Debbie Gibson Ch. 01

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“Come on Debbie,” her younger sister Julie pleaded, “I need to get out again and this Thursday night would be the perfect opportunity, but I’ve no-one to go with.”

Debbie smiled. “Oh…I see…I’m the last option am I?”

“No, no not at all, I didn’t mean it like that and you know it; oh I see, you’re taking the mickey,” Julie said, hearing Debbie laughing on the other end of the phone.

“So, where is it you want to go?” Debbie asked.

“How about the Spinning Wheel Inn,” Julie said, “there’s a band on and I hear that they might actually be able to play their own instruments!”

“Gosh! Well that will be a refreshing change,” Debbie said sarcastically. The Spinning Wheel wasn’t renowned for hiring top quality local bands. It’s usual fare was singers with prerecorded backing tracks.

“Pleeaassee,” Julie whined.

“Oh, I suppose so,” Debbie said without much enthusiasm. The Spinning Wheel Inn on a Thursday night was the last place she wanted to go. But it was after all her sister pleading with her.

“Hang on, let me see if Derek’s okay with this.” Debbie took the phone from her ear and turned in her chair towards her husband Derek. As usual he was oblivious to what was going on around him. His eyes were glued to the television watching football. Nothing interfered with him and his beloved football; or indeed any sport for that matter.

“Yeah, no problem,” he grunted. He never had a problem letting Debbie go out especially if it meant he could stop at home.

Debbie brought the phone back up to her ear. “Derek says hi and it’s okay with him.”

“I’m sure he did,” Julie said sarcastically. “Great, so I’ll see you Thursday night, pick me up around 8ish?”

“Okay,” Debbie replied, “see you Thursday.”

* * * * *

Debbie Gibson stood in front of her wardrobe scanning through her selection of outfits. So far all she was wearing was a matching black lace bra and thong and a pair of sheer thigh high stockings. This was a first for her. She had worn stockings and suspenders when she was younger and dating but since marriage and kids, had taken the easy option of always wearing tights. Out shopping one day she saw the thigh high stockings in a store and acting on a wild impulse had bought them. She had no idea when and if she would ever wear them. So they had remained hidden away, unopened in their packet until now. For some reason she felt slightly guilty putting them on tonight but didn’t know why.

As she pondered over her choices she looked into the wardrobe mirror. Looking back at her she saw a woman of medium height with dyed blonde hair, which she’d just had cut into a stylish bob. Her eyes were a deep penetrating blue colour. She was often told these were her best facial feature. Not her best bodily feature though. That was reserved for something lower down.

Despite having had two kids her full round 38DD breasts, whilst maybe not as firm as they used to be still had little or no sag. These were most definitely her best feature. She was probably carrying six or seven pounds more weight than she should but this was distributed around her tummy, hips, thighs and ass and gave her a curvy look, which often got her a second glance.

Not too bad for a thirty seven year old mother she thought. As she re-focused on her search for an outfit for the night idly sliding hangers across the rail in her wardrobe, she pondered over her sister’s current problems.

Julie had been virtually engaged to Colin whom she’d known since she was fifteen but he had recently dumped her. It had turned out he was bi-sexual and he had finally decided that he had stronger feelings for a man he had been seeing behind Julie’s back. Of course he was contrite and sorry and hadn’t wanted to hurt her but that was just how it was. Julie was understandably devastated. She was in love with him.

Her confidence shattered she’d taken it very badly and it was only now, eight months after the event that she’d had any desire to get back out and start dating again.

Not that she’s going to do any good dragging her old married sister around with her, thought Debbie. There was a twelve year age gap between the sisters, a welcome mistake for her parents but a mistake all the same.

Going through her wardrobe for a third time, Debbie finally selected a black skirt that came 2″ above her knee. It was a little bit tight when she slid it up over her hips but once on had the effect of highlighting the plump curve of her ass cheeks; not that Debbie could see that.

For her top, she finally plumped for a short sleeve pale blue sweater, which fluffed out to give the impression it was angora wool or something similar although it was actually made from a polyester and acrylic mix. The fluffiness of the fabric however did nothing to hide the outline of her breasts as it too was a tight fit.

I haven’t worn these for a while Debbie thought. She breathed in, drawing in her stomach as much as she could. I really should start that diet again she mused as she looked at her shape in the mirror.

