Dessert Before Dinner

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Ashley Alban

It was a normal Friday evening; I was having dinner with a bunch of my boys. We had gone to the new Italian restaurant for dinner. The five of us tried to get together at least once a week to catch up and just hang out. Josh, David, Rob, John and myself all arrived around the same time, hungry and in need of some alcohol. We didn’t have to wait long to be seated, since Josh had made reservations. We had a table on the outer part of the room that overlooked the garden. It was better suited for couples rather than a bunch of guys, but we were too hungry to complain. We ordered drinks and appetizers, started talking about the usual, sports and women.

“Justin, did you catch the game last night? “David asked.

“Yeah, can you believe the dunk the Vince Carter made right before the half? ” I replied.

The conversation was about all the games from the previous night mixed with comments about how ugly the waitresses were. We were hoping for a more entertaining evening, but things really seemed dull. We had finally received our entrees. It was at that moment that I saw her.

She had walked by our table on her way back from the ladies’ room. She was 5’4″, not too thick but not thin either. She was stacked in all the right places. I would guess her bra size to be a 34 C, at least, maybe bigger. Without an actual hands on I can’t really be exact. She had on a pair of low rise indigo jeans that fit her ass like a glove. All you could see was lush curves. Her ass looked so juicy. I just wanted to bite it. She wore a black tight fitting top, that I swear any moment her titties were going to pop out of. She completed her outfit with a pair of black boots with a stiletto heel. Her hair cascaded to the middle of her back in soft waves. My fingers just wanted to reach out and stoke the silken mass. She didn’t speak, let alone look my way, but I craved her.

I could feel my dick get hard just at the sight of her. I imagined walking over and introducing myself.

“Hello, how are you? My name is Justin.”

She would look at me and reply, “Well hello Justin. My name is Simone, nice to meet you.” Her voice would be slightly husky. It would have a seductive quality to it. My name rolled off her tongue bostancı escort with ease. I imagined how it would feel to have her luscious lips on mine.

We would continue with idle chitchat for a while and then she would say. “Justin you are so unbelievably fine and I can’t stand here and talk any longer, I want to fuck you.”

So being the gentleman that I am, I promptly took her to my place. She walked ahead of me and gave me the view of watching her ass switch back and forth. My dick was so hard and straining against my slacks. I couldn’t wait for release. I unlocked the door with anxious hands and once inside, I closed the door behind me. She was on me like white on rice. She pushed me back against the door and smothered my face with kisses.

She smiled, rubbing my cock through my pants and said, “I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” She hurriedly removed my belt and dropped it to the floor with a clatter. Next she unbuttoned my pants and slowly pulled down my zipper. She reached inside and stroked my manhood.

“Aw girl, quit playing with me.” I told her.

“I haven’t begun to play with you.” Simone replied.

She kneeled in front of me as she slid my pants down and started to take off my underwear. My dick damn near hit her as she released it from the confines of my underwear. I was fully erect as she began to lick my thighs, continuing with her teasing. I ran my fingers through her hair. It was as soft as it looked and just as thick as I imagined it to be. She moved up to my balls and licked them with the underside of her tongue sending shivers up my spine. I never knew that the underside of a tongue could feel so good. She began sucking my balls one at a time, while she stroked my dick with her hands. They felt so good; it was as if they were made just to touch my dick and my dick alone.

Slowly she licked my throbbing cock, starting at the base and up to the head. Circling the head and sucking it, as if she were trying to suck out the juices that had just started flowing.

“Mm Justin, I love the feel of your dick against my tongue, so smooth and hard.” Simone said. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

I büyükçekmece escort moaned with arousal. I have had plenty of sex in my 28 years, but none like this. She continued giving me head. Each time I got close, she would stop. At first I was frustrated, but once she would start again I noticed how it seemed to heighten the sensation and make it more intense. She stood up and walked over to the dining room table. I was so intrigued I couldn’t help but follow her. I guess I did the right thing.

She pushed the chair out and said, “Justin be a good boy and sit here so I can give you your dinner.” I did as I was told and sat down. She stood beside me, removed her boots and unbuttoned her jeans. She slowly and seductively peeled them off her curvaceous body. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I was glad she didn’t have a lot of hair on her pussy. It was cut very short and shaped perfectly.

“Could you turn around please,” I asked sweetly. I just wanted to see her body now that she was free of her jeans.

“Don’t you want to wait until I take off my shirt? “she asked.

With that said Simone shimmied out of her top and dropped her bra on the table. Her breasts were round and firm, gravity had yet to get a hold of them. They were natural, no enhancement done and I swear they were perfect. The nipples weren’t quite pink, but not brown either, somewhere in between. Her caramel skin was smooth and unblemished. She had a belly ring that accentuated her flat abdomen. She turned around slowly for me, I sighed at the beauty of her body. I couldn’t help but stroke my dick as I watched her.

Simone climbed up onto the table and sat spread eagle in front of me. I got an up close and personal look at her pussy. It was amazing. I saw how wet she was since her pussy seemed to shine. She placed both hands on my head and pulled my face towards her juicy center.

“Now if you eat everything on your plate, I promise I will give you dessert.” She said as she leaned back on her elbows. I buried my face deep in her pussy. She smelled like peaches and tasted just as sweet. I licked her from her clit to her ass and back again. I sucked and çekmeköy escort licked and sucked and licked. Simone moaned softly and whispered words of pleasure.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Eat this pussy, eat it all.”

I couldn’t seem to stop. Now usually I don’t really eat pussy. I never really enjoyed it, but Simone’s pussy was different. So I ate and ate and ate. My face was soaked with her juices and still I kept on going. I swear I could’ve drowned she was so wet. I used my fingers and my tongue.

I was stroking her g spot with two fingers and used the fingers on my other hand to rub her clit, while licking her with my tongue. I guess the clit rubbing was her undoing. She grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my face deeper into her pussy as she came all over my face. Her body was racked with spasms and I just savored her flavor. My dick was near bursting with all the pent up desire. Simone rolled onto her belly and slid off the table. She sat right on my dick. She was so wet and tight, I could’ve came right then.

She wrapped her legs around the back of the chair and used her arms for leverage. She rode me hard and deep. Her ass jiggled as she bounced on my cock. I grabbed it and squeezed. It felt so soft in my hands.

“Damn baby, you really know how to fuck a brotha.”

“Keep going baby, you know how I like it.”

It didn’t take long for me to bust. I pulled out and squirted cum all over her ass cheeks. My body shook and shivered with each second of release. It felt like I was cumming forever, there was so much. I leaned back against the chair, out of breath and sweating. I closed my eyes and when I finally opened them, she was gone.

I was sitting in the restaurant with all my boys staring at me. I was sweating and panting. My dick was hard, but I was fully clothed. I was embarrassed and speechless.

“Man where did you go? Josh asked.

“Are you alright?” questioned David.

“Here drink some water.” Rob said handing me a glass.

I took the water and excused myself to the men’s room, hoping no one would notice my arousal. One I was in there, I looked at myself in the mirror. It was then I realized she was a fantasy that didn’t come true. I hadn’t even spoken to her. I thought about going outside to find her but I realized that reality would never live up to the fantasy. I decided to save that one for a rainy day. I splashed some cool water on my face, dried off and went back to dinner with a smile on my face, trying to come up with an explanation for my odd behavior. “Let them wonder” I thought to myself.

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