Deepika’s College Life Ch. 08

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I am sorry for the lateness of this chapter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get time to write the story. The next few chapters may take time too, but I will try to get them in as soon as possible. This chapter is a bit smaller than the others. I am currently editing the next chapter and hope to get it out soon. I want to thank the people who enjoy story so far, and feel free to give your feedback. This is a continuation of the story of an NRI, Deepika, while in India. To fully enjoy the story, read from “Deepika’s college life, chapter 1-2.” Whenever any character is not speaking in English, it will be in italics within the quotations. If it’s just Italics alone, then it will be a phone message. Everyone involved in any sexual activity is at least 18 years old. I hope you enjoy the story. (Again, I wasn’t sure what category to put this on.

Chapter 7 — Hostel Torment

The 4 girls laughed at the sight. Deepika started to panic. What if someone else heard the noise, or worse, actually saw the metal balls fall out of her vagina?

“Um I gotta first head to my room. I have to drop off my bag there.”

“Priya is out right now,” one of the girls, Madhavi giggled. “Looks like you’re stuck with us.”

“Put that back inside before someone sees it,” another girl ordered. “Just be happy most of our batch mates gone home for the holidays.”

Deepika squatted down to quickly pick up the balls and inserted in herself. While holding it in, she stood up, and let her inner muscles hold it as tight as possible. She then walked slowly towards the female group, making sure balls did not fall again. The rolling sensation however made her pause at times. She wanted to keep the ball stationary as much as possible. She finally entered the hostel. Thankfully the matron was absent. Finally indoors, the Bihari girls felt Deepika did not need the shirt. One had a pair of Scissors and started cutting up her only source of decency. She was then made to walk up the stairs naked and her hands to the side, while the girls taped the whole thing on their phones.

Every time the balls fell out, she had to start from the entrance again. This went on for 20 minutes. Each walk was torturous as the next. Her wet cunt made it easy for the balls to slip. She had to stop just to squeeze on the balls to stop them from falling off.

They planned on playing this off as some punishment permitted by the seniors, in case any of the girls asked. Last week the Tamil girls made one of them slide across a soapy water covered floor, in her underwear, then do a strip tease, for not addressing the seniors as sir or ma’am. A few months back, one of the Telugu girls had stay in the elevator naked from the bottom floor to the top. Deepika, had no knowledge these things happened.

Most of the students were gone for the long weekend. Anyone who stayed behind partied throughout the night, and was asleep. Deepika was thankful the halls were empty, or so she thought.

In her 20th attempt, Deepika’s eyes met with Hridhya’s. One of the grinned, the rest of group did not.

“What’s going on?” Hridhya questioned at this odd scene.

“Um, hold on Hridya,” one of the girls said, as another one, Prianka, got on the phone.

Normally if anyone else caught them, it they could just pretend this was just punishment for being insubordinate with the seniors. They would either laugh it off, or join in the fun. Hridhya however is the one who will spread rumours. Her being framed in that gangbang video, is the only reason the girls did not tell her to bugger off.

Hridhya meanwhile walked towards the naked NRI, then around her. She could not believe what she was seeing. Perhaps leaving Deepika naked in the bathroom was child’s play for this harlot.

“What are you doing here?” Deepika asked in a panicked voice. Last time Hridhya was with her, this same witch left her in school naked.

“I just came to visit some people, though they all seem to be asleep today. I could’ve hung out with them last night, if someone did not get me kicked out of the hostel.”

“But that wasn’t me,” Deepika pleaded.

“Was it someone else who whored herself?”

Before Deepika could talk, the one on the phone spoke up.

“Sorry Hridhya,” she said. “Since it’s you, our seniors say it’s ok to tell you the truth. They decided Deepika could be our plaything, in exchange for not spreading the videos to the entire school.”

“Wait, Videos,” Hridhya asked. “As in plural?”

“There’s a video of her doing it on the beach with the same guys.”

“What!? I gotta see this!”

