Denny As The Handy Man Ch. 3

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Author’s Note: Thanks to all who took the time to vote & to give me their suggestions. The vote was close so I’ve tried to apply your wishes.

* * * * *

Horror of horrors, there in the opened doorway just about to knock was Mom but appearing right behind her was Maggie – again! How did I keep getting caught in these embarrassing situations? Aunt Bev, of course, still hadn’t seen either of them when she made the comment about her blow job keeping me satisfied until she got home. Both the visitors had however and their reactions were quite different.

Maggie had that all knowing smirk on her face again. She obviously found the tableau playing out in front of her to be quite humorous. My predicaments seemed to be a great source of amusement to her. I, of course, wanted her to see me as a potential playmate but she always appeared at inopportune times. I made a pledge to myself that I would corner her and to try and make my pitch. It didn’t matter that I was successfully bedding other tenants as well as my aunt. I was determined to get into her pants assuming of course that she even bothered to wear them.

That, of course, was the least of my worries as I watched my mother trying to control her emotions because Maggie was still there. Aunt Bev, by now, had seen the look of shock on my face and had turned to stare into the venomous eyes of her sister-in-law.

Maggie must have sensed that there was going to be a scene because she quickly retreated saying that she would come back later to hand in her rent check. Giving me one last look, she disappeared from the door entrance. I wanted to go after her but figured that I too was about to face my mother’s wrath.

Pushing past Aunt Bev, Mom slammed the door and ordered me to stop exposing myself. Looking down I realized that after the blow job, Aunt Bev had jumped up to leave and when she opened the door I hadn’t had time to put my cum-covered cock back in my pants. I groaned again when I realized that Maggie must have seen it as well.

“How could you, Bev? I entrusted him to you! He’s only a little boy!”she screamed.

Bev’s response surprised me with its calmness. “Get a grip, Janet! It’s not the end of the world and besides that, as you could see, he’s not a little boy anymore. And I wasn’t his first woman. You knew that. I just got so lonely like I told you on the phone and he was handy and very randy I might add. Besides that I saw the way you looked at him when you came in. Don’t tell me that that was the look of a concerned mother. It was more like that of a jealous lover but that’s not possible, is it? …Is it? Oh my god, Janet, the look on your face is giving you away! You want your own son, don’t you? Or maybe you’ve already had him? Holy fuck! There’s that look again! You have, haven’t you? You sanctimonious bitch! You’ve fucked your own son! “

Mom had never been good at confrontation even though she was a teacher and truth be told she had always been a little intimidated by Aunt Bev. Now she crumbled onto the couch with her face in her hands murmuring how ashamed she was.

Both of us looked at each other and rushed to console her. Looking at her watch, Aunt Bev said, “Look, Janet, it’s okay. I understand. I’m certainly not able to sit in judgment of your actions, am I. Dennis look after your mother. I’ve got to get to work but we can deal with this mess later when I get home. ” She left us there on the couch clinging to each other.

Finally, Mom had calmed down enough to enjoy our cuddling. In fact, my hands had started to fondle her breasts as I held her. Once I felt her interest growing, my free hand reached under her dress and started inching its way up her stockinged thigh. Leaning back she spread her legs farther apart to allow me easier access to her womanhood. Pushing aside the nylon material of her panties I started to manipulate her love button. The whimpers encouraged me to push my finger between the labia and into the moist canal. When I inserted two fingers I could feel the beginning of her first orgasm.

Turning to kiss me she muttered, “Oh Denny. I’m sorry if I made a fool of myself but Aunt Bev was right. I acted more like a jealous girlfriend. I know you have to have other women but promise me that you’ll always find time for me. I couldn’t live if I couldn’t have you. The last few weeks have been hell. Please Denny, fuck me!”

With these words she spread her lips to kiss me and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. A movie I once saw described this act as ‘sucking face’. I had never really understood that description until now.

While making out on the couch our hands started to divest each other of our encumbering clothes. After ridding her of her dress, Mom now sat necking with me dressed only in a matching set of blue bra, panties and stockings. The bra and panties were next to go although I struggled with the clasp on the bra. Mom finally undid it for me as she wriggled her fleshy pink butt out of the sheer nylon Ordu Escort panties.

