Dave and Linda Ch. 04

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Meanwhile, Dave was late coming home. He was on a mission to the local porn store. He was looking for the perfect gift for his wife’s birthday. He is unaware of the events that have passed at his house and that his wife and her lover Kim are asleep in each others’ arms. Dave looks at rack after rack for the perfect one. Finally, at last, the perfect one. He takes a huge strap-on dildo to the counter and hurriedly pays. He puts this twelve inch purple strap-on in a plain paper bag and heads home.

The dildo is for his lovely wife Linda whose birthday is close at hand. His plans are simple. He wants to watch Linda’s girlfriend Kim rock her worlds with this huge purple dildo. Linda hasn’t had anything that huge inside her since her and Dave’s anniversary in June when they shared Jeff. Jeff was every bit of twelve inches long and was as thick as a pop can. Anyway, Dave is in his car driving like a madman to get home soon. He is excited about giving this gift to her.

Dave makes it home and rushes in with his gift in hand. He finds the house silent and calm. He climbs the stairs slowly hoping to surprise them in the act. He creaks open the door and looks in. To his dismay he finds both of them asleep on the bed. They are embraced tenderly in each others’ arms. He loves watching Kim and Linda together. The make love so beautifully together. It is in many ways a delicate dance of motion and passion. They touch and kiss so sweetly, and they hold each other so lovingly.

In disappointment, Dave goes back down stairs. He places the bag on the coffee table and undresses. He strips to his boxers and gets comfortable on the couch. In minutes he too is asleep.

In what seems like seconds he is reawakened by a presence in the room. He opens his eyes to Kim on her knees between his legs. She looks up to Dave with a smile. “Hi, glad to see you found your way home.” She then begins pulling at the front of Dave’s shorts. She soon opens them and Dave’s half hard, little dick flops out. Without a word she opens her mouth and engulfs it whole. Dave scoots down in the couch to give Kim better access.

“Sorry I’m late,” Dave whispers. “Had to get something,” he continues. Kim has his little dick hard like a rock in just a moment or two. Kim has a special oral technique that Dave really loves. He can’t quite figure out what she does, but she does something just right. His dick is at full attention in no time at all. Kim stops her oral assault long enough to pull Dave’s boxers off. She begins her pleasing of his dick again.

In just a few moment Dave finds himself on the edge of exploding. He gropes blindly at Kim’s hair, and lets out a series of silent hisses of pleasure. His eyes roll back into his head as he begins his orgasm. In three quick bursts he unleashes a flood in her mouth. She swallows it all hungrily and continues lapping and sucking at his dick until it goes limp in her mouth. Dave’s loosens his grip on her hair as she backs away from his dick. He pants out a weak, “wow.”

Kim smiles a bit and raises from the floor. He naked body looks so lovely to Dave as she sits on the couch beside him. “Hmmm, never get tired of hearing that,” Kim says as she rests her head against Dave’s chest. “So what’s in the bag?”

Dave point to the bag, “have a look.” Kim grabs the bag off the table and opens it like a kid at Christmas. Her eyes get big as she looks at the purple, monster sized dildo inside. She pulls it out of the bag and puts it on the table and stares at it for a long time. “I picked it up for her birthday. I thought she’d like it. Especially if it’s you that uses it on her,” Dave says as he crumples the bag into the wastebasket.

“Holy shit, it’s huge. Can she really take something like that?”

“Oh yeah, she has before,” Dave comments.

“What do you mean?”

Dave begins, “well, you remember the Jeff thing in June right?”

Kim’s mouth drops open and her eyes get wide and bright with surprise. “She said he was big, but that thing is scary big,” she exclaims as she points to the purple dildo.

“She took every inch of his, and that dildo if anything is a little shorter than his dick. Maybe only an inch or two, but I think it’s a little shorter.”

“Oh my god, she was so modest about the whole thing. She barely talked about it, but she made it seem like you two were pretty evenly matched.” Instantly Kim winces and hisses. The face she is making looks like someone just forced and ice cube up her un-lubricated ass. “Sorry, that uh… didn’t come out like I meant it to.”

Dave looks at her blankly, “nothing to apologize for , hun.” Dave looks at Kim with a smirk, “I know I got a sparrow cock. No biggie.” Kim looks hard at the ground with her pouting little bottom lip sticking out. Dave puts her chin in his big hand and pulls her head up. He looks her deep in the eyes and smiles a weak smile. “You, OK?”

