Day and Night

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A long time married couple makes another adjustment in life. He’s in construction so up and out before the sun while her new job has her closing so it’s mostly a tag team as one hits the sack as the other raises.

Even their days off adds to the problem as she’s low man on the totem pole so forced to work the weekends. It’s far and few between for them to match all that is needed for a good romp. Both now relying on self-pleasure to fill their needs.

It’s a Wednesday morning which starts off like all the rest, I head out to work kissing my wife as she goes to bed which is still warm from me it just earlier.

Just before our lunch break an equip failure sends me home for the day. Bad luck for work but maybe a chance to have sex with other then with my own hand.

I’m not surprised when I get home to find the bedroom door closed, my wife still sleeping inside. I hop into the hall bathroom to shower not bothering to dress I wait wrapped in my bath towel.

From the other end of the house I start to hear commotion, my cock raises knowing it won’t be long now.

I american jigolo izle wait there looking for her to out any second but time continues to pass and the commotion is getting louder. Unable to wait any longer to head toward the sound. Arriving at the door I hear my wife moaning, my mind invasions her playing with herself as I’ve also been lower to do.

Slowly I turn the doorknob wanting a glimpse at what I hear. I find my wife there on the bed but she’s not alone. Wednesday is also pool service day and today he’s servicing more than our pool.

My resent reliance on porn has ran the gambit and most of the time I end up watching Bi MMF, something I’ve never experienced but has sure fueled my fantasies.

I start to stroke my cock while I watch the both of them, he’s young I’d guess his late twenties. A tanned hairless body and sporting a good eight inch tool. Which my wife is enjoying as it plunges deep inside her.

Just by chance my wife looks over, seeing me she jumps out from under him screaming I’m sorry I’m sorry. He stands andropoz izle frozen not knowing what to do, his cock still hard and glistening with my wife nectar upon it.

I step forward as my wife continues to plead for forgiveness. Nose to nose with the young man I push his chest sending him back on the bed. Now my eyes turn to my wife, again she pleas saying this was the first time and she promises never to do it again.

My eyes look them both over once again and I say, that won’t be good enough has its still cheating. This causes my wife to start crying. There’s a moment of silence before I say there’s only one way that I can see us getting past this.

My wife cries “anything!”

For this to work out I must join you, then it’s us playing. With that I join them on the bed, my wife is quick to wrap her soft lips around my swollen cock. She then swings her leg over me as we lock into a 69 position.

I can tell by the taste of her pussy that she’s already climaxed, I suck on her engorged clit working her toward another round.

The young anne rices mayfair witches izle pool boy draws near, I spread my wife wide open allowing him a straight shot to her sweet pussy. I watch from below as inch by inch of his large cock enters her, until balls deep before he starts to pump inside her.

My wife is dripping wet, each droplet is welcomed into my waiting mouth. He takes a stroke too far so I reach up guiding him back home inside my wife.

Then I reach up and begin to squeeze his balls as my tongue slashes at my wife’s clit. Once again he falls out by accident or on purpose, this time I direct him in my mouth sucking my wife’s taste from him before retuning him back. I’m surprised how much I enjoyed his tool in my mouth and planned for more.

This plan goes astray when a second later he blasts his seed deep inside my wife.

The young man gathers his things and head for the door he came in. She pleads for me to continue as she’s close once again. Doing so it wasn’t long before his cream is joining hers as it fills my mouth.

The sensation causes me to let go filling my wife’s hungry mouth. Now I lay at her side, she leans over thanking me for my forgiveness. Then a deep kiss, a kiss with the taste of all three mixes in our mouth. I happily swallow the mix leaving me wanting more.

It’s agreed next Wednesday I’d take a sick day, see you next week!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32