Delight in My Son’s Best Friend

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My son’s best friend Seth is The Ladies Man of their high school. Seth is 18 years old and 6’3″ about 205 lbs. with beautiful blonde hair and the body and face of a model. He’s was the quarterback of the football team and is a very confident young man. Seth signed a national letter of intent to play college football in the fall at a Big Ten school. Now that High school is ending he is beginning to focus on an exciting college football career.

Seth was also very infatuated with his best friend’s mother (me, Claire Hutton) and had been for quite awhile. I know this because I read it in his journal notebook he left at our house.

He came over to our house one afternoon to study for year end tests with my son Steven. When I was straightening up the front room later that evening after Seth had gone home I came across his notebook. I opened the notebook to see who it belonged to. As I was flipping through the pages I came across an entry dated March 20, 2002 and titled “I Want Her So Much.” I began to read, “Claire looked so seductive today that I almost attacked her right then and there. She came home from shopping and asked Steven and me to help bring the packages in from the car. She was wearing a short black skirt, white silk blouse, black nylons and black high heels. Here breasts were firm and she has a wonderful ass and beautiful legs to match. She carries herself so seductively that it drives me crazy! I wonder what it would be like to be her lover? I would love to see what’s underneath that skirt and blouse. I know I could satisfy every sexual desire she has. She’s always been so nice to me, I wonder how she would react if I made a move on her? I certainly wouldn’t want Steven to know how his mother makes me feel.”

The phone rang and startled me as I was engrossed reading Seth’s notebook, I answered it, “Hello… Mrs. Hutton this is Seth…Hi Seth… Mrs. Hutton is Steven there?… Steven and his father just left for the lake for the weekend… I forgot my notebook in the front room, can I come by and get it?… Sure that would be fine… Thanks, I’ll be right over.”

How would Seth react if I were wearing the same black skirt and white silk blouse that I had on the day he wrote “I want her so much?” I went upstairs and began to change my clothes. I put on my black crotchless panyhose, no panties, my white silk blouse, no bra, short black skirt and black high heels. I brushed my hair, checked my makeup, took one last look in the mirror, unbuttoned a couple more buttons on my blouse and headed down stairs.

The doorbell rang and I met an anxious Seth at the front door. “Hi Mrs. Hutton do you have my notebook?”

“Seth come in, I’m sure we’ll find it.” Seth followed me into the front room where he and Steven had been studying after school. I asked,”Are you’re looking forward to graduating from high school next week.” As Seth scrambled throughout the room looking for his notebook he responded, “I sure am, I’m really looking forward to college this fall.” While Seth continued to look for his notebook I sat down in our high back leather chair. The look of panic in Seth’s eyes quickly disappeared when he turned around and saw that I had his notebook on my lap.

“Sit down Seth,” I commanded. He sat down in the sofa directly across from me. With both of my feet on the floor and his notebook on my lap I raised my right leg slowly and crossed it over my left leg, high on my thigh. His eyes were transfixed on the pantyless area underneath my skirt as I made myself comfortable in the leather chair. “Seth is this what you’re looking for?” I inquired as I raised his notebook in front of me. “Yes it is Mrs. Hutton,” Seth replied. I looked into his deep blue eyes and although I had crossed my legs slowly a few moments, I uncrossed them even more slowly this time as I prepared to stand up and walk over to the bar and pour myself a vodka on the rocks. Again Seth’s eyes were focused and fixed on my nylon covered legs and the crotchless area underneath my skirt as I uncrossed my legs and got up from the chair. I left Seth’s notebook behind on the chair.

“Seth did you know that one of the best ways to seduce a woman is to write about her?”

“No I didn’t know that,” Seth responded. With my back turned to Seth I walked over to the bar and poured myself a drink. As I reached to place the cap back onto the bottle of Vodka, Seth reached around me and grabbed my drink. He was so close to me that I couldn’t turn or move, so I stood their with my back to him. He took the glass to his mouth and proceeded to drink it all. “Now why don’t you pour a drink for youself Claire?” Seth boldly stated. Seth had never called me Claire before he always called me Mrs. Hutton. “Seth, I’m Steven’s mother Mrs. Hutton and I deserve your respect,” I countered. “You may be Mrs. Hutton when we’re around Steven and your husband but right now you’re Claire!”

