Deep In the Iao Valley: a Goddess

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This is an excerpt from a novel I’m publishing here on Literotica titled Naked Portraits. Some people might prefer a shorter read so I thought I’d publish some of the sex scenes to see what would happen. Following is brief set up.


Gwen Yoshimura, an art student at Honolulu University has a falling out with her best friend the Honolulu socialite, Betty Nagata. Poor Gwen has no idea why her best friend has shunned her. She discovers that Betty has also dumped her boyfriend the rugged and handsome Hawk Detrick Heinz, Honolulu University’s answer to Indiana Jones. Driven by desperation for information on her best friend, Gwen approaches Hawk. Heavily laded with guilt (and a touch of revenge) she falls into into Hawks arms and they make love. Things snowball from there and Gwen finds herself in a relationship with her ex-best friend’s lover.


The rough trail ended abruptly on a high rock face overlooking the Iao Stream below.

“This is nice,” I said. Although simply saying that the lush Iao Valley rainforest on the island of Maui is nice is a gross understatement.

“Wait until you see this place at sun set, It’s like something out of Lord of the Rings,” Hawk said.

“We’re a ways in,” I said a bit troubled. “If we wait for sunset it’ll be pitch black before we get out.”

“It’s the winter solstice, too. The shortest day of the year,” he added cheerfully.

“On purpose you picked the shortest day of the year to hike deep into Iao Valley? Lolo!” I was seriously worried for even with a clear trail, it will be hard going getting out in the dark and the way we had come could hardly be called a trail at all.

“Ready to pay up?” He asked with a dirty smile I have grown to know.

“Not now?” I moaned.

“A bet’s a bet.”

“You’re such an asshole,” I said as I pulled my shirt over my head, dropped my shorts, then quickly peeled off my sports bra and panties exposing my slim figure for his lecherous eyes. “If anyone comes along I will fuck you up haole boy. But wait, no one but us are stupid enough to be here this late.”

Hawk laughed as he dropped his light backpack and whipped out his digital camera. He snapped several shots of me with the green Iao Valley cliffs as a backdrop.

A week ago on a Sunday, I proved that I knew nothing about pro football when I bet that the Los Angeles Rams would easily beat the San Diego Chargers. My dad is a big Rams fan and I knew that quarterback Kurt Warner would pound the Chargers into the turf. Then I found out that Kurt Warner had long since moved on and retired. The current Rams basically suck and was no longer a power house in the NFL. Even more shocking, Hawk told me that the Rams had moved to St. Louis a decade ago. Where the fuck did the Cardinals go? Needless to say, the Rams got trounced.

“This isn’t fair,” I said as I struck a pose. “You took advantage of my total lack of sports knowledge.”

“Yes I did,” He agreed.

“This is two down.”

“Uh uh my Japanese princes,” he said, “You got naked back on the condo balcony last night without my prompting. Doesn’t count, you owe me four more.”

“I was drunk when I made that bet.”

“Yes I know,” He said with an unsympathetic dirty smile.

I closed my eyes and spun in a slow circle actually enjoying being naked outside. I opened my eyes to see the twinkling lights of the city of Honolulu spread before me.

What the fuck? I thought as my skin crawled and my throat tightened. Not this out of body shit again!

I shut my eyes tight to keep from freaking out. When I opened my eyes again, I was back in the rainforest. As before, the hallucination was brief but intense.

“We should get back before it gets dark,” I said doing my best to sound calm.

“No worries, I got it covered,” Hawk said with confidence.

He took me into his arms and kissed me. I shut my eyes. It was like he knew that I needed the comfort of his touch. It has been that way with him from the beginning, always doing just the right thing and making love to me perfect … every time.

Still engaged in the kiss, I hesitantly open my eyes and rolled them around. Thankfully I was still in Iao Valley. Then I frowned when I saw that Hawk was holding up the camera to click a shot of us kissing. His sneaky picture taking made me stop kissing to laugh. The laughter helped to dispel my panic. It was just a super strong feeling of deja vu, I thought allowing myself to reason it away.

Deja vu? Every time? Really? my logical brain put in.

Ignoring my own brain, I asked, “What are you doing with these photos?”

“Sending them to a hot naked Asian girlfriends website,” He said casually.

“I’ll assume you’re kidding,” I said dryly, giving him a suspicious look as I dressed.

“Want some saimin and a beer as we watch the sunset?” He asked.

“You hauled beer all the way in here?”

