Deep Woods Debauchery

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Last year, four buddies went camping and more. This year, two women come along. Will the guys still find the time to exploring their bisexual side or will the women get in the way?

“Explain to me again why we allowed Mallory and Olivia to come along?” Logan asked as the rucksack straps dug into his shoulders. Sweat poured off his brow. Huffing alongside of him, Grant wasn’t doing at better.

“Look at that ass,” Grant said, nodding at the two women in front of them on the trail. “And tell me you don’t want to tap either one of them.”

“Yeah, but if it didn’t happen at school, what makes you think it’ll happen out here?”

“Stranger things have happened,” Grant said, hiking up his backpack and grinning.

“I think last year freaked out Ruben,” Logan said, catching Grant’s reference. During last year’s trip, the campsite became an all nude affair. By the end of the weekend, the four men swore vows of silence to each other that mimicked the Las Vegas commercials; what happened in the woods, stays in the woods.

“Not according to Dylan,” Grant said.

Mallory slowed, falling into step with the two roommates. Her backpack was as full as either of theirs, but she bore the burden without complaints. “I heard last year was quite the sausage fest.”

“What did you hear?” Logan asked, giving Grant a worried look.

“Let’s just say, Ruben made a very interesting drunk call to Olivia one night.” She grinned and caught back up to her girlfriend.

“Fucking Ruben. I knew he was the weakest link.” Logan kept his voice low, afraid the women had heard their conversation.

“Didn’t we do that last year?”

Logan laughed. There was a reason they called Ruben “slut” and it had nothing to do with his success with women.

“Okay ladies, we’re here!” Dylan called, first to drop his pack into the clearing. “The scene of last year’s crime.”

“It’s beautiful,” Olivia said, wiggling out of her pack. All four of the men stared at her chest as she arched her back, easing the big pack to the ground.

The clearing in the woods looked as good as ever. Weeds grew inside the circle of rocks from last year’s fire pit. Just inside the tree line, dogwoods still held their blossoms, offering a splash of color against the greens of the forest around them. “I don’t think anyone has been here since last year,” Dylan said, pointing out the two rectangles of pine needles in the same areas where they had pitched their tents.

“I’m not surprised. It’s pretty far off the path,” Ruben said. He unfolded his shovel and went to work on the fire pit. Short, wiry, and deceptively strong, Ruben looked in best shape from the long hike. A former all-state lightweight wrestler, Ruben learned some new positions last year.

Logan didn’t realize he was staring at Ruben’s ass until Olivia brushed up against him. “See something you like?”

Turning, his eyes dropped from Olivia’s blue eyes, past the whimsical grin on her pretty lips, and landed on the cleavage her tank top revealed. “Maybe,” he said, moving his eyes back to hers. “So, I heard you had an interesting drunk call from him.”

“Very interesting,” was all she offered. “Hey Dylan, what do you need me to do?”

Dylan claimed to have found this spot while hiking with buddies. Logan and Grant had wondered what kind of buddies Dylan had, but they accepted his backwoods knowledge. Following his guidance, the campsite was set in less than two hours. Last year they had lugged two-men tents into the woods. This year, they each of the men carried a section of a larger tent. As Olivia and Mallory dragged firewood into the clearing, Grant used the ax. Pulling off his sweat soaked t-shirt, his muscles rippled as he chopped dead branches into usable lengths. Again, Logan was distracted by the view. He wasn’t the only one.

“It’s not polite to stare,” he told her.

“Oh, like you weren’t.” The delighted sparkle in her eyes made Logan wonder again what secrets Ruben might have shared with Mallory’s roommate.

With less than a hour before twilight, they made due with the supplies they carried on the first trip. Sitting around the campfire, Grant pulled out his second canteen, took a sip, and passed it on. They laughed when Olivia needed a water chaser after taking a sip of the straight Jack Daniels. Beneath a clear sky that showed all of its secrets, they laughed, drank, and teased each other as only good friends can do.

“So what did Ruben say during this drunk call?” Grant asked Olivia.

“What drunk call?” Dylan asked, looking at his roommate.

“Don’t look at me, I was drunk.”

“All he said was how it turned into a real sausage fest out here,” Olivia said. “Whatever that means.”

“I like sausage,” Mallory added, dulling a moment that threatened to become tense.

“I like tacos,” Logan offered.

“Mm, what about tacos stuffed with sausage?” Mallory asked.

“I might need to be drunker for that.”

