Dealing with Change Ch. 04

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This story is part of a series in which woman describes her and her husband’s experiences in dealing with major changes in their life brought on by events occurring as they reached their mid-forties. It is recommended that you read the prior chapters first. A number of the characters in this chapter play major roles in two other series I have posted, ‘A Week in Boise’ and ‘Mothers and Daughters.’ They are relatively lengthy series and it is not strictly necessary to have read them in their entirety before reading this post.

It was early afternoon on a warm late summer day when my husband Rich and I found ourselves in the Boise office of Reverend Christensen. His office was a modest and informal one behind his small independent church. There was a wood desk, old, scarred and by no means ostentatious. The Rev sat behind the desk and Rich and I sat in a pair of armchairs across the desk from the Rev. Several steel file cabinets lined one wall, and a tired looking couch sat against the other wall. The Rev’s wife Julia sat upon the couch. There was no computer screen but the Rev did have a closed lap top sitting on one side of his desk (which Rich knew was used to operate the relatively sophisticated computer system that the Rev used for his internet church and the new accounting and management system Rich had sold him). The walls were a tired, pale yellow, inoffensive but badly in need of a refurbishing coat of paint. The only adornments were a humble crucifix and a small, framed print of the customary, gaunt, unsmiling, Christ. All in all, a typical small businessman’s office except for the two modest pieces of religious art which seemed to play the role of quietly reminding the visitor of the purpose of his visit. Religion was not, however, the purpose of our visit.

The Rev was a tall, lean, handsome man–in his late thirties, as best I could tell. He was attractive in a traditional sense with even features, dark closely cropped hair, and a clean shave. He wore a preacher’s traditional black slacks and black shirt with a white ecclesiastical collar. The only variation from standard protestant preacher garb being the pair of gleaming black cowboy boots he wore. The most notable thing about him were his cool blue eyes that radiated sexual attractiveness. He didn’t say anything that implied the sexual aura about him, but it was clearly there and I could only attribute it to his eyes.

His wife Julia was much shorter than her husband and perhaps two or three years younger. She wore a conservative dress that was buttoned to her neck and reached well below her knees–classic garb for a small-town minister’s wife. Her long, dark brown hair was coiled and piled conservatively atop her head. She wore a pair of half glasses that hung from a chain around her neck. The dress did the best it could to conceal her substantial figure, but the contrast between her narrow waist, the broad hips below it, and the obviously buxom chest above couldn’t be fully concealed. You couldn’t accuse her of flaunting her shape, but her efforts to hide it were not altogether successful, a failure perhaps subtly intended on her part. Like the Rev, she had a sexual aura about her. It wasn’t something you could pinpoint the source of but, as with the Rev, it was there and impactful. It was in the way she smiled and looked at you.

Rich had met the Rev before, having sold him a computer software package to help manage his modest bricks-and-mortar church and his surprisingly successful internet church. However we weren’t there to talk about the software Rich had sold him. We were there because we had learned from our next-door neighbors in California that the Rev ran a marriage counseling business as a sideline to his church which focused on a very explicit approach to improving a couple’s relationship by improving and broadening their sex life. Our neighbor Christina had told me, “Sharon, the Rev’s objective in marriage counseling is to bring out the inner pervert in each member of the relationship and he is very hands on in his approach, if you know what I mean.” Rich and I had already indulged an afternoon in a threesome with Christina, so I at least had a vague idea of “you know what mean,” implied.

When we entered the office the Rev and Julia stepped forward to great us with warm handshakes from each. Julia followed up each handshake with a hug and a peck on the cheek. It wasn’t a classic smashed breast hug. More of just a light grazing across the chest with the tips of her substantial breasts. The Rev’s greeting was limited to a handshake, but it was an almost erotic mixture of a firm grip combined with the sensation of a soft touch which slid sensuously away as he released my hand. That in combination with his eyes had an immediate effect on me. My god, this man is sexy, I thought.

Once we were seated the Rev and Rich launched into a discussion of the new software package Rich had sold him. Julia and I let them run for a few minutes before Julia spoke up, “So tell me Rich, I understand from our fındıkzade escort friends that you’re not here to sell us more software. So what can we do to help you folks?”