“We Betturkey don’t have it, but you can join us if you want. We are gonna start OUR initiation with her. You just can’t tell anyone else.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Hridhya said, smiling at the worried slut. “My lips are sealed.”

Instead of taking Deepika up to one of their rooms, she suggested another option.

“Why not take her to the hostel gym? That way the boys can have some fun too.”

“Are you serious?” Prianka asked. “The gym is outside!”

“Well to be fair,” Abhinaya intervened. No one goes there, and it’s between the boy’s and girl’s hostel. Plus we still have the t-shirt.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Hridhya asked. “It hardly takes a minute to get there, and no one is awake. Let her be naked.”

The four girls contemplated, as Deepika struggled to keep the sensuous balls from dropping. She is hoping they say no. She’s cool with the girls, but she does not trust Hridhya one bit. Prianka finally spoke.

“We’ll take her to the gym, naked,” she said, to Hridhya’s delight. “But the boys are not joining us.”

“Why not,” she asked, disappointed. “I know they would have seen the videos, I’m sure they would want to have a piece of her.”

“NO!” Priyanka scolded. “We don’t trust those boys enough to let them be there. I don’t care what the video shows, it’s not right to just force her to fornicate with others.”

Deepika knew that it would not make a difference, since these guys have done more than just fuck her. She did appreciate their concern. Hridhya was taken aback at the tone by Priyanka, but figured they would change their minds, if she played her cards right.

“Alright fine,” she moaned. “Let’s see what happens later on.”

They take her to the gym just outside the hostel, in the buff. This gym was found between the boys and girls hostels, the back. What would have normally felt like a few seconds from the door of the hostel to the gym instead felt like hours. Anyone could have seen this poor girl surrounded by her dominant peers. They finally reached the gym, and one locked the door from the inside.

It was clear the school never maintained the place at all. Once the gym chains started arriving to this town, none of the students went for what looked like equipment from the 1940’s. This gym had weights missing, stained benches, and unusable machines. Students only go there to privately make out. Locked doors meant they are doing more than just kissing.

Finally she was allowed to sit on the bench, but with her legs spread wide. One of the girls put on gloves to remove the balls from Deepika’s vagina. She threw it on to the ground, finding the wet covered toy disgusting.

“What we do with her?”

“Um I don’t know. I wanted her to clean my room like this, but we’re not allowed.”

“Make her do jumping jacks?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Deepika! Do 20 jumping jacks!”

Hridhya was finding it all humorous. These girls really don’t know what to do with this girl, but some mild embarrassing fun. She decided to talk to the girls to explain what they can do. Too keep the NRI in the dark though, she spoke in Hindi.

“Guys, as fun as that idea is,” she stated. “We have someone who is willing to do absolutely anything, no questions asked.”

“Guys, I don’t speak Hindi here,” Deepika retorted.

“Sir gave us the rules you must follow,” Madhavi explained, showing the message. “It states that we must speak in Hindi, and you’re not permitted to speak at all.”

Hridhya smiled, knowing they can be swayed, with a bit of convincing.

“But, making her walk in the hallway and doing the jumping jacks, naked, is embarrassing.”

“For a normal person yes,” Hridhya agreed. “But for someone like her? She willingly fucked a bunch of ugly guys willingly, on tape. We can make her do things much more serious.”

“I know!” One of the girls exclaimed. “She can perform, oral sex on us.”

“Wait what?” another girl asked confusingly. “We’re not lesbians, Madhavi.”

There’s nothing gay with someone licking our clit,” Madhavi replied defensively. ” It’s only gay if we licked someone else’s vagina. She’s the gay one for doing it.

“As tempting as that is,”one of the girls, Abhinaya, laughed. “I have a better idea. We just studied female reproductive function, and the anatomy. We can use her as revision.”

“That’s actually not a bad idea,” Hridhya exclaimed. “Even this bimbo might learn something or two.”

“Since we using her as our study tool, should Betturkey Giriş we practice identifying the organs through surface markings?”

“Yeah!” Abhinaya replied enthusiastically. “We can also practice our examinations on her too. I’ll grab my stethoscope, and knee hammer.”

