Desert Delight

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Big Dick

It was one of those blast furnace Saturdays in Nevada. Everywhere, people sought out air conditioners, pools, basements, shade trees, dark rooms; any place that might offer a few degrees of cooling. The heat lay on the land like a blanket.

For her part, Shelby had escaped the heat by strolling to her neighbour’s place for a morning swim, doing some shopping in the air conditioned comfort of area retail stores and relaxing at home. After closing down all the blinds and turning up several fans and ceiling fans, she had blissfully spent the day lounging naked around the house. She’d even popped in and watched a DVD of one of her favourite movies, 9 ½ Weeks, with Kim Basinger.

Watching the steamy erotica, Shelby pondered her upcoming date with Steven. They had been out several times and Shelby found herself incredibly attracted to the older man. He was just a few years older than her 32, but seemed more confident and self-assured than most of the younger men she had dated. He also had many more interests than the younger guys who usually hit on her, and had seen a little more of the world. Unfortunately, his interests had seemed a little short on the physical side; which Shelby attributed to a relatively recent crash of his last long-term relationship. The thing was, when he gave her a good night kiss, the feel, taste and sensation of his lips had lasted long afterward.

Tonight, Steven was to pick her up and hit the road. He had planned a picnic in the desert and Shelby had decided to take matters more into her own hands. Possibly it was the effect of the full moon slated for that night, but Shelby felt it was time to move their relationship along.

On the other side of town, Steven was anticipating his picnic with Shelby somewhat apprehensively. He had been with Suzanne for quite a few years and had put up with her career-first mentality for too long. Everything to do with her career in real estate, it seemed, was more important than their life together, and that had taken it’s toll. At some point, Steven had decided, it was simply more important to live life to the fullest, and the hell with work, career, money. They had enough money, but there was often something missing between them.

When he’d hit 40, things exploded for good. He decided to cut back on his hours at his construction company; take on smaller projects, spend more time on leisure activities. Suzanne, of course, had refused to follow suit; fearful that any reduction in work hours would drop her from the A sales list at the office where she worked.

Three months previously, after Steven had traded in his sedan for a Jeep YJ and his golf clubs for fishing equipment (Suzanne claimed he was experiencing a mid-life crisis) and had driven off to Colorado for an angling excursion, Suzanne had packed up his things and left them in their garage. She’d had the door locks changed and that was it. A swift, decisive break; no questions, no confrontation, no arguing, no more couple.

After a couple of weeks of living in a funk, Steven realized what had been missing between he and Suzanne was the passion they had once shared. What had once been passion had turned to habit. And, rather than existing in a blue mood, Steven had found himself embracing his new-found freedom.

That freedom included meeting Shelby, a designer he had hired to decorate a home he had been building. After working together for a couple of weeks on the project, he had found himself daydreaming about the green-eyed, curly-maned divorced mother. He’d been out of the dating game for a long while, but he had screwed up his courage and asked her to meet him for coffee. To his surprise, she had said yes and coffee had been followed by dinners, movies, theatre. In the dark of the movie theatre, Steven had allowed his eyes to play over Shelby’s five-foot-seven body. The large breasts that pressed against her blouses, her firm calves, her curves. At one point, and it was lucky it was early during a movie, a quick hard-on had erupted in his jeans.

Steven had packed what he hoped was an ideal hot-weather picnic feast; a couple of bottles of a very nice Johannesburg Riesling, cold chicken and pasta, and a selection of fresh veggies and dip. Into the cooler, he also slipped a couple of slices of a very decadent cheesecake. Late afternoon now, he had slipped into a pair of khaki shorts, sandals and a white golf shirt. After loading the cooler into the rear of the Jeep, he adjusted the Jeep’s bikini top and drove into the heat to pick up Shelby.

Shelby had enjoyed a long, cool shower and had brushed her long brown locks into a ponytail to keep her neck cool. Spraying a burst of 212 Sexy into the air, she twirled naked through the mist, allowing the scent of citrus, bergamot and rose pepper to settle on her skin. Slipping on pink panties and bra, she then pulled on a creamy cotton sundress which showed off her tan. When she heard Steven’s Jeep outside, she slipped on a pair of sandals and went beylikdüzü escort out to greet him.

“Wow,” was all Steven could muster as he watched her approach. “You look fantastic, Shelby. Time in the sun obviously suits you.”

