Dee and I Begin a Live-In

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Hi all. Its Ali here!

I’m back with the conclusion of the last post – Sexy Cuz Dee and I Decide to Live-In – where I described the first day. This account is the continuation of the post and details the events of the second day, when Dee enjoys a truly memorable birthday and we finally move to the new apartment to begin our live-in relationship.

A little background first…

I am Ali. I stand over 5’10” tall. I am fair, with light brown eyes and dark, straight hair. I have a ripped, athletic body because I have been an avid soccer player all my life.

I live in one of the large cities in central India and belong to an ultra-conservative Muslim sect. I have a huge extended family that lives together on a huge property on the northern outskirts of the city. My home is within an enormous walled and gated compound. There are three 3-storied buildings with large, comfortable apartments for the families of my father and each of my seven uncles. Despite being quite well off my family is deeply religious and strict when it comes to following the tenets. This meant that the women are prohibited from socializing with males from a very young age. Puberty meant that they have to wear a Hijab to cover their heads and a Burka to cover their bodies when they stepped out of the house. However, as a family, we are very close. I was one of the few boys so I was the most favorite among everyone, including my aunts and cousins. This eventually led to several of us caving in and giving in to lust and we started a secret and taboo but regular sexual relationship.

Dee’s father was the eldest among my father and his brothers and his widow, Aunt Sheen seduced me a few weeks after he passed away. Dee is a year older to me with lovely, soft brown skin in contrast with the rest of our family who is remarkably fair complexioned. Dee stands a little over 5’6″ and large brown eyes with lovely, pouty lips. Her wavy, shoulder-length hair outlines her round face. Dee has always been curvy with a coke-bottle figure, thanks to the genes on her voluptuous mother’s side. Dee has large, perky C-cup breasts with light brown nipples. She has a significantly flat tummy and a slim waist that broadens into a pair of lovely, curvy hips on the side. What I most love about her is Dee’s large, rounded 40-inch bubble booty. Her butt cheeks are noticeably firm and jiggle remarkably when she walks.

Dee was especially close to me since we were little. This led to us becoming physically attracted to each other as we grew up. Dee had finally seduced me a few years ago and we lost our virginity to each other.


(8 AM – 10 AM – Monday Morning, July 2008)

Making Her Moan In The Morning

I woke up immediately after my cell phone alarm went off. I quickly reached over to the bedside stand and shut it off before it woke Dee. I turned my head and looked to the side. She lay completely nude and deep in sleep. I gingerly moved her arm from my chest and got out of the bed, trying not to wake her up. I was praying that last night’s intense, long fuck would make sure Dee slept late, at least till I was done with my plan for the morning.

It was Dee’s 19th birthday and I wanted to make the day special for her, starting with a breakfast in bed.

I stepped into the bathroom and came out wiping myself dry from the quick shower 10 minutes later. I put on the cargo shorts and Tee shirt from yesterday, picked my wallet, cell phone and Dee’s moped keys before softly sneaking out of her apartment. I rode to shopping complex across the Marigold Mall intersection and quickly bought the few things I needed.

I rode back, parked the bike and let myself in quietly with the key into Dee’s apartment. I peeked in the bedroom and was glad to find Dee still asleep. I watched the large mounds of her breasts heave up and down softly as she slept a sound sleep. I returned to the kitchen and lit a cigarette while I busied myself preparing a simple breakfast of French toast, coffee and fruits.

Around 45 minutes later, I set the breakfast neatly on a large serving tray and quietly entered the bedroom. Placing the huge tray softly on the foot of the bed I rummaged around in my backpack and quickly found the presents I had bought for Dee back home. I had bought a pair of dainty gold earrings and a lovely gold pendant for Dee. I put the gift-wrapped presents on the tray and set it on the bedside table near Dee. I walked over to the large glass doors to her bedroom balcony and pulled the curtains apart. The cloudy morning light drifting in from the glass doors lit up the bedroom in a dull, hazy light.

I walked over to the foot of the huge bed and looked at Dee’s sleeping form for a few seconds. She lay on her back, covered to her neck under the thick, soft duvet. I began to gently pull the duvet off of Dee. I gazed at the lovely, large brown boobs in the gray light. I pulled the duvet lower and revealed her soft, curvy hips before I caught a glimpse of her clean-shaven cunt. rize escort I watched her shapely, smooth legs as she settled on her back.