“No fucking way!” he said. “You did.”

I frowned, picked up my light backpack unzipped it, rummaged through Escort Ankara it and pulled out an ice pack with two cold, sweaty Sapporo beers in it.

“If these weren’t so beautiful, I would kick your okole,” I said, truly pleased at the sight of the beers. “Make my saimin with green onions, char sui pork and shoyu,” I ordered.

“You got it,” Hawk said, still smiling.

“So where’s the noodles then?” I asked, calling his bluff.

“In your front pouch.”

My mouth dropped open. I pealed back the Velcro tabs on my pack, and sure enough, I found two packs of S&S saimin noodles. Digging around, I found another cold pack with thinly sliced cooked pork in it, and two sturdy plastic bowls, fancy wood chopsticks in a wooden box, chopped green onions in a Ziploc bag, and several little packets of soy sauce.

All of my favorites! I thought with glee. Then I asked, “Hey asshole, what did you carry in?”

“The stove,” he said holding out two gun metal gray canister with red plastic handles and a liter bottle of water. He walk to a tree stump under an old gnarly koa tree and placed the gray containers on its relatively flat surface. He twisted open the bottle and filled the two metal containers, then he aggressively twisted the bottoms of each the containers. Within seconds, the water in the canisters came to a violent boil. “Set up the bowels,” he said.

I put the plastic bowls on the stump, opened the packets of noodles, plopped the contents in, tore open the flavor packets and sprinkled them over the noodles. S&S is my favorite brand because the noodles are moist, precooked right out of the package. Gingerly, Hawk picked up a boiling canister by its red plastic handle and poured the hot water into one of the bowls over the noodles. The savory smell of pork broth greeted my nose making my mouth water. Hawk deftly sprinkled chopped green onions and arranged several slices of thin pork over the top of the noodles. He repeated the process with the other bowl.

“As the lady ordered,” He said with a smug smile.

We sat near the edge of the rockfall under the huge old koa and ate our clever little meal with the wooden chopsticks and drank the delicious cold beer. Although the sun was long out of view on the other side of the West Maui Mountains, it still put on a spectacular show with the clouds overhead. A golden glow infused the whole valley that slowly turned orange with each passing minute. It all seemed so magical; if a dragon suddenly flew by overhead I wouldn’t have been surprised.

“You’re right, it is like something out of Lord of the Rings,” I whispered in awe.

Then it started getting dark fast. We rounded up the trash from our dinner and packed it all in our backpacks. Hawk produced two small flashlights and passed me one.

“We won’t need them for an hour at least,” He said as we started our slow, careful walk back.

Every now and then I heard him slap at some body part and cuss, “Fucking Mosquitoes.” A half mile later he asked, “How come mosquitoes aren’t feasting on you?”

“I have supernatural powers,” I told him.

“I always knew you were a goddess,” He said deadpan, as we walked along the rough path.

As much as I liked the idea of being a goddess, my powers of dispelling mosquitoes was far from divine. The combination of the shampoo and body lotion I used repelled the insects. It was Betty who had turned me on to the unintended properties of the two products a couple of years ago. I kept all that to myself though allowing my lover to ponder my power of wild beasts.

Lover … The word floated in my head spinning in slow motion. Do I love him? Hawk and I have been together for three months now and I figured that when the sex cooled down this thing would end. But to date, the sex showed no signs of cooling down. I had no idea how Hawk felt about all this either. The man has proved very elusive when it came to the his deepest feelings, plus I suspect he was keeping something from me. Several times, he seemed on the verge of telling me something. I assumed it was about Betty. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t realize Hawk had stopped and I plowed into his back.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

He clicked on his flashlight. I did the same.

“You see that?” He said pointing to the right off the trail.

I squinted and reached to adjust my glasses then felt stupid when I didn’t find them on my face. Lately, I’ve taken to wearing my contacts. I saw a soft greenish glow coming through the trees. A chill ran through me as my mind instantly went to the countless ghost stories attached to the Iao Valley. Clamping down on superstition and my animal instinct to flee, I stepped off the path to get a better look but grabbed Hawk’s shirt to pull him in close at the same time … just in case.

“It’s a person,” Hawk whispered.

I nodded for I saw a person too and who ever it was stood very still.