“Why thank you, kind sir. I’d say it agrees with you as well.” As Steven moved to the passenger side of the Jeep to hold the door open for her, she noted his tanned legs, bare feet in sandals and an overall warm tone to his skin. As Shelby got into the Jeep, Steven again noted her bare brown shoulders, full, firm breasts and shapely legs.

Firing up the Jeep, they headed for the outskirts of town, heading north to a mountainous area where they would be above at least some of the heat. As they drove, they exchanged pleasantries, compared notes on the housing project they were involved in together, discussed the weather, Shelby’s children and life in general.

Steven marvelled at the way Shelby laughed and dismissed many of life’s more serious aspects; costs of living, rising costs of design materials, the price of steak at the grocer’s. He also marvelled at how she proudly spoke of how her children were doing in school and in Little League.

Shelby noticed that Steven really seemed to be enjoying the ride and the conversation. He nimbly handled the steering wheel and shifted flawlessly through traffic. Hot air blasting into the Jeep ruffled his salt and pepper hair and made his shirt billow; at the same time blowing up her sundress, which she had to press down with her hands.

Once out of town, they gained altitude as they moved into the mountains. The air was slightly cooler, which Steven was thankful for, as he could feel dampness at his armpits and down his back. He worried that maybe this heat wasn’t the right time for a picnic date. But, looking over at Shelby, and noticing a light sheen over her chest and cleavage, he thought maybe it was the perfect time. Suzanne would never have permitted herself to be seen perspiring, anywhere, any time. Shelby, obviously, was more uninhibited and far less concerned with what the rest of the world thought and he found that very attractive.

Finally, Steven pulled the Jeep into a parking area at a natural reserve. Turning off the ignition, silence settled onto the scene. A slightly cool breeze flowed over them and birds could be heard chirping in the trees all around.

“Well,” said Steven, climbing out of the Jeep, “what do you think.”

He held the door open for Shelby and she stepped out. Looking around at the mountains, sagebrush and cacti, she thought the view was stunning. “Wow. It’s amazing here. Do you come her often?”

Not wanting to admit he had searched the spot specifically for this picnic, Steven simply said, “I’ve been here several times and I thought you might like it.”

Not sure whether he meant with Suzanne, Shelby fought down a little surge of disappointment. She didn’t want to go anywhere that Steven might have memories of her. “Well, it’s certainly beautiful. And now it’s a beautiful afternoon. As she stretched to relieve slightly cramped muscles from the drive, Steven again admired the way her breasts pressed against her dress.

“Let me grab some of this stuff and we can head to a nice spot I found,” he said. “Then we can relax.”

“Mmm, I could use a little relaxation,” murmured Shelby.

Steven grabbed the cooler and a blanket and they set off along a gravel trail away from the parking lot. After a few minutes of walking, Steven turned off the trail and they moved to a grassy area which looked out over a canyon. The spot, beneath a large tree, was dappled by shade from low branches and felt a little cooler yet again.

“Beautiful,” said Shelby, looking out over the canyon.

“Yes, it certainly is,” said Steven, looking over Shelby.

Steven spread the blanket over the ground, then, taking Shelby’s hand, led her to it. Shelby sat, tucking her legs beneath her as Steven plopped down beside her. Opening the cooler, he pulled out a bottle of Riesling, a couple of glasses and the food. Enjoying the fruity bouquet of the wine as they nibbled the chicken and salad, the pair lapsed into a comfortable silence. All around, birds chirped in the cacti and trees, while crickets began a pre-darkness concert. Shelby had rarely felt so at ease with a period of silence, while Steven was happy watching her nibble and sip.

“Happy?” he asked as he refilled her glass.

“Very. This was a great idea. I needed to have a bit of a break and the food was wonderful, especially the wine. Very nice.”

“It’s one of my favourites. And, if you don’t mind, you look very sexy sipping it.” Steven pushed away the plates and bowls that were between them and moved closer to Shelby. A little cramped from sitting with her legs tucked beneath her, she stretched them out and moved a little closer to Steven.

“Why thank you, kind sir,” Shelby giggled. “And I must beyoğlu escort say you look very fine this evening.” Gazing at him, Shelby was somewhat amazed at how relaxed she felt whenever she was with Steven. There was something about him that she found very… She wasn’t sure what. Calming? At the same time, though, she felt hot for him.

