Daughters’ Revenge Ch. 07

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Jewel leaned forward and kissed her daughter’s pussy. Followed quickly by licking the full length of it.

Keith moved behind his wife, stroking his now rock hard dick.

“Ooooh, mother, Your tongue feels good. A-und, it looks like Daddy wants some pussy. Better make it hard and fast Daddy, cause she knows how to eat pussy.”

Jewel was licking and sucking Judy’s inner lips as her husband pushed his big dick into her own pussy. She paused momentarily and moaned as she felt the massive thing fill her. She quickly resumed eating her daughter’s pussy. Making Judy shake and moan from the pleasure of her mother’s mouth.

I could see Jewel’s tits swinging back and forth and thought, ‘Damn! This is way better than porn. A husband fucking his wife, while she eats their daughter’s pussy. Wow!’

Keith was pounding that big dick of his into his wife. Driving her mouth against their daughter’s pussy, like a jackhammer.

I could tell by Judy’s flushed face, gasping and shaking, that she was going to have a strong orgasm, fast. It would be a miracle, if Keith could cum, with or before, his daughter.

Keith began gritting his teeth and slamming his full length into Jewel harder. This was pushing Jewel’s mouth forcefully into Judy’s pussy and bringing Judy over the edge. With a couple of hard jams, Keith grunted signaling his cuming. Judy almost screamed, ‘YES,’ at the same time as she shuddered through her own orgasm. Then I realized, Jewel came too, her vocalization lost in Judy’s pussy.

‘Son-of-a-bitch! That was hot. And, it was right there, a few feet in front of me.’

“Ohhhh, Mother, Shit that was good.” Judy panted. Keith was still shaking.

Jewel was breathing hard, her face wet from her daughter’s pussy and cum dripping down her legs.

Judy barely gave her mother time to recover before saying, “How do you want your blowjob, honey? Standing or sitting?” Jewel looked dazed as she raised her head. “Get to it, mother. Ronny’s waiting.”

Jewel exhaled heavily and crawled over to Ronny. When she got to him, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her. I think he wanted to taste his wife’s pussy on his mother-in-law’s lips.

Ronny dropped his pants and sat down. Jewel got between his legs and immediately started sucking his normal sized erection. After taking ten inches down her throat, taking his six plus was no problem. She was in a state of wanton desire and fucking him with her mouth.

Maybe she just wanted to get it over with. I don’t know. But, she was really going after it, whatever the reason.

“Oh Jesus! It feels like she’s trying to suck my balls up my cock.” Ronny said with a lustful expression. “Oh, Man!”

Judy leaned over and started making out with her husband. There was no way he was going to last long, with his wife kissing him like that while her mother mouth fucked him.

Ronny grabbed one of Judy’s tits as he started cuming in Jewel’s mouth. Actually, down her throat, because Jewel’s nose was pressed against his stomach. I could see Jewel swallowing, repeatedly, gulp after gulp.

Ronny is one of those guys whose dick gets sensitive after cuming. Jewel’s mouth action with obvious Niğde Escort use of her tongue had him squirming. Judy had him lip-locked and he was helplessly squirming until she quit kissing him.

As soon as Judy leaned back, Ronny pushed Jewel off his dick and breathing rapidly moaned out, “Oh Shit. That was good.”

“Just wait’ll she’s yours for the month.” Judy said softly as she played with his heaving chest. “Deb your next.” Judy said keeping it going. She was doing to her mother, what her mother did to her.

“I’m gonna love this. C’mon mother.”

Jewel looked completely spaced out as she crawled to the other side of the room, her tits swaying back and forth.

Deb stopped her with a foot in the face. “Kiss ur way up from there.” Deb held her feet to Jewel’s face as she started kissing. “Lick’em.” Jewel did. “Yeah, that’s it. Suck my toes.”

“Ah, Deb! It’s your pussy she’s supposed to be doing.” Jeanne spoke up.

“OH, she will! And she’s gonna tongue my ass too, before she gets there.”


“No, NO! She had me do it! Now it’s payback time. She is gonna tongue my ass good before she sucks my pussy. Besides, she promised. … Keep goin mother. Your little girl’s ass is waiting.”