“Seth what has gotten into you?” I replied. “Claire you’ve been trying to seduce me for the past couple of years and you and I both know it. Steven told me that you’ve been asking about all the girls that I’ve been with in high school and that bonus veren siteler you weren’t surprised to learn that I was a ladies man. I left the notebook here on purpose. I knew that you would read it.”

“No I didn’t,” I exclaimed. “Then why did you change into the outfit that I wrote about? When I was here earlier today you were wearing jeans.” I was speechless and although I should have been embarrassed I wasn’t.

Seth nudged even closer to me and I could feel his swollen member pressing against the back of my skirt covered ass. I reached for the bottle of Vodka and poured another drink. I handed it to Seth and he took a drink and handed it back to me with his right hand. His left hand started to slid up my nylon covered left leg underneath my skirt and up the back of my ass. He gently squeezed my left ass cheek. I took a much needed drink and settled into the thought that we were nearing the point of no return.

“You wrote in your journal notebook that you wondered what it would be like to be my lover and that you know you could satisfy all of my sexual desires,” I blurted. Seth leaned forward and rested his chin on my left shoulder and whispered, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to let your mind and body wander to a place that brings you pleasures that you never knew existed?”

“That sounds too good to be true,” I responded. “Let me take you to that place Claire.”… “How are you going to do that?” I asked. “The first thing you need to do is close your eyes and relax,” which I did. “Now I want you to visualize that you are standing, your breasts are softly caressed by the movement of your silk blouse and your nipples are erect. Your nylon covered legs are separated by the moistness of your sweet opening that is waiting in anticipation. “Are you at that place yet?” he asked me. Standing their my mind and body were totally relaxed. I was aroused and open to the thoughts and pleasures that I never knew existed. Seth’s right hand found its way to my right hip and his left hand slowly started up my nylon covered left leg again.

“I want you to bend slightly from the hips.” he gently commanded. His left hand was now underneath my skirt and gently squeezing my bare ass cheeks that weren’t covered because I was wearing crotchless pantyhose. His right hand gently brushed against my right breast and slowly he began to fondle me from the outside of my silk blouse. “Do you like the way this feels Claire? Do you like the anticipation of where you’re going next? I will take you to that place. I will bring you pleasures that you never knew existed.” I was being seduced by my son’s best friend. Seth had taken control of the situation and I couldn’t stop him! I didn’t want to stop him!

He gently twisted my tender erect nipples, masterfully switching from one to the other. Next he unbuttoned my blouse and as he undid the last button with his right hand the middle finger of his left hand slowly entered my soaking wet cunt. He held my ass in the palm of his hand. I groaned quitely as I was opened up by this sexually skilled young man. Next he removed his right hand from my firm breast and he lifted my skirt up over my hips as I bent forward a little more. “Look at you Claire, you’re beautiful, what an ass! Do you like this? Do you like being fingered by me? Oh, you’re so wet. Close your eyes again, we’ve just begun the journey to that place we’ve been talking about.”

Seth reached around and began fondling my tender firm breasts again and continued sliding his finger in an out of my awaiting cunt. Next he began to rub his wet fingers all over my ass and cunt. He continued and now there was a pool of juices spread over my ass. He continued fingering me with his left hand as his right hand gently pushed my back forward exposing even more of my ass. My ass was now positioned for a better view and easier access. “Wow,” he exclaimed as he looked at my ass. He began swirling his fingers around the rim of my asshole. My asshole was soaked with the juices of my cunt. He continued fingering me with his middle and index fingers on his left hand and he brought his juice covered right hand around to my lips. He gently rubbed his soaked fingers around my mouth. “Taste the juices of the most beautiful cunt I’ve ever seen!” He commanded. I opened my mouth and began sensually kissing his fingers and tasting the womanhood that I was freely giving to my son’s best friend. I was now totally engulfed by Seth. He was doing all the right things to me and my body and mind were in sinc with his.

Seth pulled the collar of my blouse aside and began gently kissing the base of my neck. He continued his beautiful work on my cunt and as our lips met the thumb on his left hand slowly entered my ass. He was gentle and it easily slid into my wet awaiting ass. As our passionate kisses intensified his thumb was now completely buried in my ass. I rocked back and forth as Seth squeezed my tits with his right hand, he tongued my mouth as we kissed and he continued fingering both of my love holes. The pleasure he was giving me was overwhelming. “Oh Seth I’m gonna cum honey, oh yea that’s bedava bahis it, don’t stop, don’t stop.” I exploded with the orgasim of all orgasims. Seth could sense my explosion and for the first time he quickened his motion. He was lifting me up on my toes as my heels left the ground and then came back down. I was being manhandled by this young stud as my multiple orgasims lasted for what seemed like minutes.

