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It had been a long day, and Catalina was looking forward to her date with John all through work. He picked her up promptly at 6:30 and they were off to dinner. The food was pretty good, but nothing particularly grand that night at one of their favorite local restaurants.

John hadn’t seemed too interested in talking tonight, so Cat just let it be. They had been dating off and on for a little over 6 months now, things seemed to be getting into a somewhat dull rut for the two lately. Catalina was thinking of breaking off the relationship yet again, but only because she didn’t feel like they were having fun any more. Nothing new would come up. She would find out that night that John had been having similar thoughts of boredom. However, he had also been brewing a solution to that very problem.

As they neared the end of their meal, the waiter approached the table and asked if there would be anything else for the two. “A dessert plate perhaps?”

John suddenly grinned wickedly at Catalina, and then casually replied, “No, thank you sir, just the check, please.” This somewhat surprised Cat, because John almost always ordered a dessert, with the sweet tooth that he had. She was wondering now what had kept him so quite and pensive all night long.

When they reached home, John dimmed the lights in the living room and turned on the stereo with some jazz that he had apparently slipped in earlier.

Cat knew something was up, because it had been an awfully long time since John had ever prepared anything romantic for her. She had to admit to herself that she was quite enjoying it, though. She stood in the entryway as he quickly lit up a few candles on the coffee table by the couches.

“Shall we dance?” he asked, holding out his hand. She grinned and replied in tone, “Why, yes, thank you.”

Just until the end of the song they slowly danced in a small circle of the living room. She had her head rested on his shoulder and was beginning to feel that spark of romance and anticipation grow inside of her.

As soon as the song came to a close, John whispered in her ear: “Would you like a massage? It seems like you had a hard day at work, honey.” She answered only with a soft nod on his shoulder, then moved to sit sideways on the couch.

John took up position behind her and began kneading her neck muscles, taught from the day. John gave great massages, but really seemed to be at the top of his game tonight.

Catalina became butter in his hands as he worked out every kink and sore spot upon her back. “Let’s get this out of the way.” He said casually, tugging at the fabric of her dress. She didn’t hesitate for one second in removing the item, wishing only to get right back to her back’s sensual spots.

With the dress gone, Cat had only her white bra and matching thong panties. She was a good looking girl, with average curves, and amazing thick auburn hair which hung now over her collar bone so as to give John better access to her shoulders and neck. It hung just between her C-cup breasts now, ending in slight curls right in the middle of her chest.

Catalina’s large, almond-shaped eyes were the feature that caught most people’s attention, though. At that moment, however, they couldn’t be seen because they were rolled back into her head with the delightful dance of digits John was playing upon her neck and ears.

He began to intermittently add kisses upon her back, shoulders, and neck while he rubbed. Cat couldn’t help but begin to softly moan with his kisses. The mood of the situation alone was good enough to get her fires going, and the massage was icing on the cake.

Soon John found black snow izle her ear with his tongue, one of her weakest spots. As he toyed extremely lightly with the curves of her ear, she could feel waves of chills and twinges passing down her body to every extremity.

This was more than she could have hoped for in the date tonight. The tongue running down the outside line of her ear became almost too much for her to bear. She whipped around suddenly to face John, whose face showed that he was quite startled with her quick movement.

“Okay.” Was all she said as she lunged for him, grasping him by the back of the neck and sealing her lips upon his. It was a long, passionate kiss that showed her appreciation of him in every way.

John pulled away slightly, holding up one finger. “We can’t forget about dessert.” He said, again flashing that devilish grin of his at her.

She immediately thought that he was ruining the mood, and her switch was turned to ‘off’. As he went towards the refrigerator in the next room he began unbuttoning his shirt and slipping off his shoes.

Each piece of his clothing was a part of a trail which led to the kitchen. Cat sat patiently on the couch, reveling in the heat of her warmed muscles on her back. It felt so good to be completely relaxed.

When he returned, John was holding a few items in his hand. A banana which appeared to be frozen, a bottle of squeeze chocolate sauce, and a can of whipped cream.