I grinned to myself before climbing on the bed and settling myself between her spread legs. I caught her soft thighs and gently pried them apart, careful not to wake her. Dee only mumbled in sleep but lay still with her feet far apart. I went down on my hands and knees and brought my face close to her crotch. I looked up from between her thighs and saw her big brown breasts softly heaving with her breath. Her small, dark brown nipples were outlined clearly in the dim morning light. The next second, the musky, familiar scent of Dee’s cunt hit me.

“Fuck!” I swore softly when I got a whiff of her clean, young pussy.

I immediately put my mouth over her cunt and began to kiss it softly.

“Mm…” Dee mumbled sleepily and shifted a little, still asleep.

I used my lips to spread her tight pussy lips as far apart as I dared before I flicked out my tongue and licked her small clit. I tasted her lovely lips with my tongue and this made Dee stir from her sleep finally.

“Ooohh…” I heard Dee moan softly as she tried to close her legs but her head jerked up when she found my head preventing her from doing so.

“Oh, baby!” Dee exclaimed the next instant when I began to lick her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I let my tongue tip slide up and down her tiny clit till I felt it harden. I then let my tongue slip into her now-moist pussy.

“Ohhh!” Dee moaned out loud as my tongue slid into her creamy, hot vagina. I flicked my tongue in and out of her tight labia and tasted our juices from last night.

Dee instantly clamped her curvy, sexy legs around my neck and held my head smashed against her crotch as I increased the pace of my licking. Now my tongue dipped in and out of her creamy pussy before flicking over to lick her ultra-sensitive clit. I could her warm, smooth body begin to tremble as my tongue worked harder and harder to lick her cunt.

“Ohh!.. Ohh… Yes!.. Baby… Yesss!” Dee’s moans of encouragement were getting louder at this point.

“Mphh!” I cried out in a muffled voice as Dee grabbed my long hair and forced my head deeper into her crotch and her legs tightened around my head in a vice-like grip.

“Mmm… Uhh… Uuhh… Yeah… Just like that… Oh, yeah!” Dee groaned and moaned and urged me to keep licking her clit and I began to roll my soft, wet tongue all around her pebble-hard cunt button.

“Ooohhhh!!” Dee growled long and hard as her climax hit.

My entire face was smothered with her wet, warm crotch as I feverishly licked at her clit and her body shook with the waves of her first orgasm. I loved to see her trembling with her climax as her lovely cunt squirted her warm, sweet juice over my mouth.

“Ohhh, baby…” Dee sighed hard as her trembling became less and less.

A couple of minutes later, she let go of my hair and relaxed her legs from around my head at the same time. Dee lay completely spent on the bed now. Her eyes were closed but she had a huge smile playing on those lovely, luscious lips.

I gasped for air and looked at Dee’s pleased expression with pride.

“Happy birthday, Dee!” I said and girnned.

“Mmm… Thanks a ton, Ali.” Dee whispered softly, still with her eyes closed.

I watched her creaming cunt for a few moments before reluctantly getting off of the bed and stepping into the bathroom. I quickly washed my mouth and splashed water on my face. I had to take a few deep breaths to make my rock-solid cock become less noticeably hard.

“Hey.” I looked at Dee as I stepped into the bedroom. She peeked at me through a half-open eye, “Why are you dressed? It’s so early, baby.” She mumbled and tried to pull me into the bed beside her.

“It’s not that early.” I said, sitting on the bed at her side. I wrapped an arm around Dee’s neck and pulled her up slowly, “We have to go to the college at ten, remember?” I said.

“Oh!” Dee blurted and her eyes flew open in a panic trying to see the clock on the wall.

“Relax…” I smiled and said, pushing her back against the headboard, “It’s not even nine. We still have time.”

Dee relaxed visibly before she yawned and stretched her curvy, naked body in my arms.

“Hmm… Well, then I should make breakfast.” She rubbed her eyes and said, trying to get up again.

“No need.” I said and smiled as I shifted to one side and she finally noticed the large tray on the bedside table behind me.

“Wow!” Dee exclaimed loudly and smiled wide.

She kept looking back and forth at me and the steaming breakfast on the tray, finding it hard to believe.

“Happy birthday, Dee.” I said again and winked.

“Aaw!” Dee murmured, suddenly getting emotional, “This is… so sweet, Ali. Thanks a lot, baby!” She gushed before pulling me into a tight hug.

