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With that, I removed my fingers from her body and grabbed my cock. I lined it up with her pussy and began to rub her vagina. I also slapped her hands as she tried to pull me into her. Liz was moaning so loud now she was making a crying noise as well.

With a look of total supremacy, I pu-uu-uu-shed dee-ee-eep into Elizabeth Sierra, and she let out an exasperated moan, finally having her pussy properly penetrated after everything that had happened tonight. Her pussy was tight, wet and velvety and it wrapped perfectly around my cock.

I started pumping into her with a good, fast rhythm. Her pussy felt amazing so I was glad to have cum twice already so that I could enjoy it more. My thrusts were fast and hard and she was moaning loudly, even kicking her feet.

Liz said, “Oh my God, that feels so good Mr. Roberts, yes, fuck your naughty slut, fuck me good, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

It was so erotic, but I was going to own this, and now was the time to show it, so I pulled out.

“NO!” She said loudly, then added “oh no, please, put it back in, I’ve GOT to have your dick in me!”

I got partly out, holding Liz by her shoulder to maintain her place. I grabbed my cock and started slapping her face with it. She grunted and closed her eyes as I did. I motioned for her to give me her hand and when she did, I yanked her up and then threw her over my right shoulder, giving her ass a good slap as I turned towards the house.

I walked into the house with her draped over me and began walking back to my bedroom. My hands were grabbing and squeezing and pulling her ass apart, spanking it too as I walked backed to my bedroom. When I got there, I threw her on the bed.

Cracking her legs open, I moved right in and slid my cock back in her wonderful, wet & tight pussy. Her legs quickly wrapped around me and we went at it like animals. Skin on skin, lips on lips, flesh on flesh as I rammed my hard cock into her as fast as I could, & Liz was screaming in pleasure. At least we were inside where the noise was lower.

I pulled out of that pussy, flipped it over and stuck a pillow under her pelvis. My legs straddled hers as I plunged my cock back into her pussy. I rammed began fucking roughly, with deep, powerful izmit sansürsüz escort thrusts as I steadied myself with one hand on her shoulders and the other one on her ass. I thrust and thrust into her with fury, fully exploiting that tight pussy.

“Oh yes, right there, RIGHT THERE, OH FUCK, DON’T STOP, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK, DON’T STOP, IM GONNA CUM, PLEASE, OH FUCK, JUST LIKE THAT, FUCK MY PUSSY, OH FUCK OH….OH….OH…..FUUUUUUCK!” she screamed as her body shook in orgasm. I didn’t even slow down, I just kept plowing away and she was just screaming in pleasure.

As Liz lay there quivering from her orgasm, I pulled out my cock and lined it up with her ass. I smeared her juices around and then lined it ups, nudged it down…& pushed.

Liz said “Oh Sir – Ahh…S-slow-w-w… and she tensed up. Moving slightly, if only involuntarily. Looking back at me, she unexpectedly smiled and said. “Go ahead, take my ass. You can have it, just put your dick back in me, please.”

“Relax and push out, and take your hand and play with yourself,” I said and began the slow process of pushing into her. She reached down between her legs, under her body and began to rub her clit. She grunted as I pushed the head in and let out a pain filled moan as her face contorted in both pain and pleasure.

I pulled out, plunged back into her pussy two times, then went back to her ass. I pushed the head in and pushed a little farther. I could tell she was rubbing her clit frantically. She was squirming and moaning as my tongue violated her virgin ass.

I readjusted, dipped my cock into her pussy, running the outside and covering my shaft in her juices, then placed it back at her ass. I pushed in and the head went in fairly easy.

“Oh-gah…MMmmph….” Liz said. She was looking back at me with her mouth hanging open, panting. She then smiled and nodded. Elizabeth Sierra’s ass was now taking my dick. The work WAS worth the reward

I began to rock in and out of her ass, each thrust gaining ground on unexplored territory. She was screaming and moaning, but insisted I keep going, that I keep drilling farther.