Kim nods her head as her face contorts to hold back the building tears, “I shouldn’t say such things about you.” xhamster porno The tears come and Kim tries to pull her head away. Dave holds her face firm and pulls her in close. He takes her head in his hands and begins kissing her.

Dave gives her little pecks on the lips as he continues to smile at her. Kim slowly gets involved and pecks back. Dave then pulls Kim’s body tight to his and begins the heavy kissing. Dave is a good passionate kisser but can be too strong at times. Kim falls loose in his arms and his big hands rub all over her body. She succumbs to his passionate kisses. Their tongues doing a dance together and their mouths embrace.

Soon their bodies are beginning to intertwine and the burning in Dave’s loins is back with a vengeance. Dave’s hands roam all over her body. He squeezes and caresses at all the right spots to make Kim crazy with passion. She begins asserting herself as she begins pushing Dave backwards on the couch. With their mouths still dancing this most passionate tango, Dave lays back. Kim pulls her body on top of his as they lay back together. Kim spreads her legs over Dave to straddle his body.

The hotness of her abused pussy was hard to ignore, but she decided to make love to Dave right there and right then. She lowered her stretched out cavernous pussy over his little dick. She tensed up as the rawness of her pussy was nearly too much to bare. Dave notices instantly that something isn’t quite right with Kim’s equipment.

Kim raises herself off his dick and begins to slide back down it. She nearly yelps in pain as she slowly lurches back down his dick. Dave reluctantly broke their mouths’ embrace and looks at her. He has the most gorgeous eyes Kim has ever seen and she melts like putty when she looks into them. Especially now, since they show a deep compassionate concern for her. His deep eyes peer at her, “You’re not Ok are you?”

Kim pushes herself off of his body and sits on the couch. Dave sits up and puts his big arm around her shoulders. Kim puts her head in her hands and sighs heavily. “I’m Ok. Really, I’m fine. It just sucks, that’s all.”

“What sucks?”

“I really, really, really want you to take me and make love to me, but” Kim stops and looks again to the floor.

“But what? Is everything alright?” The concern is mounting in Dave, as he pulls her closer.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that, well, my pussy hurts.”

“Ok, what happened? You OK? Need anything?” Dave questions quickly.

“Your wife wore it out earlier. I mean it’s OK. Just a little tender is all. I’m fine.” Kim puts her hand on Dave’s hand to reassure him. “I really am OK just more sensitive than I expected.

Dave hugs Kim tightly and squeezes her close, “Ok what now?”

Kim looks over at Dave and then lunges into his arms. She wraps her body around him and smothers him in kisses and hugs. “I want you,” she pants out between kisses and then pulls Dave to his feet as she kisses him. She continues to guide him as she kisses him until they are standing in the middle of the floor. She begins to lower herself down and takes him with her.

She sits down and then lays back. Dave lowers himself over top of her and continues kissing her.

He pushes her legs apart with his knees and lowers himself between her legs. The angry heat from her abused pussy is very evident. Dave lines up his stiff little dick and tries to enter her again. He very gently and slowly proceeds to push into her swollen, red pussy. She thrusts her hands into his chest and winces at the invasion. Dave instantly withdraws.

Dave looks down at Kim’s face still with a little pain evident on it. Dave backs away a bit and asks, “no good, huh?”

Kim throws her head around violently and her face is beet red, as she pants, “no touchy, hurts.”

Dave crawls backward and lowers his face between her legs. He takes her behind the knees and pushes them upward. He elevates her hips until her womanhood is in his face. He can see how red and poofy it is and how angry it looks. Dave then lowers his head licks her.

Dave laps gently at her tight little butt hole. With his tongue he probes and prods at it. Kim squirms a bit from this attention. Dave has never done this to Kim before but has thousands of times to Linda. Dave lets his expert tongue invade and pleasure all the sensitive areas of Kim’s ass. After a few long moments of this Dave lowers her legs back down and crawls over to the couch. Kim calls over to him, “don’t know what you did, but I like it.” Dave grabs a pillow and returns .

Dave silently picks Kim’s butt up off the floor again and slides the pillow under her. Dave again lowers himself down and begins lapping at her ass again. Still gently and with passion. Dave slowly rubs a finger on her hole and he licks all around it. He gently pushes his finger into her hole until it is all the way in. Kim bucks a bit but soon relaxes and makes coo noises in her throat She obviously enjoys this gentle erotik porno passionate treatment of her butt hole. Dave withdraws the finger and just as slowly reinserts it. Kim arches her back a little and pushes her hips toward his invading finger.