I didn’t expect that Rich would be comfortable to continue the lead with this topic change so I jumped in. “Well… ” I said, pausing briefly while I decided how to open the real topic of our meeting. “We understand from, Christina that the two of you have a sideline to your role as a pastors in which you provide couples counseling.”

“Why yes, of course that’s true,” said the Rev, quickly remembering the purpose of our visit. “Perhaps you could tell us a bit about the kind of help the two of you are looking for?” This was where Rich, as I expected, went silent. I knew he wouldn’t be comfortable discussing our sex life with people who he had only known in a business context.

“Let me tell you a bit,” I said. “Rich and I are in our mid-forties. We’ve been married for over twenty years. We live in California’s Central Valley where we raised two successful children who are now pursuing their own lives on the East Coast. It appears that Rich’s workload will be easing significantly in the near future and with the children gone I find myself with a good deal of time on my hands.” I saw Rich wince when I mentioned the job change he expected to occur because of the upcoming sale of his company. I guess I wasn’t supposed to mention that I thought.

“We have recently been discussing how we plan to adjust to the changes our life is bringing us.” I took a deep breath and waded in, “The issue on which we are seeking help from you folks,” I said, nodding to both the Rev and to Julia, “relates to our sex life.” Now that I was in I was determined to keep going. “When we were young we had a vibrant and creative sex life. It was exciting. But over the twenty plus years since then it has faded too next to nothing. We recently spent an afternoon with Christina that reminded us of what we once had. She has suggested that you folks could help us regain what we once had.”

“Yes, we can certainly help with that kind of problem. Rich,” he continued, “Are you in agreement with Sharon that you need to broaden your sex life?”

Rich looked uncomfortable, but he spoke up clearly, “Yes, we’ve talked about it and we think this is something we both want to do; something we need to do. We’ve let our sex life drift away so it was no longer an important part of our life and we need to fix that.”

The Rev opened the laptop and looked briefly at a calendar before speaking, “Good, I’m glad to hear that. I’ve got some appointments this afternoon, but perhaps you could join us for dinner at our home tonight. We can get into the details over dinner and if you wish perhaps a first training session following dinner.” I felt a small lump forming in my stomach at the mention of a training session. From what Christina had told us the Rev’s training sessions were not the same as high school sex education. “Very hands on,” was the phrase she had used.

We left the office with Julia. She gave us the details of where their home was and what time we should arrive. Then before we left the empty church she gave each of us a hug, much tighter and more overtly sexual than earlier, and said, “I’m so glad you are going to be working with us. We are going to have fun tonight. Fun is a key element in what we try to teach people in our counseling.” As she hugged me I felt her hand slide down and cup my ass. I saw her do the same to Rich. So far this was fun, a bit scary, but fun.

We sat in the car for a few minutes talking.

Rich asked, “Well, what did you think. Was I not right when I told you those two have quite the sexual vibe?”

I looked at Rich and said, “No shit. Those two people just radiate sex. Both of them.”

Rich chuckled and said, “This could be an interesting evening. Are you okay with either or both of us getting laid by someone we aren’t married to?”

I looked at my husband and said, “Yes.” I paused and then said, “Remember I’m the one that suggested we should come up here. Are you okay with where this is headed?”

“Yes.” he paused for a moment. “But remember no matter how bizarre this gets this evening; you are the only woman I love. Always has been and always will be.”

“Me to,” I responded.

Rich spent the remainder of the afternoon calling on a big cattle rancher that was a friend of the Rev’s and apparently wanted to computerize his systems for running several cattle ranches, a feed lot, and some other agricultural operations he owned. Even though he was on the verge of semi-retirement, Rich couldn’t pass up an opportunity to sell.

