Desert Gas Station

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Desert gas station

Cory was driving his 2002 Toyota Avalon on the I-10 freeway not far from Desert Center.

It was 4pm on a Sunday in the middle of July and the temperature outside already reached searing 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

The highway stretched from horizon to horizon and the endless desert had only cactuses and rare chaparral scattered here and there with mountains faraway to the right and left.

The sun was blinding white in a bleached blue sky without a single cloud, and the heat haze looked like a lake a quarter of a mile ahead of car.

The line “It never rains in Southern California,” came to Cory’s mind from the song, reminding him of his hopeless life but giving him a hint of chances.

The A/C in Cory’s car was broken and the only way for him to avoid a heat stroke was to open all the windows allowing hot hurricane winds to blow through the vehicle at highway speed and to drink plenty of water.

That wind reminded Cory of a giant hair dryer blowing directly at him full power. His gallon water jug, purchased at last stop forty minutes ago, was almost empty.

The guy was happy to see a sign, “Gas station 5 miles.” So, he pressed the accelerator even harder trying to cover that distance as quickly as possible.

Cory was twenty-one. He graduated from high school a few years ago as a grade-C student but he didn’t have any plans for the future or any job as yet.

He still lived with his sister, her newborn daughter, a stepfather and two younger stepbrothers in a three-bedroom apartment sharing a bedroom with the boys.

Cory’s mother had been hit and killed by a stoned SUV driver several years ago, just when pot was legalized in California.

All her legacy consisted of the old car, inherited by Cory, tons of oversized woman’s clothes for his sister and three hundred dollars on her checking account instantly spent on her funeral.

Their town was very small, and Cory’s stepfather worked as a Motel-6 manager supporting the entire family.

The only job available for Cory was a part-time position of maid at that motel, definitely not appealing for a young man.

So, Cory was still looking for a better position. However, with no big enthusiasm meanwhile, was living on Food Stamps, rent free in his stepfather’s apartment.

More employment might be available in Blythe, a bigger city nearby where Cory had attended a high school. However, he didn’t want to go back there after the incident at the graduation ceremony which was still fresh in Cory’s memory and gave him a lot of pain.

When the official part of the ceremony ended, a group of them stood outside the auditorium discussing their future plans. Their valedictorian Don bragged as he got a President’s scholarship at UCLA and was going to study there for free.

Don had asked Cory about his plans.

Cory shrugged saying, “None yet. But I’ll be looking for a job.”

Don’s girlfriend Sarah glanced at Cory, giggled, and said, “You might want to drive to Hollywood and apply for a movie star position. They will be happy to hire you for the role of a new Terminator.”

That sounded sarcastic as Cory was seriously overweight with small grayish eyes on his large fat face, and he didn’t have a movie star appearance.

Large hips, small biceps, and folds of fat on his chest gave Cory female appearance with his huge belly reminding one of an eight-month pregnant woman.

Don laughed loud, pointing his index at Cory, and asked, “Sissy, who would hire such a gal like you?”

While Cory with his white tender skin and dozens extra pounds might not have typical masculine appearance, he always felt manly having nothing feminine about him.

Don’s remark sounded very embarrassing. Especially when girls standing around giggled and whispered loudly, “sissy, sissy,” to each other.

Cory was almost a foot taller than Don and more than fifty pounds heavier. So, he had never been bullied by Don before, as by any other bullies at high school, who were afraid to deal with Cory.

Since the school was just over once and forever, Don, one of the worst bullies in their class, decided to take his chance and abuse Cory at least verbally, making him miserable.

Being extremely upset, Cory punched Don with all his strength into solar plexus, and when Don bent in pain, Cory kicked Don’s jaw with his knee, instantly crushing it.

Certainly, Cory was angry. But he didn’t expect Don’s jaw to be so brittle and break so easily.

Don dropped on his butt gasping for air with bulging eyes saying nothing for about five minutes and just wincing with excruciating pain holding his chin.

Then he got up at his feet, pulled his cell phone and dialed 911 mumbling through his broken jaw that he was just badly assaulted and needs a police officer and ambulance.

