Daughter’s Incestuous Therapy Ch. 06

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Family’s Incestuous Therapy

Group Session 2 with Jill and Mercedes Daniels

It had been a week since I’d seen Jill Daniels and her daughter Mercedes. I was eager to hear how it went. They were both smiling as they walked in and began stripping off their clothes, joining me being naked in my office. If this worked out, this would be our final session. It made me so hopeful as Mercedes bounced with excitement, the eighteen-year-old girl stripping off her baby doll t-shirt, her round breasts coming into view.

Her black hair swayed about her youthful face. She had a big smile on her lips. Her piercing on her nose glinted as she twitched her nose. She then wiggled out of her skinny jeans, shoving them down with her panties, a landing strip of dark hair leading down to her pussy. A tight and yummy slit.

“So, I take it that things went well?” I asked as Jill Daniels began undoing her blouse, popping square buttons through her bronze blouse, her large breasts held in a soft-gray bra, her large tits jiggling. She had curly, brown hair that swayed about her face.

“Yeah, things went well,” Jill said.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Mercedes said. She bounced on her feet. Her round breasts heaved. “Who wants to go first, Mom? The last week has been awesome.”

Jill smiled as she undid the front clasp of her bra. Her soft breasts spilled out as the cups parted. She had hard pink nipples thrust from her nubs. Her areolas were wide and lovely. I wanted to suck on them. “Let me go for first, Honey.”

“Fine,” Mercedes said and darted to me. The eighteen-year-old girl pressed her nubile body against me, her pale-beige skin contrasting with my pale-olive hue. “It was awesome!”

Jill unfastened the mom jeans she was wearing, saying, “So I followed your suggestion…”

* * *

Jill Daniels story…

“You are really bringing another woman into our bed?” my husband asked as I led him blindfolded up the stairs by the cock, my large breasts swaying and bobbing.

“Mmm, happy birthday,” I said, my hand stroking his cock. My pussy was so wet for this.

“It’s two weeks until my birthday,” Martin said.

“This just works out,” I lied. “Are you complaining.”

“I guess not.” He shook his head. “Really, another woman.”

“You think I’m lying?” I asked.

“I guess I’m just stunned.”

I giggled as I led him higher. He slid his hand up the banister. He was a tall man, fit and muscular. On his upper arm, he had a tattoo of his army unit, a dragon coiled around a spade. He had a goatee, his face strong.

I was so excited for this. My pussy was so juicy.

We reached the hallway and headed down to our bedroom. I had gotten Doug out of the house by promising him a wild treat. He had gotten a preview of it when I gave him a delicious blowjob. I loved sucking my son’s cock. His dick was as nice as his father’s.

The door to our bedroom was open. Mercedes was in there. She wore a red ribbon tied about her breasts. A nice, thick bow in the center. She rubbed her thighs together. She had a juicy cunt. She licked her lips, shifting her hips.

I brought him to the bed, Mercedes looking like a hungry kitten. She sat up, staring with hungry eyes at her father’s cock. Her nose ring–I was growing used to that–glinted as she moved. Her short, black hair swayed about her. Her youthful breasts shifted, the ribbon rustling. I brought her father right to the foot of the bed.

“Enjoy,” I told him as I hugged him from behind, rubbing my tits into his back, my head resting on his head. “And don’t take your blindfold off.”

I couldn’t see Mercedes, but I could hear her. My husband sucked in a breath and then groaned as the sloppy sounds of sucking echoed through the room. She put her all into it. The wonderful noise of the blowjob echoed through the room.

“Damn,” groaned my husband, his chest rising and falling. My nipples ached and throbbed. My hands slid up and down his torso, caressing him. “Oh, damn, you really brought someone to our bed.”

“Mmm, I know,” I said, my pussy juicy. I rubbed my crotch into his ass, humping him. “Does she feel good?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Damn, she’s sucking hard. She’s enthusiastic.”

I broke my embrace and slid around him to press my breasts against his side. I glanced down at my daughter sucking on her father’s cock. This was the first time I’d seen her with her father. She bobbed her head up and down his dick. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. I rubbed my tits against my husband, my nipples aching. I stroked his chest, watching our daughter love him.

Mercedes stared up at me, joy in her eyes. She wiggled her naked rump as she knelt there. My husband groaned, his face twisting. She loved her daddy’s cock. I put my hand on her head, stroking her as she loved Martin.

His face twisted. “Damn, she’s enthusiastic. Who is this? One of your friends?”

I didn’t answer. I just stroked through her hair. My nipples rubbed against his side. His hand slid around me, grabbing my ass. He groped my rump. He genç gaziantep escort pulled me tight against him. I ground on him. My clit ached and throbbed. Pleasure surged through me.

“Fuck,” he panted.