Dave has fucked Kim’s ass before. He took her anal virginity one night after some wine coolers and grocery store vodka. That was a good night. Anyway he hasn’t done it to her often and as far as he knows he is the only one who does. Dave really loves having sex with Kim for lots of reasons but he has three favorite reasons. First she is multi-orgasmic and she squirts when she cums. Second, she is often very vocal. Finally, she is the only woman he has ever been with that cums during anal sex.

Dave removes his finger all together and climbs up her body again. He begins kissing her passionately again as he pushes his body downward against hers. Dave then raises himself off of her and sits on his knees between her legs. He takes his little dick in his hand and begins rubbing in all over the outside of her tight little hole. He rubs it all over the places he just licked to get his dick nice and sloppy wet. He then places the head on her puckered hole.

Dave looks into Kim’s face to see her smiling and biting her lip at him. With this encouragement, Dave slowly begins to assert pressure on her tight little hole. Very gently Dave pushes forward until her hole opens for him. Very slowly and gently Dave pushes past the ring of muscles and glides inside her hot little hole. In a moment Dave is all the way inside her. He then withdraws just as slowly and nearly pulls himself all the way out.

Dave lowers himself back down on top of her and wraps his arms around her body. He begins to kiss her deeply as he caresses her body passionately. He then proceeds to move his hips forward, pushing his dick back into her as far as he can go. While still embracing her in this most delicate embrace, Dave begins to build a slow methodical rhythm as he makes love to Kim. The deep kisses do not stop as Dave continues embracing and caressing her.

Kim moans slightly and gently in Dave’s mouths as their tongues playfully dance and wrestle with each other. Dave can sense her appreciation, so he pulls her even tighter into his arms and kisses her more forcefully. The rhythm never goes above a slow, passionate lovers’ pace. Kim begins scratching at Dave’s back and arching her back a bit as they continue this most beautiful of dances together. She is becoming increasingly more vocal as her soft moans begin to build.

For what seemed like hours, Dave slowly and passionately made love to Kim like this. He kept it slow and simple and pleasure filled for both of them. Dave wanted to keep this love making from becoming fucking. Dave kept constant eye contact with her to heighten the moment. He also never stopped caressing her lovingly and never sopped kissing her deeply.

Dave begins to feel the tightness build in his balls, as he approaches his climax. More importantly, Kim is moaning aggressively and her body is quaking. Dave knows that Kim is not far from climaxing, as he continues his rhythm. Dave’s pace begins to quicken slightly and slowly at first, as he nears cumming. His pace always quickens a bit just before. Kim is showing her appreciation for the faster pace by bucking her hips hard into his as he pushes into her. She is very vocal and grabbing aimlessly for anything she can grab. Due to the mutual moaning the kissing has subsided but the deep embrace is still strong.

Dave is looking straight into Kim’s eyes. Her body shakes and shudders under his as she moans and squirms. Dave can see her eyes becoming glazed over as she enters her orgasm. The suddenly her eye lids begin to flutter as her eyes roll back. Her moaning is now a dull roar as her body gyrates. Dave can suddenly feel a very hot rush of wetness on his body as Kim cums for him. With every pump Kim gets a little louder and her body jerks a bit more.

It is too much to Dave to take as Kim’s asshole muscles suddenly clamp down on his dick. Her orgasm is making every muscle in her body tense all at once. As Dave tries to push his dick past the muscles he explodes with a fury in her ass. His own hot sticky cum gushes out of her around his dick. Dave’s own eyes are now glazed and rolled back in his head as he grunts out his own orgasm. Ever pump into her brings forth a seemingly endless gushing of his cum as he climaxes.

With their mutual orgasms over, pulls himself out of her and lays on the floor next to her. He pants and huffs and puffs as his dick slowly deflates and falls limp. Kim is staring at the ceiling and is also huffing and panting. Dave rolls to his side and takes Kim in his arms again. He whispers into her ear, “Good?”

Kim pants out her response, “yes…very…thank you.” Kim then turns to look at Dave.

Dave smiles and squeezes her a bit He pecks her lips slightly and then says, “Welcome.” He milf porno then pulls her near him and snuggles her into his arms. Kim feels at peace and safe in his arms. She throws an arm over Dave and hugs him back with a smile. Soon, they fall into a sleep in each others’ arms locked in this lovely embrace.