Meanwhile her hands kept returning to my now familiar organ and she continually stroked it as she wrapped her fingers around its girth. We laughed together as her hand got caught in my underwear as I tried to divest myself of it and my pants at the same time. Once released my cock pointed at the ceiling. Mom didn’t wait for an invitation, she knelt down on the floor and moved between my knees. Looking up at me she smiled and asked me to tell her what I wanted Mommy to do. Can you believe it? I was lucky enough to have a beautiful woman for a mother but she was asking me, her son, what I wanted her to do.

“You know what I like Mom. Don’t make me beg. “

With that she raised my legs over her shoulders so that my testes were totally exposed. While continuing to stroke my cock she started to suck on each testicle in turn. Then she pushed my legs even higher and started to lick under each ball until she came to my anus. Pausing there she slowly inserted a finger nail until the sphincter muscle relaxed sufficiently for her to push her finger half way in. I groaned in pleasure and pain. Then she touched the brown ring with the tip of her tongue and upon removing her finger, mom replaced it with her tongue. She started pushing it in and out as far and as fast as she could. I was in heaven and started to plead.

“That’s it! Oh shit! That’s fucking incredible! Oh you fucking slut! Suck my asshole you fucking cunt! Oh Mom if you keep that up I’m going to cum!!”

Mom had told me that while she hated that kind of language, it still somehow turned her on. However, she had other ideas and stopped what she was doing and before I could even object had climbed onto my rock hard cock and started to bounce up and down like a pogo stick. Mom controlling the frantic pace of our upwards and downwards motions made the act incredibly sensual. My mouth latched onto one of her breasts and I suckled it like a new-born baby.

Mom meanwhile reached under her ass and got a firm grip on my bouncing balls. Each time I neared orgasm she squeezed them until I recaptured some control. We went at it like this for ten or more minutes all the while encouraging each other to keep fucking.

Finally Mom couldn’t hold her emotions in check any longer and she impaled herself on my whole shaft as she swore at the top of her lungs, “Oh fuck! Fuck me Denny! I’mmmm.. gonna…cummmm!”

I kept on driving my rod into her as she held on for dear life while she tried to recover. Then I lifted myself up and turned her over so that her hands now grasped the back of the couch. She moaned when my shaft slipped out for the briefest of seconds. Now I was in control and I reached under her and played with her swaying tits as I pushed in and out with my groin. Leaning on one shoulder, Mom again reached under my pulsating cock and grasped my balls in her hand. Again she sensed each time I neared my explosion and somehow prevented it. We enjoyed each other for several minutes in this fashion. Again she orgasmed, releasing her own wave of cum juice, but wouldn’t let me join her.

“No you mutherfucker! Don’t cum yet! I want you to fuck my ass! Please son fuck your mother’s ass! Cum in Mommy’s ass!”

Now she was leaning face down on the couch as she disengaged her hands so that she could reach back and spread her ass cheeks as wide as possible. “Use my wetness to oil up your cock, Dennis, so that it will go in easier. ”

Somehow losing your own inhibitions can lead to greater joy. Before sticking my cock in her ass I decided to mimic what she had done so I leaned forward and very tentatively touched her anus with the tip of my tongue. I had never wanted to try this before but now it seemed to be the right thing to do. A couple of women had done it to me so I thought I’d try it. The taste was as gross as I had expected but for some reason the depravity of such an act titillated me even more.

Mom cried out in surprise, “Oh god, Dennis, your father would never do that to me. It feels so wicked but I want your cock in me now!” I was as anxious as she was so I grabbed my dick and started to lather it up.

Sure enough after rubbing my cock in her wetness, I could see the slickness of my cock as it perched at the tiny brown hole that she was offering to me. Ordering me to stick it in her asshole I started to push the head in slowly. She groaned but once again grabbed me by the balls and pulled my cock in tighter. The head finally was in and the shaft followed it easily until I was buried to the hilt in my mother’s rectum. I paused relishing the tightness and then started the equally enjoyable process of drawing it out again.