“So what’s for dessert?” she asked, assuming he meant to get the ice cream still from the freezer, along with some bowls and spoons.

“You are, my sweet.” He replied in turn. Once again, her switch had immediately pointed in the opposite direction to on and fiery.

Setting the items on the coffee table next to him, John knelt in front of Catalina in only his boxers. As she turned her body towards him, his hands gently guided her legs to either side of him while his mouth made a beeline for her neck and jaw line.

Slowly teasing her, John was quite good at getting Cat worked up. In no time again she was slightly moaning her approval of his actions. His fingers slipped down her back and unsnapped her bra, pulling it off without removing his lips and tongue from her upper chest area.

As his face began working south towards her cleavage, one hand massaged a breast, the other reaching for whipped cream.

“Gasp! That’s cold!” Cat cried as he sprayed a lump of whipped cream over one nipple. Her back arched with the sensation, showing off her figure.

John’s lips went hungrily to work on her nipple beneath the white mound, which was now at full attention and begging for his tongue upon it. The motion was repeated with her other breast, only this time she was prepared for the cold. Her hands went to his hair as he feasted upon her wonderful tits.

John had been planning this for the entire week, and knew just how it would play out. His hands wandered to her panties as his mouth worked over every inch of titflesh before him.

As he slid the white thong off, he noticed how her folds glistened in the low light, showing off her wetness to him. She was ready to be taken, and his member was standing straight up, thinking the same. This was not the plan, though, he thought, as he once again flashed Cat a very mischievous glance.

It only took him a moment to peel the banana, which was still very frozen. With one hand, John encouraged Catalina to spread her legs wider, while the other guided the banana towards her slit. As she looked down to see what was conspiring, Cat became slightly nervous.

“Um, bling empire new york izle what are you doing, sweetie?” she asked.

John looked her in the eye then and simply stated: “This.”

With that he jutted the frozen banana’s end into her pussy, sliding in incredibly easy with the wetness of her folds. Once again Cat gasped, but this time for different reasons.

The banana was fairly large, and she had had no preparation for it, as well as the fact that it was frozen. The cold sent a shiver through her body, while the feeling of being penetrated also coursed throughout her. It was a strange combination of sensations, but she decided that she also liked it.

John had put the more curved end of the banana into Cat’s hole, leaving the straighter end pointing outward and upward, towards his face.

“Look at it. Do you feel powerful with your new dick?” he said.

John wasn’t normally this blunt or forthcoming, and Cat liked the feeling. Her body was still attempting to deal with the coldness, and so she simply nodded to him yes while biting her bottom lip. She had a look of lust then in her big brown eyes, and John caught every moment of it.

The snap Catalina heard told her what was coming next. The bottle of chocolate sauce was then in John’s hands angled down at her ‘food-for-cock’.

There was perhaps a little over 4 ½ inches of banana protruding from her pussy, and it seemed to take forever for the chocolate to reach her as it dribbled down the center of the shaft. When it finally touched, another wave of sensation took hold of her.

He had heated the sauce, and so it was quite warm when it connected with the top of her vulva, just below her clit. She let out and audible sigh with the warm intrusion, biting once again on her bottom lip.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” John asked, leaving the chocolate to dribble down onto her. Cat was still shocked with his new methods of foreplay, but was too lost in her own pleasure to make any real decisions right then.

“Yes.” She said timidly.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you.” John replied with his hand cupped to his ear.

“Yes.” She repeated slightly louder.

“Sorry, one more time, I’m not sure I know what you want.”

“Suck my cock, John!” She said forcefully then, and it was all he needed.

The intensity level had just turned up a few notches and this was going to be good. John always had wondered what it was like for a girl, and he thought this might be a good way to find a little of that out. Besides, he hadn’t had his dessert!

Down onto the makeshift shaft his mouth went, slurping the chocolate syrup off. He was surprised at how quickly he seemed to pick up the art, but figured it was because he’d been on the receiving end of a few.