“Mmmuahh!” Dee kissed me hard on the lips before moving her head back and looking at me, “This is really one of the sweetest things you’ve ever done for me, babe.” She said softly as she looked straight in my eyes.

“I want to make this day special, Dee.” I replied, smiling and pleased with her excitement.

“We’re finally going to move in and live together today, Ali!” Dee stated and squeezed me, “This day will always be special to me.” She said before pulling me in for another long, wet kiss.

I wrapped my arms around her warm, bare back and pulled her into a tight embrace. Dee sucked and nibbled at my lips as I caressed her lower back before reaching down to grab her large and round bubble booty. Dee shifted closer and crushed her large, firm tits against me and hugged me even tighter.

“Mmuaahh!” Dee finally broke the kiss a few minutes later and began to reach out for my shorts.

“No.” I grabbed her hands and stopped her.

Dee looked at me with disappointment.

“Let’s have the breakfast first. I’ve been hungry since I started cooking it.” I pleaded.

“All right.” Dee agreed heartily.

I turned around and grabbed the large tray before carefully placing it on the side of the bed.

“Hey! What’s this?” Dee cried out, picking up the small presents.

“Open up and see.” I replied simply, grinning and looking at Dee’s growing excitement.

Dee sat with her back against the wooden headboard and had pulled the duvet to cover her crotch but her large, bare breasts were exposed. I ogled her tempting, perky tits as they jiggled with her movements. I watched Dee remove the wrapping paper before her mouth hung open in shock.

“Wow!” Dee exclaimed softly, “Ali, did you really get these for me? They’re so beautiful!” She gushed with surprise, holding up the delicate gold earrings and watching the pendant twinkle in the dull gray light from the glass balcony door.

“Thank you!” She said excitedly before embracing me once again.

Dee buried her face in the crook of my neck and I held her warm, nude body. I caressed her smooth back softly and heard her sniffle and knew she was really touched by the gesture. She finally let go of me a few moments later and sat back again. I pulled the tray between us and we started to eat.

“This is really great, Ali!” Dee commented as she took a bite of the fluffy French toast and nodded her head.

“Thanks, Dee.” I replied and shoved another spoonful into my mouth because I was feeling famished now.

We sat and ate breakfast while chatting and discussing the plans for the day. It was going to be a busy day ahead. First, we had to go to the college near Symbiosis and finalize my admission. Next, we were to check out the apartment that Aunt Sheen had chosen for us. After that, we had to help the movers shift the various boxes and few items of furniture to the new apartment. Dee and I wanted to get the apartment set the same day because we planned to go to Mumbai for the next couple of days before eventually leaving for home. Our plan was to come back next month when my college starts to a ready apartment.

I was thrilled about the prospect and could barely control my enthusiasm. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt about this for a long time. I had always wished to be with Dee without the fear of our family finding out about our taboo sexual relationship.

Now my wish was about to come true!

Goodbye Creampie at Old Apartment

(10 AM – 6 PM – Monday Afternoon, July 2008)

After finishing the breakfast, Dee went in for a quick shower and I changed into a black-colored Tee and put on a pair of black-colored Jeans. I stepped into the living room and used the time to roll a J. I sat and smoked in the balcony and watched the huge river rushing by below the apartment as I waited for Dee.

“Hey, bro!” Dee called as she walked into the living room, “I’m ready.”

“Right on time!” I said, “Let’s have a J first?” I suggested, holding up the slim but long J.

“You read my mind!” Dee grinned and said as she stepped into the balcony.

“You’re looking cute.” I commented and winked as I looked at Dee from head to toe.

Dee was wearing a black-colored windcheater which was unzipped just enough to show a couple of inches of her deep cleavage within a fitting, red-colored Tee. I watched the lovely shape of her legs outlined clearly in a pair of tight, black-colored denim Capri. The thick fabric clung tightly to her cushy thighs and her smooth and shapely calves looked enticing. Dee wore a pair of branded black-colored sneakers.

“Thanks!” Dee replied and winked back playfully.

Dee turned around and leaned with her back against me as I stood at one end of the balcony. I wrapped my arms around Dee and helped her light the J in the windy weather. The clouds were still overcast but it didn’t look like it would rain. Dee took a long, deep drag on the J before passing it to me. I did the same and we held the smoke in for a long time before finally letting it creep out through the nose. I felt my fingertips go numb almost immediately and also felt Dee’s body relax noticeably as she rested against me. I wrapped my left arm around her flat tummy and we casually smoked the J.