Happy aydınlı escort at last she slipped on her 3″ heels and turned sideways to admire the finished look. Not too bad, she thought as she turned to walk out of the room and downstairs. She didn’t get far.

“Oww, jeez these are tight,” she exclaimed out loud. She wiggled her toes trying to get them comfortable.

“No it’s no good I can’t wear these all night, they’re killing my feet already,” she said to herself as she kicked them off her feet.

Returning to her wardrobe she went through her collection of shoes, trying each pair on and discounting them because they were either too tight or too loose or didn’t go with her outfit. She shook her head. So many shoes and they’re all rubbish she mused. Why is it that shoes fit perfectly when you buy them but the minute you get them home they don’t!

She stretched to reach the last pair. They had been pushed way to the back of the wardrobe. They were black with a 4″ heel. I can’t remember buying these, they’re way too high she thought. It must have been a weak moment. She looked them over. It was obvious to her that she had never worn them.

She slipped then on anyway. Surprisingly they were the best fit of any of her shoes and really quite comfortable.

“They’ll do,” she said to herself. She tottered downstairs trying hard to adapt to the new height.

Looking in the full length hall mirror for a last minute check before leaving she realised that the extra height of her heels seemed to stretch her legs and made them look thinner.

Maybe I need to wear high heels more often if that’s the effect it has on my legs she thought, pleased with the overall look.

Calling out goodbye to Derek and getting a grunt in reply she left to pick up Julie.

* * *

Arriving at the Spinning Wheel Inn, they got a drink each from the bar and found a seat. The Inn got noticeably busier as the time for the band to play came round. Debbie had already spoken to a number of people she knew but hadn’t seen for a while. Derek very rarely took her out these days. Julie, who’d already had a few more drinks than Debbie was surveying the room. Not seeing anybody that looked likely she nudged Debbie.

“Come on Sis, get to the bar, it’s your round and make them doubles this time, in fact make it two doubles each cos I think we won’t get back to the bar soon if it continues like this.” She motioned towards the door as more people entered.

“Oh do I have to?” Debbie replied in mock protest as she stood. “I presume you want the same again?” She motioned to Julie’s nearly empty glass.

“Of course,” Julie smiled sweetly. Debbie scowled back but good naturedly.

When Debbie returned from the bar, a trip that took fifteen minutes as they were extremely busy by now, she found her seat had been taken by a young man. He wasn’t bad looking Debbie observed and appeared to be around Julie’s age.

“Oh hi sis, this is Brad,” Julie said introducing her admirer. “And Brad, this is my sister Debbie.” Debbie said hello but as soon as the introductions were over, the band came on which made conversation between the three of them impossible. But not for Julie and Brad it seemed, who were soon talking with their heads very close together.

Debbie looked around the crowded bar. The band was extremely loud and not playing music that she particularly wanted to hear. She was relieved when she spotted some old friends in another part of the bar and not wanting to play gooseberry left the table to go talk with them.

The rest of the night passed very quickly and Debbie really enjoyed herself catching up with old friends. She also had more to drink than she normally did and was definitely over her limit!

Eventually realising that the band had finished playing and people were starting to drift off home, Debbie said goodnight to her friends and went in search of Julie. As she walked through the bar she heard a shout.

“Debbie, Debbie, oh there you are.” Julie came through with Brad, who was holding her hand, a fact not lost on Debbie.

“Brad’s invited us back to his place for a drink,” Julie said.

“Well, that’s nice but we really should be getting home,” Debbie replied. The last thing she wanted was more drink. She was looking forward to her nice comfy bed and a good nights sleep.

“Oh come on sis, I know you’re not at work tomorrow and it’s not often you get out and…well…pleeeaassse.”

Debbie looked at her sister. I really should be going, she thought, but Julie seems to have found someone nice and it’s been a while, she’s been so down that maybe…

“Okay then but not for long,” she stated, instantly regretting it.

“Thanks sis, you’re the best.” Julie beamed.

* * *

Brad’s house was just round the corner from the Spinning Wheel Inn so it wasn’t long before they were inside his living room watching him as he stood behind his mini bar pouring drinks for them all.

Debbie sat in an easy chair, whilst bağdat caddesi escort Julie had perched herself on a bar stool next to Brad.

