Destined for Algeria Ch. 12

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Outside Gus’s complex in Marrakesh, Ally pulled up his van to progress his overdue online chat with Mandy the girl from the sex shop back in Wales where he’d purchased the leg cuffs, currently being used to restrain Ingrid against running away from his fortified blockhouse in Algeria.

He tempted his virtuous online friend Mandy with the invite of a drink, tactfully typing his next sentence in preparation of explaining this to be wishful thinking on his behalf as he currently had to work away in Algiers. Once Mandy replied with her acceptance, Ally immediately sent the prewritten response to revoke his invite, quickly followed by an apology, pretending to have being innocently typing at the same time as she. Content with the seed of temptation he’d planted, he closed his phone down and moved his van from the layby, to the threshold of the complex’s perimeter gate.

Pressing the intercom buzzed a long nervous silence before and a male voice eventually welcomed him in Arabic.

“Hi, my name is Ally. I’m here to see Gus.”

After what seemed like a lengthily moment of non comprehension, the abrupt response finally announced “One minute.”

Gus, (The Boss) had honoured his word to Ally and given Tess a little sympathy because, after all, she had only succumbed to the evils of the same woman he had. His financial motive meant nothing other than a difficult sum of money to challenge Ally, a desperate man who Gus assumed would struggle to access such funding. He also realised that Ally would be forever recalling such a debt, hopefully by making Tess work hard to repay him.

Gus had ordered no harm to come to Tess, respecting her as Ally’s property, allowing no further abuse, for the agreed period of time he’d allowed Ally to come up with the money before taking her away.

Gus would now concentrate his efforts on a new plan to catch Ingrid, by setting up surveillance of Ingrid’s property back in Norway. If she didn’t make contact with her husband Kristofer soon, then he would have to bring the man himself in for a little persuasion to recover his money that Kristofer and Ingrid had jointly stolen from him.

He called for Sofia’s presence and took her downstairs to visit Tess in the plant-room, directing her over to the cell where he unlocked the door and allowed Sofia inside to comfort his restrained captive.

Tess began to cry in Sofia’s arms as she comforted her for the short time before they were interrupted by the noise of rattling metal.

Tess began trembling, watching in horror as Gus approached the open cell door carrying a hand full of chain, with an uninviting open collar attached to one end.

Without giving Tess the chance of wasting her breath pleading, he made his threat clear.

“If you don’t want me to add this to your jewellery collection, then you won’t give me reason to do so will you.” He told her.

“No sir.” She whimpered.

“Good.” He replied, lowering the chain to his side. “Get her out of here.” He ordered Sofia.

Gus had plenty of confidence that he would still be apprehending Ingrid and knowing that Ally intended relieving Tess of all her shackles as soon as he regained possession of his fiancé, Gus favoured not putting the collar to wasteful use, by fixing it around Tess’s neck.

The two girls didn’t hesitate. Sofia lead the way, taking her boss’s captive by the elbow and slowly guiding her out of the cell.

Tess quickly learned the limits of her leg cuffs as she shuffled her feet through the open bared gate, past Gus, shivering at the sight of the solid looking collar he clutched in his hands.

Gus remained in the swimming pool’s plant-room, entertained by watching the show of Tess’s three-foot belt chain rippling down towards the ground from the back of her waist as she carefully negotiated the steps and eventually disappeared from sight, out into the corridor above.

Although grand in design, Tess had no interest in hanging around to look at the ornate architecture, preferring to get as far away from this building as possible.

With the hem of turned down fur around the rim of her ankle boots serving as a platform to take the weight of the cuffs, she walked swiftly alongside Sofia, back to the spa building where she hoped she might find a little rest-bite.

At the end of the path where the two girls turned towards the spa, the familiar face of the bald headed Omar appeared and greeted the two of them with an inquisitive “Hi?”

Tess still feared this man but could tell that Sofia didn’t. Sofia and Omar engaged in conversation with a language Tess assumed to be Arabic. Their exchange of words seemed to be getting heated, with Tess being unable to comment on any cultural mannerism differences she knew nothing about.

Sofia began walking backwards, away from him, giving Tess the indication to follow whilst continuing to shout at Omar. The shouting turned to arms waving and pointing mostly towards Tess’s waist belt and attached cuffs, making Tess believe her presence trabzon seks hikayeleri to be the source of the argument.

