De-stress Weekend – Part 3

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Daisy let out a loud yawn, coming to a sitting position up from her bed and having to carefully slide out from between Max’s cuddling paws.

‘What time is it?’

Though her blinds were drawn, Daisy could still see the light coming between the shutters, the deep orange of sunset.

‘Oh my gosh, I’ve just slept through nearly all of my Saturday!’ Daisy said to herself with a pang of regret, turning down to her dog still sleeping soundly by her lap.

Well, not entirely a waste of a day.

A rumble in her stomach reminded Daisy that she never did have lunch, save for a quick protein snack courtesy of Max. The groan of her stomach also roused Max from his slumber, who identically to his owner let out a wide yawn before stretching himself out on the bed.

‘Time for dinner?’ Daisy asked with a knowing smile.

Max quickly answered her question, jumping down from the bed and out the door to the kitchen.

Daisy decided against putting on any of her clothes again. It was a lovely warm spring day, and she only needed them to hide her nakedness. With all the blinds closed to any curious onlookers, she relished the feeling, strutting about her domain, queuing up her favourite tunes to sing along and dance to as she prepared her and Max’s dinner. Max watched it all from his favourite spot, a chair by the counter with his favourite pillow. He didn’t understand what his master was doing but he enjoyed seeing the smile on her face as she shouted into a spoon and slid around on her heels.

Quickly putting together a healthy and filling feast to make up for her lack of lunch, Daisy got Max’s attention, placing a large chunk of chicken breast into his bowl along with his kibble. As Max savoured his special treat, Daisy shared in his enjoyment, seeing his tail wagging so much his whole butt shook along with it.

‘See! You can dance too.’ Daisy laughed, before tucking into her own meal.

As with breakfast, Max was quick to clean his plate before resting down on top of Daisy’s feet as she finished her meal. Daisy wriggled her toes under his fluffy belly, enjoying the warmth and softness as if covered with a blanket. With dinner eaten and the hole in her stomach filled, Daisy began cleaning the dishes and putting them away. With the few chores handled, Daisy turned to her phone and collapsed on the couch to answer the few messages and emails she got over the course of the day. Without a thought she shifted her feet as she heard Max approach, letting him jump onto the other half of the couch as he lay on top of her. Eyes glued to her phone Daisy absentmindedly scratched at his head as she quickly came up with some excuses to her friends as to why she was only replying now.

Max didn’t make a sound, but as he shifted his weight, she felt something rub against her leg. It was hard and hot, and unmistakeably Max’s cock. Finally, given enough reason to look up, Daisy tilted her head at Max in confusion.

‘Haven’t you had enough, boy?’

Max mirrored the movement, his big eyes looking expectantly into Daisy’s. Taking a glance at the clock, Daisy could see that it was still early, having only needed to eat dinner because she missed lunch.

Have I had enough?

Daisy smiled mischievously at Max.

No, I haven’t.

This was the momentous day she had been waiting for, her phone could wait until tomorrow. She was going to remember this.

‘Okay, boy. I suppose we could both have some dessert.’

Max’s Escort tongue flopped out of his mouth, as it always did when he was excited. Though he couldn’t understand her words, by now he could understand their meaning. This time Max got up first, jumping off the couch and heading to the bedroom. As Daisy stood up, he quickly turned about, making sure that she was following him.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming.’ Daisy laughed, hurrying slightly behind him.

Can’t have him think he’s bossing me about.

Max was already on the bed by the time she could sit down and edge herself towards the middle. His head darted around her, unable to decide where he should focus on first.

‘You have to calm down first, Max,’ Daisy cautioned him in her special training voice.

The tone caused Max to quickly sober, sitting back on his hind legs with his head pointed down in admonishment.

‘Good.’ Daisy nodded her head at his obedience.


