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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.




Kisses traded under the cover of darkness could be kinky but were made even more so with street lights glancing off the car, lust coming together in a moment that was stolen. Xander panted heavily, the fox’s tongue lolling out lustfully, though he could barely pass in kissing his hyena partner for the act of breath itself as he pressed back against the closed car door. Fingers teased, probing for entry that was readily granted, the fox murmuring, twisting, his tail trying to wag and finding itself trapped against something – yet what did it matter? It was confinement at its finest, lust and love rising through, a drama of passion that the two of them could not find any escape from.

And neither would they want to escape as Silver groaned into his mouth, the huge grey (well, silver, as the name went) hyena who was a good foot and a couple of inches taller than Xander. Although Xander stood out from the crowd with his brilliant red fur, not the traditional russet, his partner towered over the rest of them, standing so tall that even dragons looked twice at him. Most certainly, he was the sort of fur that others thought twice before taking on in some manner of coarseness, though he’d never been in a fight or admitted to it. The two things, Xander knew, were quite different in their application.

But, right there and then, there was sweet passion to be had, all rising through the clamour of their lovemaking, cocks out and throbbing with raw lust. They ground up against one another, although the large car was still nowhere near large enough for Silver to move comfortably, though they would later joke that no one would be able to give him the space to be comfortable. Although there were larger furs in the world, he was one of the biggest they knew – and, well, that much was true in more ways than one!

Xander squirmed, his lover’s fingers teasing up under his tail, pressing in, deeper and deeper. They sought out the stretch of his hole, even though there was no need for such soft preparation – it was more the lead-up to the main event that could play out while they were working out how their bodies fit together in such closed confines.

But that was alright: they’d have their moment and their sharing, steaming up the windows as they grunted and hissed together, Xander on his back down against the seats. Yet his hips lifted lustfully for his husband’s attention and the hyena barked a short, sharp cackle of laughter, eyes glittering through the gloom, Xander wriggling beneath him.

“Deeper, you say?” He snarled huskily. “How deep can you take it?”

Oh, he didn’t need the foreplay but it was better still than anything else as Silver pushed his legs up towards his head, forcing him into a false sense of flexibility. arap porno Of course, there was only so far that his body could go and he growled, the sound rising up from the back of his throat in a low rumble.

“C’mon…” Xander whispered, breath rushing from his lips in a roiling hiss, tongue snaking out. “I need… Ohhh…”

That was one last moan to come out as Silver’s fingers were replaced with his dick, cock slipping in just a touch before he had a chance to clench down against him. He wouldn’t have done it deliberately, of course, but it was a bodily reaction that he could not control for himself, which was fair enough too and by the by. The hyena was in and grinding deeper, pushing into his tight passage, the fox striving to relax around him as much as possible.

Ah… But like the difference in their heights, there was a difference in their dicks to take into account too and Xander knew just how much of that delicious hyena-dick was left to slip into him. All fourteen inches, in fact, as they could say that they had been cheesy enough one quiet night to measure it, though it had only stuck in his mind simply because it had astounded him so much. And every last one of those fourteen inches craved him, Silver grunting, tongue hanging out, a little flicker of drool misting down onto his lover.

But Xander did not care. With a hind paw kicked up against the window, leaving a print where it had misted up, he let his mate power in, knowing that any strain of pain would be short-lived and fleeting, something that would pass as quickly as it registered in the scope of his own mind. He clung to Silver, holding him tight, the muscles of the hyena’s chest teasing down against his legs, tempting him to try, even then, to bear them back even further, closer to his chest. Yet he could not go further than he had already, panting softly, muscles screaming far more than his tail hole did in the strain that his body was put under.

Deeper: he needed it deeper. The hyena’s cock knew just where to go, what angle to take, as he ground in, pushing deeper and deeper with every passing moment, kisses spent in the open air between their respective muzzles. They could not touch, not quite then, but they could press in as close to one another as possible, his cock slipping deeper and deeper, pushing in hard, seeking out the hilting that was sure to come.

“Ah…” Xander twisted, which only made his tail hole squeeze down even more around that longing shaft. “That’s so… Fuck…” He squeezed his eyelids closed, rolling his head, trying to bear through it. “Harder… Please.”

He couldn’t get out any more words than that but Silver’s moan let him know that he’d been heard, if the questing thrust and grind of his aching shaft did not. Inch after inch – and, still, he had not hilted! It needed to be in, in all the way, pushed up to the base even as Xander’s cock throbbed up tall and proud, grumbling for its own manner of attention. Pre-cum drooled down his shaft but it was his lover’s paw around it that he truly needed, something that he wouldn’t’ bedava porno get until Silver got his own pleasure. Not because Silver was greedy, of course not, but that was just the way that the two of them best liked it.

