Dean’s Story Ch. 02

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Apologies for the delay – real life got in the way. Remember – feedback keeps me writing!

I ran all the way to the clinic, running as fast as I could, and still managed to be ten minutes late. Bursting through the doors, I went up to the receptionist, gasping and out of breath, and tried to explain who I was and who I was here to see.

“Hello, Dean.” My mother said from the doorway to her room, a scowl on her face.

I was in trouble.

My mom works as a doctor at the local clinic, practising a couple of days a week and one thing that always pisses her off is when people are either late or miss their appointments. She’s told me and my two sisters that time and again which is why she’s really pissed at me being late. Sure, I had an excuse, but it’s not one I could tell my mom. How would she react if I said “Sorry, mom, but I was just tit-fucking my 18 year old younger sister so I lost track of time”?

“Hi mom.” Was what I managed.

She looked at her watch, then walked over to the receptionist, taking the sheaf of notes from her. Without another word to me, she returned to her room.

“Best of luck.” The receptionist said to me with a smile.

I followed mom into her surgery and closed the door behind me. She sat behind her desk and, without looking at me, pointed to the examination couch off to one side. I hopped up on to it and watched her as she read my notes.

With everything that had happened between me and Shannon, I found myself checking out my mom and was kinda surprised. I’d always thought she was good looking and a bit of a MILF but for the first time I noticed her as a woman. She wore a white lab coat over a simple black skirt and white blouse, her long black hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she wore small specs over her deep green eyes. izmir escort She stood about 5 feet 5, only slightly taller than Shannon, and kept in shape with regular visits to the gym. What really caught my eye, though, were her 38FF tits that seemed to want to burst out of the blouse beneath her white coat.

“Let’s get this done then, shall we?” she said finally, putting my file aside and standing up.

“Mom, I’m really sorry I was late, I just got held up with something and I ran all – “

She held up her hand to stop me babbling. “I’ve told you and your sisters countless times that I don’t like my patients being late. You’re my son, you should know better.” She said. “Now, open your mouth.”

I did as she asked, opening my mouth, turning my head, looking up at the ceiling, looking down to the floor, raising one arm then the other, all the usual stuff for a physical. I’d applied for a job which insisted on a clean bill of health and, as my mom was a doctor, it seemed logical to have her do the examination.

I took off my T-shirt when she asked and we both laughed when her cold stethoscope caused me to jump as she placed it against my chest. The weird thing was, as she was checking out my chest and back, she was occasionally running her hands across my muscles. I’m no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I work out regularly and am in good shape, and mom was definitely appreciating me. By the time she said “Okay, Dean, time to drop ‘em.” I swear I was half hard.

I watched my mom watching me as I dropped my jeans, my thick cock bobbing in front of me; in my haste to get here, I hadn’t bothered pulling on my boxers. Mom’s green eyes widened behind her specs as she took in the length and thickness of my cock.

“Well,” she chuckled. “I guess now would be the time for comments about how you’ve grown up.” She knelt in front of me and looked at my dick, frowning as she did so. “You have something on your penis, Dean. What is it?” I looked down and, sure enough, there was still some of the sun tan oil streaked along my dick from where I’d tit-fucked Shannon. Before I could say anything, mom continued. “And is that dried semen on the head?”

I blushed uncontrollably. No-one wants to hear their mom say that to them.

Mom reached over to her desk which had a box of tissues on it and pulled a couple out. Taking hold of my cock in one hand, she rubbed it clean with the tissues, getting rid of all traces of both sun tan oil and my dried cum. As she rubbed, though, my cock lurched in her hand, thickening and hardening automatically.

“Oh my, Dean.” Mom said, still rubbing at my dick with the tissues. “Did you . . . did you masturbate before coming to see me?”

“Ummm, yeah.” I said, thinking that was only slightly better than the truth.

“But you . . . you must have known I’d notice.” Mom said. She looked up at me, still stroking my dick. “Did you . . . did you want me to notice?”

I was amazed! Unless I was reading this wrong, my mom was coming on to me!

“Ummm, yeah.” I said again.

Mom dropped the tissues and now used both hands to jack on my cock, all pretense gone out the window.

“You wanted me to notice. What else did you want me to do?” she asked, still looking up at me. I was speechless, not really believing this was happening. Sure, my mom was hot, but I never expected her to be doing this. “Come on, son, I’m already jerking your big fucking cock. What else do you want me to do?”

From somewhere, I managed to whisper “Blow me?”

Instantly my cock was in my mom’s mouth as she sucked and licked at it. This was unreal! I watched my mom blowing me, one of her hands cupping my balls, the other stroking my dick, and really couldn’t believe my luck. She looked up at me as she sucked on my cock, dribbling spit all down its length.

“You have to tell me what to do, son.” She said. “You’re in charge.”

“Show me your tits.” I said with a grin. Mom smiled and leaned back, shrugging off her white coat before almost ripping her blouse open, revealing her big tits in a white, lacy bra. Reaching behind herself, she undid the catch and it fell off, her small red nipples, hard and stiff, pointing out at me. I bent at the knees and slid my wet cock between her tits, mom holding them together as, for the second time that day, I tit-fucked one of my relatives.

“Fuck my titties, Dean.” My mom said, urging me on. “Fuck those big tits.” She looked down and spat into her cleavage, coating it and my cock with her saliva, letting me slide my cock in and out between her huge jugs. I reached out and took over from her, holding her tits tightly so they wrapped around my dick, not really believing I had my mom’s tits in my hands and my cock between them.

“Cum for mommy.” She said quietly, looking up at me, and that was all it took. My cock leapt and spat wad after wad of cum, coating her face and neck in pearly jism, one blob hitting her glasses. It ran down her face, into her waiting mouth, over her chin and dropped on to her gorgeous tits. I moved away, my cock slipping free of her tits, leaving her plastered in my spunk, watching as she scooped it up with her fingers and sucked them clean.

“Fuck, mom, that was great.” I gasped.

“Mmm, you’re right.” She said. “I think I’ll take a half day and come home with you. Think we can get rid of your sisters for the afternoon?”

“I hope so.” I said, in reality thinking of getting mom and Shannon together. “Let’s see what happens.”

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