Mallory took the canteen of Jack away from Dylan, handing urfa escort it to Logan. “Drink up.”

Morning arrived late for the campers. Breakfast was instant coffee and a rehydrated mix of scrambled eggs and sausage. When Ruben announced he was heading back to the vehicles for the rest of their supplies, Logan volunteered to help. Wearing empty rucksacks, they walked side by side along the trail. “I think Dylan was right. I don’t think anyone else knows about this spot,” Ruben said, pointing out the weed growth over the fire pit and trash he found while digging it out. “Which means we can visit anytime we want.”

Logan heard the invitation in his suggestion. “Look, slut. What the hell did you tell Olivia during your drunk call?”

Ruben waited until they were farther away from camp. “First, it wasn’t a drunk call. It was a hook-up, but you can’t tell Dylan.”

“Why not?”

“He has a thing for Olivia.”

Logan shook his head. Figures Ruben would put together Olivia. Before his nickname became slut, it was pretty boy. “What did you tell her?”

“I don’t know, I was drunk as hell. But ever since, she teases me about Kong.”

“Who the fuck is Kong?”

“I don’t know. Drunk, remember?”

“Still sort of a cock-block move to bring them.”

“I don’t know. It was after that night they invited themselves.”

“You’re a dick. You said something, you know that, right?”

“What if I did? They still wanted to come, didn’t they?”

Logan nodded, the point wasn’t lost on him. What did Mallory know about last year’s trip when she heard it was a sausage fest? Olivia had used the same phrase. And what kind of women volunteer to go camping with four guys?

After grabbing the rest of their supplies from the back of the SUV, they made sure the girls’ car was locked tight. They laughed realizing they both at brought an extra bottle of liquor. They divided up the rest of the food and cooking supplies. Hiking back, they cleared the deadfall of trees that blocked the path to their campsite. The couple hundred yards through brush was trampled by their trips, but the trail was lost once they moved beneath the canopy of the woods. They headed towards the big rocks, turned slightly east, and walked side-by-side along the rest of the path. With lighter packs, it was an easier trip.

“You and Grant ever do anything after last year?” Ruben asked.

“We fooled around a couple times,” Logan admitted. “I think… I don’t know.” He stopped before admitting he wanted to do it more than Grant. A new world had opened for Logan, one he liked. Not more than women, but knowing he liked it had changed something inside of him. “What about you two?”

“Nothing. Dylan acts as if it never happened. Won’t even talk about it, so I don’t even try.”

“Hell, he was the one who started things!”

“So, you have done anything since last year?”

Ruben shook his head. “Maybe I should have hung out with you two more often.”

“Maybe,” Logan agreed. Their camp was just over the ridge, too close for a pit stop with rattling pots and pans announcing their arrival. “And maybe we can sneak off and change that.”

Little had change around the camp during their absence. More wood had been gathered and chopped. Dylan had fashioned a hanger for the big cooking pot they had retrieved. Logan found the seating arrangements interesting. The girls sat side-by-side near the spring fed creek at the edge of the camp, looking hot as ever in short shorts and white tank tops with bikini tops being used as bras. Dylan and Grant sat on different logs around the fire. He noticed neither man wore a shirt.

“What’s that?” Mallory asked as Ruben unpacked a large black bag and unfolded it.

“Camp shower,” he explained. “Fill it with water, hang it in the sun, and later you can take a warm shower.” Fastening rope to it, he tossed the other end over the same branch they had used last year. The rope was long enough to drag the bag into the spring near their camp and then muscle it up the tree.

“That water is cold!” Olivia said, nodding at the creak.

“Yeah, but that will feel good in a couple hours. We can heat water in the cook pot if you want a shower.”

“A bit public,” Mallory said, glancing past the shower bag to the fire.

“Welcome to camp,” Logan said with a grin. Overhearing the entire conversation reminded him how well sound carried without the background noise of civilization. He dipped the big cook pot in the water. He knew it would take two full pots of water to take the chill off the spring water. Thinking back to last year, he remembered how hot it was to see Ruben, Grant, or Dylan standing naked beneath the showerhead. For that matter, how they watched him taking a shower, too.

“Are you going to show us how it’s done?” she asked.

“As long as you don’t mind that I shower naked.”

“Is there any other way?”

“I thought the campsite was clothing optional,” Olivia balıkesir escort wondered, a sly grin on her face as she looked at Logan like a piece of meat. “It’s that why it’s called Camp Sausage Fest?”