“It’s got to be a mannequin or statue,” I said, fairly certain but not entirely confident. Ankara Escort

With flashlights illuminating the dark path, we stumbled closer. Sure enough, as we emerged through a tangle of foliage into a clearing under some trees we saw a life size carving of a woman in wood painted with glow in the dark paint. The face was Hawaiian, the figure full and voluptuous, the pose classic Greek contrapposto; the right foot slightly forward and all her weight on the back foot.

“This chick is well off the beaten path.” I whispered. The part of me that has seen too many horror movies expected the statue to reach out for me at any second.

“Why the glow paint?” Hawk asked. “How often do people travel this deep in the valley at night?”

“This is eerie,” I agreed.

“Look,” Hawk said. His flashlight beam shone on a long paddle shaped leaf called ti locally, resting at the feet of the carved figure. On the ti leaf was a square object wrapped in more ti leaf. “This is an active worship site. The offering looks fresh maybe dropped off today.”

My flashlight beam moved up and traveled over the carving. I marveled at its intricacy; the facial features and muscle tone perfect and life like. Whoever did it was no amateur. I clicked off my flashlight. Hawk did the same. Freshly energized by our flashlight beams the statue glowed slightly brighter.

Bathed in the weak eerie green glow Hawk whispered, “This is so weird.”

“The carving style is western modern with no hint of Pacific Island,” I said recalling years of pacific art history lessons.

“It’s more like a Greek Kouros,” Hawk said

I stepped in close. The eyes were painted with the glow plaint in such a way that she seemed to be looking right at me causing a creepy chill to raced through me. Hawk stood behind me, his hands on my upper arms.

“You’re all goose bumpy,” he said.

“We locals call it chicken skin,” I said.

“This is an active worship sight,” Hawk said seriously, “We shouldn’t disturb anything.”

“I want to make an offering,” I said out of the blue.

“Aren’t you a Shinto?”

“Finding her was near zero. This is fate.” I said and set my brain at preparing an offering of some kind.

“I saw some ti leafs back there near the steam’s edge” Hawk said and wandered off to find them. I was still running an inventory through my head of what I had to offer when Hawk returned with two long paddle shaped green leafs.

“Your hair,” He whispered.

With a start, I grabbed at my hair, thinking he saw a spider or something.

“Give some of your hair,” He clarified. He fumbled around in his backpack and produced the long wooden box that the chopsticks for our noodle dinner came in. “Put it in this,” The box was bright red with the name of the company in black and gold Japanese characters.

“Spirit Woods,” I translated. The box slid open like a matchbox and I emptied the chopsticks into the front pouch of my backpack. Hawk handed me his pocketknife and I cut a small length of my hair and I put it in the box. I looked at it for a few seconds. “Need more,” I said as I took the knife and made a small cut in the palm of my left hand.

“Jesus Gwen! Have you flipped?” Hawk clearly startled by me drawing blood.

Ignoring him, I squeezed my hand into a fist and watch a trickle of blood drop onto the hair in the box.

“Lolo,” Hawk said as he made me open my hand and tied his handkerchief around the cut. I still found it charming and old fashion that he carried a handkerchief. It was a habit he got from his grandfather he claimed.

“Still need more,” I said, “drop your pants.”

“What you say?” he asked.

“You heard me, drop your pants.”

“No way. You’re not gonna cut me anywhere down there,” He said adamantly.

“I’m not going to cut you haole boy,” I said as I handed the knife back to him. I dropped to my knees in front of him and started to unbuckle the belt on his cargo pants.

“You do know that you’re exposing the only part of my body not bitten by mosquitoes,” he said but made no move to stop me. I handed him the chopstick box to hold.

I took his exposed penis in my hands and smiled as I watched him go from semi-erect to fully hard within seconds.

“I want some of your semen for the offering,” I explained.

“And why pray tell? ” He asked.

“Hair, blood and semen should make for a powerful offering,” I said, as I started to stroke his erection. I had no idea if that were true or not but it sounded reasonable. Hawk focused his flashlight down on me to illuminate my actions. As I stroked his eager erection, twinges of doubt surfaced in my head and I said, “Perhaps this is kind of … you know … disrespectful?”

“I wouldn’t worry,” he said.

“You just don’t want me to stop,” I said with a light laugh.

As I stroked him, my eyes rolled up to the glowing statue that seem to be looking down at me. I said, “Don’t hold back. Come in my mouth.” I engulfed him. Hot excitement flushed Ankara Escort Bayan through me as I worked him with my mouth and hands. I stopped and stood up.

“Change your mind?” Hawk asked, clearly disappointed.

“No, just my tactics.”

