Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 13

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Jeanne chuckled. But, I didn’t think anything was funny at the moment.

“Isn’t it like tits? I mean guys are always drooling over big tits, like Judy’ biguns.”

“NO! It isn’t like tits! Tits are eye candy. We fuck tits to play around and pussy to get off. We don’t look for a big pussy. We want a tight one that grips our dicks. Hell, we don’t want to strap a board to our ass to keep from falling in. We want to feel that velvet sleeve.”

Yeah, I got myself upset over the topic. I zipped up my pants, gave Jeanne a peck on the lips and said, “Aw shit. I’m going to work.” I spent the entire day confused about every damn thing.

When I got home, Jeanne was all bubbly like a teenager, further confusing me. Like this morning didn’t happen. Jeanne took my hand and started pulling me toward the kitchen.

“Ya gotta se this. Ya gotta see this. Mother showed me how. Didn’t think I could at first. But, I did it. I really did it.”

“What!? What do I gotta see? And, what, did you did?”

We entered the kitchen. “Take a cock in my throat.”

I’d been at work all day. “What? Who’s cock?”

“Oh, I haven’t done a cock yet. But, I have done those.” Jeanne said pointing at the table.

Dumbfounded, I looked at the table. On a platter was two rather long ‘ring bologna’ and two bigger around ‘summer sausage.’

Jeanne picked one of each up. “They kinda look like cocks, don’t they?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

She held out the sausage. “Not very good with these yet, so I’m gonna have to practice more.” She set it back on the platter. “But, these.” She was stroking the ring bologna like a dick. “These, I can do real good.”

I was surprised and real curious about what was going to happen.

“It’s not as thick as your cock. Your cock’s between the two.” She held it up. “But, it’s a lot longer and you won’t believe what I can do.”

I immediately thought of her taking that entire thing down her throat and didn’t think she could do it. I mean every time she sucked my dick, she gagged and jerked back. So, no. I didn’t think she could do it.

“Le’me tell you how first.” Jeanne said as she continued to stroke the bologna like a dick. Jeanne smiled. “Am I turning you on with this? I see a bulge in your pants.”

I blushed, realizing that this was erotic and turning me on.

“First, you stick something like this in your mouth until you gag. You hold it there and concentrate on not gagging. You do that again and again, until you don’t gag. Then, you got it beat.”

She demonstrated as I stared. “Like this.” Sticking the end of the bologna in her mouth until about three inches disappeared. She wrapped her hand around it at her lips and pulled it out.

“This used to gag me.”

‘That’s less than half the length of my dick.’ I thought.

“After you can repeatedly touch that spot, without gagging.” She slid her hand down about an inch. “You push it in a little further and do that some more to make sure gagging is gone.”

She gave another demonstration, pushing the bologna back and forth in her mouth a few times.

“Now, you’re at the throat and have to get past the resistance and the fear of being choked to death.” She slid her hand past the halfway point.

“Ah, how long are those things?” I asked.

“These are sixteen inches. And those,” she nodded toward the sausages, “are just under a foot.”

That’s when it hit me. The sausages looked as big as her father’ hardon. ‘So, she’s practicing bursa eskort for daddy.’

“I had to work up to this. And, it took a while.”

Jeanne pushed the bologna into her mouth all the way to her hand. Over half of it had disappeared. She didn’t stop there. Pushing from the end with her other hand the bologna slipped through her hand into her mouth and down her throat.

I looked at her throat and it bulged a little. I looked back up just in time to see her close her mouth. She had taken the entire sixteen inches past her lips.

She raised her head and rubbed her throat. Then she opened her mouth and slowly pulled the meat stick out.

As it cleared her lips she caught it in her hand and smiled. “Wha’da ya think? Idn’t that fuckin amazing.”

Amazing isn’t the word. It was abso-fuckin-lutely mind blowing. From barely half my dick and gagging to sixteen inches past the lips. DAMN.

Jeanne already had one of the sausages in her hand. “I’m not as good with these, but I can get’em down. Wanna see?”

I looked at her holding and stroking the sausage. “So, you’re doing this to please your father?”

It was a snide question.

Jeanne looked at the sausage and knew why I said it. “Oh Honey, No! Please get off that big cock shit. I did it for you … for us. I want us to be happy.”

