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Dave hated working Tuesday nights. He frowned at the clock over the door, another hour until close. With his work complete, no customers and a serious case of boredom he was more than ready to head home. He wanted a shower, food, and peace to watch the game he had on DVR. His phone alerted him to another message from a well -meaning friend about said game. He ignored it just like the last hundred from various friends and family. He didn’t know if they were happy or commiseration messages and he didn’t want to know until after he watched it. He looked at the clock again, still no closer to close.

He walked around the store again, shelves still clean and ordered. Fridges still clean and working well, floor swept and mopped, rugs shaken, there was nothing to do but close out the register and get the hell out of dodge. He looked at the clock, another three minutes down, WTF!

He could have called someone or surfed Facebook but then he have to wade through game updates and that would be counterproductive. He sighed again checked the clock to find that it still hadn’t moved. He wandered around the store again ducking out back to see if everything was squared away out there and sure enough it was. Grabbing the Windex he busied himself cleaning the shelving again, wiped the counter and even dusted behind the register a mistake he found out after sneezing seven times from the enormous dust cloud. He made a mental note to clean behind there more often knowing that he wouldn’t.

Finally the clock made its sluggish progress around the dial. He grabbed the keys to lock up turning to step out from behind the counter. The door chimed welcoming in gorgeous brunette in nightclub battle dress. He stared he couldn’t help it she was a vision in red. A voluptuous woman in a black and red lacy corset showing deep cleavage emphasizing an hourglass figure, a short leather mini skirt over her ample butt and thigh-high black boots with a four inch heels stood outlined in the door. He felt as though his heart would burst from his chest as she grinned at him probably knowing the direction of his thoughts and of all the blood in his body making a mad dash for his crotch.

He blinked a few times not really trusting what his eyes were showing him but she was still there smiling, green eyes flashing with confidence but also with expectation. Damn! She must have said something but he was occupied with his brain vapor lock.

He cleared his voice, her grin got bigger.

“Excuse me?” He asked thankful he didn’t stammer or drool.

“I asked if you were still open.” Her husky voice was like gasoline on wildfire. Any blood left anywhere in his body migrated to his cock with a speed worthy of NASCAR.

“If you’re quick.” He said but they both knew he didn’t want her to hurry anything.

She walked to the counter, no he corrected, she really glided her body undulating with the sexy confidence of someone very comfortable in their own skin. His cock twitched, he nearly moaned. A wave of Mardin Escort warmed spicy scent, Chanel he thought slightly panicky, rolled over him as she moved closer. He swallowed hard.

“Can you help me pick out the right wine?” Her voice, her sway, her intoxicating scent were hypnotizing and he was already struggling with the biggest hard-on of his lifetime.

“Of course.” He cleared his voice again, Dave was absolutely sure he looked thunderstruck. She sashayed past him down the wine aisle. He adjusted himself following a little slower so he could catch the view of her fine ass molded in red leather. His breath caught in wonder when she tossed a mass of hair over her shoulder and winked at him. He did moan then, softly and under his breath.

He rubbed his sweating hands on his jeans they itched to feel her, pull her back roughly against him, the feel of that heavenly behind brush over his cock. He may have stopped breathing for a moment he hoped it was just a moment, nope he was sure he wasn’t breathing as dots jumped in front of his eyes.

She had been talking again but he had missed it his eyes caressing her figure with intensity of the sun, he needed to touch her. He took a step back he had come close enough to feel the heat of her body and it was far too close, she didn’t seem to notice as she ran fingers tipped with red lacquer over labels.

“Is there anything special you’re looking for?” He asked in a tight voice.

“I’m not really sure, my man,” and with that she looked over her shoulder at him again, “is a wine snob.”

Then she needed to shop at the boutique shop down the road. He thought to himself. He didn’t want her to leave and they were probably already closed. She had stepped back to look at the wines on the lower shelf, he started to say she didn’t want any of those when she bent over.

It was simply amazing that he didn’t expire right there and then. Dave took a deep breath to steady himself eyes riveted on her black thong completely exposed now. Her ass full and gorgeous right there for him to see, he had no choice one hand moved to his crotch to readjust. She turned to look up at him catching the movement and following it with her eyes. He may be hallucinating but he was fairly sure her eyes dilated with the sight of his cock, he knew that she made a small squeak that made his cock twitch again.

The woman stood slowly turning to him. He fought himself not to step toward her and haul her against him, she almost looked like she’d be willing but this was NOT the place to do that. He looked around he had forgotten for a moment where he was. He looked into her eyes when her hand closed over his arm so very close to that piece of male anatomy holding all his blood right now. So very close and yet so very far, he closed his eyes against the physical onslaught on his senses. She stood so close he could smell her underneath the scent, a musky feminine scent that sent fire rolling through his veins he locked his teeth Mardin Escort Bayan against the moan closing his eyes.

