Day Dreams

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Big Dick

I don’t know how much more I can take of this rejection. Job after job the answer is a resounding “no”.

Today had started out ok. Things are changing and I thought they were finally looking up. That was, until I took the trip to the mailbox. Inside the tiny box held two letters. One being car insurance and the other a note from the City. I was nervous but as soon as I touched it I wanted to cry. It was as if my body already knew.

The world slowing down as I opened the letter. It unfolds before me, my eyes scan down the paper… and there it was “regret to inform you”. My heart sank and I tried to catch my breath.

Something I knew I was more than capable of doing and again they tell me to fuck off. Seems as if military members can only do minimum wage paying jobs. So much for giving a girl a chance.

I make my way back in the house. Tending the girls. Giving them lunch and then putting them down for a nap, time seemed to blur together. I did all I could, not to cry in front of them. My spirit was completely crushed. How am I ever going to be able to provide for them if I can’t get a job?

I check on them to make sure they are sleeping and turn on the baby monitor. Closing my door and turning on some music I collapse on my bed and cry. Tears streaming down my cheeks, hope seemingly lost. Thoughts of suicide surface but I only shake them off. I have to be there for my girls.

The tears and exhaustion taking a toll, my mind slips off to sleep. A calm darkness surrounds me. The fan in my girl’s room can be heard over the baby monitor. Their steady breathing I know they are sleeping soundly.

Slipping deeper into sleep I can hear my own breathing deepen. Lost now to exhaustion I never hear him enter. My blanket still wet with my tears, there is a pressure on the bed beside me. Strong arms reaching around and pulling me to his chest. I moan softly thinking I am still dreaming, enjoying the love and warmth in his arms.

His hands trace down the side of my body. My eyes still closed I move closer to his touch. I can almost swear I see him smile as I cuddle closer to his warmth. As I move closer my eyes barely open. I can see his shirt, his scent clear to me as I turn and bury my face in his chest.

“Ssshhh, my little one. I will always have you.” His voice was soft and reassuring as he pulled me closer. Our chest close together I place a kiss on his heart tandoğan escort and relax more under his touch.

His hand slides gently under my shirt. His touch sending shivers through my body. My mind completely spent I just lay there and accept his touches. He traces up my side and grazes the side of my breast. I take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

“Yes, that’s it relax.” His warm breath tickles my ear as he whispers.

His hand now tracing to my back, he finds the bra strap. With one hand he expertly releases its grasp as he slides his hand under the now loose strap. Slowly his hand makes it to my breast. My breathing now more alive as his finger barely traces over my nipple.

Taking a deep sigh I feel his hand make its way to my other breast, loosening the bra more. How can I be so turned on when life is so wrong? Is there something wrong with me? His fingers trace the other nipple and I can’t help but to moan.

“Up.” is all he says. My body moves immediately. Sitting up in bed, his hands tug the hem of my shirt and with one slow pull the shirt slowly reveals my body to him. My eyes never making it to his. I am his and always will be.

He tosses the shirt to the side and smiles to me. Both of his hands now rest on my shoulders, pulling the straps down and revealing my chest completely to him. I can feel the heat in my cheeks as he inspects what is his. His fingers tracing gently over my skin, a shiver running throughout my entire being.

Reaching up he caresses my cheek, closing my eyes once again enjoying his touch, I turn to kiss his palm. My love deep for him, my trust completely in him. I can feel him smile at my little gesture.

His hand traces back into my hair, grasping it, then pulling me to his lips, he devours them deeply and passionately. Moaning softly in his kiss, my tongue dancing with his, my body leaning to his longing for more.

He breaks the kiss and releases my hair. Placing his hand to my chest he signals for me to lie down. Reluctantly I obey, wanting more of his kisses. His clothes still on him, he straddles my body. His eyes peering down on me I can’t help but to blush.

His hands trace along my neck and down my chest. Leaning forward he kisses my neck passionately. I can’t help but to moan, my body desiring him, wanting more, enjoying him.

Slowly his kisses travel down my neck tunalı escort and to my chest. He pauses a moment only to place a single kiss on each nipple. He slides down my body kissing a trail down my stomach to my pants line.