A few minutes later, Dee eventually shifted and rested her round bubble booty on my crotch. She leaned her head back on my chest and casually swayed her hips, trying to tease my cock under the jeans. I could smell Dee’s peculiar perfume as she snuggled back into me. The strong stuff had already heightened my senses and I loved holding her soft, warm body against mine.

“Mm…” Dee purred softly as I placed my lips against her lovely, soft neck and kissed. “Oh… baby…” She moaned when I began to suck on her neck softly.

I felt her shiver as she got aroused and I would take a drag and get back to kissing and nibbling her neck. Dee pushed herself back against me and I pulled her even closer. I felt my cock becoming aroused. It felt tight in my jeans and Dee’s firm booty cheeks rubbed it and teased it to no extent.

We eventually finished smoking the J and playfully turning each other on. I felt my cock was now semi-erect and made a visible bulge in the jeans.

“Fuck!” I swore in frustration and pushed Dee away gently.

“Ali…” Dee called my name half-pleading and tried to snuggle back but I kept her at arm’s length.

“No, we don’t have the time.” I said, trying to adjust my thickened cock in the tight jeans, “Shit, Dee… You’ve got me so hard!” I hissed.

Dee simply grinned at this and giggled hard. I looked at her winking at biting her lips temptingly as I took a few deep breaths. My mind was buzzing now but I managed to subdue my excitement after a couple of minutes. Dee shook her head and grinned before stepping back in and walking to the kitchen. I walked in and closed the glass doors of the balcony behind me. I was putting on my windcheater when Dee walked in with a bottle of water. I took a few long gulps of water and wet my parched throat. I remembered to grab the file with my admission documents before we left the apartment. Dee and I had stupid, stoned smiles on our faces as we took the elevator down.

I rode slowly along the crowded roads as Dee sat close to me at the back. She had her arms wrapped tightly around my waist and her firm, large tits crushed against my back as we rode to Symbiosis College.

There was a rush for the admission process so the college campus was crowded. Thankfully, I did not have to wait long and we managed to complete the formalities in a couple of hours.

“Congrats, bro!” Dee cried out and hugged me suddenly right outside the admission office in the college campus.

“Thanks, Dee.” I replied back, suddenly conscious about the several stares we were getting.

Dee sensed my hesitation and quickly let go. Although she did catch my hand as we hurried to the parking lot.

“Where to now?” I asked, as Dee took a seat at the back and I slowly rode out of the college.

“Let’s have a smoke first.” Dee suggested, also feeling the high coming down now.

“Take a left from here. I heard you get great cold coffee here.” Dee said and pointed at the intersection.

I parked the bike in front of a small coffee and tea stall in the side street. Dee went to order our coffee and I walked over to the cigarette stall at its side. The roadside tea stall seemed to be a popular hangout for the kids from college. I could see a bunch of boys and girls just sitting around in small groups.

I picked out two cigarettes, lit them together before placing between Dee’s lips. Dee’s hands were full with the two tall glasses of cold coffee. She was grateful when I took one from her. Dee sat on the parked moped while I stood close in front of her.

“Wow!” I exclaimed pleasantly, “This is really good coffee.” I told Dee.

“I know, right.” She grinned and we began sipping the chilled, chocolaty coffee between drags from the cigarettes.

A minute later, Dee began to tell the plan. We were supposed to call the real estate agent and get the keys to the new apartment for we had to check it out. Aunt Sheen had recommended it highly for several reasons. It was in Kumar Picasso, one of the posh and luxurious apartment blocks near Hadapsar Bus Stop. The apartment belonged to Vandana, one of Aunt Sheen’s close school friends who now owned an advertisement agency in Pune. She was more than happy to rent it to Dee and me as it was fully furnished but she could not find suitable tenants for it. It was extremely close to Magarpatta City so we had access to a mall and a market too.

We finished our coffee and Dee made the call to the broker. He explained the way to me and we were on our way. The broker met us at his office in Hadapsar. As instructed by Vandana, he handed over the apartment keys after describing the short way to the apartment complex.

It was easy to find the huge apartment block as it was at the end of the road. We were let in by the security guards at the door after explaining our purpose. Dee was visibly excited as we entered the huge apartment complex.

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