Omar followed the two ladies into the reception of the spa building where Sofia squared up to him and jabbed her fingers in his chest, hard enough to push him away from her. Omar responded by gently and courteously, removing her aggression from touching him, only to receive an incredibly hard slap across his face from Sofia’s other hand.

His reaction to this wasn’t physical but calm and controlled. His face turned sour, speaking clearly and quietly before walking out of the reception.

Whatever he’d said had an obvious impact on Sofia’s attitude as she turned away without replying or apologising.

“What was that all about?” Tess asked.

“Nothing.” Sofia replied. “He is an ass hole who thinks he can order me around, that’s all.”

“Were you talking about me?”

“Yes, we were.” Sofia explained. “He wanted to know why you are being removed from that basement and allowed here. He wanted to know who authorised me to be looking after you and not him.”

“And did you tell him that Gus agreed it?” Tess asked.

“No. I told him to mind his own fucking business.” Sofia ranted. “I told him that this was his fault and if it wasn’t for his incompetence then you wouldn’t even be here. Omar thinks he has superiority over me but he doesn’t, I’ve been working here longer than him. He’s just another wannabe hard-man, trying to make a name for himself.”

“What prompted you to hit him?”

“He basically accused me of being a good for nothing whore and told me to book him in for an appointment to get his dick sucked.” Sofia admitted. “So I reminded him of his worthless piece of shit status around here with a smack across the face.”

“Should we be worried?” Tess said, not wanting to be removed from of the care of Sofia.

“No.” Sofia replied, semi confidently. “He promised that he would make me sorry, but I know he’ll never hit one of us girls. The boss won’t allow it. And if he puts his cock anywhere near me, I’ll bite the little maggot off.”

“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Tess cautioned her, “What if he tells your boss? What if he tells Gus about you hitting him?”

“Ha ha.” Sofia laughed. “Being hit by a woman. The boss will ridicule him for evermore. He won’t say anything, he’s trying to get recognition and respect around here, which is something I think he knows he’ll never get from me.”

Sofia led the way into the beauty salon and invited Tess to sit in a comfortable chair, fronted by a mirror, sink and hairdryer, ready for a day of pampering.

Having had the time to calm down, yet still in a rage, Omar received a summons from Gus and went to see him in his office.

Gus explained that he had to attend to a minor matter with the assistance of some of his men and asked if Omar would be ok looking after things in his absence. Omar’s mind screamed out potential justice, thinking of possible excuses he may be able to use and assert some authority over Sofia to put her back in her place.

Omar and Gus discussed Gus’s meeting with the boat trafficking people and what else needed doing. In passing, he explained how he planned to step up his surveillance of Ingrid’s home and family in Norway, knowing it would only be a matter of time before she slips up and returns or attempts to make contact with someone.

Confident things were in safe hands, Gus left Omar alone in his office, familiarising himself with the adjustments of the plush leather reclining chair.

Amongst other items on Gus’s untidy desk, Omar noticed the box which he’d moved heaven and earth to locate on the night he’d had to purchase a set of handcuffs because he so desperately needed the keys to remove the cuffs from Tess after his own stupidity of her mistaken identity.

Nudging the box slightly confirmed it to be full but held no other real interest to him other than the memory of how it came to be on the edge of his boss’s desk.

Omar didn’t know much about the day to day running of Gus’s diamond dealing business but when one of the maintenance men entered the office looking for Gus, Omar had to explain the boss’s absence and offer his own help.

The man seemed annoyed and flustered as though someone or something had riled him. He explained to Omar that Sofia from the Spa had been asking him to fix a steam leak on one of the pipes for weeks and now that the water heating had temporarily been turned off, this had been the only possible day he could schedule the job in. He continued in a rage to tell Omar how he had worked hard to rearrange his diary around her and now Sofia wouldn’t let him carry out the repairs as she claimed to be busy with a client and required quiet and privacy.

Omar immediately tuned in with his anger. After her slapping him earlier in the day, he agreed that she needed putting back in her place.

“How is your English?” Omar asked.

“Pretty well versed as they say.” the maintenance guy laughed, “Why?”

