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Author’s note: In a perfect world, there is no disease. This story takes place in that world.

I waited nervously in my car in the parking lot of the no-tell motel at the edge of town. I glanced at my watch…7:16. I was early, which was a mistake because the longer I waited, the more nervous I got. I tossed the latest cigarette butt out the window and it joined its brothers on the ground next to the car.

I wouldn’t be here at all if my wife hadn’t been in Wyoming with her parents. Even though we barely had a marriage going and could probably count the number of times we’d had sex on one hand in the three years since we’d wed, she didn’t know that I sucked dick. Nobody did, especially either of our parents. We’d gotten married as a way to “join families”, an archaic device that sounds laughable now but fit when there was lots of money on both sides of the family involved. If it got out that I preferred sucking men’s cocks over fucking her, then my wife would probably divorce me, which would offend her very Catholic parents. She’d lose her financial lifeline and, of course, once my family found out I was a cocksucker (I reconciled myself to the term long ago), my lifeline would die too.

So, she didn’t know that being late “at work” was really at the local bookstore, where I was on my knees at the video arcade. With her waiting at home, I’d get twenty, maybe thirty minutes of bliss before I had to reluctantly head back.

Her mom had had some kind of health issue, and my wife took a leave of absence from work and flew to help take care of her. I really didn’t have an idea of when she’d be coming back, so I took advantage of the situation. The first day she was gone, I took the entire day off from work and spent four glorious hours getting my fill of cock and cum. By the time I left, smiling, my lips were actually a bit raw. That was also the day I met Rick.

I was also nervous because this was the first time I was actually going to meet someone. Until now, all of my experience was of the anonymous kind, sucking cock through a glory hole or the rare few times I let someone into my booth. Rick was one of those rare ones, and instead of fleeing the booth after he’d cum in my mouth, he stuck around.

Stuffing his limp cock back into his pants, he’d asked me if I did more than just suck dick.

“No, not really,” I admitted. Sucking cock was what I enjoyed, being on my knees servicing a man until he spewed into my mouth. To me, that was the ultimate in excitement. Having a cock in my ass sounded…well, painful.

“I’d love to fuck you,” he grinned. “And I bet you’d love it too.” He handed me a business card. “Call me if you’d like to find out.”

I’d heard that before and never took anyone up on it. I sucked cock, that was it. But there was something in his voice that the others lacked that got my attention. Plus, he had a beautiful cock, about 6 1’2 inches, a little thicker than average, and beautifully proportioned. He was so different from the usual blow-n-go guys that it piqued my curiosity. Not enough that I called him right away, though. It took about a week of the idea rattling around in my head before I pulled his card out of my wallet and called.

He immediately knew who I was, and suggested meeting at a motel on the outskirts of town. I wasn’t familiar with it, but I figured I could find it. He said to meet him there at 7:30.

I didn’t quite know what to do to prepare to have my cherry popped. My wife had problems with constipation and we had plenty of enemas, so I figured that cleaning myself out would be a good idea. I tried to imagine the full feeling I got doing that with the idea of being filled up with cock, but it really didn’t excite me as much as I thought it would.

The buzz of nervous excitement made it impossible to stay around the house so I drove to the motel, getting there 45 minutes early. So instead of walking around nervously in my house waiting, I waited nervously in my car.

7:22. A car pulled into the parking lot and slowly drove towards me. There were only two other cars there, and mine was the only one with someone in it. The car pulled into the spot next to mine and Taşağıl Escort I saw Rick at the wheel. He had a smile on his face as he stepped out of his car and walked over to mine.

“I wasn’t sure you’d show up,” he said through my window.

I gave him a nervous smile, but didn’t have any words to respond with. In fact, I was about ready to give in to my nerves and leave. Before I could follow through on that thought, however, he opened my car door and held out a hand to me. “C’mon.”

I let him help me out of the car, and was surprised that he didn’t let go of my hand. I mean, if anyone saw us it’d be blatant what we were there for. Two guys, holding hands???

He led me to the motel office, opened the door for me and gently pushed me inside. The transaction to get a room only took a few minutes, with Rick paying cash and the clerk barely taking his eyes off the TV set on his desk. We left the office, went by his car to pick up a bag, then walked down to room 4.

As soon as we were in the room, he tossed the bag on the bed then put his arms around me. He was taller than me, so when he pulled me close my head was pressed against his upper chest. “Nervous?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

He released me, then pulled his shirt off. I could see where the muscles of his youth were slowly turning into flab, but it didn’t turn me off any. Just the opposite, in fact, since his chest was really hairy and that attracted me for some reason.