Dave is soon aware of a presence in the room that wasn’t there earlier. He is groggy as he sits up from the floor to look around. First he looks at Kim, she is still asleep. Then he looks to the doorway. Linda is standing there naked, she is looking at him with a comical smile on her face and her arms are theatrically crossed in fake agitation.

She can barely speak without laughing. “Here it is, my birthday celebration, and I find you here,” she giggles out.

Dave smiles back, “happy birthday, love.” Dave then stands up and approaches Linda. Her comical anger doesn’t fool anyone especially Dave. He dramatically takes her into his arms and kisses her fervently. “I love you.”

Linda smiles and kisses back. As they kiss Dave’s hands roam all over her body. He caresses her shapely ass and squeezes on her tits as the kiss. Linda reaches down and grabs Dave by the loose cock.

She rubs his saliva lubed dick between her fingers, “been busy have we?” She again fakes a look of agitation. Dave slowly begins to get hard again as she rubs him. “Still got enough left for me, I see.”

Dave kisses her and grins, “always.” He then kisses down her neck and hurriedly sucks on her nipple. While he sucks on the nipple, he plays with the other with his finger tips. Linda runs her fingers through his hair and gently pushes his head down. Dave gets the hint and kisses down her body to he treasure trail. He licks his tongue down her treasure trail to her pussy. Dave sits on the floor and pulls Linda forward until she is standing over his face.

Dave licks at the clit and is astonished at how wet and hot her pussy is. “Been busy yourself, haven’t you?” Dave looks up at her with the same comical agitated look she used. He then smiles and continues on licking. He twiddles and teases her clit in his mouth, as he uses his tongue to lick all over it.

“Well it is my birthday celebration, isn’t it,” Linda breaths out. Linda grabs Dave by the hair and pulls him upward again. Dave reluctantly lets go of her clit with his mouth and stands back up. Linda looks him in the eyes and then pulls on his body hard. She pulls Dave until their bodies are smashes together. She then smiles and kisses his with a crude kind of caveman kiss that says, ‘take me now.’

“Fuck me Dave. Fuck me like you were just fucking her. Fuck me good,” Linda whispers at Dave’s face.

Dave points to Kim’s sleeping body and says, “I wasn’t fucking her, I was making love to her.”

“I’m not asking you to make love to me, I am telling you to fuck me.”

“I was doing her in the ass, too,” Dave says, as he smiles and squeezes her ass.

“Oh, good because I want to bad little whore tonight. Fuck my ass and fuck it hard.” Linda demands.

“OK,” Dave says as he begins moving her toward the couch. They stare at each other tensely as the tongue fuck each other. Their kisses are loud and sloppy as the prepare to fuck. Dave is hard as a rock, as they kiss.

At the coffee table Linda suddenly bends over and gets on her hands and knees on the coffee table. She puts he face down on the table with her ass in the air. “Fuck me!” She wags her butt side to side in a tease as she says again, “fuck me!”

Dave takes his dick in his hand places it right on her hole. He then places a hand on either cheek and spreads them out. The spit from him and Kim’s fun is still thick on him. Dave’s presses his dick into her and very soon her asshole opens to him. As soon as her hole opens, Dave shoves his dick in to the hilt. Linda calls back, “yeah, fuck me good. Fuck my ass!” Dave pull his dick all the way out of her ass and then pushes it right straight back in.

In seconds Dave is pounding her ass so hard that the coffee table is moving with loud thumps on the floor. Dave has his fingers sunk into Linda’s ass cheeks as he fucks her hard and fast. “Make me a whore. Fuck me! Oh yeah, fuck me,” Linda pants back at Dave. Dave slams into her ass as hard as he can. He pulls hard at her ass cheeks to separate them, so he can get in further.

Kim is awakened by the noise Dave and Linda are making. She comes over to the coffee table and watches them for a long moment. Dave is so wrapped up in what he is doing that he doesn’t see Kim. The sweat begins to pour off both Dave and Linda as their fucking is intensified.

Kim gets the new huge purple dildo and shows it to Linda. Linda looks up at it and laughs. Dave is still pounding fast and hard into her. Kim points at the monster strap-on dildo, “happy birthday.”

Linda gasps out, “from you?” Kim doesn’t speak. She points at Dave who is still pounding her asshoel for all he’s worth. “I have to try this thing. Fuck me with it,” Linda gasps out again.

Kim stands and approaches Dave. She puts her hand on his to get his attention. He looks at her hand over his white knuckles and then at her face. Kim smiles and holds the dildo up to him with the other hand, “she wants to try, stop for a sec OK.”

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