I went back to our hotel room ostensibly to take a nap. What I wound up doing was spending much of the afternoon worrying about how much of Pandora’s Box we were about to wade into. Rich and I thought of broadening our sex life as “opening Pandora’s Box,” because we had no idea where it might lead. After a few minutes I regained my confidence taksim escort and turned my attention to my choice of clothing for the evening, recognizing that it was unclear how much of the evening would involve remaining in the outfit I was choosing. First I showered, shaved my legs, underarms, and pussy. After I was dry I stood naked before a full-length mirror. How was I going to look in the nude tonight if that was what it came to? Well, I wasn’t Charlize Theron, but still, I was satisfied with myself. My long legs remained firm and muscular, my breasts were soft and had some sag, but my dark brown nipples still stood high on my chest and grew impressively as I thought about getting laid by a stranger tonight. My belly–well, not a six pack, but far from just a bulge of flab. Rich thought it a nice place to lay his head as he recovered from an orgasm. I turned to look over my shoulder at my hips–also broader than when I was 20, but still firm. Overall, not bad for a forty something broad. Not a movie star, but still satisfactory to me. I knew Rich loved my broad hips and my big soft tits. Okay, I thought with a smile.

Now the question was what to wear? The idea of dressing to undress was a new idea to me. I had brought several outfits, unable to make up my mind before we left home. Rich had laughed at me, reminding me that if things went as planned I was going to wind up naked no matter which outfit I wore. First the question of undergarments. Christina had suggested I skip them altogether, reminding me that panties in particular would likely be an impediment to the games the Rev like to play dinner. I couldn’t quite get comfortable with the idea of going commando, as the kids would say, to the home of someone I had barely met so I pulled on a skimpy pair of panties that barely covered anything and were nearly see-through, and then a bra that surrounded my boobs but would do little to keep them from jiggling as I moved about. The fabric was soft enough so they failed completely to hide my nipples which had grown increasingly erect as the afternoon progressed. Next I put on a pair of strappy sandals with three-inch heels. I had some with four-inch heels, but it would be easier to walk in these. I again twirled before the mirror liking what I saw. The final choice was the dress. I tried all that I had brought and finally settled on a sun dress made of a light cotton fabric, white with a colorful flower print. It sat snugly on my hips and then flared to just above my knees–easy for someone’s wandering hand to push aside, I thought. It turned out to be impossible to hide the bra straps so I abandoned the bra. “But the panties will stay,” I told myself, “at least until someone takes them off of me.” I twirled before the mirror again and walked across the room. Yes, I thought. I look sexy and beautiful. I really liked the way my breasts bounced as I walked across the room.

Rich returned a few minutes later. I did my twirl and strut for him. He whistled and said, “Oh yeah, the Rev is going to tear those clothes right off of you and if he doesn’t, Julia will.” He showered, put on clean clothes, Dockers, and a blue polo shirt, choosing to take Christina’s advice by going commando. When we left the motel I thought we had managed to look respectable while remaining indecent. Perfect I thought.

A few minutes later (Boise is still a small place) we arrived at the Rev’s home. It was an early twentieth century home built in the craftsman style with a broad covered front porch. The home was shaded by huge old maple trees that lined the street. I confess to suddenly feeling a bit insecure as we walked up to the porch and up the stairs. I was checking the street number on the post holding the porch roof out of some misplaced concern that we might have the wrong house. I couldn’t decide whether I was horny or frightened, ultimately concluding I was both, a perfect combination. We heard the doorbell ring when Rich pushed the button, but we stood waiting in silence for what seemed like an eternity (really not long enough to even consider ringing the bell a second time). When the door opened we were greeted by the Rev, still wearing his work clothes but without the collar. He pushed the old screen door open and invited us in, greeting Rich with a handshake and what I assumed would be the same for me but as he grasped my right hand he placed his left hand on my forearm and pulled me into him for a hug that mashed my soft tits against his chest. “So glad you could make it,” he said. “Julia will be with us shortly. She’s just changing. It was a long day at the church.”

“Thank you so much for hosting us for dinner,” Rich said.

“Oh it’s our pleasure,” the Rev responded. “After what Christina told us about you we are really looking forward to working with you.”

“Should I be worrying about what Christina told them?” I asked myself. “No, we’ll just go with the flow and see where the evening takes us.”