I thought we were done until Seth turned me around and took me in his arms. I looked into his eyes and I knew that we weren’t finished yet. I stood before him, my blouse completely open, my breasts were still firm and sensitive to his touch and my cunt tingled with moisture in anticipation of what was next. Seth held my face in his hands as we finished our sensual kiss. Next he forcefully but gently grabbed me by the back of my hair and began to slowly lower me. As I started to go down I ran my manicured and polished finger nails gently down his muscular chest. I kissed and licked his chest and six pack abs as he slowly pushed my head down. Wow!!! There it was, the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Seth had unzipped his pants and his cock was sticking out of the fly of his pants. I looked up at Seth and he smiled at me and said,” Mrs. Hutton suck my cock!”

“Call me Claire, I’m your horny lover not your best friend’s mother, do you understand?” I shouted. “Yes, I understand now suck my cock Claire.” Next he grabbed the back of my head with his right hand and walked is large swollen cock into my wet awaiting mouth. I knelt before my beautiful young lover and made love to his cock with my tongue and mouth. I gently caressed his balls as he stood in front of me. I looked at him and asked, “Would you please take me, anywhere you want in this house, and I’ll suck your hot load of cum from your cock when you’re finished fucking me.”

“Oh Claire you don’t know how happy that would make me.” he answered.

“Walk upstairs and I will direct you on where to go,” he commanded. I still had my skirt on and my blouse was wide open. I looked back glancing over my shoulder and said to Seth, “Let’s go to that place we never knew existed.”

“Turn left,” he commanded. We were heading towards my bedroom. Suddenly he grabbed my shoulders and steered me towards the railing of our balcony. “Bend over, I’m going to eat you out.” he told me. I leaned forward placing my hands on the railing. His tongue started at the inside of my thighs and made its way up to wet lips and juicy opening of my cunt. He sucked my clit and tongued my cunt passionately and intensely. He then pulled away and told me that he wanted me in the bedroom.

“Where do you want me Seth?” I asked. Seth pulled me down from the back of my hair and started fucking my mouth, he buried his cock deep into the back of my throat. As he held my head still I began tonguing his shaft. His balls were pressed against the lips of my mouth. Slowly I began sliding my mouth back and forth around his huge cock. With his long reach, Seth began fingering me from behind while I knelt down on the satin sheet covered bed before him and made love to his cock. “Look at you Claire, look in the mirror, you are so sexy!” Their was a large full length mirror across from the bed that Seth and I could look into and see ourselves. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked me to stay on my knees and face the mirror. As I looked into the mirror I could Seth standing behind me. His cock was hard and stiff. He walked towards me from behind and flipped my black skirt over my hips. Our eyes met in the mirror and we began a sexual conversation. “Mrs. Hutton look at you, you’re a very naughty lady.” Seth whispered. “Seth you are going to have to get use to calling me Claire, especially when you’re about to slid that huge cock of yours into me.” I was positined at the edge of the bed and Seth’s cock and my cunt were perfectly in line so that neither one of us would need to raise or lower ourselves for Seth to enter me. With no further ado Seth slowly pushed forward and I slowly pushed backwards until the throbbing purple tip of his cock and the soaking wet lips of my cunt met. Seth smiled in delight as I welcomed his entire shaft into me. His balls were wettened by the juices dripping from my cunt. We looked at each other in the mirror as Seth began slowly pumping me full of cock. As he continued fucking me from behind his piston like thrusts began to speed up. “Is Claire everything you thought I’d be Seth?” I moaned. “You are the best I’ve ever had and I’m going to empty the biggest load of cum you’ve ever seen into your mouth when I blow my load later!”

“Oh Seth I’m going to cum again, Don’t stop honey, look at me, look at me I’m going to explode all over your cock honey, oh yeh, oh yeh.” Seth was pounding me with his unbelieveable stamina and intensity. He squeezed my erect nipples and my entire body began to quiver. I was experiencing the most mind blowing intense orgasim of my life.

To my delight and amazement Seth pulled his rock hard cock out of my tingling cunt and walked around the bed. “Claire are you OK?” he asked me. “I’m terrific deneme bonus honey. Where do you want me next?” I replied. “I’m going to take you on your husband’s bed and you’re going to experience an orgasim that will make the one you had downstairs and this last one pale in comparison. Go downstairs and pour us a couple of drinks and when you come back we’re going to have the most unbelieveable sex you’ve ever had.”