“Fu-uu-uck M-M-Me-e-e…” she groaned, slightly biting the sheet as izmit escort bayan my cock rode in about of her butt hole

After a few minutes of steady work, I was able to fully penetrate her perfect ass. I stopped and kept my cock buried fully in her. I leaned down and began kissing her neck. “Are you ready to be fully fucked in your ass?” I asked.

“Oh, fuck, yes, it feels so good, better than I could’ve ever imagined, fuck my ass Mr. Roberts, fuck it hard,” she said, her arm still moving, rubbing her clit.

I pulled almost all the way out and then slammed into her. Liz grunted, bit the sheets harder, but took every bit of it. I began to fuck her virgin ass, her tight, perfect ass, with slow, hard and full thrusts of my 8″ cock. I picked up the pace and soon I was plowing her ass like I had been her pussy.

This girl was vocal. With every thrust, she screamed or moaned or cursed. She talked dirty to me, telling me to fuck her and to tear her ass up. Her ass was so tight and her body, so sexy, that I knew the end was near. I picked up the pace and fucked her harder.

My pace was increasing, and I reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back, causing her to arch her back more. I leaned down and wrapped my hand around her throat. I didn’t squeeze, but I held it there, albeit firmly. She moaned louder than I had heard her moan before.

“You like that, huh? You like having your teacher fuck your pretty little ass? To use you for his pleasure? Do you?

“Yes, oh fuck, just use me, fuck me like the total slut I am.” She was really getting into the dirty talk as I pounded away at her.

“You’re a good little slut, you make your teacher very happy. You’ve teased me all year with your tight little body and your subtle flirting, but now who’s getting their way? I am! And I’m going to fucking cum inside your hot little ass and it will be mine forever. You thought this was a one night thing? Fuck no, I’m going to use this perfect little body anytime and anywhere I want and you are gonna let me aren’t you?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes, any time, anywhere, my body is yours, I’m yours, cum for me, cum in my ass. No one has fucked my ass before and it feels otele gelen escort so fucking good, I never knew a dick in my ass would feel so good. I’ll be your slut forever, your personal fuck-toy, please, cum in my little ass!”

My cock was flying in and out of her and I could feel my orgasm coming. “Take it, take it you slut, I’m cumming, fucking take it all!”.

My orgasm ripped thru me harder than my two previous ones tonight. I shot deep in her ass as both of us screamed in delight. Her body was jerking as was mine as we both experienced amazing mutual orgasms.

I collapsed down on top of her as we both lay there panting, sweaty and breathless. My cock was still buried deep in her ass and neither of us wanted to move.

“Holy shit, Mr. Roberts, if I had known this was going to be my punishment, I would have made sure you caught me before,” she said, gasping for air.

“You are fucking amazing” I replied back.

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’m very good at learning my lesson,” she said. “I think I’m going to have to be ‘punished’ regularly to ensure I don’t slip back unto my old habits.” And Liz winked.

I laughed at her. “You are something else.”

“I promise it will never get out. As bad as the drugs thing is, I wouldn’t want to be caught up in a scandal like that either,” she said making a lot of sense.

“Good point, but this has to stay our secret. Nothing at school, nothing out in town, only here, is that understood?” I asked.

“Absolutely, at school and to everyone else, you are my teacher and I am your student, but here, I’m your student you fuck silly,” she said and laughed.

I rolled off of her and on to my back. She scooted over and laid at my side with her head on my chest.

“Holy crap, you came a lot. I can feel it coming out of my ass,” she said.

We spent the night talking and playing around. We fell asleep and in the morning, I came inside of her two more times. Once in her mouth from a beautiful, first thing in the morning blow job and again deep in her ass in the shower.

We continued to secretly fuck each other for the rest of the school year. With the school out for summer, I was now working nights as a beat cop in this rural Gulf coast town. I was sleeping in on my day off, one of those super-hot summer days, when my doorbell rang and I opened it to find Liz standing there in a crazily skimpy strapless bikini & a BIG smile, and I knew then that my plans for my days off were totally, happily ruined. But that’s a story for another time…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32