Jewel was at Deb’s knees, kissing, and continued as Deb drew her legs up.

Jeanne whispered, “We’re gonna have to watch Deb. She’s got a lot a hard feelings. We need to tone her down.”

“Lick dat ass, mummy. Member the first time you had me do it?” Jewel wiped her tongue across Deb’s asshole, but didn’t say a word.

“Yeah, that’s it. Now stick your tongue in. Oh, yeah, like that. Just like you had me do daddy’s friend. Remember?”

Keith shot a questioning look at his daughter.

“That’s right daddy. She had me do one of your friends. … Remember mother. I had to tongue his ass, suck him off and fuck him. In front of his wife, while she was handcuffed to a chair. Then you made her clean his cock with her mouth before eating his cum out of my pussy.”

Keith shot Jewel a dirty look.

Deb lowered her legs bringing her pussy to Jewel’s mouth. “Now, eat my pussy, like you always promised.”

Jewel didn’t do it like she did Judy. She was kissing and licking, real slow. Almost teasing.

“Yeah, that’s it. Slow and gentle, like I want it. … Mmmmm, slow and gentle.”

Jewel was licking, oh so slowly, up the length of her daughter’s pussy. Like an obedient puppy.

“Um, yeah. Now flick my clit. Oh God, Yeah! Now lick. Mmmmm, yeah. Lick, lick, lick. Oh God! I Love That!”

One thing for sure, this was easier on Jewel than eating Judy. And I expected Deb to be rough on her mother.

“Damn, she likes it, like you.” I whispered without looking at Jeanne.

“That surprise you?”

“It sure does.”


“Cause, of the way she always acts.”

“Jeanne was getting argumentative. “And that is?”

I tried to tone it down. “Well, most of the girls in her age group, act like they were raised in a whore house.”

“She wasn’t! And she’s really not like what mother made her into.”

“OK, OK! I’m not wanting to fight.”

“Your Niğde Escort Bayan comment just struck a nerve. We’ll talk later. Let’s get back to what we’re here for.”

As I looked back at the action. “Suck my clit. Ooooh yeah. Tongue my pussy. Ahhhhhhhh. Yessssssssss. Suck. Tongue. Yes, do it. Get me off. … Gawd, Yessss! Oh Fuuuuuuck!”

Deb was cuming and like Jeanne, her pussy floods. Her juice was dripping from Jewel’s chin.

As Deb’s shaking slowed. “Lick it up mother. Lick it up. Get my cum. Yeah, that’s it, suck it up.”

Jewel started licking and sucking her daughter’s pussy like she was starving for Deb’s cum. When Deb had enough, she abruptly got up, walked over, sat on her father’s lap and kissed him. Jewel sat there with a glazed look still in her eyes.

Judy finished kissing Ronny and said, “Now Stephen.”

Jewel started to crawl toward me, and Jeanne said, “Take a break mother.” Judy glared at Jeanne. Jeanne tossed her mother a package of babywipes and said, “Clean yourself up.” Turning to Judy she said, “I want her to clean up and rest a bit, before she does us.”

“Yeah, alright. But, she is doing you. You agreed, remember? You said, you wanted in and you need to get used to it.”

“I know what I said. She just needs a break, s’all.” Jeanne said as she headed to the kitchen.

In a flash, Jeanne was back and handed her mother a drink. It turned out to be a very strong rum and coke. Jewel sputtered at the first gulp and Jeanne said, “Drink up, mother.”

Jewel downed her drink and was sitting there with her eyes closed.

“How was it, mother?”

“A little strong. I’m not used to that.”

“Isn’t that what you had me drinking all afternoon, to get me to fuck Bob?”

Jewel flinched at Jeanne’s question. “Yes.”

“Do you want another? Or, are you ready to suck, my husband, off?”

Jewel lowered her head and meekly said, “I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Then, get between his legs and start by sucking his balls. And before you suck him off. Tell him you want him to feed you his cum.”

Jewel crawled over, took my pants down and started sucking my balls.

“Does that feel good, hun?”

“Uh, huh.”

“She has a lot to make up for. And I can’t wait for her to eat us as we fuck. Ready for her to suck you off?”