“You and me should go for a walk and maybe you can tell me about Kong,” he said, enjoying the way her eyes went wide when he dropped the catchword. Olivia glanced at Mallory.

“I didn’t tell him.”

“Ask Ruben,” Olivia said. “He likes Kong.”

“Maybe I’d rather hear your version.”

“Maybe you’d like to meet Kong.”

When Mallory asked, “You brought Kong?” Logan was more confused than ever. Kong was a thing and not a person? It didn’t make sense.

Dylan dumped the second pot of hot water into the shower bladder. “Who’s going first?” he asked, looking at the girls as he hoisted the bag up the branch.

“Logan volunteered,” Mallory said, eyeing him with a smile. “Unless he’s shy.”

“I’m lots of things, but shy never made the list,” Logan told her, ducking into the tent long enough to grab shampoo and a towel. After lashing the rope, Dylan had refilled the cook pot and sat around the fire with Grant and Ruben. Near the water’s edge, Mallory and Olivia both watched Logan over their shoulders, matching grins on their faces to see if he would live up to words.

Logan was in need and was afraid it would show. Being back in the woods with Dylan, Ruben, and Grant wasn’t helping. Grant’s hesitation about fooling around too much back on campus hadn’t stopped Logan from thinking about it or taking matters into his own hands. Worse, their pact of abstinence for the week before the trip included jerking off. He was horny, horny enough not to care. Something had to happen and soon. In jean shorts and nothing else, he stood beneath the showerhead. With an audience sitting on either side of him, he couldn’t turn his back to both. He didn’t try. Facing away from the tree line, he shucked off his shorts and tossed them towards camp. There were gleeful whoops and cheers from both sides of him as he turned on the water long enough to get wet.

“I love a man who shaves,” Mallory said.

“Feels so good, I keep it that way,” he said, lathering his hair and using the soap everywhere else on his body. He wasn’t hard, but his cock was long, fat, and wanted to be hard. He gave his public private parts a quick once over to clean without exciting. Turning the water back on, he rinsed, wondering if the sight of the soapy lather running down his bare flesh looked as hot to everyone else as it did when he watched the others taking showers. It was an imagine burned into his memory, seeing the lather slipping and sliding over broad shoulders, tight asses, and around a man’s cock and balls. Still fighting off a hard-on that pointed up instead of down, Logan turned off the water, picked up his towel, and moved to air dry in the sun by the creek bed.

“Are you going to stay naked?” Olivia asked, having a difficult time looking him in the face when her eyes kept being drawn to the rest of him.

“No reason to get dressed now, is there? I think it’s your turn to take a shower.”

Looking at Mallory, Olivia raised the heat of an already warm day. “Take one with me.” Logan felt his cock rollover, threatening to grow hard enough to be called a hard-on.

“Who’s next?” Mallory asked the trio of guys sitting at camp.

“One of you,” Grant called back.

“No, we want to go last. And then we’ll do it together.”

“No shit? Then I’ll go,” Dylan offered, already standing closest to the rope after refilling the bladder. Logan glanced over his shoulder enough to see Dylan had followed his lead by getting naked and was sporting a chubby of his own. Compact and muscular like Grant, Logan couldn’t watch Dylan taking a shower without having more problems. He saw Dylan had shaved his oversized balls, remembered how good his previously furry balls had felt in his hand, and stopped before he wondered how they would feel shaved. Fuck, staying on the right side of soft was hard!

Dylan laid out his towel next to Logan. “How’s it going?” he asked. Logan’s noticed his crotch was as much of an eye magnet for Dylan as it had been for Olivia.

“Just hanging out,” Logan said, checking out Dylan’s crotch, too.

“Don’t know how much longer I’ll be hanging,” Dylan said, looking again at Logan’s crotch, then past Logan to Olivia.

Grant went next, following Logan and Dylan’s lead. Logan watched Mallory and Olivia watching Grant beneath the shower. He knew Grant was a grower, not a show-er, and knew Grant grew as big as any of them. Technically, Grant grew biggest, but the differences in length weren’t obvious. The couple glances Logan did make at Grant were ill timed. He watched a patch of soapy suds slipping over Grant’s pecs, across his washboard stomach, and begin to tangle in his closely cropped bush. He looked away, but it was too late. The damage was done as Logan felt his cock slipping up trabzon escort his leg. Dammit, he hated the idea of looking gayest of the bunch.