“I have a BP machine in my room,” Madhavi said, excitedly. “Should I get some more gloves?”

Hridhya smiled, while observing the girls. While a bit unusual, it was kind of cute and brilliant. Only these girls could find a way to bully someone and study simultaneously.

Finally all the girls were present. All were given gloves, to keep things hygienic for them. Madhavi went up to start teaching the girls. She put on her gloves, and started circling her hand around Deepika’s privates. Deepika is attempting to close her legs together, but to no avail.

“Okay, ladies,” Madhavi started. “As you can see ladies the external genitalia is where I’m pointing at. What’s another name for it?”

“The vulva?”

“Correct!” Madhavi exclaimed, as she slapped Deepika’s swollen pussy. “I shall call each person to come up and point at the different parts of the vulva, and identify the parts. This is a more hands on approach to anatomy. Abhinaya, you’re first.”

‘This was their plan?’ the bewildered Deepika thought. The slap caused the her loins to heat up, from the touch.

“Ok,” Abhinaya approached Deepika, while putting on her gloves. She then placed her hand over Deepika’s groin. “Over here we have the pubic mound. Normally it is covered with hair, but judging on how smooth it feels, Deepika shaves it off.”

“I heard that some guys like the girls that way.”

“Well I have no problem if they keep their pubes shaved too,” one of the girls laughed.

“Calm down ladies,” Madhavi scolded the girls. “Please continue Abhinaya.”

“Well,” Abhinaya continued, as her finger descended to the lips. “These are called the labia majora. They are the thick lips surrounding the vagina. As I trace upwards along the labia, they meet at the top. It is called the urogenital triangle. There we have the urethral opening above the vagina.”

Deepika shuddered, as Abhinaya pinched that region. Abhinaya then kept rubbing her pinky on the urethral opening, giving Deepika the urge to piss. The fingers then travelled to the clitoris, and Deepika felt it being pinched. This was enough for Deepika to scream at the touch.

“I just touched the clitoris. We’ll talk about that later, as we still have the rest of the vulva to explore. The part between the anus and the vagina is called the perineum. Not much to say. Finally we have the skin fold within the labia.”

Madhavi joined in to help expose the skin flaps in Deepika. She had difficulty holding on to the slippery lips within the labia majora.

“This is the labia minora. With Deepika’s case, you have to open separate the labia majora to get a better look. We can also better visualize the clitoris, the urethra and the vagina.”

As Abhinaya further explained Deepika’s privates, Madhavi kept her pussy open for all to see. Abhinaya started to rub against Deepika’s sensitive clitoris. Madhavi then called out to the rest of the girls in the room.

“I want everyone to come up and examine all they want before we talk about the vagina. Take your time, and the rest of you observe Deepika’s reaction. We won’t be able to learn about the glands in the vulva, but at least you can learn how someone’s body reacts to arousal.”

All the girls lined up to closely exam her body. Deepika just let it happen. They all rubbed her clit to the point she wants to scream. It has swelled and became red. She wanted to close her legs, but Madhavi kept them apart for the others to toy with.

Hridhya then spoke up. “You know, she wouldn’t have learned much from just being touched. How will she be taught?”

The others paused. They don’t want to expose themselves in front of each other.

“She’s right,” Abhinaya mentioned. “How will Deepika learn the same things we did. I think none of us want to put our privates in display.”

“I have an Idea,” Madhavi spoke out. “She can learn with her tongue?”

“What is with you and wanting to have Deepika lick you!?”

“Do you girls not understand the opportunity? How many guys would willingly eat us out without expecting us to return the favour?”

“We can just take off the pants, still not flash each other.”

“Exactly Abhinaya, and she can’t tell others what we do. At least I assume she can’t.”

“Did anyone look in her bag?”

Prianka smiled, while taking something out. “She might say nothing if she too is enjoying herself.”

Deepika, still lied down on the bench and felt a cool vibrating steel entering inside her. Deepika tried to close her legs again, but found that her legs were tied down on the sides of the bench. ‘When did they do that??’ she thought.