“Oh yeah! Anytime.”


“Fa-Feed me your cum, Stephen.” Jewel said as she went down on my dick.

It wasn’t just a head-bob blowjob. Jewel was using her tongue and sucking as she came up my dick. And like she did with Ronny, she was taking all of me in her mouth. Damn, it felt good. My wife kissing me, while her mother sucked me off. Whew!

An idea flashed through my head. “I don’t want her to swallow it.”


“I want her to keep it in her mouth and coat your pussy with it, before she eats you.”

“Ooooh, that’s nasty. I like that! Yeah! Hear that mother? Don’t swallow his cum. Keep it in your mouth and put it on my pussy, when you eat me.” Jeanne reached down and fondled my balls. “Can you cum quick, hun? I want what you said, real bad.”

Jeanne’s nasty side was gaining strength. Escort Niğde Her wanton sexual awakening was exploding through her mind. She wasn’t holding back, any longer.

Jewel’s mouth felt real good. Her lips griping my dick tightly as they slid up and down it’s length. That tongue of hers busily swirling around. The increased suction, each time she went up to my dickhead to give a little flutter with her tongue. Oh Man, she gives a good blowjob.

“C’mon Hun. Fill her mouth, so she can give my pussy a cum glaze before eating me.” The wanton sexiness of Jeanne’s voice had my cum rushing up my dick and blasting into her mother’s mouth. I shook violently at the release.

“Let’s see it mother. Show me his cum.”

Jewel opened her mouth, showing us my load. Jeanne raised and spread her legs.

“Get over here mother and coat my pussy with his cum.”

As jewel moved in place, Jeanne pulled her pussy open with her fingers. Jewel put her mouth on her daughter’s pussy and used her tongue to push my cum inside her daughter. Licking up, she smeared the remainder on her daughters pussy.

“Oh, that is so fucking nasty.” Deb squealed. “You’ve outdone yourself, Sis!”

“Suck her pussy, mother! Clean it up.” Judy ordered.

“Yeah, Mother. Eat my nasty pussy.” Jeanne said softly. “From taint to top mother. Lick me slow, taint to top.”

I hadn’t heard that in a while. ‘Taint: It ain’t ass and it ain’t pussy. Taint neither.’

Jeanne likes having her pussy licked. She’d say, “Sucking on it’s OK. But, I like licking best. And, flicking my clit with the tip of your tongue.”

More than once she’s had me lick her pussy for an hour or more. As she closes her eyes, moans and wiggles. Like Deb she flows when she cums. Her cum is thick and creamy, sweet tasting nectar. I know what she wants, when she whispers ‘Tickling Tongue’ in my ear.

I knew Jewel was in for it, cause when Jeanne wanted licked, it meant a marathon of tongue action.

It was excruciating for me to watch and not do anything as my wife was being pleased by her mother’s tongue. Listening to her moans, minute after minute after minute. Watching her heaving chest, wishing I could see her tits. Seeing her shiver and tremble as her orgasms rolled through her body. I was jealous, because it wasn’t my tongue pleasing her pussy.

It was getting the others too. Judy and Ronny were making out. The big surprise was Deb and her father. They were kissing with their hands between each others legs.

‘Ooooh, I’d like to see that. Little Deb taking her father’s big dick.’ I thought. I didn’t know it was going to happen.

Deborah is 5′ 2″, 105 pounds, C cup tits. A half dozen tattoos and everything is pierced. I found out it was all done to irritate her mother.

Keith is 6′ 2″, 200 pounds, muscular and a 10+ inch hardon. ‘Ills,’ tattooed on his upper right arm. He said it means, “Sick of the situation.”

Jeanne kept her mother licking her pussy until she was satisfied. An hour and twenty minutes of bliss before Jeanne turned and kissed me while clamping her mother’s head between her legs.

“Oh Shit! She’s as good as you honey.” Jeanne said gasping. “Oooooooooo.” She went with a last shiver.

“Damn Jeanne,” Judy said softly, “that show of yours almost had us fucking.”

Jeanne rubbed her pussy and said, “Mmmm, a fuck would be good right now.” She shook her head and said, “But, we have business, first.”

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