“Because.” Omar said, standing from his boss’s leather chair. He began to fumble with the closed flap of the box containing the handcuffs. “The client she is busy with is our English prisoner, now turned guest and I want her to bear witness as to how we treat bitches around here!”

Once the empty box had landed on the desk, both men noticed that the keys to the handcuffs were missing. Before Omar could swear at his ongoing nemesis of missing keys, the maintenance man spoke up and explained that the keys were down in the swimming pool’s plant-room where he and Gus had last used them.

“Come on.” Omar told him, “We can get them later. First I want to chain that Sofia bitch up to your steam pipe and teach her a lesson.”

Whilst walking and chatting, Omar thought carefully about his approach to the scenario he intended creating. For maximum vulnerability, he planned to cuff her hands around one of the vertical heater pipes, behind her back and leave her to stew for the rest of the day in her own self pity. As an afterthought, he wondered if he could improve on her inconvenience by cuffing her hands around the pipe, above her head, without this being too much of a torturous stress position for the human body to be placed in. Out of eye shot of his colleague, Omar reached both of his own arms up, over his head and dropped them down behind the back of his neck, pushing them back, as far as he could, to see if this would be practical. He managed this manoeuvre in secret, dropping his arms back down to his side as soon as he’d confirmed it to be possible.

The two men slipped quietly into the Spa, keeping an element of surprise to their advantage. They set about their hunt for Sofia who didn’t yet realise that she no longer had the protection of Gus’s authority due to his absence.

With not too many treatment rooms to choose from, the lights illuminating the gap around one of the doors advertised their potential location. A swift pushing of the door revealed the two girls laying in a prone position on a large padded massage table, unmistakenly engaging in a passionate kiss.

Shocked at the two men’s interruption, Sofia crawled from on top of Tess’s helpless waist cuffed body and moved over to the unused side of the white faux leather, double width massage table.

This delighted Omar as he knew Sofia could now be accused of overstepping the mark by interfering with Tess. The boss, Gus, had promised no harm to come to her, meaning Omar could now claim that Sofia had just committed a minor form of sexual assault.

The sight of the two girls had taken both men by surprise, throwing Omar’s thought process to one side and inspiring him to reconsider his hell bent revenge plot.

“Stay where you are.” Omar said to the two women who now occupied the full width of the cushioned table. “Our guest is off limits.” He said, directing his gaze towards Sofia.

“It is consensual.” Sofia protested.

“The boss is out of town on business.” Omar informed her. “He’s left me in charge of things around here, meaning that I decide what constitutes to being consensual or abuse, especially by you, who he trusted into a position of care over our guest.”

“I don’t mind.” Tess defended.

“Quiet you.” Omar snapped.

The two men approached Sofia in a menacing manner.

Still thinking that Omar’s intentions were to cuff Sofia to the steam pipe as he’d suggested, the maintenance guy looked confused when Omar’s hand prevented Sofia’s legs from leaving the massage table.

In the wrong, clearly scared of her predicament and having two men towering over her whom she’d pissed off in the same day, she thought it best to put up no defence and see how the situation played out, until such a time where she felt it necessary to defend herself or retaliate.

Seeing Tess’s available, helpless body lying on the massage table next to Sofia made up Omar’s mind into involving both women in his act of revenge. After only a short teaser of the girl on girl action, he’d become instantly hooked and wanted to see more.

“Turn around and lay on your back if you don’t want me to whip you into a pulp.” Omar threatened in a stern voice with an evil convincing look in his face.

She knew he couldn’t do that as he didn’t have the authority to whip her or bruise her in any way, even a pinching of her skin risked leaving a mark and this would not be allowed. Punishments of this nature had to be carried out by, or at least in the presence of Gus, their boss, who everyone knew, could be quite a sadistic bastard when he wanted to.

His demand posed no real potential harm as far as Sofia could see, so she rolled over and lay on her back, staring up at the man who’d suddenly become superior to her in their boss’s absence. Omar grabbed her ankles and rotated her, pivoting her body around on her buttocks until she’d travelled half a turn and her feet and head had exchanged position.

“I said turn around.” He repeated in the aftermath of having to force her around, himself.

