Deny the Reality

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All characters appearing in this work of fiction are over the age of 19.

‘POP!’ and when the cloud of sparkly blueish grey dust clears, a small rat scurries away, squeaking and chittering in terror. Lorna’s frightened eyes dart around the room but Brian is no where to be seen.

“Now that we got that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, I’m Yvette, nice to meet you.” Lorna hardly even looks at the woman as her eyes continue to search for Brian, even going so far as to crane her head as far as she can in an effort to see behind her. “Now now, don’t you worry about him, he’ll never bother you again. Besides, I’m here, everything is going to be alright. You’ll see.”

Lorna turns back to the woman, noticing through her fear just how short she is. Seated as Lorna is, she hardly has to look up to the exotic woman’s pretty face. Everything about her is dark. Milk chocolate skin, dark brown eyes with long black lashes, straight black hair that hangs down past the middle of her back. Even her clothes, black skin tight pants tucked into dark brown leather calf high boots. Dark brown knee length leather coat over a t-shirt that is such a dark purple, it may as well be black. The woman, Yvette, kneels and rests her hands on Lorna’s knees and looks her in the eye.

“I have been searching for someone like you for sometime.” Her hand comes up and fingers Lorna’s long blonde hair before cupping her cheek. Lorna flinches from her touch.

“Mmrruuphmm! Mmmummm mm mmurphhmmm!”

“Shh, it’s okay. Yvette is here now, everything is going to be alright. You’ll see, you’ll see.” And again she plays with Lorna’s hair before gently running her fingers down the swollen purple bruise on the woman’s other cheek. Lorna flinches again, and screams through the tape sealing her mouth shut.

“Mmm! Muurfff mm mmuurffmmfff!”

“At first I wasn’t sure when I saw you in the grocery store.” Yvette tells the bound woman as she begins tracing complicated patterns on Lorna’s bare knee, then copies the same on her other. “Of course with that man, treating you like that all the time, well, of course I had my doubts. I mean, I need a woman with willpower and strength of mind. Not some shrinking violet who cowers at the feet of some… abuser!” Yvette spits out the word then calms and smiles. “But then I thought, perhaps this is exactly who I need. A woman in need of escape. A woman to be reborn!” Yvette smiles at Lorna kocaeli escort bayan while her finger traces complicated patterns a little higher up Lorna’s leg, then again on the other. “Then I watched you stand up to those teenagers the other day, defending that old man. You even helped him with his spilt groceries. Well, I knew then. I knew.” A little higher again up one leg then the other Yvette continues to draw complicated patterns, then onto Lorna’s thighs. Her touch is so soft, almost loving yet Lorna watches with a great deal of terror as it begins leaving a trail of pastel blue light that seems to sink into her skin where it glows before fading.

Yvette shifts again and begins humming softly while tracing patterns on Lorna’s arm. Over the darkened bruise on her forearm where Brian had grabbed before punching her senseless. All up her arm and shoulder, then across the back of her neck. Lorna shivers at the light lingering touch, picturing that blue light sinking into her. Goose bumps form across the nape of her neck and she can feel a heat beginning to build in her chest. For the first time since regaining consciousness, Lorna struggles against her bonds.

“Shh shh, it’s alright.” whispers Yvette in her ear. “I’m here now, everything is going to be alright. You’ll see.” Over Lorna’s right shoulder and down her arm the caress continues. Then the light trails from her fingers begins to take on a pinkish tinge.

“Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!” Lorna screams even though she knows no-one can hear her.

“Ah yes, it’s starting. You may not feel it yet, but you will. You will.” Yvette is kneeling in front of Lorna again, tracing those maddening patterns high up her thighs, using both hands now. The heat in Lorna’s chest slowly envelops her breasts and she gasps in spite of her fear. The dark woman moves in closer, then closer still. Lorna can feel the heat of the woman’s body pressing against the inside of her naked legs and still the fingers never stop. Even through her fear she can’t help moaning as the heat expands, down her abdomen and into her sex. Yvette still hums with a small smile as she begins to draw her complicated, sensual patterns on Lorna’s bare hips and up on her stomach.

