Desire On The Highway

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The long road ahead was looming in front of her. Mile after mile of monotony.

She left the Choke and Puke on I-75, headed south. This was the run she dreaded the most. Detroit to Florida, with one overnight stop to sleep.

Her rig was loaded with new cars. Cars she couldn’t afford on her salary. Luxury cars for the well heeled in Florida. Snowbirds who moved to a warmer climate to escape the long cold winters of the North.

She turned on the radio to keep her company. Thirty minutes later when she reached Toledo, it began to rain, and it rained hard. “Damn,” she said out loud, “The weatherman was right. This will be a long trip!” The traffic through Toledo was always heavy this time of day. The rain and the traffic would put her behind schedule. She would have to make it up further on down the line.

Time passed. She reached for her thermos of hot coffee and poured a cup. The Country Western station on the radio blared with songs of cheating and heartbreak.

Her mind began to wander. It took her back four years, to when she and her husband decided to call it quits. They had no children. She had wanted a family. It just hadn’t happened. It’s just as well, she thought, kids have to go to school and we both drive a truck for a living. They parted friends, even saw each other a few times after the divorce. She missed him and she sure as hell missed the intimacy! It had been a long , long time since she’s been with a man. Getting her life in order after her divorce had been a priority, but now loneliness was setting in, and more then once she found herself looking over the other drivers at the truck stops. She was 46 years old, in the sexual prime of her life, and doing without.

“What the hells wrong with me,” she said out loud. “Your horny, Nancy. That’s what’s wrong with you!” She reached over and turned off the radio with a hard snap of the wrist. “Damned songs anyway.” Looking in the mirror at her reflection, she smiled. “Your a damned good looking woman for your age. Why are you alone?” Answering herself, she said, “Because you choose to be, that’s why. Yeah, well maybe I can un-choose to be.”

Three and a half hours later, Ohio was behind her. “Time for a potty stop,” she said to herself. Laughing, she said, “I sure as hell talk to myself a lot.”

She pulled into the Kentucky Welcome center.

After taking care of business, she walked around out side for a few minutes, stretching her legs. The rain had stopped, but looking at the darkening sky, she knew it wasn’t over. The wind was picking up and she could feel electricity in the air. Better get back on the road and haul ass, she thought, I have to make it to exit 139 near Knoxville before I stop.

She walked around her rig, inspecting. Satisfied that everything was as it should be, she climbed in the cab, put it in gear, and once again was back on the highway, settled in for the duration.

Once again her mind wandered back to her ex-husband, but this time she remembered the happy times, especially love making. He had been a wonderful lover. She remembered how good he felt. How good he made her feel. How he smelled. How he tasted. How he drove her mad with his mouth and tongue. How he loved how loud she was when she had an orgasm. He told her more than once, how much it turned him on when she let herself go wild in bed. When she moaned and whimpered when he did those Escort Ankara special things to her body. He had always made sure she came more than once, before he entered her. She smiled to herself, recalling how large he was, long and thick, filling her. She felt herself growing wet. “Dammit! Stop this Nancy,” she said aloud.

She flipped on the radio, trying to distract herself. It wasn’t working. The next song was …their song. Chances Are..Johnny Mathis. The song they danced to at their wedding. The song they were dancing to the night he proposed. He held her close to himself, kissed the side of her neck, and whispered the words into her ear. “Nancy, will you marry me?”

“Yes Marcus, I’ll marry you.”

Her wedding night That magical night. The night she found herself remembering over and over again lately. They had made love until the wee hours of the morning. They couldn’t get enough of each other. He had asked her to stand in the middle of their candle lit bedroom, while he slowly undressed her, one piece of clothing at a time, stopping to kiss her lips gently, with each piece he removed. When she was completely nude, he walked around her, admiring his new bride. “Your so beautiful, you take my breath away,” he said.

He stood behind her, lowered his head, and slowly, and gently, kissed each side of her neck, running his hot tongue up and down the length. His hands roamed her body. down her arms, to her hips, back up her belly, finely coming to rest on her breasts. Each hand caressing them, weighing the fullness of them, his thumb rubbing the nipples from side to side, as they grew hard under his touch. She laid her head back on his shoulder as he whispered, “ I want to make love to you Nancy. I want to make you feel things you never felt before. This is our wedding night and I’m going to make it special. A night to remember.”

He stood in front of her then, looking into her eyes, as he took off his clothes. Her eyes lowered to his growing cock and he heard her gasp. When he held out his hands to her, she placed her hands in his, as he led her to the bed, his eyes never leaving hers.

He asked her to lay down in the middle of the bed. When she did, he stood and gazed at her, taking in each delicious curve of her body. Her lovely face was what first attracted him to her. Her long black hair lay flowing across the pillow. Her breasts were full and firm. The pink nipples were hard and inviting him to suckle and nibble. He looked at her hips and her slightly rounded belly, then down to her shapely long legs. His gaze went back to her face, to her eyes that were filled with desire.

She watched him looking at her. She looked back at him. Looked at his handsome face, his broad shoulders, thick chest and muscled arms. His stomach was flat with a defined six pack, his legs powerfully chiseled muscle. She wanted him!

He saw her look at his hard and throbbing cock, and heard her suck in a breath.

She remembered his exact words to her. “Are you ready, Nancy, to be made love to like you’ve never experienced before?” She remembered the expression on his face and the look in his eyes. His eyes were filled with love for her and with something else, that she couldn’t define.