Still with no vision of being hurt, Sofia lay back, top to toe in opposition of Tess, with heightened senses, anticipating that something untoward would be happening very soon.

Touching the fingers of one hand on the handcuffs in his pocket, he directed his next order towards Tess. “You.” He began, “Show me how consensual you are by laying on top of her.”

“I can’t” Tess replied, rattling her two cuffs attached to her waist, justifying her inability.

“Yes you can.” He told her, impatiently grabbing her underarm and helping her onto her knees on the padded table. “Crawl over to her, put one leg either side of her head and then I’ll help you lay down.”

The chain attached to the rear of her waist belt dinged out random chimes as she shuffled her way across the table to meet his demands.

Sofia played his game by lying motionless, still unable to foresee a problem with his orders, being glad that Tess still played a part in all this because everyone knew that under the boss’s instruction, she most definitely could not be harmed.

Kneeling, with the insides of her legs brushing against Sofia’s ears, Tess leaned forward and turned to her side so that her shoulder landed on Sofia’s hipbone, before rolling onto her front with her head lifted up between Sofia’s loosely trouser dressed legs.

Without hesitation Omar pulled on the leather of her ankle boot, backwards, causing her to lose the support of her left knee and drop her pelvis down slightly to one side. The length of the chain between Tess’s leg cuffs limited how far he could pull, so he quickly took hold of her right ankle and swept her other supporting knee out from underneath her.

Before the jeans Tess wore had been cut off into shorts, the seam, originally sewn along the inside leg, met at a point between her legs. The opposing, bisecting seam cutting up into her crotch and running from the bulges of her labia to the crack of her arse cheeks, met at a common place, where all the denim had been stitched together, creating a small but very thick spot of dense material. Omar’s act of dragging Tess’s feet backwards caused this hard lump of cloth to plummet into the delicate septum between Sofia’s nostrils as Tess’s hips fell down onto Sofia’s face.

Although an athletic girl, the mass of body between Tess’s legs more than covered Sofia’s mouth, muffling the moan she let out due to the initial pain of being hit on the bottom of her nose.

With her legs now straightened out and her groin firmly pressing against Sofia’s mouth, Tess tried and struggled to make Sofia more comfortable. The unyielding band of steel securing her wrists by her side, restricted her agility to that of a clumsy penguin, making it too difficult for her to move herself up or down and clear her crotch area away from Sofia’s face.

“Grab her arm.” Omar ordered, demonstrating his requirement by pulling one of Sofia’s hands up, around Tess’s waist and through the gap between Tess’s shackled arm and body. With time for the maintenance man’s efforts to catch up, in a controlled manner, Omar began to slowly close one of the cuffs around Sofia’s wrist.

With two clicks, Sofia felt the coolness of the steel touching one part of her wrist but couldn’t yet feel the opposing side of the bracelet because of the size of the opening between the two halves. Hope still remained in her mind. If he would just leave a large enough gap, she might be able slip her hand through when the opportunity arose. As the noise continued to echo out around the room, the next three clicks in unison destroyed this unlikely hope, each sound picking further pieces away from her chances of freedom. The rasping from a quick succession of three more notches along the locking ratchet ended with the feel of cool steel touching against the other side of her wrist.

A slither of hope still remained. If the maintenance man fitted the second cuff, maybe he wouldn’t match the diameter of Omar’s application and leave her with enough of an aperture to free her hand.

Sofia felt Omar press the cool steel against her wrist and rip the open hinged half of the cuff into its locking mechanism, so fast that you wouldn’t know the sound was made up of a series of individual clicks. To add insult, he used both his hands at the same time and finalised the fitting by squeezing both cuffs closed, so far, that they went beyond their spring-loaded ratchets, placing them into the tightest possible setting he could, as he’d always intended from the beginning.

“Why don’t you try and get out of those.” Omar laughed with a look of delight on his face. He rejoiced with a hefty slap to Tess’s shapely, rounded, tightly denim clad backside as he bent down closer to Sofia’s ear. “Don’t you two look comfortable.” He said, content with the opposing positions the girls were now secured in.

Looking back up, he saw a finger of caution being pointed in his direction from his colleague, clearly reminding him not to hurt Tess after judging the intensity of his slap by the volume of the sound it produced.

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