Brad and Julie by now we’re flirting constantly, touching each other as they chatted away, giggling at who knows what!

Debbie began to feel decidedly uncomfortable. She knew this had been a bad idea. She was too old to be here playing gooseberry. Standing, she left the room unnoticed to search for a toilet.

It took her a while to find it as she took the opportunity to have a good look round. She convinced herself that she was just being protective of her sister. If Julie was going to get serious with Brad, Debbie wanted to assess what type of guy he was. She felt by looking at his house she could gauge this. It wasn’t true really. She was just being extremely nosy.

She walked back along the hallway towards the room but as she drew nearer she began to hear noises filtering out through the open doorway. She paused and cocked her head to one side and listened. The sound was unmistakeable. It was definitely what she’d initially thought it was.

She crept forward before stopping just outside the doorway to the room. She peeked round the door-frame.

Right in front of her eyes, Julie and Brad were kissing but it was what Brad was doing with his hand that made Debbie stop in her tracks.

He looked to have his hand up Julie’s leg. High up on Julie’s leg. At the top of her legs, nestled in the vee at the top of her thighs. And it was moving, very rapidly. She could tell this by the movement of Julie’s skirt. And the rocking motion of her bar stool as her hips moved. And judging by her moans, he was doing things to her that she was liking; a lot!

Debbie didn’t move. From her position she could see them but they couldn’t see her. As she watched from the doorway she began to feel the first stirrings of arousal.

She knew she should move away but as much as that part of her demanded it, another part of her wanted to stay and watch. It was a compelling reaction, erotic and voyeuristic. Debbie could feel the heat flooding through her body. Her heart began to pound in her chest whilst she continued to watch her sister being finger fucked. She licked her dry lips, scarcely able to breath.

Julie’s constant loud moaning heightened Debbie’s feelings and she could feel the wetness between her legs now as she pressed her thighs together. Faintly surprised she became aware that her nipples were brushing up against the fabric of her bra as they began to swell.

She was so engrossed in her live porn show that she didn’t hear the front door open and close as Brad’s room mate, Curtis Freeman, returned from his night out.

* * *

Earlier that evening, Curtis had bragged to Brad that he wouldn’t be back until tomorrow as he was on to a ‘sure thing’. Unfortunately for Curtis his target was at ‘that time of the month’ and he had come home extremely frustrated.

He thought he’d said all the right things to his date and that he was in for a guaranteed fuck. She had certainly given every indication that she was more than willing and he was well past second base, approaching third when she dropped the hammer on his carnal aspirations. He had left with a huge hard on even though she offered to take care of him with her mouth. Whilst he wasn’t averse to a blow job, what he really wanted was a good fuck! It had been a while.

He too heard the noise coming from the living room and seeing Debbie standing at the doorway he immediately knew what was happening. He could see that the girl…he looked more closely… sorry…woman at the doorway was definitely turned on.

He took in the view in front of him. Debbie’s left hand was high up, grasping the door frame, clinging on for support. He could clearly see the rings on her third finger, so he assumed she was married.

Starting at her feet his eyes moved up her body, taking in first her high heels which accentuated her firm legs. This had the effect of making her ass stick out, which wasn’t a bad thing in his mind. Her skirt stretched tight across her ass cheeks and looked really, really good.

His cock twitched.

Moving slightly to one side he was able to take in the curve and size of her breasts under her tight pale blue short sleeve sweater. He took a sharp intake of breath as he realised how big they were. Mmmmm he thought, very, very nice. He finished by taking a look at the side of her face and realised that she was older than he first thought.

God, she’s a MILF!

His cock twitched again and then pulsed, his bulge pressing against the fabric of his trousers.

Curtis was nothing if not bold. With no hint of hesitation he walked over to where Debbie was hanging onto the door frame and stood close behind her. He could smell her perfume. It heightened his senses. He could see she was affected by the events happening inside the room. She seemed to be struggling to stand upright.

Debbie was totally oblivious to Curtis’ bahçelievler escort presence. She hadn’t heard the front door open or close. She hadn’t realised that Curtis had entered and was now stood close behind her.