(I guess I should get the descriptions over with. Hi, I’m Sam. I’m 26, 5′ 8″, and about 110 pounds. Yeah, skinny…I’ve been that way my whole life. I’ve got longish brown hair and I’ve been told that my two best assets were my blue eyes and my bubble ass. Rick, on the other hand, was well over 6 foot, probably weighed about 230 or 240 pounds, and had what I guess would be rugged handsomeness. I found out later that he was 49 on that day.)

“You’re gonna love this,” he grinned as he kicked off his shoes and socks, then dropped his pants to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and his cock was already half-hard.

When I saw his cock, my nervousness evaporated. He had barely stepped out of his pants before I was on my knees in the middle of the motel room, leaning forward to take him in my mouth. Before I could, though, he stopped me.

“Wait,” he said, moving around me and sitting on the edge of the bed. He pointed to the floor in front of him, and I knee-walked over between his legs. This time when I bent down to take him in my mouth, he didn’t stop me.

I love sucking cock. Well, if I wanted to be technical about it, I loved making men cum with my mouth. The sensation of a hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth is wonderful, but the feeling of it throb between my lips and spew man-juice was my goal. My highest excitement was when the first hard blasts of cum hit the back of my throat.

“Hey, slow down,” he cautioned as my mouth furiously went up and down his shaft. “We’re in no rush.” I slowed my movements.

“That’s right,” he said, with a bit of a groan in his voice. “Slowly. I’m gonna cum in your ass, so there’s no need to get in a hurry with your mouth.”

I’d never been coached on sucking cock before. I knew what I was doing, how to get a man off with my lips and tongue. But, I’d always been in a hurry before. He directed me: twirl my tongue around his cockhead. Take it deep until the the tip bumped up against the back of my throat. Run my tongue down the shaft. Lick and kiss his balls. Look up at him while his cock slid slowly in and out of my mouth.

Part of me began to get impatient for his cum, my reward. Another part of me was enjoying pleasing his cock this way. It was almost like I was worshiping it, making love to it.

After several minutes, he gently pulled me off of his cock. “Get those clothes off and get on the bed, baby,” he said.

“Maybe I can just finish you this way?” I suggested. I felt like staying in my comfort zone.

“That’s not why were here,” he grinned, hooking his hands in my armpits and urging me upward. I stood, slowly disrobed, then climbed onto the bed on my hands Taşağıl Escort Bayan and knees.

“What do..uh, how..” I stammered.

“Just lay on your stomach,” he said, reaching for the bag next to me and pulling several items out.

I laid flat on the bed, my face pushed into the blanket and my arms at my side. Was he going to just climb on top of me and shove his cock in? My anxiety rose until I felt a slick finger press lightly against my asshole. I clenched involuntarily.

“The key to good sex is being relaxed,” he murmured. His finger traced around my asshole, the prodded it slightly. I concentrated on relaxing, but it was difficult.

I jerked a bit when first his fingertip, then his finger slowly slid into me. Again, the clenching, but after a minute I had started to relax again. I realized that he had his whole finger inside. It wasn’t that bad, I thought, as his finger slowly slid in and out of my virgin ass.

That thought changed when he pulled is finger out, and two pushed back in. There was a flare of not-quite-pain and again I jerked.

“Relax,” he said softly.

He kept pushing the two fingers into me and I found that if I concentrated, I could relax some. The more he finger-fucked me, the more relaxed I became. It was almost becoming enjoyable.

Then, unexpectedly, a felt a new sensation: his teeth, gently biting my ass cheek. “Oh!” I said, surprised. My dick, which had softened some when he first started opening me up, throbbed back to full hardness. I had no clue that I liked my ass bitten like that.

Gently, his fingers withdrew and his mouth stopped biting and kissing my ass cheeks. I felt him lay on the bed next to me, and looked over at him.

“You on top first,” he said.

I was confused. Did he want me to fuck him? That wasn’t part of the deal, or even anything that I was interested in. I gave him a blank stare until he said, “Ride my cock, baby.”

Oh. Understanding, I got up on my hands and knees then straddled him as he poured lube all over his cock. He grabbed my ass with both hands, maneuvering me over his hard shaft.

“Just go down as far as you’re comfortable with,” he said.

I felt his cockhead press against my asshole. I lowered myself a millimeter or two, feeling him spread my asshole open a bit. I went a little lower until there was a flash of pain. I started to raise up off of him, but his grip prevented me.

“Just wait. It’ll pass,” he said. There was a hint of lust in his voice now.

True to his word, the pain died down. I lowered myself, again stopping when it began to hurt, just as his cockhead was fully inside me. I felt stretched…he was a lot bigger than two fingers.

He groaned slightly as I lowered myself, waited, lowered again. After what seemed forever, I could feel his body against my asscheeks. I did it! I had a man’s cock completely in my ass! My ass wasn’t a virgin any more!

I don’t know where that exultation came from, but I was quite pleased with myself. There was still pain, more of an ache really, but being filled with his cock and my asshole stretched open actually felt…good.