I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer but I held out as long as I could. The intense feeling was mind-boggling. I felt that my cock was bigger than it had ever been and knew that when I came I would be releasing more cum than I ever had before. Ordu Escort Bayan A couple of minutes later my pace had quickened so that now my balls were slapping against her ass cheeks. Each push in was accompanied by a loud intake of breath as each pull out was met with an outright moan. Finally I was there. It didn’t matter any more that I was ass-fucking my own mother. This could have been any woman. My cock didn’t care. It just knew that its purpose was to release a flood of semen and it wasn’t about to disappoint.

“Here it cums Mom! I’m fucking your ass! I’m going to shoot my cum into you! Here it cummmmms!!!!”

Her ass was so tight but somehow my organ thickened even more as wave after wave of cum shot out of my cock deep into her bowels. Each spasm caused me to thrust even harder into her backside as she pushed back against me. My sexual satisfaction was being forced to its limit but still more semen erupted. Finally we both let out satisfied whimpers and collapsed onto the couch totally satiated. I could feel cum running down my leg when my deflating cock slipped out of her back hole.

After showering and eating with another love making session thrown in between the two, we sat down and discussed how to deal with Aunt Bev. I convinced Mom that Aunt Bev would be amiable to a threesome if we played our cards right and we concocted a plan for that very evening.

Aunt Bev arrived home to a peaceful domestic scene. Mom had cooked up her specialty – chicken parmesana and seeing that things were cool, Aunt Bev breathed a sigh of relief and the two of them shared a couple of bottles of wine. After dinner was over and we had started on dessert and liquers, the two women started to discuss me and what to do about this situation.

As it got later and later, Mom pretended to be tired and she retired to my room after they agreed to continue the discussion in the morning. With her here I was now expected to sleep on the couch. Aunt Bev was a little tipsy and she said that she needed to have a shower so away she went leaving me to sneak into Mom’s room to reinforce the plan.

After waiting until I was sure that Aunt Bev was in the shower I entered the bathroom, disrobed and slipped behind the curtain. My aunt was so engrossed in playing with herself that she didn’t even know I was there until she felt my fingers probing her womanhood alongside hers. Trying to stifle her giggling I stuck my tongue into her mouth and the two of us started to explore each other’s private parts. Soon I was at full attention.

Turning her around so that she faced the wall, I spread her legs apart and knelt down and started to tongue her pussy. The warm spray kept splashing off her back and into my eyes but it did not sway me from my goal. Soon I felt the cool air of the shower curtain being pulled back and looked back as I licked Aunt Bev to see my mother climbing into the tub behind me. Soon she had spread my legs and was once again tongueing my asshole as she stroked my already rigid cock.

Raising one leg to allow her some mobility, Mom then crawled forward until her face was inches from Aunt Bev’s cunt. Barely missing a lick Mom moved forward and took over my task as I backed away from the two of them. We knew that we were only moments from heaven or hell. Once Aunt Bev realized that it was her sister-in-law sucking her off and not her nephew she might explode with indignity and disgust. If she reacted as we hoped she might then the three of us could share what we had.

Soon Mom’s expert tongue brought Aunt Bev to the precipice and she reached back as she was cumming to try to pull my head deeper into her butt. It took her a few seconds to realize that the person sucking her cunt had far more hair than I did and she looked back in shock just as another orgasm hit her.

We knew the answer when she encouraged mom to eat her pussy and make her cum again and again. I stood back with a grin on my face as the two middle-aged women then turned and explored each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues. I had almost forgotten how erotic it was to watch two women make love and I started to jack myself off. Seeing me the two of them simultaneously reached out to take over. Aunt Bev stroked my shaft while Mom fondled my balls and soon I was shooting my cum all over their upturned faces. Both women took turns cleaning my cock as it started to go limp and then they went back to pleasing each other.

Needless to say I was exhausted and I climbed out on shaky legs, toweled off and padded off to my bed where I collapsed into a deep sleep leaving the two women to do their own thing.

When I awoke in the morning I was surprised to find myself alone. I thought for sure that one or both women would have climbed into bed with me. Staggering out of bed on my way to the bathroom I peeked into my aunt’s bedroom and saw the two women locked in a deep sleep with their bodies intertwined.

“Guess the plan worked, Escort Ordu ” I chuckled to myself.