She lunged toward Max, wrapping her arms around him and preventing from moving. Max hadn’t realized it, but his polite sitting position gave Daisy perfect access to his semi-hard cock. Once Max had settled after her sudden movement, Daisy took her hands in front of her and began to play with his white and red member. She had been so excited before, she hadn’t been able to get a good feel of it, a mistake she would remedy now. Her fingers played down its length, enjoying its springiness as she squeezed it slightly, tongue darting out from her mouth to catch any dribbles that formed at its tip. Max sat perfectly still, his heavy panting above ensuring her he was content. After wrapping her hand about every inch of him Daisy once again took the head of his cock into her mouth. With him sitting she was comfortable knowing that he couldn’t thrust into her mouth and hurt her, and so took that as a sign to take a risk. Slowly getting used to its shape Daisy edge down on its length, taking more of it into her mouth and relaxing her throat as it tickled the back of it. Taking deep breaths, she pushed down feeling its rubbery length bend along her throat, tongue flickering across its underside. Max was getting more erect now, his knot slowly swelling beneath her and giving her a goal to reach. Daisy was determined now.

Slowly sliding off his member to catch a breath, she licked at any strands of fluid that escaped her lips, steadying herself before she attempted to swallow it again. This time her throat was ready, easily letting his cock bump and bend down its passage, likely aided by the quick squirts of doggy pre-cum to lubricate the way. With a final inhale through her nose Daisy’s lips bottomed out on the top of his knot, the thicker part of his shaft filling most of her mouth. Max’s knot was fully engorged now, and she was in the perfect position to enjoy it. Her lips edged up against its thick circumference, an impassable wall to her deepthroat attempt. No matter how well she trained herself, she had to accept that she would never be able to take that into her throat, as much as she it wanted to.

To make up for the harsh realities of her biology, Daisy began to bounce up and down on his cock, letting its slick length move in and out of her mouth and throat. She surprised herself with how quickly she could go, bubbles forming around her mouth as it disappeared and reappeared behind her lips. Max was now panting faster than he had before, unable to show his excitement in Escort Bayan any other way, less he stopped the service his master was giving him. Though Max couldn’t give any warning, his cock sure did. Daisy could feel as it hardened, forcing its way from her throat. A moment later his cock spasmed and fountained his thick dog seed into Daisy’s awaiting mouth. Daisy’s eyes shot open. She had previously had the first spray go straight down her throat, but now she felt the full force of it splatter the insides of her mouth. Holding her mouth firmly over his cock she let the cum pool at the bottom of her lips waiting for his orgasm to finish completely. As the final spurts dribbled out, Daisy carefully pulled up and away, keeping the seal on her lips firm until she was sitting upright again. Feeling the ache in her neck she stretched her head up, the motion tipping the cum to the back of her throat and giving her an idea.

Bottom’s up.

Keeping her head where it was, she relaxed her throat and took small deliberate swallows of Max’s cum, relishing in the feeling of it slowly cascade down her throat.

I need to figure out how many calories are in this. I don’t want to ruin my figure doing this.

Daisy sighed in contentment, smiling at the happy look in Max’s eyes. As the tightness in her neck and mouth started to settle a great pain throbbed in her groin. Her hand reached down, feeling her privates completely saturated.

Oh my god! Is something wrong with me?

Daisy had never ached like this before. Max moved closer to her, but the pain was too much, and she fell onto her elbows, one arm holding her up while the other grasped at her crotch. Daisy had held back from masturbating for a few weeks before all of this, determined to enjoy today to the fullest. Had the sudden and immense pleasure of today been too much after all that wait?

Ow! It can’t be anything too bad. Max and I have been careful. It’s probably just something from me being so horny.

With the ache in her crotch, Daisy wasn’t paying much attention to Max, who had just been presented with an overflowing honeypot. Just as he was about to begin lapping at it again, something stirred within him. Daisy laying facedown, butt in the air, and her wetness filling his nose with hundreds of pheromones. Max was a well-trained dog, but he could hardly ignore his instincts. Just as his fathers had before him, Max reared up, draping his two front paws on either side of Daisy, pressing them against her legs and allowing him to position himself. The sudden embrace caused Daisy to come to her senses. Her hand fell away from her slit, using it to push herself up slightly and turn her head back.