When Don finished talking to the operator, he turned to Cory and said with hatred hissing through his teeth and spitting blood, “Fucken sissy, you’ll rot in jail. My father is a lawyer, bahis siteleri and he will book you there for your entire fucken life.”

Cory was scared with Don’s threat, and he said, “I’m sorry. Can you forgive me? Please don’t press charges?”

Don said, struggling with pain but giggling, “I see, you already wet your pants, sissy. Ok, I’ll forgive you if you kneel in front of me, admit you are a sissy and kiss my feet.”

Cory was very afraid of jail. He knew how abusive that place was and what other inmates could do with a young man.

So, he did what Don ordered him to do by kneeling, kissing Don’s shoes and begging, “Don, please forgive me.”

Don laughed, and with his jaw still hurting, lisped, “You didn’t say you are a stupid sissy, and you must call me your master.”

Cory kneeled again, saying, “Master Don, please forgive your stupid sissy and don’t send me to jail,” kissing Don’s feet one more time.

Don said slightly kicking Cory’s forehead, “Ok. I’ll tell a police officer that I’m not going to press charges on you. And now fuck off out of here.”

Cory drove from school to his hometown with a sense of shame and hatred and intended to never see his former classmates again. They all were witnesses of his humiliation.

Those memories were still fresh in Cory’s mind giving him a lot of pain.

He snapped back to the present as he pulled into the gas station parking in front of the convenience store and went inside. His T-shirt and running shorts instantly got wet soaked with his own sweat in the fierce heat.

Cory filled up the biggest cup with Coke at soda fountain and drank half of it. Then refilled again and went to the register for checkout. He was fourth in line and looked around waiting for his turn.

The store had nothing remarkable in it. It had a grill with hotdogs and coffee pots close to the soda fountain. Then a few coolers with soda bottles, juices and beers and several racks with bread, groceries, automotive stuff, and over-the-counter medications.

The freezer with ice cream, pizza slices and other frozen stuff was near the counter with a single register at the front door. There was a large microwave on the counter next to the freezer.

The cashier was a tall man looking between fifty and sixty with a small grey beard wearing a black shirt. His head was almost bald with his remaining hair having a grey color. He was chatting with a customer buying cigarettes trying to upsell him a few lottery tickets and some small California souvenirs.

“Hi. How are you?” asked the cashier when Cory came to him and handed over a five-dollar bill to pay for his soda. “Do you need some gas?”

“Thank you. I don’t need anything besides this soda. My name is Cory and I’m your new coworker. Today I was interviewed by Jessica, the store owner, and was instantly offered with this job.”

“Glad to see you, Cory. Welcome to your new job. My name is Bill and by the way, you can have that soda free,” he said.

“Free soda, coffee and hotdogs are included as benefits with this job. You can also take any leftover pastries, fruits, and other perishables after store closing at ten.”

“Thank you, Bill. I’m not hungry. Will you start my training now? Jessica told me I’ll have my first work shift tomorrow morning at six.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. We’ll work together tomorrow, and I’ll show you everything. In an hour or two you will be working like a Pro,” said Bill smiling.

Cory had gotten the job totally out of blue. He was taking out trash in the morning, and one paper from the junk mail accidently fell to his feet.

Amid tons of ads from GEICO insurance, DUI lawyers, grocery stores, pizzerias and other local business Cory saw the following:

Gas station attendant FT+OT

Health insurance and accommodation

Must be 21+ for alcohol sales

Tel. xxx-xxx-xxx

As Cory was searching for a job, he looked at the date on that paper and found, it was three weeks old.

Nevertheless, without much hope, Cory called the number and listened to the recorded voice message. It described a position of a CSR at the convenience store on I-10 in the middle of nowhere about sixty miles away from Cory’s hometown.

The work schedule included six days a week Monday to Saturday with eight hours shifts switching with another employee. A personal room onsite was provided to each employee for free.

The message ended with suggestion, “If you are interested, please leave your name, phone number and we’ll call you back.”

Cory left a message with his phone, hung up and went to the kitchen to grab a snack. He got a call back in less than a minute.

“Hi, Cory. My name is Jessica,” said a pleasant female voice. “I’m the store owner. Are you interested to work there? The place is remote with nothing interesting around it. But we offer good payment and benefits.”

“How much will I get?”

