Delicious Inspiration

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I’m still sitting on your lap, my back to you, my thighs straddled over yours. I’m trying to catch my breath. My fingers are coated with my cum, and I can feel you sucking my fingers one by one. I’m watching you in the full-length mirror. I can feel your tongue on my fingertips. I wonder, does my tongue feel that good on the tip of your cock?

I turn in your lap, sitting side ways now. I press my lips against the pulse in your neck, then slide lower flicking my tongue over your collarbone. My fingernails are grazing back and forth over your nipples. I grasp your biceps, and resituate myself on my knees between your spread thighs. My nipples are rubbing against your belly. I press my body tightly against yours, and look up at you. I think to catch your eye, but you’re looking in the mirror.

I turn my head and look behind me. I see myself as you do for a moment. My ass is perfectly framed by black lace thigh highs, the straps of my garter belt and my long silky black hair. I’m flanked on either side by your outstretched thighs. My position is deliciously obvious. I catch your eye in the mirror, and lick my lips. With a naughty grin, I turn back to you.

I lean into you once more, and swirl my tongue over one nipple, sucking it into my mouth, and rubbing the flat of my tongue over it. I gently nibble a path over to your other nipple, my fingers toying with it, then flicking the tip of my tongue back and forth over it, watching it get harder. I suck and bite my way down your belly, then gently breath over the trail of kisses, watching your skin tighten. I swirl my tongue around your belly button, then dip it in and out. I pull my fingertips down your skin, and run them around the waistband of your tuxedo pants.

Unbuckling your belt, I tug it from your belt loops with a snap, then drop it to the floor. I run my lips, open mouthed, along the length of your cloth-covered shaft. I can feel you tense and press against Marmaris Escort my lower lip. I breathe hard against the head of your cock, hearing you gasp as the heat sifts through your pants and surrounds your cock. I tug at the button of your pants with my teeth, undoing it with a twist of my mouth; my hands busy stroking your taut thighs.

I suck the tab of your zipper between my lips, and slide it down. You tense, pushing your muscles, and your cock pushes through the opening of your boxers and slaps me in the cheek. I smile as your eager cock gives me delicious inspiration and give the head a tiny flick of the tongue before I wriggle your pants and boxers down your hips, with your help. You lift one leg and then the other as I remove your pants completely, and throw them to the side.

I feel your hand tangle in my hair turning my head to the mirror. You lean forward and run your tongue over the corner of my mouth, whispering, “Look how beautiful you look on your knees in front of me.” The erotic picture we make mesmerizes me. I feel you gently tug my hair, and I turn back to your cock.

I sit back on my heels, and place my hands on the floor in front of me, sliding myself back so I can reach your ankle with my mouth. I place a kiss on your skin there, and begin to run my tongue up your calf muscle. I gently nip your inner thigh, then turn my head to reach the other thigh. I exhale as my lips pass your balls, tickling the hair on them with my warm breath. I suck the soft skin of your thigh between my lips, running my tongue over the part in my mouth, then sliding the tip of my tongue down to your knee. I nibble my way back up your leg, then nuzzle your balls with my nose. I inhale the scent of you, and part your balls with my nose, pressing the tip of it against the base of your cock. I start to run my nose up the base of your cock, and feel the weight of your balls. As the sack slips between Marmaris Escort Bayan my nose and your cock with a gentle shake, I start waving my tongue up the underside of your shaft, swirling that pulsing vein.

I reach the thick ridge of your head and run my lower lip along the bottom of it. I press my lips together on the underside of your head, then gently press my mouth up and over your head. Letting your head push into my mouth, the ridge is just behind my lip-covered teeth. I suckle around you, slow, gentle, and rhythmic. Pressing my mouth down slowly, the head of your cock slides back across the roof of my mouth. I swallow once, constricting my mouth around you, then continue down your perfectly thick shaft. I feel your cock stretch my lips, as your head slips beyond my palate and touches the back of my throat.

I look up at you with my big brown eyes, and turn my head to the side, causing my lips to twist around your cock and your head to swirl in my throat. Grasping your thighs, I push my mouth down on you firmly and slowly, until I feel my throat expand and take your head. My lips are around the base of your cock now, just where you like them. I turn my head to the other side, my lips swirling a tight circle on your shaft. My tongue is flicking up and down waving inside my mouth on the underside of your cock. and your head is grinding in my throat.

I slide my mouth up your shaft, knowing the cool air is surrounding your wet cock with every inch I expose. I get to the ridge of your head, and swirl my tongue around it and the little tiny hole at the tip. I push my mouth back down, twisting it from side to side as I go. Up your shaft, swirling my tongue over your head and then twisting my lips back down again. I start pulling my lower lip tightly up the underside of your shaft, then pushing my upper lip back down the top of your cock. Up with the bottom lip, down with the Escort Marmaris top, my tongue swirling without stop. Knowing you can feel the cool air and then my hot, wet mouth.

My lips are starting to get swollen, as they rub up and down your cock. I feel your hand resting on the top of my head, urging me to take you deeply as I stroke you with my mouth. I moan on your cock, feeling your shaft jump against my tongue every time I push my mouth down and take your head in my throat. I reach my hand up to cup your balls. They’re wet with my saliva.

I massage them, one then the other. I rub the base of your cock between your separated balls. I feel them bounce against my hand as I rub back further, my mouth a fast, slick blur on your cock. I start jerking your cock with my lips, as I suck a little harder. I make a circle around the base of your balls with one hand and rub that spot between your cock and your ass. Your balls feel heavy as I circle them. I’m milking your cock with my mouth. Your thighs are tensing around me. I look up at you, hearing your harsh gasp as your balls tense.

Your hands are tangled in my hair. I don’t know if you’re holding on or urging me to suck harder. I’m going crazy on your cock, jerking my lips, swirling my tongue, creating a delicious vacuum of slick heat. I can feel you thrusting up into my mouth and know you are close. You know I like the surprise of your cum, so you don’t tell me. I feel you entire body tense, and position my hand so your balls pop through the circle of my fingers.

“Ohhhhhhhh”, I moan on your cock, taking you deeply. Your first spurt of white hot cum slides right down my throat. I swallow around your head, milking it. The next blast fills my mouth, coating my tongue. The texture and taste perfectly sweet and making my tongue tingle. I press my lips tightly around your shaft and jerk up a few more times, taking all of your cum. One last spurt takes me by surprise, and ends up dribbling out the corner of my mouth, down my chin.

I feel your grip on my hair relax, and hold you gently in my mouth, breaking the suction gently around the head of your sensitive cock. I lean against your thigh, and rest, knowing in a few moments you’ll be ready to play again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32