“Ok?” He asked, his hands sliding from my ass up my sides.

I nodded, not wanting to trust my voice. I was ok, better than ok. Feeling so full and so stretched was the most incredible feeling I’d ever had.

He pushed up against me, grinding his cock into my ass. That felt good. I raised up a bit, then sank back down. That felt better. I raised a little higher, came down faster. Even better.

Pretty soon I was fucking myself onto his cock, a slow rhythm of rising and falling. His hands found their way to my nipples, playing with them, pinching them softly. That added to the pleasure.

He grinned up at me. “You ready to be fucked…really fucked?” he asked, one of his hands sliding down, grasping my dick and softly stroking it.

I realized I could cum right then and there, but I was afraid that afterwards the nervousness would return and I’d want to stop. I nodded.

“Get on your back,” he said, his hands pushing me up away from him. Reluctantly, I raised myself Escort Taşağıl up off his cock, then fell over to my side. Quickly, he rolled onto his side then raised to his knees, moving between my legs. He grabbed my ankles and put them on his shoulders and pushed his cock back into me HARD.

“Uhhh,” I grunted. The pain of reentry hit me, but it wasn’t bad enough for me to ask him to stop. As his cock slammed in and out of my asshole, he kept up a running dialog.

“Fuck you’re tight…You’re gonna walk funny when I’m done with you. I’m gonna fuck you so good all you can think about is getting my cock back in you…”

My dick throbbed at his words and the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of the ring of my ass. Why hadn’t I done this before? Feeling a bit submissive, being underneath him as he took his pleasure from my ass, was as exciting to me as feeling a man throb in my mouth and spill his seed onto my tongue.

“Fuck me,” I groaned, surprised that I’d actually voiced what I was thinking. My hands found his hips, pulling on him to make him go deeper, harder.

“I am fucking you,” he said, his tempo increasing. “I’m fucking your tight little ass. The ass that’s going to belong to me. The ass that I’m gonna fill up with my cum.”

His thrusts were getting so violent that I could feel my ass cheeks jiggle every time he slammed himself into me. It was another unique sensation that I really, really liked.

There was a hungry note in his voice when he said, “Ahhh…here it comes, baby…gonna fill you up proper…” With that, he slammed himself hard into me and I could actually feel his cock throb inside me. In my minds eye I saw the cum shooting out of his cock, coating my insides. It was almost enough to push me over the edge, but not quite.

He strained against me, his cock spewing and pulsing deep in my ass, then relaxed with a shudder. Gently, but trembling, he pulled his cock out of me. I could feel the wetness of his cum drip down the crack of my ass.

He released my legs and collapsed on his side next to me. “On your side,” he gasped. I rolled away from him, scooting towards him until I felt his body pressed up against my back. His hand went between us, and I discovered that he was still hard enough to slide back into me.

As he pumped gently into me, his hand grabbed mine and placed it over my hard dick. My hand went around it, and he guided me to jerk myself off as he slowly softened in my ass. Before he was soft enough to fall out of me, I had the most mind-blowing, intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I think my cum actually shot past the edge of the bed and onto the floor.

I drifted in the post-orgasmic bliss, feeling his warmth against my back, his arm draped over me and holding me close against his body. Honestly, I was so sated that I could have easily drifted off to sleep.

After a few minutes, I heard him say from behind me, “Well?”

Unseen by him, I smiled. “Wow,” I replied, hearing him chuckle in response.

“So, would you like to do this again?” he asked.

I pulled away from him and turned onto my back. I gave him a look of consternation. “NOW?” I asked. While it was incredible, not being incredibly excited had allowed the ache in my ass to be noticed. I thought I’d need a day or two to recover from what had just happened.

He laughed. “No, not now. After cumming as hard as I did, I don’t think I’d be able to get it back up. But another time, like tomorrow.”

“I’m not sure about tomorrow,” I replied, “but you’re definitely going to fuck me again.”

“Told you you’d like it,” he smirked.

I rolled onto my side facing him, and he rolled on his back. We laid there, my head on his shoulder, my hand gently grasping his soft cock, for a long time before we reluctantly got up, took a shower, and dressed.

“Is it safe to call you?” he asked, glancing at my wedding ring. “I’m assuming she doesn’t know.”

“No, she doesn’t,” I replied, wishing I wasn’t wearing a wedding ring and could go home with him. “It’s safe for now, she’s out of town for a while.”

“Well, let’s hope she stays gone for a long while,” he said. I gave him my cell phone number and added him as a contact.

I had a smile on my face on the drive home. Every bump, every pothole, made my ass ache wonderfully and remind me that I’d just gotten fucked and fucked good. I hoped my ass would recover soon, because I really wanted him to deflower me again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32