“I pay a minimum wage for forty hours and one-and-half canlı bahis siteleri for eight hours of mandatory overtime on Saturdays. So, together you’ll have much more than at similar position in the big city.

Also, you’ll have mostly no expenses besides health insurance premiums.”

“How?” asked Cory.

“You can live onsite for free sharing a three-bedroom-apartment with your coworker. Each of you will have your own bedroom and the third one is reserved for me. But I typically don’t live there. So, the entire apartment is yours.”

“I usually come in on Saturdays delivering merchandise and helping with restocking. Then I work sixteen hours shifts on Sundays to cover your day off.”

“Are there any grocery stores or restaurants around?” asked Cory. “The food at the convenience store is very expensive and I guess yours is not an exception.”

“The closest facilities are in Blythe with about fifty minutes of driving. But you’ll have free hotdogs and other food as much as you can eat. So, there is no need to spend money unless you smoke or drink.”

“No, I don’t,” said Cory with slow thoughtful voice contemplating if he wanted that job at all.

“Oh, sorry. I almost forgot. Are you at least twenty-one?”

“Yeah. Why are you asking me?”

“The job includes sales of alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets. So, the store attendant must have that age to meet the law.”

“Ok,” said Cory and asked, “When will you make your decision about me?” remembering his earlier interviews, when hiring managers promised to call him back, but it never happened.

“Are you ready to start tomorrow?” asked Jessica with hope in her voice. It sounded like she was desperate finding somebody to work for her business, considering three weeks passed after the ad.

“Sure!” answered Cory without hesitation. He was happy to move out from his step-relatives, sister and a little niece constantly crying every night.

“Ok,” said Jessica. “The job is yours. Please arrive onsite tonight and ask Bill. He will help you with accommodation and training. Then I’ll come on Saturday, and we’ll complete the paperwork for your employment.”

Finishing his conversation with Jessica, Cory threw his clothes to a sports bag and put the rest of personal belongings into a large empty carton box from paper towels. Then he carried them to the exit from the apartment.

“What’s that?” asked Cory’s stepfather watching a TV in the living room.

“I’m moving out,” said Cory.

“Ok. Goodbye,” said a stepfather turning back to the TV again.


The store door opened and a large crowd of passengers from the tourist bus entered the store. Some of them walked to get drinks and snacks while a few others formed a line to buy cigarettes and other over-the-counter stuff.

Bill instantly got busy. He nodded to the door behind the counter saying to Cory, “Your room is through there. Please make yourself at home,” and continued helping customers.

Cory asked for a key and got an answer, “There is no key. It’s open.”

Cory walked through the door and storage room to the staircase and then to the second floor where the stairs ended directly in the living room with a sofa, coffee table and a large flat-screen TV on the wall.

The room had three doors to bedrooms. One of them was locked and the other one was apparently occupied by Bill. The third bedroom was vacant, and Cory surmised it would be his.

So, he entered that room and looked around. It had a twin bed next to the window, a nightstand, and a closet. One simple chair and a dresser were last pieces of furniture there.

The door had a small deadbolt inside and no lock.

Cory dropped his sports bag on the floor, lifted blinds and looked outside. The landscape was dull and boring with only desert stretching to the horizon and a large bird flying high in the sky under the searing sun.

The guy was happy he was finally alone. He got out of his sweaty clothes and staying completely naked walked through the living room to the bathroom.

Cory opened a “cold” faucet and waited for a couple of minutes until water temperature dropped from almost boiling point from the solar heat in the pipes to something more tolerable. Then he stepped into the bathtub under the shower.

Cory was happy as his sweat was washed away and the heat surrounding him from the last hours had disappeared.

The wall over the bathtub had a large mirror reflecting Cory’s body and he looked at himself.

He was tall with a lot of fat under his thin white and saggy skin. The folds on his chest were large and reminded him of female breasts with large nipples.

The hair on Cory’s head was curly red including a thin strip of beard, but the rest of his body was almost hairless.

Cory’s penis was small and limp at that moment, and his pubic area showed only light traces of thin short red hair.

Cory touched his nipples with fingers and massaged them, before slightly pinching them. He felt like a light electric canlı bahis shock coming from his nipples down to his penis, which instantly popped up. His nipples became hard and aroused as well.