“Yeah, you love that,” I told him. “You love her mouth sucking on you. She’s so enthusiastic. She wants your cum spurting into her mouth, doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” he growled. “Damn, she’s hungry.”

I leaned in and kissed at the side of his cheek. I humped against him, grinding my cunt on his thigh. The pleasure surged through me. This heat surged through me. It built. It was just a naughty delight. He had no idea Mercedes sucked on his dick.

“Damn, that’s good,” he panted. “Who is it?”

“Just enjoy,” I told him. “Are you going to cum in her mouth?”

“Getting there,” he said. “This is hot. The blindfold… Damn. And she’s enthusiastic.”

My hand tightened in our daughter’s hair. “I bet she is. She’s a naughty thing, isn’t she? Just a slut for your dick.”

Mercedes moaned her agreement.

“I’d say,” panted my husband. “I’m getting there. This is so fucking hot. I’m going to cum in her mouth.”

His body tensed. I loved it. My juicy pussy drank in the feel of his muscular thigh. The pleasure rippled through me. Mercedes sucked harder. She bobbed her head. She moaned and whimpered. Her eyes squeezed shut.

I could feel it was approaching. That moment of release. I scratched at his back, caressing him as his head threw back. His hand joined me on our daughter’s head. He squeezed over mine, holding her. He fucked her mouth.

It was time.

“Mmm, is that a familiar mouth on your cock, honey?” I asked him.

“What?” he asked, his face twisting. “Shit, that’s good.”

“Is her mouth familiar?” I pressed my bush against his thigh, my pussy hot and juicy. “You know, a mouth that sucked your cock recently.”

“What are you saying?” my husband asked as Mercedes sucked hard.

“Does that mouth feel like our daughter’s?”

That set him off. He growled, his chest tensing. The sucking started as he grunted. Mercedes swallowed. She moaned as she gulped down his cum. I stared down at her. I loved this heat surging through my body. My nipples tingled.

My cunt clenched. I felt so wicked, naughty delights rushing through my body, as my husband dumped his jizz into our daughter’s mouth. My fingers scratched down his back. He growled. His head tossed from side to side. He snorted through his nose.

Then he ripped off his blindfold. “Holy fucking Christ.”

“Mmm, been enjoying our daughter lately?” I asked him, grinding on him. “Fucking her.”

Mercedes popped her mouth off and leaned back on the bed, her titties jiggling, constrained by her ribbon. She had cum on the corners of her mouth. She squirmed on the bed, spreading her thighs, showing off that shaved snatch of hers.

My husband stood stiff. He looked a freight train was barreling down on him, frozen in fright. I stroked his chest. He looked at me, panic in his eyes. It wanted to giggle at him. He was a little freaked out by it.

“Unwrap your birthday gift,” I told him. “Enjoy her. Don’t be scared. I’m not mad. I’ve had sex with her, too.”

“Mmm, Mommy has a yummy pussy.”

“Jesus,” my husband said and then he moved forward. He fell onto the bed. The bedsprings squeaked. His hands slid up her thighs. He caressed our daughter’s flesh. She groaned, her body trembling. Her breasts jiggled. “Goddamn, Jesus, you really mean it.”

“That I’m as perverted as you?” I asked. “Yes. Enjoy her.”

He grabbed the tie of the bow and pulled. It whisked and came undone. Her breasts appeared. Her tits jiggled. She had such round, succulent breasts. Perky and young. She moaned as her father grabbed her boobs. He squeezed them. Massaged them. His thumbs slid across her nubs.

He leaned down and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He nibbled on her nub, feasting on her like a beast. I stretched out on my side. I smiled at the sight, my breasts piled together. I loved the way he sucked on her nubs. He growled, squeezing them, unleashing all his lust upon her.

It was so hot to watch. My cunt was on fire.

“That’s it,” I moaned. “Mmm, just feast on her. I want you to just enjoy her. She’s going to be such a good little slut for you. She’s going to love you, and so am I.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy,” Mercedes moaned. “Ooh, happy birthday.”

“Not my birthday,” growled Martin. “Your mother’s just a pervert.”

I laughed. “That’s right. I just wanted to have a threesome with you and our daughter.”

I nuzzled in and sucked on her other nub. I nursed on my daughter’s tit with my husband. She gasped and groaned. He squeezed and kneaded her boob as I sucked on it. Mercedes gasped. Her face twisted with pleasure.

Her body trembled. I loved the sounds she was making. Her pants and moans were so hot. Her hand shot down to me. She grabbed my breast. She squeezed it as she whimpered. Her fingers dug into my flesh.

It gaziantep genç escort was so hot. She whimpered and moaned. “Oh, yes, Daddy! Mommy’s sucking so hard on my nipple. Did you know she’s such a slut?”

Daddy popped his mouth off my nub. “That’s your mother you’re calling a slut.”

“And?” she asked. “Mommy’s a big slut. The way she licks my pussy… Mmm, she’s a pussy-slut.”