Deeper and deeper, his cock drove up right where he needed it to be, probing the depths of the fox as he squirmed and bucked on his cock. His leg twisted to the side, tucking down, so that he was more on his side with his knees drawn up towards his chest, the confines of the car making things a little more difficult in the moment than strictly they needed to be, but it was all well and good in the name of pleasure. Gripping his lover’s thigh, claws pricking lightly through, Silver growled softly, resting his weight through one paw, arm braced, rocking and grinding, powering into him as if there was nothing more for him but the hole wrapped around his shaft.

Another inch and then another disappeared into the needy fox’s anal ring, swallowing it all up as if it was hungry for it too. And, truly, his body could have taken so much more, hackles raised and muzzle quivering in lustful whimpers, the heft and bulk of his loving partner above him making him want it all the more. Later, of course, there would be the chance to turn the tables and take Silver’s tail hole too, though that was something that, perhaps, would be better done in the privacy of their own bedroom where there was a little more space…

Asking the hyena to be swift in such a risky location, however, even if they were parked around the back of a fairly unlikely to be disturbed car park, was a tall order. He languished in the moment, letting everything wash over him, power and need pulsing through him in equal measures. With a hot hole squeezing and massaging his dick, he grunted deep in the back of his throat, tail twitching, finding leverage with a hind paw to thrust and slam, hilting at long last.

Xander could not have quite said when climax washed over him for it seemed to come with the inexplicable repetition of a wave on the beach, milked as that cock ground sweetly up and over his prostate. Oh, yes, the hyena more than knew what he was doing and it came through in his thrusts, hitting the right angle, hot puffs of breath adding to the cloudy heat cloying within the car already. Yet he would not stop, did not think to stop, hammering on to his ultimate high, Xander’s tail hole softening and loosening around him with every little or large stroke that he so deigned to give.

The fox yowled and tried to twist but he was held too firmly to twist away, forced, happily so, to bear through the pounding, unforgiving thrusts, the tempo of which ramped up tenfold, coming in a pounding drive that sent his head spinning. His cock throbbed, a milky stream of cum flowing forth, yet it was in the act of prostate milking and he could not have said that that particular orgasm was entirely fulfilling, though it would have to do. Just for the moment, that was, as he clung to Silver’s arm, a moan trembling on his lips, longing for his own true high and cüce porno ecstasy even then, the return ecstasy of a tail hole closing around his own shaft.

Soon. Very soon. Just not yet.

But Silver had his climax to clean too, the huge hyena’s muscled bunching with tension, putting everything he had into his thrusts despite how penned in he was. In the moment, he was the epitome of a true stud, grinding in with fervent delight, his lips pulled up into a dark-lipped smile that Xander was too far gone in lust to bear witness to. That was okay too as it was a smile that made his heart pound and, truly, that he had seen so very many times already that he could have painted it from memory. After all, it was the fur attached to the cock that he loved dearly, not just the sexual euphoria that he could deliver in heady, hefty, ploughing bucket-loads.

They could have kissed but, alas, their position was not conducive to that particular brand of intimacy, Silver humping and thrusting passionately, speeding up, rocking the car. Oh, if anyone was nearby it most certainly would not have taken an expert to work out just what was going on in that steamy car but neither of them cared as the fox’s tail hole pulsed and twitched, trying to squeeze down, around that shaft, aching for it, yearning for it, wanting it even deeper than it already was.

Silver groaned. So close… And yet he could not drag it out a moment longer, skin tingling with raunchy heat beneath his fur, clenching his jaws, the high searing through in the light tugging up of his swinging nuts, contracting in that tiny instance before release.

And then it came, shot after shot of thick, creamy cum painting Xander’s tail hole as the fox howled brokenly, welcoming every sordid spurt. More and more – there was no stopping him! He couldn’t hold it back, the flood of semen unstoppable, trickling out of his strained tail hole, even though Xander had already painted the back seats with a dose of his seed already, more still pulsing out.

Ah… A mess to be cleaned up was only in testament to a good time having been had, his cock staying deep as Xander tried to pull him closer, wriggling and twisting into an awkward sort of position that somehow managed to keep his dick in there. It could be as awkward as it liked though, as long as it put them close together, muzzles brushing in sloppy kisses and hearts hammering in the aftermath.

It was no place to cuddle either, not even as Silver’s cock softened slowly, allowing those delectable inches to be freed once more. But it could be theirs, if only for a time, breath slowing, smiles dancing, eyes half-lidded in sleepy pleasure.

The days may pass but their time together only brought them closer together, time itself playing into their long-time love affair. A ring was only the start of it, teasing in the delight that entwined their lives, love and passion going hand in hand.


Xander groaned, cock still half-hard.


A paw on his arse gave him the answer before the words came, fingers reaching for his tight hole – well, it had been tight, once upon a time.

“You wanna go again?”

Life and love bringing them together was one thing… Yet, sometimes, sex was only the half of it.

Xander moaned, a smile on his parted lips.

But it was a very good half of a deeper relationship still!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32