I unsnapped my jeans then pulled them down along with my panties to my ankles. I picked a clear spot in front of the statue and got on all fours on the soft damp leaf strewn ground. Hawk didn’t say a thing as he pushed his cargos to mid-thigh, knelt behind me and entered me.

“I want you to still come in my mouth though,” I said.

“You the boss,” He returned cheerfully.

“That I am,” I agreed, “The pussy, not the lion, rules in this jungle.”

As Hawk moved in and out of me, I looked up to the voluptuous carving in front of me. A trick of the light (or lack of it) made it look as if the statue was bending slightly to watch the mortals at her feet perform the age old activity. “Oh shit this is good!” I expressed loudly as my pleasure built. Making love with Hawk always took me to the edge of perfection and back. Before Hawk, I was a quiet lover, but now I loved to make noise, scream out, cussing and swearing in Japanese and English. I closed my eyes floating in my world of heated passion ready to noisily greet the coming orgasm … floating …

… floating under water. In slow motion I turned and found myself face to face with a short haired Asian girl, blue and beautiful like a mermaid but with legs. Bizarrely she looked through the lens of a camera pointed at me. Realizing I was topless, my arms crossed in front of me. With a frantic look around, I saw I was in a large swimming pool and the bluish glow came from underwater lights along the edges of the pool. I looked back at the girl with the camera just as the camera fell from her blue hands. Watching the camera slowly drop to the pool floor filled me with dismay so I made a move to catch it. But blue girl grabbed me and pulled me toward her. Oh-my-God she’s going to kiss me I thought with panic … and hot anticipation.

My orgasm arrived and my eyes flew open, I was in the dark clearing again with the glow in the dark goddess looking down at me. My eyes rolled up to her sure she had something to do with the weird hallucination moments ago.

I screamed out a single word, “Goddess!”

“Here it comes!” Hawk announced with urgency.

Lost in the throes of my orgasm, not to mention my weird, watery hallucination, I barely heard him speak. He rudely pulled out of me and pushed me to a sitting position on my butt on the damp leafy ground. Hawk gripped his hard on and touched the tip to my closed mouth.

Why the hell is he doing that? I wondered confused. Then I remembered the offering just as a wet jet of moisture sprayed my closed lips.

“Shit!” I barked with a crazed laugh then covered Hawk’s spewing organ to contain the rest of his emissions. The stuff filled my mouth, some oozed out to mingle with the mess already on my chin. I motioned frantically. Hawk handed me the chopstick box then clicked on his flashlight to illuminate me. I slid open the box and drooled the salty stuff in my mouth over the hair and blood.

Hawk moved the focus of his flashlight from the box to my face. He liked seeing the mess he had created there I could tell. I allowed him a few more seconds of dirty male joy then I wiping my mouth and chin clean with the handkerchief tied to my hand. I slid the chopstick box lid shut and handed it back to him.

He pulled me to my feet with a gentleman’s hand. I dusted leafs and dirt from my knees; he took it upon himself to dust off my ass. I pulled my pants and panties back into place, Hawk did the same. Then I held the flashlight for him as he deftly wrapped and tied the chopstick box with one of the ti leafs.

“You do that like a kahuna,” I said, impressed.

“It’s amazing the things one learns out in the field,” He said as he handed me the neat little green package. He placed the other paddle shaped ti leaf on the ground whole before the carving and I placed my offering on it.

“Now what?” Hawk asked.

“We go home, but first I need to find out who is the artist that did the carving,” I said.

The one thing that I understand most in the world is an artist’s vanity and no artist worth his or her spit would leave this gorgeous work of art unsigned. I clicked on my flashlight and after a couple minutes of searching, I found what I was looking for. Obscured by the glow paint was a painted symbol around the belly button of a circle with a hand at its center. How long have you been here? I wondered. Then a strange feeling enveloped me and I quickly pointed my flashlight into the surrounding darkness.

“What?” Hawk asked, with alarm as he too, scanned the darkness with his flashlight.

“Someone’s watching us,” I whispered.

A shrilling sound cut through the darkness and I let out a scream.

“Shit!” Hawk barked then followed with a laugh. “It’s your phone lolo.”

“Sorry,” I said and quickly dug my phone out. I frowned for I didn’t recognize the Honolulu number. “Hello?” I said answering the call.

After a short pause a soft female voice in a strange flat accent that sounded foreign said. “Is this Miss Takahashi?”

“Who?” I asked.

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