She noticed Madhavi walking towards her. Her only thought was ‘When did Madhavi take of her pants?’

The shirt clad Madhavi lifted her leg, and positioned herself over Deepika’s face. Deepika’s face is about 2 inches away from Madhavi’s hairy mound.

“I want you to point with your tongue where the clitoris is. If you get pick the right spot, I’ll give you a burst if intense pleasure from the vibrator.”

The horny NRI shoved her tongue in to her classmate’s vagina. Her tongue was swirling around inside Madhavi, as Madhavi herself is trying to contain her voice. She suddenly felt Deepika flicking in one particular area. She has found it. She bent over to increase the dildo’s intensity, as Deepika’s tongue use increased in frequency. Within a few seconds Madhavi’s legs started to feel weak. She accidently fell on a surprised Deepika, who started panicking. She couldn’t breathe. Madhavi experienced her first orgasm, from someone other than herself. Her eyes rolled back, as she was moaning loudly, all while Deepika was trying to gasp for air. She soon quieted down and said, “Guys, you seriously have to try this out.”

At this moment, Deepika pushed Madhavi off. “I NEARLY DIED BITCH!”

“Oops, sorry Deepika,” she apologised. “I couldn’t feel my legs near the end. It was that good.”

“I don’t mind eating you girls out,” Deepika panted. “As long I can breathe.”

“Would you tell the others about this?” Abhinaya asked nervously.

“As long you guys keep the secret too.”

Abhinaya was hesitant at first, but she finally got the courage to drop her pants. She hovered over her face, like Madhavi, since none could see Madhavi’s privates like this. Deepika rolled her tongue inside the young girl’s vagina, as Abhinaya tried to maintain her position over Deepika. She grabbed hold of the weight machine, to prevent her from falling. Hridhya, slowly turned the dial up on Deepika’s dildo, heating up her loins. She then went to the corner to make some calls.

Abhinaya could not believe she was hesitant with this idea. It started off feeling ticklish, but that sensation turned to warmth. She couldn’t tell if the wetness was coming from within, or from Deepika’s saliva. She did not care others were watching. All it matters that she now wants this to be a daily thing.

The other girls felt uncomfortable doing it, but agreed to try it out, once the seniors confirm Deepika will not be allowed to disclose what happens.

Deepika was on edge from the dildo, but she wanted to get off. She was about to fuck herself with the dildo, until Hridhya grabbed her hands.

“Nice try, slut. You don’t get to cum, until the boys come.”

“We told you, no boys!” Madhavi scolded.

“I’m sure the seniors are ok with you not sharing with the guys,” Hridhya told off Madhavi. “Shall we call them to see if they’re ok with it?”

Nobody spoke up, for Hridhya was right. The only noise was coming from Deepika, who kept pleading to cum.

“That’s what I thought,” Hridhya smugly spoke. “I called them already, so if you don’t wanna watch, you guys can just leave.” “Will the boys be-?”

“Of course they will,” Prianka interrupted Madhavi’s question. “You two decided to use her for sex. What’s to stop them?”

“We can’t leave Deepika alone tho.”

“Don’t worry,” Hridhya told the girls. “I’ll be there to make sure they treat her well. I’ll take her back to the room, since I have the spare key.”

While they doubt Hridhya’s sincerity, they did not want to watch the show. They said bye to the two girls and left the room.

Smiling, Hridhya walked up to the horny slut.

“Remember that favour I was given to not spread the video?”

“Does…It… Mattttterrr??” Deepika moaned. “The…Seniors…know.”

“Only the Bihari group, and they seem decent to not spread it to the rest of the school. I however still have the other video, and I’m sure the school would hate to see some whore treating a well established school like ours as a porn stage. Of course, that doesn’t have to happen if you do what I tell you.”

“What is iiit?” Deepika asked.

“Nothing what you’re not used to,” Hridhya laughed. “I called some guys here, and you to fuck them willingly and happily.”

“How is that any different?”


“Besides Anuj, the usual gang is not coming,” Hridhya grinned, as she opened the door.

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