Mom could only stay for 4 days but the three of us made the most of it. The next two nights we all slept together in Aunt Bev’s kingsize bed. Truth be known we didn’t get a lot of sleep. By the third night I had to slip into my own room because they had totally drained me and I was exhausted. Finally Mom left after a teary good-bye and a final fuck.

My chores, of course, had been neglected and Aunt Bev had to start spending more time at work as the winter fashions were starting to come off the assembly lines. After dealing with the usual mundane chores and avoiding Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Johnston, I set about trying to corner my dreamgirl, Maggie, the stripper.

At first, every time I would encounter her in the hallway, on the stairwell or in the laundry room, she would hardly give me the time of day except to make some sarcastic comment like “How’s it hangin’ stud?” or “which one of your harem are you seeing tonight?”

Usually before I could answer she would hurry past me not giving me any chance to respond. I had just about given up when she showed up at our apartment door a week later complaining that her air conditioner wasn’t working. This meant of course that I would finally have a chance to talk to her and in her apartment where she couldn’t run away. I was wrong again. She informed me that she had some business to do and asked if I could fix it while she was gone. Despondent and disappointed, I was left with little choice.

Entering her empty one bedroom apartment, I felt like I was entering a shrine. I took everything in as I scanned the living room. The place you live tells a lot about a person but the condition of your living quarters reveals even more. There wasn’t a speck of dust or dirt anywhere. The flowered couch even had perfectly placed matching throw cushions at each end. There were fresh flowers in a vase on the mahogany coffee table that had 3 perfectly aligned magazines on it. I was surprised that someone as flamboyant as a stripper would have such a sanitized room.

Remembering why I was there I started to look for the air conditioner but I was secretly pleased not to find it in this room. Now I had a legitimate reason to enter Maggie’s bedroom. Just thinking about this being her inner sanctum, started to give me a woody.

The bedroom was a complete surprise. This room was painted a bright red and was decorated with pictures and posters of Maggie’s career. One full sized poster showed her in a revealing gown getting out of a limo advertising the opening of the Roxy theater in Hamilton. Another large poster displayed just her face and chest but her breasts were totally hanging out of a low cut dress.

I went from picture to picture. Each one was a pose of some kind in varying degrees of nudity. Many looked like the kind you see in girlie magazines or on the cover of porno movies. Most were of a younger version of my dream girl but it was obvious that they documented her career.

Wandering from picture to picture brought me to the open door of her closet and I couldn’t help but notice 10 or more pairs of stiletto shoes on the upper shelf and the gowns that were hanging beside her everyday clothes. Looking more closely I noticed that many were sequins but all were low cut both in the front and in the back. I made the mistake of imagining Maggie in one such gown and started to fondle my cock through my jeans.

I was contemplating releasing my organ when I heard “What the fuck are you doing?” from the bedroom doorway. I had become so engrossed in the photos and her clothing that I hadn’t even heard her enter the apartment. God, I was so embarrassed. She had done it again.

Trying to regain my composure I apologized profusely and decided to be perfectly honest with her. If she wanted me to leave I would but only after clearing the air. I proceeded to tell her how I had first seen her at the coffee shop and that I had never been so attracted to anyone in my life. I recounted how I had tried to get her to like me but that at every opportunity I had screwed up.

Fortunately for me she laughed at my choice of words. “Dennis, you seem to be screwing every woman in the building except for me. I’m not used to not being the object of a man’s desire. At first when you didn’t come on to me I thought you must be gay or that maybe it was another sign that I was losing my sex appeal. I am thirty now and that’s ancient in this business. I know I don’t get the gigs I used to get. Then when I caught you coming out of Mrs. Johnston’s apartment I figured that you had an old woman fixation. Later, outside Mrs. O’Brien’s I figured that you were a real prick for taking advantage of her loneliness and that you were a typical male. However, I talked to her in the laundry room one day and she was a different woman. You made her feel pretty and desirable. Even old Mrs. Johnston seemed to beam every time she saw you. She was the one who told me that you had voluntarily given up your summer to help your aunt out of a bind by working here as a handyman. I figured that maybe you weren’t such a little prick after all. That’s when I started to think differently about you. “

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