Steven finished his glass of Riesling, then set it down on the sand on the edge of the blanket. Looking into her eyes, he reached down to touch Shelby’s ankle. Shelby neither looked away, nor pulled away, and, encouraged, Steven caressed her warm skin. Running his fingers lightly along her leg, he continued to look into her eyes. As he reached her knee, Shelby shivered a little, but moved her leg closer to him, pushing against his fingers. As she did, her dress slid down to show some thigh, which attracted Steven’s fingers. He touched her so lightly, it was almost easy to believe he wasn’t, and yet, as her skin rose in little goosebumps, the sensation of his touch aroused her.

As he ran his fingers over her thigh, Shelby finally closed her eyes in pleasure. Steven took that as a definite good sign and placed his palm flat on the inside of her leg. Again Shelby moved her leg to meet his hand, spreading her legs a little further apart in the process. Steven now glanced down to catch a glimpse of pink panties as the hem of her dress moved down again slightly. Sliding down the blanket a little, he bent to kiss her knee as he moved his hand back to caress her ankle.

“Mmmm.” Shelby now put her glass down and reached to touch Steven’s hair, running her fingers through it as he kissed along her thigh. Steven’s hand felt so warm on her skin, and his lips so hot as he touched her. Then, with a little lick of her thigh, he sent a little jolt of pleasure through her.

Shelby moaned a little louder and caressed Steven’s face, touching his goatee and palming his cheek. With that, Steven moved away from her legs and closer to her. With a hand to her face, he kissed her lightly on the lips and, as she opened her mouth, deeply kissed her. Their tongues meeting, he reached to slip a dress strap off one shoulder. As their tongues explored, he slipped the other strap from her shoulder. With a hand now at her waist, he moved to kiss her shoulders, feeling her warm skin against his lips. Reaching behind, he slowly pulled down the zipper, kissing his way down an arm as the zipper lowered.

With her zipper lowered and her sundress now loose about her, Steven pulled away slightly to look into her eyes again. It had been awhile since he’d had a woman and he was a little concerned that he might be missing signs to stop or slow. He didn’t want to stop of course; he was now hard and very turned on, but he didn’t want to blow it with Shelby.

Understanding his hesitation, Shelby smiled at Steven, then, sitting up, pulled her dress down to her waist. Watching Steven’s eyes now play over her, she put her hand behind his head and pulled him to her breasts.

Sure of himself now, Steven lightly kissed his way along the edge of her pink bra, squeezing a breast with one hand and breathing warm air through the lacy material. As Shelby put her arms around him, he lowered her to lay on the blanket. Bending, he lay a string of kisses over belly and licked her belly button indentation as he ran over her thighs once again. Shuddering slightly, Shelby looked up as Steven sat up to gaze over her body, a hand resting on her thigh. Wet now, Shelby reached to the bulge in his Steven’s shorts and felt him through the material.

As Shelby’s fingers explored, it was Steven’s turn to moan lightly. Looking into her eyes again, he whispered, “lift your back.” As Shelby arched, he reached to unhook her bra, pulling it away from her breasts slowly, noticing lustily that she had no tan lines. Each firm breast was beautifully, evenly, tanned. Lying back, a cool breeze blew over her, causing her nipples to harden immediately. Noticing, Steven bent to kiss each breast, then lightly lick each firm bud. Suckling a nipple, he reached down to run a hand over a knee. Inching his way up her thigh, she spread her legs and, as his fingers moved to her crotch, he could feel the warm, welcoming wetness of her pussy though the flimsy material.

As he touched her, Shelby gasped and pushed against Steven’s hand, not wanting him to stop touching. Lifting her bum in the air, Steven ever so slowly slid her panties down her legs, again noticing no tan lines and that she was shaved perfectly smooth (wanting Steven badly for some time, Shelby had taken to shaving completely for what she hoped would be an extra turn-on).

Bum still in the air, Steven slid Shelby’s sundress off her. She relaxed back onto the blanket, spreading her legs as she did so, and now, lying completely naked before him, Steven let his eyes roam over her body. “Wow.” Unable to help himself, he ran his fingers along a leg, a thigh, and then, bizimkent escort lightly, ran a fingertip between Shelby’s wet lips. She gasped as he touched her, closing her eyes in pleasure. Slowly inserting his finger into her pussy, and feeling her muscles tighten, he leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned as he touched and sucked her. Running a hand through Steven’s hair, pulling his mouth onto her breast, she felt for his crotch with the other, seeking his hardness. Finding it again, she squeezed him through the material as his thumb touched her clit and sent an almost electric shock through her body. “Oh, God,” she moaned again as his hand thrilled her pussy. “Oh, God.”

