She licked down one side with agonizing slowness and licked back up the other side. She put her head on my stomach and licked the top of my penis in little circles. She pressed her tongue under the head and dragged it slowly down to the base. She looked me right in the eyes while she sucked my balls into her mouth.

I’ve had blow jobs before, good ones, great ones. I’ve never had a blow job like this. It wasn’t just that she wanted me to enjoy it. She was enjoying it more than I could imagine a girl enjoying doing that. She finally had her carrot cake and she was savoring every morsel.

I was savoring it too. There were a lot of thoughts running through my head. This was my sister, for goodness sake. The idea repulsed me, but also it added to the allure. And here I was fantasizing that it was my own mother with her mouth full of my cock, and she was pretending it was her father whose cock she was slurping and swallowing. The incestuousness of it was appalling but also so, so erotic. In fascination I watched her kiss and lick and suck me until I couldn’t take it any more.

Just as I came, she took her mouth off of my dick and aimed at her face, pumping me with both hands. She made sure the come hit her all over, her forehead, her nose and cheeks, her chin and her open mouth.

“Oh Daddy! That was perfect!” She cried before putting it back in her mouth to suck out the remaining drops. I thought I was going to be disgusted by the sight of her pretty face covered with come but it was actually pretty hot. I guess when it’s my come and my sister and she really wants it, it’s not as gross as it looks in porn movies. I even thought it was cool when she rubbed it into her face like a moisturizer. Fucking incredible, in fact.


I offered to return the favor and Amy suggested we get showered and play a little dress up first. I thought that was a good idea and requested that she wear a skirt with panty hose, and no panties or bra. She picked out a suit for me and a shirt and tie. She did her hair and makeup like she was going on a date. I shaved and styled my hair like Dad used to do. The shirt had french cuffs so I put on Dad’s gold cufflinks and matching tie pin. We looked like a million bucks, couldn’t keep our eyes off each other while we toasted with some more vodka and sodas.

“Not to alarm you, Ms T_____, but when you look that way I want to give you the pounding of your life.”

“Well I hope you ate your Wheaties, Mr T_____, because when you look that way I feel as horny as I’ve ever been.”

We danced in the living room; slow, fast, it was sexy however we did. She helped me off with my coat and my tie. She swayed from side to side as I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it off of my shoulders. She unfastened my belt, my fly, stepped away to watch my pants fall to the floor. I kicked them off along with my shoes and socks. In mock impatience she crossed her arms and tapped her toe until I stripped off my last article of clothing. Now I was naked before her, my cock standing at stiff attention.

Amy nodded her approval and taking my stiff member in the lightest of grasps she led me by it to the bedroom. There I helped her off with her shirt, pulling it over her head while her beautiful breasts tumbled out of it. I took those sweet melons in my hands and brought my lips to them for a feast. She cried out as I licked her tits and sucked her nipples, She pulled my head to them with both hands around my neck. I took my time on her magnificent chest. Even nicer than her mother’s, I thought. Not a fair comparison since I hadn’t got to squeeze and suck on Mom’s boobs since I was a baby.

Eventually I reached around and unfastened her skirt, letting it drop to the floor. She stepped out of her shoes and sat down on the bed, shimmying to the center on her elbows and spreading her legs wide for me. I could see her juicy cunt right through the stretched fabric and I wanted to fuck her so hard and fast. First things Girne Escort first, though.

I took two handfuls of nylon hose at the inside of her thighs and jerked them apart. The fabric tore raggedly at the seam and her pussy was exposed to me, lips glistening with arousal. She cried out in excitement and arched her back, her ass rising slightly from the bed. I slipped my hands under her cheeks and buried my mouth into that wet cunt, covering it with strokes of my tongue. She ground her pelvis into my face and I held nothing back. She had given me world class oral and I owed her nothing less in return. But I wasn’t going to be gentle about it.

While I licked and sucked hungrily at her pussy, my hands roamed her legs and torso and breasts. Occasionally she would call me “Daddy” in her encouragements, which was a little distracting. But I wasn’t going to say or do anything to interrupt her pleasure. Besides, we both knew it was our mother I was thinking of, dressed as a sexy librarian, legs wide open on a polished wood table while I sucked on her pussy lips through the shreds of her panty hose. I lost count of how many orgasms she had before she finally rolled away.

She got on her hands and knees and I was in awe of how beautiful and inviting she looked from that angle. I took my place behind her and slipped right in, she was so dripping wet. I started pounding into her and soft moans kept time with my cock stroking in and out of her. She lay her head on her forearms and pushed her hips toward me until she was practically bent double. I enjoyed the beauty of her back and shoulders and wavy chestnut hair while I fucked her… my sister… my mother. Every now and then I brought my hand down on her nylon-clad ass cheek in a resounding slap, eliciting a cry of excitement.

I turned her onto her side and put her higher leg over my shoulder. This turned her moans into groans and I relentlessly drove deep into her vagina. I kissed her hose-covered foot and ankle while stroking her thighs. With one hand I reached for her delectable bush and found her clitoris with my thumb. She squirmed under me as I pressed and stroked her little hot spot. With my other hand I reached behind her, between her cheeks, and found her little butthole. I began giving that sensitive spot a little rub on every outstroke of my cock from her incestuous cunt. This stimulation proved too much for her and she erupted in an epic orgasm.

I figured I ought to be finishing as well so I asked her to get on top and ride me, which she was glad to do. I hoped if I ever found a wife she would fuck me as joyfully as Amy wanted to fuck her father. She was quite a delicious sight, sitting on my dick with her beautiful boobs bobbing in rhythm. But I closed my eyes and thought about Helen, my mother, in my favorite animated gif where she was straddling her husband, looking back at the camera, her hands spreading her butt cheeks apart. I could see her sleepy eyes, her serene smile, spreading those lovely cheeks as if she knew I was watching. I imagined she knew I was watching and was inviting me to join them. I was relentlessly approaching an epic orgasm of my own.

Then Amy lifted herself completely off my dick. I was about to protest but she lowered herself back on me. But this time she seemed tighter, a lot tighter. Damn! I thought. She’s taking me up her ass. I was totally not expecting that but no way was I going to waste the moment. I shut my eyes again and imagined myself behind my mother. Her pussy was full of Charles’ dick and I was pushing, pushing into her tight ass. The grunts of pain and pleasure I heard were my mother’s. The incredible friction I felt engulfing my cock was my mother’s ass. Slowly but surely I penetrated a tight little orifice, both in my mind and in reality.

“Fuck my ass, Daddy!” Amy cried out as I came and came hard inside her. The friction disappeared as my come flooded into her and she rocked and reeled on my dick. I stayed hard for a while, long enough for her to assfuck and finger herself to another climax. Sister set a high bar for the next girl to grace my bed.


We showered again and curled up naked together for the night. We were both feeling pretty good, not self conscious or weird at all.

“I feel free,” she said, “for the first time in a long time. Thank you.”

“I feel better now, too, like we can move on with our lives.”

She snuggled against my chest and shut her eyes. “But we’re going to do this again next year, right?”

“Absolutely,” I agreed, “absolutely.”

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