I popped my mouth off her nub. “I am a big slut,” I told my husband. “I’ve realized that. I love it. Now fuck our daughter’s cunt. I want to watch your dick pumping into her twat. I want to see you sliding into her. She’s our daughter. We created her, and now you’re going to fuck her hard.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” my daughter moaned. “Fuck me while Mommy watches. I want you to pound me hard. Like you always do, Daddy. You always fuck me so hard.”

“Shit, what happened to this family?” Martin asked.

“Aren’t you glad that we’re getting along?” I asked her. “That we’re not fighting.”

“This is how you patched up your relationship. What sort of therapy was I paying for?”

“The best,” Mercedes said. “Now fuck me. I’m so wet. Just slide that cock into me. Just ram into me.”

I rose, my tits swaying. I threw my legs over her head. I straddled Mercedes as I stared at Martin. I settled down on our daughter’s mouth. Her face nuzzled into my cunt. Her tongue darted through my pussy lips, licking me with hunger. I grabbed my daughter’s tits, squeezing them as Martin watched.

“What are you waiting on?” I asked. “Get your dick in her. Slide into her cunt. Fuck her hard.”

“Jesus,” he said, sitting up. He was watching me squirming on our daughter’s mouth, grinding on her. Mercedes thrust her tongue deep into my cunt. I shuddered, and my back arched. My breasts jiggled and swayed. “This is real?”

“Don’t act so prudish,” I said. “You’ve been fucking her.” I licked my lips. “Now get your cock in her. I want to watch you fucking her.”

Martin rose. I loved the ripple of his pectoral muscles as he grabbed my daughter’s thighs. He was as hot as our son. I shuddered as he pressed his dick into our daughter’s cunt. He went right for her hole with such precision.

He rammed hard into our daughter. I shuddered as his dick slid into her cunt. I loved the way her pussy lips spread around his cock. That was amazing to witness. To see his dick slide into our daughter was so hot.

I groaned and squirmed on my daughter’s mouth. She whimpered into my cunt. Her hands grabbed my thighs. Her fingernails dug into my flesh as her daddy entered her. It was the best thing in the world to witness.

“Oh, my god, yes,” moaned Martin. “She’s so tight, Jill. Shit, maybe I shouldn’t say it.”

“No, no, enjoy our daughter’s tight, hot, young cunt,” I moaned, grinding on her. “I have. Mmm, fuck her hard. Fuck that dick into our daughter’s juicy cunt. Pound her fucking hard. I want her cumming. Exploding.”

“Yes!” Martin groaned, thrusting into her.

Mercedes moaned into my twat. Her tongue flicked through my folds. I shuddered and groaned. She fluttered through me. She nibbled on my cuntlips. My breasts heaved as I ground on her, my pussy getting hotter and hotter.

I grabbed my husband’s shoulders, staring at where his cock penetrated our daughter’s cunt. It was the greatest sight. His cock emerged covered in her cream, frothy streaks of pussy juices generated by his hard thrusts. He churned her up. He had made her in me. We brought her into the world together.

Now we used her for our pleasure.

I groaned, grinding my hips from side to side. I ground on my daughters lips. I smeared my pussy on her mouth. She moaned and licked and feasted on me as her daddy pleased her. My orgasm built and built, swelling in me.

“This is so hot,” I moaned. “Oh, my god fuck, our daughter, Martin.”

“Damn,” he groaned. “Who are you?”

“Your slutty wife!” I moaned, my arms sliding around his neck now. I leaned in and kissed him. His goatee scratched at my face. I shuddered on my daughter, whimpering into his lips.

His hands caressed my body as he fucked our daughter. He found my large tits. He squeezed them. Massaged them. I groaned and whimpered as we kissed each other. It was a hot delight. Mercedes’s tongue caressed through my cunt. Her nose nuzzled into my taint as she fucked me with her tongue.

He grunted and groaned. He fucked our daughter hard, his hands digging into my tits. His balls smacked against Mercedes’s taint with meaty thwacks. My orgasm built and built. It was so hot. So wild. I was so glad to have this. It was the best thing in the world. It was an amazing treat. I couldn’t wait to explode. I would flood our daughter’s mouth with my cream.

Martin broke the kiss and grunted, “Shit.”

“Yes, yes, pound her,” I moaned. “Pound our daughter’s cunt.”

His hands squeezed my tits, so strong and powerful. “She’s going to explode. She’s such a slut for my dick. Our daughter begs for it.”

“I do!” gaziantep genç escort bayan our daughter gasped. “Such a slut for your big dig! Fuck me hard! Pound me! Make me explode!”

He slammed hard into her and then she bucked. She squealed into my pussy. Her fingers dug into my thighs. She scratched at me. I shuddered and groaned, squirming on her face as she whimpered into my twat.