The appearance of Cory’s chest reminded him of a young girl with fully formed boobs and hard erect nipples.

The feeling was pleasant. So, Cory pinched his nipples harder enjoying that sensation more and more.

The guy got horny and smiled to his reflection in the mirror rubbing his testicles and squeezing his flesh under them with fingers.

Cory took a shower head and pointed water stream to his crotch adjusting the stream for higher intensity. He felt the water massaging his privates making his entire body tremble with pleasure.

Cory turned off the water, wiped himself with a towel and walked naked back to his room locking the deadbolt.

He took out a blanket and laid on the bed sheets with his face up placing two pillows under his head.

Cory was happy that he was alone in his room, and nobody would bother him for hours. So, he resumed rubbing, pinching, and jerking his nipples playing with them harder and harder.

Cory experienced pain in his nipples from his actions. But that pain was pleasant and exciting, and he couldn’t stop intensifying his efforts.

Cory was circumcised. His small dick became rock-hard pointing upwards with large drop of precum fluid forming on its tip.

Cory grabbed that fluid with his index and put it into his mouth. The fluid was slightly salty with an exciting musky smell making the guy even hornier and producing more of such fluids.

He grabbed the next drop of fluid and smeared it on his nipples making them slimy. It made massaging them easier with growing intensity.

More and more fluids were flowing from Cory’s penis, and he continued smearing and massaging them on his nipples or eating them and enjoying their taste.

Cory always enjoyed playing with his body and tasting his own juices. However, living with his relatives, he almost never had enough privacy for that. And now he indulged in it without any reservations.

Cory grabbed a small towel and rolled it into the form of sausage putting it on the chair. He sat placing his perineum and testicles along that roll. He started lifting his body relaxing pressure and then applying its whole weight back on that towel also grinding and massaging his perineum with it.

The volume of secretions from guy’s penis increased. The fluids became cloudy, slightly thicker, and their taste became more intense.

Cory continued his exercise, more and more feeling he was close to orgasm without even touching his penis and he couldn’t stop.

But the orgasm he was trying to achieve eluded him and the whole process became exhaustive after about an hour of hard efforts to cum.

Cory still didn’t want to touch his penis and masturbate. He knew, it would ruin his arousal and make his fluids look gross to him. But finally, he came to the point where no fluids were produced anymore from his genitals and his arousal vanished.

So, Cory got up and put on a fresh T-shirt taken from his bag. He placed the rest of clothes into the dresser, still staying bottomless.

Living his entire life in desert climate, Cory enjoyed air circulation around his body, never wearing underpants. But he was shy of his obesity hence wearing extremely oversized T-shirts covering his huge belly and breasts.

He liked to be bottomless if privacy was available or at least going commando in baggy shorts if not.

Bill was not expected to be back until ten at night. So, Cory decided to remain bottomless until that time.

He pulled the collar of his T-shirt and sniffed his body in it enjoying the whiff of musky smell from dried up fluids already smeared on his nipples. That gave him a subtle but pleasant hint of sex and excitement.

Cory walked to the living room, found a remote and turned on a TV. He quickly realized it had no satellite or cable connection and only a dozen of free over-the-air channels were available from the outdoor antenna.

Three or four of them were analog channels in Spanish with bad static apparently coming from Mexico. All the channels though were boring and full of commercials.

He clicked the “Input” button several times and found that the TV had a Chromecast device connected to it.

Interesting, thought Cory as he had used a Chromecast before to stream videos from his cellphone.

He tried to do the same and watch Pornhub or Xvideos.

The building had a free Wi-Fi without password and Cory quickly connected to it. However, to his disappointment, the speed of Internet was painfully slow turning any video into a slideshow refreshing frames once in ten seconds and spending most of the time buffering.

Why the hell is such slow Internet here? thought Cory. Then having nothing else do, he decided to take a nap lying completely naked in his bed.

Cory instantly fell asleep and saw an angel coming to him in a bright shining tunic.

The angel’s body and face looked androgynous, and Cory couldn’t figure out their gender.

“Hi, Cory,” said the angel, “let me fix your ruined orgasm. Can you lay on your back and spread your legs as wide as possible?”

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