Up and down he rhythmically moved, bringing a hand to hold the base in her pussy, and rubbing the chocolate onto her clit as well. John’s motions made the banana slide slightly in and out of Cat the entire time, pressing a spot on the top walls of her netherlips that she had not felt before. Cat threw her head back and concentrated on the feeling, not wanting to lose it.

Catalina’s hands instinctively grabbed hold of John’s hair tightly and began to thrust towards him.

He was right! She felt powerful with her new dick, and she wanted to show him! John was prepared for the assault, however, and had been practicing in private all week for this.

He had mastered the relaxation of his throat muscles, and could take it all straight in. A bit more of the shaft had slipped from her bollywed izle pussy’s grasp by now and so he had a sucked down more than he originally thought; but John got it all in his mouth, rubbing his nose on her chocolate-covered clitoris.

Cat couldn’t hold back any longer and let out a ferocious grunt with her powerful orgasm as John was impaled on the banana.

“Oh John…” was all she could muster after that, still gripping his hair, but he was again backed off of the banana, swallowing the tip that he had bit off as he left it.

As John slipped the now thawed banana from her crotch, her juices began flowing freely onto the couch, mixed with chocolate sauce.

John dove for it face first, gobbling up as much as he could muster, sloshing and reveling in her tastes and smells combined with the residue of the chocolate banana.

Cat began convulsing with the effects of multiple orgasms strung one after another from John’s tongue hungrily attacking her womanhood. John then stood up off his knees and dropped his boxers.

“Where do you want it?” he asked, standing in the buff directly in front of her. She was still feeling very sensitive in her pussy, with aftershocks still occurring, so she replied by leaning forward and taking him in her mouth.

John’s shaft was solid as a rock by this time, and she loved the way it felt sliding past her lips. She grabbed the whipped cream canister and sprayed a line along the length of his mast. The cream was gone from site in a matter of a second, though, when she plunged onto his cock, enveloping the entire thing and sucking the whipped cream right off.

John grunted with the feeling of the cold cream sliding off his cock by a tongue cold from a loss of blood flow. Chills were flowing freely throughout his body.

In their time dating, Catalina had learned to tell when John was close to climaxing. When she saw him approaching that point, she pulled off him, with a new idea.

She was no longer quite so sensitive, and she wanted to feel him inside of her. She craved the feeling of his meat pounding into her bosom.

“I want you to fuck me raw, and when you have to cum, I want to swallow it all.”

John liked the sound of this, and was ready to jump on her right then and impale her.

“Stop. One more thing…” She purred.

Grabbing the chocolate syrup, she stuffed the top of the bottle into her cunt and squeezed. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the warm syrup coated her inside walls. John was quite turned on by the show. She then put the bottle down and got on her hands and knees on the couch.

Chocolate syrup and pussy juices oozed from Cat’s sex as she reared her ass towards him in anticipation.

“Now, fuck me good, John.”

He needed no more encouragement as he buried himself to the hilt within her confines. The slick, warm chocolate created a new sensation, and was quite enjoyable.

With every pump they both could hear a *Schluck sound, and more chocolate would ooze onto John’s balls, Catalina’s thighs, and to the couch. Both were soon moaning and groaning as John pumped furiously into her from behind, holding her hips for support.

“I’m……Schluck….going…… Schluck……to……..Schluck……cum…. Scluck…soon…Schluck” Catalina yanked herself off of his stiff pole and whipped her face around to meet it, engulfing the entire shaft with her hot tongue and breath.

John could not resist cumming with such an onslaught of pleasure. His load that he had been saving for this night burst like a volcano, erupting in Cat’s mouth, which was now, rimmed by chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

On she sucked, until he was too tender to take it any more. She swallowed every drop, mixed with the chocolate, and then licked the sauce from his sack.

They both laid sideways on the couch, smeared in chocolate and whipped cream, exhausted. “Damn, honey, that was some good dessert!” John stated, hugging her close to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32