He walked to the side of the bed, laid down and took her into his arms. His fingers gently pushed her hair back from her forehead, then kissed, and licked Ankara Escort each eyelid He continued this ritual on each cheek, then her mouth. He didn’t just kiss her. He made love to her lips, brushing them ever so slightly at first, with his , then licking each with the tip of his hot tongue. After what seemed like an eternity, he increased the pressure , his lips fully on her’s now, but barely there. She felt herself growing wet.. He deepened the kiss, holding her close to himself. She moaned when he began to tongue fuck her mouth. His tongue darting in and out ….in and out….as he pressed his hips against her body. She felt his hard cock on her thigh and her hips came up to meet his. He groaned.

She heard herself sigh outloud, as the rain began. “Nancy, you better stop this and keep your mind on the road.” She turned the wipers on and re-adjusted herself in the seat. “Damn! I’m wet. Shit!”

“Marcus…..Marcus…..what happened to us?”

A few miles down the road, the swish….swish….of the wipers lulled her back to that night. Back to Marcus, and the delicious things he introduced to her on their wedding night. His mouth kissed it’s way to her waiting breasts. He devoured them! Kissing, sucking, nibbling, licking. His gentle hands squeezing, kneading each swollen orb. She arched her back to give him better access. She was so hot! Her pussy lips were engorged and swollen. He moved down to her stomach, kissing, his hot tongue darting in and out along the way. He stopped when he reached her mound and spread her legs wide.

It was raining harder and she turned the wipers up. She was in the middle of a convoy now. The weigh station was 10 miles down the road. What I wouldn’t give to have a man beside me right now, she thought. She tried occupying her mind, but it kept returning to that night.

He spread her legs wide, laying with his head between her legs, he used his fingers to spread her lips, then his tongue licked her from bottom to top and back , again and again. She had never felt anything as soft and hot as what he was doing. His tongue explored every crease…..every inch of her. He tasted her clit…..then nibbled it, driving her crazy. Her hips were thrusting and her breathing increased. Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it any longer, he stopped and told her to lay perfectly still. She did. He used the thumbs on both of his hands to pull back the hood of her clit, then laid his tongue on it and held it there. His tongue felt like a hot poker. It prodded every nerve fiber in her clit. He had been right! This was something she had never experienced before, hadn’t known this ecsquisit sensation existed. It put her over the top. She screamed out his name, her legs stiffened, and her hips came off of the bed, the sensation lingered. She hung suspended for longer then she ever had before, then her body convulsed as wave after wave over took her. She was so overwhelmed she began to cry out of pure pleasure. He held her close as she came down from the highest high she had ever been on. She loved this man like she had never loved any man before.

When her breathing returned to normal, her hand reached down to hold his hard cock in her soft hand. She gently fondled his balls and he sucked in his breath. She kissed her way down his chest, over his stomach, to his waiting cock. She looked up at him and his eyes were closed, in Ankara Escort Bayan anticipation of what was to come. Holding his hard cock upright, she dipped her warm, wet, tongue inside, to taste him, then licked from root to tip, all the way round, before wrapping her lips around his shaft, and sliding her mouth all the way down, taking all of him to the back of her throat. He began to thrust his hips, throat fucking her, and thought he had died, and gone to heaven! When she felt his balls tighten, she stopped, climbed on top of him, sat on is cock, and rode him. His hands came up to her breasts as she leaned forward and he took her nipples into his mouth, one at a time, sucking hard, biting them. The harder he nibbled, the faster she rode him. She was wild! Sweating, bouncing, screaming, her clit rubbing with each of his thrusts, until she came again. He felt her inner muscles grab him with each wave of her orgasm. He thought he would go out of his mind with need. When her orgasm subsided, he told her to get on her hands and knees. She did. He entered her from behind and fucked her hard and fast. Harder and harder, knocking the breath out of her with each thrust. Just before he came, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back like they were animals. He dove inside of her faster and faster until his balls hurt from slapping her ass, then he exploded, shooting his hot cum all the way to her cervix. She felt the heat and each spurt, his hard cock throbbing inside of her. He collapsed on top of her. They lay tangled together until they could breath and speak again.

“I love you Nancy” he said. ‘I’ll never forget this night, as long as I live.”

She clung to him, never wanting this moment to end.

It didn’t end. His cock was still rock hard. They made love many times that night, their bodies hungry for each other. He taught her everything he knew.

When they were fully sated, he told her that he knew of a Medicine Man somewhere in Texas, that taught couples how to reach an ‘inner orgasm’…..that was reported to be eight times greater then any orgasm they had ever had. He said that someday, on a run to Texas, he was going to find the medicine man and learn how to find the inner orgasm.

The weigh station was the next exit. She pulled off and waited her turn in line, while listening to the CB. She heard a voice that grabbed her immediate attention. Flipping the switch on the CB, she said, “Is that you Marcus?”

“Hey Nancy. Damn, it’s been a long time babe. What are you doing here? Where are you headed? Are you at the weigh station?”

‘Yes, I’m third in line now. Are you here too?”

“Yeah, I’m two down from you.”

“I’m on my way to Florida,” she said. “Going to stop at the Pilot, exit 139 near Knoxville for the night.”

“So am I, Nancy. Want to meet up there? We can catch up on what each other has been doing.”

“I’d like that, Marcus.”

A few minutes of silence, then he said, “You remember that Medicine Man I told you about?”

“Yep,” she replied.

“ I looked him up, Nance. I know the secret, but haven’t tried it out since he taught me. You have a bunk in that rig?”

“Sure do, Marcus. There’s room for two.”

“I’ll meet you there, Hun. Damn, it will be good to see you again,” he said.

“Looking forward to it, Marcus.”

Other truckers began to join the conversation. Hooting and hollering, inviting themselves.

She told them to kiss her ass. They said, they’d like to.

After weighing in and getting the go ahead to move on out, she did. Not long after, she heard a horn behind her. It was Marcus. He followed her all the way to exit 139.

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