“She’s cumming on your dick!” I whimpered to my husband. “She’s going to explode on your dick. Milk you!”

“Yes!” gasped my husband. “Her pussy is going wild!”

I shot my right hand down from around my husband’s neck and pressed on my daughter’s crotch, feeling his cock slamming into her. I shuddered at the feel of his dick penetrating her, stretching out her pussy. She whimpered and spasmed.

“Cum in her!” I moaned. “Flood your cum into her. Fire into her and soak her!”

“Yes!” he snarled.

My husband slammed into our daughter. He didn’t pull back his cock. He grunted and growled. His dick was spurting into her. I was feeling him flooding our daughter’s cunt with his incestuous seed. I trembled.


My pussy convulsed. My juices gushed out of me. My cream flooded my daughter’s mouth. Stars danced before me. Passion surged through my body. My head tossed from side to side as I howled out in rapture. I gasped out in delight, my daughter lapping at my cream.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, the incestuous thrill tingled my whole body. I pressed down on my daughter’s crotch, feeling my husband spurting in her. The warmth. The heat. The pleasure.

“Goddamn,” Martin groaned, his face twisting. “Shit, that’s good.”

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered.

The pleasure carried me higher and higher. I soared into such wonderful heights of ecstasy. I groaned, my tits heaved as my orgasm hit the pinnacle of rapture. I whimpered, my pussy convulsing a final time. I loved it. I savored cumming with my family. With sharing my daughter with my husband.

Martin panted, his hands kneading her tits. His thumbs swirled around my nubs. It was such an incredible experience. I loved it. I nuzzled up to my husband and kissed him, my body buzzing with my bliss.

“Mmm, what is going on?” asked my husband. “Jesus.”

“Why, we’re bringing our family together.” I stared at my husband. “You’re not the only one sleeping with one of our children.”

His forehead furrowed.

“Mercedes is a hot and young version of me, so I get why you were so attracted for her.” I rubbed into his nose. “Because our son is as sexy and hot as you.”

“Jesus,” he groaned. “You and… Doug.”

“Mmm, and I want you to join the fun.” I nibbled on his lip. “Family love. You and Doug get to enjoy me and Mercedes all you two want. We’re your women.”

“Fuck,” he groaned.

“I love you,” I said. I kissed my husband. I thrust my tongue into his mouth. I squirmed atop Mercedes, loving this moment, wanting my entire family to be together. For Mercedes and I to share the two hunky men in our lives.

* * *

Group Session 2 with Jill and Mercedes Daniels

“God, it was so hot,” Mercedes said, her hand rubbing at my pussy on my right side. She caressed me, teasing me. Her fingers slid up and down my cunt, her digits nimble and teasing. They made me feel amazing. Her digit brushed my clit.

Sparks burst through me.

“Mmm, it was,” Pam moaned. She pressed her large tits into my side. She caressed up to my right breast. She kneaded my tit. She nibbled on my ear. “Martin had a great ‘birthday’ gift.”

“He enjoyed me hard,” Mercedes said. “They both did. And the next day, Mom and I pounced on Doug. He didn’t know what hit him.”

“Oh?” I purred, eager to find out. My pussy was just so juicy and delightful. “Tell me.”

“Well, we found him and…”

* * *

Mercedes Daniel’s Story…

Mom and I burst in on Doug in his bedroom as he lay on his bed playing on his phone. His jaw dropped as we surged at him, my naked tits bouncing. He bolted upright before we reached him, this look of shock on his face.

“Jesus, Mom and… Mercedes?”

“What?” I asked, stopping at the side of his bed, staring at my brother. He was a younger version of Daddy, but he didn’t have that sexy goatee. He was boyish, youthful, on the verge of being a man. He was cute. I guess I could see why Mom liked banging him. “You think Mom’s the only one that’s got the hots for you.”

“Well, I mean…” He shifted on the bed, the shock fading from his face. “So, you and Mom, huh?”

“Big time,” I told him. “Mmm, you think you up for it? Can you handle Mom and me?” I grabbed his shirt and pulled it up his body.

“Mmm, can you?” Mom purred. “Will Mommy’s big, strong son have enough to enjoy both of us.”

I rolled my eyes at what Mom said. It was corny, but my brother loved it.

“I’ll fuck you both right here, right now,” he said. “Damn, you got nice titties, Mercedes.”

“Mmm, finally get to see them in the flesh, right?” I asked. “You’ve been staring at them for so long, haven’t you?”

“Both your tits,” he said, glancing at Mom’s swaying tits as she pulled own his jeans.

I grinned at that. Mom did have some lush and beautiful tits. Doug and I both could appreciate that. I licked my lips as his dick swelled in his boxers. I threw his t-shirt to the floor and joined Mom as she pulled them off. We knelt on either side of him, our hands grabbing his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32