She was consumed by a feeling. It was a strange feeling, one she’d never experienced before. She could feel something happening between her legs. It was like an itch that couldn’t be relieved by scratching. Her nipples were hurting. They seemed as if they were trying to push out through her bra and sweater. She wanted to touch them, to feel her breasts but didn’t feel she should, just in case. In case of what, she didn’t know.

What was that? She jolted slightly as she felt something brush against her. Looking down she saw a hand on her right arm. She should have reacted by turning and seeing who or what it was. But she didn’t. She watched, mesmerised as the hand rubbed up and down her arm, first on the outside and then round to the inside. As it came to the inside the fingers brushed the outside swell of her right breast.

A jolt of electricity shot down her arm at that first initial touch on her breast. Oh my, she thought. Her heart thudded inside her chest as her eyes fluttered closed and her lips parted slightly. The hand continued to move gently up and down her arm constantly brushing against her right breast.

It stopped. It took her a short while to realise it had stopped.

“Oh!” She felt something brush against her skirt. She found herself being pushed forward onto her toes as the hand grasped her ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze.

“Oh!” Her breathing quickened.

Curtis took his hand off her ass then brought both his hands round to cup Debbie’s impressive 38DD breasts. He squeezed them, feeling his fingers sink into her flesh. He could make out the shape of her bra beneath her top as his hands roamed freely over the expanse of her breasts. He pushed them up and down whilst continuing to squeeze them. He felt the erect nipples harden.

“Mmmm,” Debbie moaned as she felt her desire building. She had no thought of who was touching her and no thought of resistance. It had been the relief she had craved. She threw her head back to rest it on Curtis’ shoulder. Her eyes were tightly closed.

By the noise now coming out from the living room it was obvious that Julie was getting fucked by Brad and that just heightened her feelings.She was being overwhelmed by her own rapidly growing arousal.

Curtis lifted Debbie’s skirt up over her hips to expose her lovely ass. He ran his hands up and down her thighs savouring the feeling from her sheer stockings whilst he struggled to free his rapidly expanding hard on.

He grabbed Debbie’s left hand freeing it from the door frame and shuffled her sideways and over to the nearby hall table.

Placing her hands on the table and prompted by Curtis, Debbie bent over compliantly.

As she lent forward, he pushed her sweater up followed by her bra, releasing her massive tits, which hung down begging to be squeezed. Curtis wasted no time as he fondled them, catching her swollen nipples between his finger and thumbs.

“Uuunngghhh…” Debbie groaned. She liked nothing better than having her breasts groped. Her body felt like it was on fire.

Curtis spread her legs wider as he brought a hand up and rubbed it down her ass crack. He slid it to her pussy which was soaking wet. He moved further, his fingers probing for her clit.

“Oooonnggghhhh…” Debbie reacted as he found it.

Taking his swollen cock in his left hand he positioned himself behind her and pushing forward forced himself inside her pussy.

“Oohhh…ooohhh…uunngg…oh my god,” Debbie groaned as she felt his cock enter her pussy.

“Fuck you’re tight,” Curtis grunted as he slid his cock further inside her.

Debbie groaned loudly again. Her body slumped down onto the table top.

Curtis had never thought of himself as having a big cock. It was only 7″ but it was obvious from Debbie’s reaction that he was bigger than she was used to.

As he pulled back, Debbie’s pussy clamped down hard to stop him leaving. He pushed back in taking his time but by now she had relaxed and her pussy had adjusted to the invasion.

He pulled fully out for the last time and then thrust in again and started to fuck her. He stroked his hard cock in and out, pounding into her with force. He needed this after his frustration earlier in the evening.

Debbie hadn’t been fucked like this for such a long time and she had kidded herself that it didn’t matter.

She felt her first orgasm build inside her and stifled her scream when she came. She didn’t want Julie to be aware that she was getting fucked as well.

Unlike Derek, who usually came as soon as she did, Curtis continued to pound away, his hands moving constantly over her huge 38DD breasts.

Debbie gripped the sides of the hall table as it banged against the wall. Her knuckles were white. She wailed and grunted with every thrust as Curtis rammed into her.

She came a second time, something that hadn’t happened to her for a long, long time and certainly never with Derek.

She fleetingly felt guilty, she was after all cheating on her husband but as Curtis brought her to another shattering orgasm the thought quickly vanished as she gave in to her unexpected lust.

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