Julia entered the room with a flourish, her style radically başakşehir escort changed. Her long dark hair was now flowing down her back. The reading glasses were gone. The conservative high-necked dress she had worn when we saw her earlier had been replaced by a garment that was a single large piece of flowing silk, dark green in color with swirls of brighter green and blue. The dress worked as a single wrap with a belt that tied it at the waist, just below where the plunging neckline came together and just above the top of the split between the two sides of the fabric that opened easily exposing her legs as she walked. Her large breasts, unrestrained by any form of bra, wobbled deliciously as she walked towards us making me feel instantly better about my decision to forego my own bra. Unlike the surprising high heeled shoes she had worn earlier she was now wearing flat thong like sandals finished with gold trim. She threw her arms around me in a greeting that smashed her big boobs against my rib cage. Without her heels she was several inches shorter than me. As she had done after our initial meeting she let her hands slide down over my hips but this time she pulled me into her body as she dragged her tits across me. “So glad you could make it,” she said with enthusiasm. She stepped back from her hug and looked me over from top to bottom. “Oh what a lovely dress,” she said. She was staring at my tits as she spoke. “It showcases all your best parts.” It was barely covering them was what I had been thinking. The dress showcased a good deal of cleavage. After her hug I was sure that my swollen nipples were raising little tents in the dress. Julia then repeated the performance with my husband, finishing by saying, “Don’t you think your wife just looks beautiful tonight. So sexy.”

Rich tore his eyes away from Julia’s voluptuous breasts and gave me a long smoldering, appraising, look and said, “I couldn’t agree more.”

The Rev stood watching Julia’s performance in silence. When he was sure she had finished her flirting entrance he spoke up, “Shall we all move into the living room. Kat will be in momentarily with a bit of wine and some snacks.” He placed his hand low on my back and led me into their living room where he seated me at one end of a comfortable couch, taking the other end for himself. Julia and Rich followed and settled in a pair of armchairs facing us from the other side of the room. I enjoyed the way my breasts bounced as I sat down. When Julia sat down she crossed her legs and let the cloth of her wrap fall away to her upper thigh.

We were barely seated when a young woman walked into the room carrying a tray with a bottle of wine and four glasses. She was a stunning beauty, tall and thin with narrow hips and small breasts. Her sandy blonde hair was piled atop her head exposing a long, graceful, Audrey Hepburn, neck. Her eyes were a captivating green. In many ways she was the opposite of Julia’s voluptuous sensuality. She wore a thin tightly knit light weight sweater dress that stopped just short of her knees. It outlined every curve of her body including her sensuous and obviously braless tits.

The Rev spoke up as soon as she entered the room introducing her as ‘Kat.’ Rich started to rise, but the Rev waived him off saying Kat would be joining us later in the evening. She smiled and set the tray on a table between the chairs Rich and Julia were sitting in. She poured glasses of wine for each of the four of us and then left the room. Rich’s eyes were glued to her slinking hips and long elegant legs as she walked out, almost the first time since we had arrived he had been able to take them off Julia’s voluptuous chest. Julia noticed of course and smiled at me with a wink that said, “I am getting to know your husband better all the time.” The Rev simply watched in silence. As Kat left the room he said, “Thank you Kat we shall see you later.” It left me wondering how much of her we were going to see later. After my recent lesbian experience with Christina, I found Kat intriguing.

The Rev explained, “Kat is a member of our church. She earns her living as a bartender, but she occasionally helps us out when we entertain.”

Julia snickered. “We don’t see her too often on Sunday though, do we Rev?”

“True. She works late on Saturdays and she understands our message better than many of our parishioners who attend regularly.”

“That’s true Rev. You’ve schooled her well.”

“Not without your help dear.”

We spent the next twenty minutes engaged in two separate conversations–the Rev and I in one and, on the other side of the room, Julia and my husband in their own conversation. I was so focused on the intriguing conversation I was having with the Rev that I didn’t hear much of what was going on between my husband and Julia. I did notice however that every time Julia leaned forward to pick up her wine glass her wrap billowed open and gave Rich a full view of her tits. It didn’t make me feal jealous of Julia. Each time I saw her flaunting her tits at Rich I just smiled to myself as I thought about how much Rich was enjoying her little show. I also thought about how much I would enjoy fondling those big tits myself. My recent experiences at home with our neighbor Christina had opened a new world for me.

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