Giving Grant a chance to dry off, Logan got up to help Ruben with refilling the bladder with more heated water and topping it off with more spring water. Moving around helped reduce his prick’s desire to finish growing hard. Needing to warm up another pot of water for the girls, Logan watched Ruben’s shower from the far side of the fire pit. Like him, Ruben was shaved bare. Only Grant had kept any of his pubic hair and what he had was trimmed short. Both women turned around, watching the showers with glee while Dylan and Grant stole glances over their shoulders at Ruben and other glances at each other. With them turned away, Logan couldn’t tell if they were fighting the same battle he was with keeping his prick calm enough to point down instead of up.

Watching Ruben was difficult, but Logan managed. When he was done, Ruben lowered the bladder so Logan could dump in another pot of hot water. Logan topped off the bladder with more spring water and the girls became the center of attention. “Well?” he asked, looking that ladies.

“We need to get our towels,” Mallory said, leading Olivia by the hand to the tent.

“Dude, if those girls take a shower together, I’m going to draw some seriously wood,” Grant said while the girls were inside the tent.

“Even if they don’t, I’m almost there,” Dylan confessed. “I just wished I knew what slut had told them.”

“You and me both,” Ruben sighed, clearly frustrated by his lack of memory.

Based on the comments Olivia and Mallory had made, Logan gave his opinion. “I think they know.”

“Me, too,” Dylan said, looking at Grant. “You were part of the conversation while Logan and slut were gone, right?”

Grant nodded and in a soft voice explained how the girls wondered why it was okay for girls to play with each other and not guys. “Olivia really seemed turned on by the idea.”

“Yeah, I fucking popped a boner just hearing her,” Dylan said. When Logan added Mallory’s comment about tacos stuffed with sausage, all four of them started laughing, but the laughter stopped with two naked women walked out of the tent wearing towels around their necks and holding hands

“Hello boys,” Mallory said, her lean, marathon runner body looking willowy next to Olivia. Tall, with small breasts, and a flat stomach, Mallory was shaved cleaned. She smiled as she walked towards the shower, holding Olivia’s hand.

Olivia wore a big smile on her face, too. Her blue eyes danced over the quartet of men watching them. The towel around her neck covered her nipples, but around it showed the curves of her full breasts. Unlike her friend, Olivia kept a small swatch of pubic hair just above her pussy, as if to demonstrate that the carpet did match the drapes. Her pubic hair was darker than her blonde hair, but light enough to make it clear she was a natural blonde.

After seeing the shower worked four times in a row, Mallory understood what to do with explanation. She turned on the water, allowed her roommate to dance beneath it for a moment, and then took her turn. It was when they took turns washing each other’s hair that Logan’s pent-up need got the best of him. His prick started its climb from long and fat against his balls to full and erect against his stomach. Glancing at the other three men standing around him, he saw they were having the same problem.

“And I thought we’d have to do this to make that happen,” Mallory said, standing behind Olivia. Her soapy hands moved from Olivia’s hair, across her shoulders, and then over the shorter woman’s large, firm breasts.

“Stop it, you’re making my nipples hard,” Olivia said, grabbing her tits.

“Mm, let me see,” Mallory said, turning her friend to face her. Wrapping her arms around Olivia, they pressed their soapy bodies together. “Damn, I love how your nipples feel against me.” Logan had enough teasing. After seeing the other three men as hard as he was, he gave up trying to be discrete about his need. He began rubbing his cock as he watched. “Whoa, I don’t think that’s allowed,” Mallory said, watching him.

“Fuck that,” Logan protested, caressing his balls with one hand while continuing the stroking with his other hand. Olivia had turned back around to see what she was missing. When she turned around, Mallory’s hands went back to her tits while her blue eyes moved to watch Logan.

“No reason to do it yourself when you have three buddies who can help you,” Mallory said. “Or maybe I should stop, too?” Mallory smiled, but he could see the hopeful dare behind her brown eyes.

“Don’t stop,” Ruben said, standing next to Logan and touching his own hard cock.

“Why don’t you help him?” Olivia asked him, picking the perfect person. All eyes turned to Ruben as he gave Logan’s hard cock a long stare, but then wimped.

“Nah,” he said, letting go of his cock, too. “I guess I’ll just stay hard until one of you want some help.”

Olivia looked confused and Mallory appeared disappointed. Logan didn’t know how he looked, but Dylan looked pissed and Grant just shook his head. “Well okay,” Grant said, laughing. “I guess we stay hard for a while.”

“I’m not going to complain,” Olivia said, offering a smile of her own.

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