I poured the drinks and started back to the bedroom. I was anticipating Seth’s next move. As I approached the bedroom I smelled pot. It had been along time since I smoked pot. I walked over to Seth and handed him his drink. He handed me a joint and I took a hit. I exhaled and he told me to hit it one more time and I did. He sat on the edge of the bed and I sat in the sitting chair across from him. The pot was really good and both of us were really high. Seth laid down on the bed and his cock began to get hard again. He gazed over at me and said, “We’re both stoned, why don’t we let ourselves go and enjoy the experience?” I got up from the chair and walked over to the bed. “Seth, I want you to talk dirty to me, it makes me so horny.”

“Mrs. Hutton come over here and suck on this.” I crawled onto the bed and lowered my mouth to Seth’s rock hard cock. He placed his hand firmly at the base of my neck and pulled me down while guiding his cock into my mouth. Next he grabbed the back of my hair and began pushing me up and down on his cock. His other hand found its way to my once again soaking wet cunt. I lifted my legs and straddled him with my cunt positioned above his face. Simultaneously we went at each other. I ate him and he ate me. Seth was a masterful lover and being high only intensified the sensational experience.

After several minutes of oral fulfillment, Seth knelt before me as I laid in the mercenary position waiting for him to take me once again. My ankles were on top of his shoulders and I still had my high heels on. He placed his hands underneath my ass and lowered his stiff prick towards my wet opening. The tip of his cock slowly pressed through the opened lips of my cunt and slid easily into me. I stared into his glassy eyes and told him, “Honey, I’ve never been to the places you’ve taken me tonight, please do it again.” He thrust his cock deep inside me. We wrapped our arms around each other and kissed passionately while our bodies moved in perfect harmony with one another. I was so wet that the juices from my cunt were dripping into my ass. “Turn over for me and look into the mirror again.” Seth commanded. I stayed on my knees and raised myself up. Seth reached around and wrapped his arms around me. I still had my black skirt, crotchless pantyhose, black high heels and completely unbuttoned white silk blouse on. I could feel Seth’s cock pressed against me. He fondled both of my breasts and gently twisted my nipples. Next he flipped my skirt up over my ass. I was still soaking wet and Seth’s cock slid easily inside me again. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you next?” Seth asked. In and out his cock moved coated once again with my wet womanhood. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass Claire!” I looked at Seth in the mirror and smiled as he moved the head of his cock towards my wet tight asshole. With a slow powerful thrust he opened my ass with his stiff rod and slid it deep into my ass. He stopped for a moment and looked at me in the mirror and said, “This is the place that you never knew existed.” He felt so good, I’ve never let anyone fuck me in the ass before. He started slowly and increased his speed as he drove his big cock relentlessly in and out of my ass. When he thrust into my ass the lips of my cunt fluttered and when he pulled back my cunt opened like a door. His balls banged against my wet pussy lips. It felt unbelievable. I was going to cum again. “Oh Seth you’re wonderful, oh yea honey give it to me, fuck me in the ass, oh Seth I’m cumming!!!!!” Seth continued to nail me in the ass as I exploded for the third time that night. This time was by far the most intense and it lasted what seemed like forever! “Oh Claire, I’m going to need that beautiful mouth of yours, I’m just about ready to blow the biggest load you’ve ever seen.Oh yea, oh yea.”

“Oh Seth honey give it to me, I want that cock that I’ve made love with all night, the cock that you’re going to pull out of my ass and fuck my mouth with. Seth’s entire body began to pulsate as he pulled his cock out and hopped out of bed. He stood in front of the mirror and I quickly went and knelt before him. His cock was purple and stiff and his balls were firm and loaded with cum as I took him deep into the back of my throat. He held my head tenderly in his hands and thrust his cock in a piston like motion in and out of my mouth. “Claire, I’m cumming!!!!” My lips were wrapped tightly around his shaft and I braced myself for the inevitable huge load of cum that was coming. One more powerful thrust and Seth exploded inside my mouth. His knees began to buckle as he unleashed his load of cum in my mouth. I sucked down on his cock and slowly pulled my head back moving from the base of his cock to the tip. I increased the intensity of my sucking until I reached the head of his cock. I then began sucking quickly, moving up and down on the tip and head of his cock while I massaged his firm pulsating balls until I had drained my young lover and satisfied his complete orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32