She put the sausage down, came and sat on my lap and kissed me.

“God. You’re right. I’m sorry. Guess part of me is still in high school. It’s us and I need to remember that.”

She kissed me again, before I could say anything else. “Honey, if this is bothering you, we can still leave. But, I believe that if we maintain us, we can still have fun under controlled conditions. People are not basically monogamous. If they were, women wouldn’t constantly present the bait and men wouldn’t be looking. That’s why so called infidelity is rampant.”

She kissed me again, more passionately.

“The first cock, I want my lips sliding all the way down, is yours. And, the last cock, I want my lips sliding down, is also yours.”

Again, another strong passionate kiss.

“You act jealous about me doing a big cock. But, what about you? I know you look and think about fucking other women. The porn. Let’s see, what’s your type?”

“Didn’t I marry my type?”

“That’s sweet, but you’re just trying to get out of it. You don’t like Deb, because she’s smart-mouthed, disrespectful and almost slutty. And, I think, too small.”

“You referring to her tits?”

“Noooo! Then there’s Judy. I’ve seen you watching her. Until we found out what was going on, she was the opposite of Deb. Judy’s prim and proper, with a great body.”

Jeanne could tell by the look on my face that she was on to something.

“Then there’s me. I’m not as big as Judy, but bigger than Deb. Proper in public, but can get down and dirty in private. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, you’re pretty close.”

“Close! What is it then?”

“I’m not a parts man. You are the first woman, that I like everything on. From feet to hair. And, you accepted me.”

Jeanne shifted her weight, hugging me and we fell over backward. It almost knocked me out when my head hit the floor. Maybe the blow to my head knocked some sense into me, I don’t know.

I did know, I made a mistake and couldn’t follow this path. Sure, I fantasize. I like the thought of having different lips, different tits and different pussy to have fun with. But, the big BUT. I didn’t bursa escort bayan like the thought of Jeanne being that with someone else.

“I can’t do this!”

“What? You can’t do this, what?”

“All of this shit, that’s going on. Fantasy is fine, but I just want us. The rest, just doesn’t work. There has to be more than just getting off. And … You know … I just want you.”

Jeanne gave me a long hard kiss, but didn’t say a word. She got up and went to the phone.

As I got up I heard, “Yeah, I need Judy. … Hey, Sis. … Fine, you? … Great! I was right, it’s all yours. We’re out. … Yeah, well, sometimes men are slow.” She smiled at me. “Uh, huh. Mother’s hanging up downstairs. You wanner, come and get’er. … K, Love you too, Bye.”

I was standing there as dumbfounded as anyone could be and in shock.

“I told Judy, to begin with, you wouldn’t. But, in case you did, I had to be prepared to go all the way. Right?”

“So, this was some sort of fuckin test!?”

“NO! It isn’t that juvenile. It is the woman that Loves you, willing to accept and support, whatever you want.”

‘Now I have to think again. Damn, I hate this thinking shit! Why the hell can’t life just be simple?’

Jeanne came over, hugged me and gave me a quick kiss. “We got a while and I want to do what I’ve learned.” She had one of those little girls expressions. “How about it? Do you want your wife to suck your cock, like you’ve always wanted her to?” She fluttered her eyelids. “Hmmmm? Ya wanna look in her eyes as you spray cum down her throat?”

‘Son-of-a-bitch! From intense to sex in the bat of an eye. Am I gonna wake up and find this was some kind of weird dream!’

“Heaven help me, Yes! Yes, I would.”

The look on Jeanne’ face and her smile gave me a hardon. She took my face in her hands and kissed me with toe curling intensity as she wiggled against me. Then she settled to her knees and dropped my pants to the floor.

Fondling my balls and stroking my hardon, she looked up with a wanton expression.

“Don’t hold back. Just let the feelings go and cum without saying anything.”

I was going to say something, but forgot it, as the head of my dick entered her mouth. She was still looking up at me as her head continued forward. I felt the resistance as my dick hit her throat.

Jeanne massaged my shaft with her lips, briefly, before moving forward again. Slowly the remaining inches entered her mouth, for the first time. Her eyes never left mine as her lips worked around my shaft. I could feel her tongue moving up and down and around my dick.