‘Max?’ She asked confused, but to him it was if she was begging for it.

With a quick shove he slipped within Daisy, pushing out whatever words she was about to say to him. Something snapped within Daisy, the ache in her belly scratched as Max’s cock plunged into her. Max didn’t need to be careful now, Daisy was incredibly wet, her pussy pulsed constantly as he thrusted in as fast as he could.

‘Ooh, ooh, ooh,’ Daisy moaned in time with his thrusts.

There was no control now. Her fingers and toes curled in pleasure; her teeth chattered as she was rocked into climax after climax. Max leaned forward, teeth catching at Daisy’s short hair and pulling her head backwards. Daisy could barely feel it, more than happy to lean into him, throwing back her head Bayan Escort and screaming in delight.

‘Oh god! Fuck me! Fuck me, yes!’

Max heard her loud and clear. Keep pounding my pussy. Do what you want to me. Max pushed deeper and harder, the head of his cock bumping up against Daisy’s cervix, any pain that would normally come from it fully translated to pleasure. Daisy could feel something, she knew what it was, she couldn’t stop it, not that she wanted to. Max’s knot had begun to grow. Its round baseball like shape slipping in and out of her snatch due to his speed, but as it grew with each thrust it strained more against her stretched pussy. Just as she was sure it wouldn’t come back into her again, Max pushed harder than he had before, the knot passing her lips and straining them with its girth. As Max tried to pull out again his knot caught, only causing Daisy to cry out in pleasure and for him to continue pumping in shorter more desperate strokes. Daisy could feel it continue to swell. Continue to bump about inside her and hit all the buttons it needed to. She moaned constantly, unable to form words as the pleasure continued to mount. Her skin became slick with sweat, sticking against the furry body of her mate as he thrusted on top of her.

Max was reaching his limit as well. Daisy was unbelievably tight as his cock continued to grow, the limits of her pussy pressing his cock into a vice as he endeavoured to shake it back and forth. Max’s eyes widened, his mouth opened as he released Daisy’s hair and turned toward the roof. He let out a high-pitched howl, a sound she had never heard him make before, but just as he understood the meaning of her words, she now knew what he meant by this.

She is mine.

Max’s cock hardened inside her. Unable to move within her tight body which spasmed continuously. Perfectly positioned within her, his cock erupted, streaming his powerful load past the walls of her cervix and into her uterus. Though it was impossible, Max was determined to mate with her, to breed her.


Daisy moaned a final time, feeling herself fill with Max’s seed. Released from his mouth she had fallen onto her face, her mouth open. With this final explosion of pleasure, she could do nothing else but pass out.

Max stood astride his lover letting himself drain into her for as long as he could. Though he wished to do more, his master had expertly milked him of everything that day. He was satisfied now. Though his instincts were to turn about and wait for his knot to deflate and release, his love for Daisy was stronger. Instead, as Daisy collapsed onto her bed, he nestled down on top of her, his cock safely plugging her hole and his fur keeping her naked skin warm as the night air began to cool. The two of them slept that way the whole night. Pet and owner, but now also lovers.

Having slept so much the day before, Daisy awoke surprisingly well rested save for a few aches in her muscles. She remembered to check her phone and was horrified to see the number of messages that had piled up, friends and family determined to know why she hadn’t responded. Daisy did her best to quickly answer and reassure them all while Max lay at her side. Once the last message was handled, she fell back next to Max, rubbing his head and behind his ears.

‘I think we went a bit overboard yesterday, boy.’ Daisy said idly.

‘Maybe we should take a break today?’

Max huffed and let Daisy go about her morning. He couldn’t understand her words, but he knew what she meant. What she really wanted.

And I think we all also know what she really got up to later that day.

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