“Dave?” She whispered, his eyes snapped open wide. How the hell did she know his name, and could anything sound more damned sexy then his name from those plump lips? Her eyes flicked to his badge, he relaxed a fraction until her hand slid down his arm and over his fly. His heart momentarily stopped before beginning a gallop he thought would surely kill him. She tugged his hand into hers pulling him behind her the rub of the tight jeans over his cock sensual and painful all at once.

“What’s your name?” Dave asked in a strangled voice.

“Calleigh Love.” Was the sultry response, breathless and tight with lust. His heart beat faster.

At one of the back end-caps, Calleigh leaned back tugging Dave into her. Dave’s hands grabbed at her waist to steady himself but pressing his entire front against her hard before he gained his feet. Her arms already around his neck pulling him down for a kiss and he wasn’t one to miss an opportunity winding one hand in the luscious brown waves the other over a well-rounded butt cheek hauling him against his overeager cock.

The kiss, hard and punishing, cut short too soon in their combined need to breathe. He pushed her back gently wanting some space between them. She leaned back a bit breathing hard her eyes glazed. Her hands dropped from his shoulders to the band of his jeans. He stopped her from touching him wanting his brain to reboot a bit so he didn’t embarrass himself like a teenager. He shook his head more to clear his thoughts his eyes still locked on hers.

Calleigh smiled, almost like she knew exactly what he was thinking. She reached down fold the mini skirt up two inches revealing a see thru panel on her thong. Dave’s eyes widened, breathing roughened, and his moan was nearly explosive. Fingers slipped inside the wisp of fabric to rub her clit her eyes locked on him. He didn’t think it possible but his groin tightened further the jeans becoming more restrictive and quite painful. He tried to adjust but gave up slipping the button and pulling down his zipper.

Calleigh’s hand was there to catch his cock as it sprung from his fly, her eyes widening at the length and girth of him. He saw this the moment before he eyes slammed shut from the sheer pleasure of her warm touch around his member. He growled, lust slamming through him with the force of a sledgehammer.

He opened his eyes looked down at her hand on him then further down to her other hand pleasuring herself. He watched momentarily stunned by the movement of her fingers, eyes flickered to her face where her eyes had taken on that smoky sensual look. He took her hand from him dropping to his knees spreading her thighs with his hands eyes locked on her fingers making that carnal rhythmic movement. He shivered with anticipation. Slowly, he drove his hands up those warm thighs one thumb catching the string that small Escort Mardin scrap of lace pulling it to the side brushing his thumbs the sensitive folds of her pussy. She shivered and her breath caught her hand grasping his shoulder as he moved in closer.

“Dave!” She moaned.

He leaned his face in kissing those smooth folds, man he loved a shaved pussy. He slipped a finger in probing gently. His eyes slid shut as he felt her wet heat slide over his finger. He delved his tongue in holding the folds open tasting that heat, he ran his tongue around looking for the sensitive area finding the area that made her legs tense, her hand squeezed his shoulder, and he felt as well as heard her capitulating moan. She was all his now.

He sank a finger into her feeling the tight channel squeeze his finger she bucked against him when he moved his finger in and out while sucking on that delicious clit. More heat drenched his finger, he slid another finger in delighting in her insistence of more. Both her hands grabbed his head her breathing raspy and labored under his assault.

“Dave, now!” Calleigh pushed at his head. He would have laughed if he wasn’t completely on board with her wishes.

He rose to his feet rubbing his cock he moved closer lifting legs around his waist he angled himself to that sweet spot. He held his breath as he pushed inside her hot wet channel inch by inch. Her legs tightened around him urging him forward he surged forward completely sheathed inside her.

“Baby.” He growled.

“Harder.” Calleigh mewed squeezing him tightly. He lifted her slightly sinking further inside her before backing out to slam back inside her. Her hands gripped his head pulling him down to her breast where he nuzzled against the corset where her breast nearly overflowed.

She undid the lacing simply lifting out the most perfect breast he’d ever laid eyes on. The nipple ruby red, tightened immediately when he closed teeth on it tugging gently with his lips. Calleigh gripped his shoulders her hips matching him thrust for thrust, their breathing in tandem. He nipped the bud gripping her ass tighter to him, he could feel her climax building in her breathing, her vagina squeezing him, her slickness, and in her begging. She had been calling his name, he couldn’t remember if he answered. It didn’t matter he was going to explode. He just needed to wait until she came first, a few more strokes. He abandoned the nipple to kiss her, the kiss exquisite, she clenched him hard hot fluid surging over him as he abandoned himself to that euphoria. Muscles clenched their bodies locked together as each reached that superb moment.

He continued to kiss her one hand grabbing that lush mane of hair to hold her close. She still gripped his shoulders their kiss morphing from that of just met into the well-known intimacy that had marked their relationship.

“You’re beautiful.” He murmured against her ear.

“And you’re late!” Calleigh laughed. “I’ll see you at home.”

“Go straight home, that outfit is not company approved!”

“You’re a terrible boyfriend!” She fake pouted. He helped her stand then straightened his clothing. He shrugged, kissed her again, smacked her bottom then sent her home.

It was going to be a great night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32