God, it was exquisite. And the look of pure lust on her face had my balls rolling in their sack.

She stayed there so long, and I wondered how she could breathe. Slowly, she started moving back. Her lips and tongue, rendering a wonderful massage to my dick. When her lips reached the flange of my dickhead, the sensations made my legs tremble.

Jeanne smiled and increased the pressure of her lips and tongue, while slowly moving forward again. My insides began to quiver, as my beautiful wife sucked my dick like nothing else mattered. Even the blowjob her mother gave me couldn’t compare to this one.

In and out slightly faster as she looked up with lust filled eyes. I could feel her intermittent humming surrounding my dick with a light teasing vibration.

I tensed, the beginning signal of my release. ‘Damn, she’s getting me görükle escort off quick. But, then, didn’t she say to just let it happen. To, cum, without saying anything.’

Jeanne sensed it and increased the pressure of her mouth and added a little twist of her head. Without stopping her movement or letting my dick out of her mouth, I heard her say, “Uh huh, cum. Cum, honey.”

My stomach muscles tightened. I grunted. “Oh, Go-od!” It felt like all of me was shooting out the end of my dick. I felt completely helpless, suspended in air by my dick in Jeanne’ mouth.

With one hand on my thigh, another tickling my balls, her lips remained at the base of my dick, as she pulled more and more cum out of me.

‘Jesus Christ! I can’t believe this!’ I thought as my dick kept throbbing and shooting with my body trembling.

After what seemed like eternity, the sensations slowed, leaving me a weak trembling lump of flesh.

Jeanne slowly pulled her lips tightly up my deflated dick and released it from her mouth. Cupping my balls and spent dick in her hands, she asked with a smile, “Did you like that as much as I did, Honey?”

“Oh God, Yes.” I moaned.

“Good. That was cool. I liked doing that and watching your face. Was it better than pussy?”

“Hell, Yeah.”

“Oo-oh. So, you’d rather have that than fuck.”

“I didn’t say that. It’s better than pussy. But, nothin beats fuckin.”

“You men don’t make sense.”

“Yes we do. Your mouth does what your pussy can’t. At the same time, your mouth ain’t your pussy. When I eat pussy, it’s good, but not the same as my dick, Right?”

“Yeah, I get it now. Like two sides of a coin. Each different, but the same pleasure.”

“Now, your thinking like a man.”

“Heaven forbid. I don’t want to think like a man. I want to know my man.”

“OK, OK. Let’s not get deep again.”

“Well, then. Let’s pack.”

“Where? We don’t have any place to go.”

“Oh Yeah! That’s right, you don’t know. Um, Mother, secretly bought a place, overlooking the lake. We’re going there.”

We packed light and waited. An hour went by, with no Judy.

“Where the hell is Judy? She should have been here by now.” Jeanne said, as she went to the window. Judy pulled in. “Finally!” Judy barely got in the door. “What took so long?”

“Oh, there was an accident. Some cop, ass-ended someone on the highway. They couldn’t let people drive around and I counted eight of ’em, just standing around talking. Finally, people started honking and they woke-up and let people around.”

“Well, I was beginning to wonder. It’s getting late and we have a long drive.”

“Don’t worry about it. I called Daddy. He’s on his way there to open the house and get everything turned on. Mother still downstairs?”

“Yeah. I got ‘er on tiptoes down there.”

“You sure about this?”

“I’m sure. I’ll manage the business as agreed, but we won’t participate, for now.”

“OK.” Judy said, and headed for the basement.

We loaded our stuff and came back in, just as Judy brought her mother into the kitchen. Jewel was still naked. I expected her to have something on, since Judy was taking her home. Jewel’ hands were handcuffed behind her back. She was blindfolded and ball gaged.

Judy led her mother, by the leash, out to her car. There were several neighborhood boys across the street watching. You should have seen the looks on their faces as a bound naked woman was led slowly to the car.

Jeanne and Judy said goodbye with hugs and kisses. Judy even hugged me and gave me a sensuous kiss. My sister-in-law never kissed me like that before. Sure, she’s kissed me. But, never like that.

I locked the house and we headed for the lake with me wondering about, ‘for now.’

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