Lorna flinches when the finger trace her ribs, normally so ticklish, yet all she feels is warmth flooding her body. She doesn’t understand what is happening or the reactions of her own body. Her nipples are hard now izmit escort bayan and it is difficult to ignore that all this is starting to feel… nice. It feels good, even though she is still bound tightly to a chair in a dark room somewhere unknown. With a shiver, Lorna’s fear fades into the background as all she can do is watch those magic fingers continue to trace their way higher up her body and try not to moan. Slowly the light trails from the woman’s fingers begins to deepen to pale red as they sink into her body. It takes longer for the glow under her skin to fade.

“Yes, you can feel it now can’t you. Yes you can.” Yvette says knowingly. Lorna’s pussy is getting wet as the magic fingers trace their way across her collar bones and neck. Without even realizing it, Lorna lifts her head a little, giving Yvette more skin to caress.

“Look at me.” But Lorna, having lost the last trace of her fear, gives into the desire burning within her and moans, head thrown back in passion.

“Look at me!”Yvette demands as her fingers begin to trace her magic runes into the moaning woman’s breasts. The light trails, now a deep purple take long seconds to fade completely. Lorna, breathing hard through her nose, looks into the dark witch’s eyes and everything but her touch and burning lust is gone. She can’t look away and she doesn’t want to.

The eyes are pulling her in, pulling her in, pulling her in and Lorna doesn’t resist.

“Tell me what you want.” Yvette whispers in her mind and Lorna’s reply is muffled through her taped mouth. The fingers are painting light trails closer and closer, spiralling in towards Lorna’s burning nipples.

“Tell me.” The whisper in her mind is more insistent. “Tell me. Tell me what you want, what you desire. What you need! Deny what holds back your desire and tell me!” Lorna’s muffled pleas take on a new intensity when the fingers begin to move away, their touch growing lighter.

“Mm! Mm! Mo! No! Please!” she begs, “Oh god please! My breasts! Please play with my… OHH!” Lorna shouts her demand then gasps loudly when those magic fingers pinch and twist her swollen hard nipples. The burning desire between her legs intensifies and she wants, needs to be touched further by this woman. She desires this woman. Needs this woman!

“Tell me.” The sultry voice whispers again in her mind as one passionate finger works its way up her thighs gebze escort once more then between her legs and circle her wet sex. “Tell me what you want. What you desire.” The fingers trace her folds then between, into her slickness, up and down, up and down, up and down. “Tell me that which you must have, must do. Deny the reality that confines you and embrace what you so desperately desire! Act upon your need, your burning lust!” And Lorna screams in orgasm as the maddening never stopping magic fingers plunge deep into her and her arms are free as she wraps them around the dark skinned witch and covers her in kisses. Her legs tremble and shake as she crushes the hand between her legs with another orgasm. When Lorna comes back to herself, she is cradled naked on the witch’s lap, the thrill of her orgasms lingering. The chair still sits in the centre of the darkened room but the ropes that bound her are gone. There is no tape. No marks. No bruises.

“Now you see.” Yvette smiles, her hand still between Lorna’s legs, gently playing. “You see what can be done with desire. Now watch as I show you what can really be done.” The lusty witch sings lightly while tracing a glowing rune in the air. The dark room around them and reality itself ripples. Lorna, now clad in sheer white stockings and very skimpy lingerie, lies with her naked lover on a large soft bed in a white room. The sounds of a city far below them drifts through the open window. Still horny, and perhaps charmed, Lorna doesn’t bother questioning what has happened and instead pulls Yvette in close and kisses her long and deep. Her fingers start tracing a complicated pattern on that lovely smooth milk chocolate skin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Her? Are you sure? I don’t know…”

“Her.” Lorna insists as they watch the beleaguered intern juggle a tablet she is trying to type on, a satchel filled with books plus a phone while trying to keep up with the obnoxious bitch she works for. The phone slips from the poor woman’s hand, clattering to the ground. The bitch boss immediately starts berating her loudly. Lorna smiles at Yvette,

“If ever I have seen a woman in need of a change…” Yvette narrows her eyes at her apprentice.

“Humph, you don’t fool me. You just want to play with that… gorgeous… curly…” Yvette catches herself and finishes without so much as a blush, “…red hair as she licks you.”

Oh! And you don’t?” comes the knowing retort. A short pauses as both women picture the scene in their heads.

“Well, I suppose we should at least test her.” Yvette says, a finger against her lips, deep in thought.

“Oh yes, at the very least.” Lorna smiles in agreement.

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