Pushing his hand away from her pussy, and his head away from her breast, Shelby took a deep breath then sat up, looking into his eyes as she did so. Kissing him, she reached to his waist and pulled the shirt from his shorts. Then, pulling it off over his head, she kissed and ran her hands over his chest. Scratching his back lightly with her nails, she then reached to his shorts and undid his belt buckle. As Steven looked at her, he smiled and leaned back on the blanket. Needing no encouragement, Shelby undid the waistband button, then pulled down his zipper. Now Steven arched to lift his butt off the ground as Shelby slid his shorts and boxers down his legs.

Now on her knees, she gazed over his body. Steven was well tanned all over, with salt and pepper hair on his chest, which she had seen before, running thinly down to his belly button and to his crotch. Unlike her though, Steven had very distinct tan lines at his waist and legs. But what now excited her more than anything was the sight of his untanned cock standing proudly at attention for her inspection. She looked into his eyes, then down at his cock. Very stiff and thick shafted, with visible veins, the head protruded from his rolled back foreskin. His balls were tight with pleasure. As she took in the sight of him, a clear drop of pre-cum oozed from his peehole.

Reaching for him, Shelby placed the tip of an index finger in the pre-cum, then massaged it around the tip of his cock, feeling his warmth and firmness as she did so. Steven’s head lolled back with pleasure and he moaned. “Damn, that is soooooo good.”

Seeing the smile on his face, Shelby grasped him and slowly stroked. As she felt the heat of him, and the veins against her fingers, she squeezed and moved her hand up his shaft so the foreskin closed over the head, then pulled down to his balls so his head was proudly bared. Steven now watched her handiwork, and began pumping lightly into her hand. “Keep it slow, okay? That feels so good.”

“If you like, of course,” she said, watching his cock as she worked him. As always, she enjoyed the sensation of a cock in her hand; hard yet soft, stiff but pliant. Since giving her first handjob as a teen, she had been an ardent cock enthusiast.

As she stroked him slowly, Steven looked around, marvelling at the deepening blue of the sky and amazed at the situation he found himself in. Suzanne would never have allowed for this situation; she’d have worried that someone would see them, that her cast off clothes would get dirty, that a bug might bite her, that she might look awkward making love on a picnic blanket. Not Shelby, though. She kneeled blissfully bare in the evening air, stroking him with a warm hand, smiling, not caring that he was watching her with lust in his eyes.

As Shelby reached to cup his balls with her other hand, Steven could feel the pressure building and he desperately wanted to enter her body, to feel at one with this incredible woman. Placing his hands on her wrists, he lifted her hands to his mouth and kissed her fingertips. Then, gently, he pushed her back and to the blanket, moving over her as he did so. Looking into his eyes, Shelby spread her legs widely under him and he moved so his knees were between her legs. With her elbows now in his hands, he moved her arms over her head as he stretched over her and touched the head of his cock to her pussy, feeling the wetness of her lips.

With her arms held over her head, Shelby’s breasts strained as her skin was stretched. She lifted her bum to meet Steven’s cock, anticipating and anxious to feel his thickness inside her. His head felt like a hot poker to her lips and she quivered in anticipation. As Steven moved his head into her, she whispered, “fuck me, Steven, fuck me now.”

Obliging, Steven slowly inched his way into Shelby’s pussy, feeling her stretch to accept him, feeling his balls aching with desire. Looking into her eyes as he slid deeply into her, she closed them as she smiled, feeling his head, then his shaft, enter her body. As his balls touched her, Steven stopped, fully inside her. Opening her eyes, Shelby squeezed him and he flexed inside her. “Oh my God,” she whispered.

“I know,” he whispered into her ear, feeling her moistness over his full length. “I know.” Pulling slowly out, Steven again plunged full length into her and she clamped him with her pelvic muscles. She moaned as he began slowly fucking her, deeply in, then full length out. Letting go of her arms, he placed his hands on either side of her body, then bent to kiss her nipples as he fucked.

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