I bring my hands up to stop him and he looks at me, his eyes stern and convincing. I drop my hands to my sides and go quiet. He turns his attention back to my pants. His hands slowly unfastening them, savoring my small squirms as he slowly reveals my body.

As more of my skin is revealed he places small kisses on me. Shivering again from excitement and anticipation, he lefts up on my hips and then pulls my pants slowly down my body. Once the pants are freed from my body he stands at the edge of the bed admiring my naked form.

“Beautiful.” He leans down and kisses my ankle; slowly he heads higher up my inner leg, opening me as he moves up. I no longer resist him, his kisses welcomed. He pauses just before my treasure. Then his tongue traces up the middle separating the lips slightly. Moaning softly I can only endure.

He stands and pulls off his shirt placing it to the side, and then steps out of his shoes. I go to sit up, wanting to help him out of his pants, but he only points a finger at me and I lay back once again.

A sly smile parts his lips as he slowly begins to undo his pants. I close my eyes, still shy about that part of his body.

“Watch.” He says tenderly.

Reluctantly I open my eyes and watch. His pants parting as the zipper opens, slowly revealing skin beneath. I was shocked to see he had gone without his boxer briefs. I blushed as he slides them down to his ankles, his upper body covering him for a moment longer.

As he stands he steps out of them and kicks them to the side. My heart is racing and I feel my cheeks go bright red when I see him standing naked before me. His erection apparent. I turn my head to look away.

“No, look.” I turn and look again. His strong member tall and erect, seemingly as hungry for me as I was for him.

“This is what you do to me. Come here.” At his command I sit up on the bed. He brings the tip to me and offers it to me. I kiss the tip lovingly and passionately. His pre-cum sweet on my lips. Slowly I take more of him in my mouth. My hunger growing.

My tongue circling around his throbbing member, my passion over taking me as I take him deeper and türbanlı escort deeper with each thrust. His body rocking with mine. His hand on the back of my head guiding me faster and faster.

He abruptly stops. Pulling my head back roughly he leans down and kisses me aggressively. His hunger as deep as mine. Pushing me back on the bed he spreads me legs before him. Opening me completely to him.

Moaning as he licks up my moistness, separating the lips. His tongue dives in deeply. I can’t help but to buck under his tongues assault. His tongue exploring and taking me deeper and deeper. My moans growing louder. His mouth finds my engorged clit. He takes it in his mouth, sucking it, his teeth barely scraping over it. Pushing me closer and closer to orgasm, he stops.

I want to cry out in frustration as he had pushed me so close. He crawls up on the bed and kneels between my legs. His hardness almost screaming for me. He takes his member in his hand and rubs it up and down the opening, the lips gladly opening for him.

His tease pushing me closer and closer to edge, I long to feel him deep inside me. Taking me completely.

“Please.” I beg him.

“Please what?” He asked innocently as he continued to tease.

“Please take me. Please. I beg you.” My body constantly pushing towards his, yet he remained just at the opening.

With that he plunged all the way in, his hip pressing to mine. I gasp out in excitement and surprise as he fills me. Through whimpered moans I answer him.

“Yes, yes please.” Slowly he pulls out, I almost cry, this teasing so much on an already battered body. Then to my ultimate surprise he plunges deep in me again. My body arches up to him, wanting to take all it can.

My moans growing as he begins to take me faster and faster. Each stroke taking me deeply. My body trembling beneath him.

“Cum with me.” He growls in my ear, my body responding almost immediately as it squeezes his member. His groans matching mine, as my body is overcome with an orgasm. He takes me harder and harder and I feel him release in me. Our breathing erratic as we slowly come down.

My eyes tightly closed as he leans forward and holds me. Our bodies truly spent. I don’t know how long he stayed in me but I soon dozed off.

I woke up to the sound of my kids stirring over the baby monitor. I sit up and stretch, feeling better but tired. I look down at my body and see I am fully clothed. There was no sign of him ever being there. I sit there for a moment wondering if it was a daydream.

Getting up from the bed my hand goes to open my bedroom door and I see something I know I didn’t do. There was my bra hanging on the doorknob.

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