Daughter’s Dream; Daddy’s Fantasy? Ch. 03

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(It’s not necessary to read either of the preceding chapters to enjoy this one, though I hope you read all the chapters. Both characters are 18 years of age or older.

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[This chapter takes place a couple of months since the end of the events of Chapter 2.]

“Daddy, did you and mom want more children?” Erica asked.

“Yes honey, we tried before you came along, and afterwards, too. We weren’t sure what happened, or didn’t. Your mom and I talked about it. We decided that rather than find out if either one of us had a problem, we would let nature take its course, especially after we had you. God, you were such a beautiful and wonderful baby; we chose to cherish what we had. After awhile we put aside the dream of having more children.”

“Do you want more children, daddy?”

“I haven’t thought about it for a long time, sweetie. Why do you ask?”

“I’m not sure. I know I want to have children some day, and I love you so much. I’ve been thinking about having children with you.”

“Erica,” Steve said with loving concern, “that’s such a major decision to make. I love you, too, but I’m also the first man you’ve had sex with.”

Steve continued, “I know you love me, but you haven’t been with anyone else, especially no one close to your own age.

“I am so flattered that you even thought about having a baby with me, but you need to think about it some more. We need to talk about this some more. Okay?”

“Okay,” his daughter responded disappointedly. “But daddy, I thought a lot about this already. Because I know you love me I will do what you want, for now.”

Steve rose from his seat at the breakfast counter and stood before his daughter, grasping her upper arms, he looked into her eyes.

“Sweetie, because I love you, and I’m not saying an outright ‘no’ to you about making a baby together, you must keep taking your birth control pills.”

“Okay, daddy.”

Erica stopped taking her birth control pills the day she and her father first fucked each other. Being unselfish, she considered how her father might feel if she became pregnant without his consent. A few days later she resumed taking the pills.

Erica and her father forged a tighter, a more loving bond after the death of Sarah, her mother and his wife, three years before. Sarah created a loving home for her family. A compassionate person, she always made time for her daughter, especially through Erica’s turbulent early teenage years. Many boys, their hormones raging, were attracted to the pretty, smart and self-assured girl. Her mother supported Erica through the confusion and conflicting thoughts and feelings of the girl’s adolescence.

In the still formative years of Steve’s business creation, his loving wife was more than a backstop for her man: caring for their home, getting the meals out, and performing all the other consequential tasks and responsibilities of managing a home. Steve, being a thoughtful and considerate man, knew how blessed he was to have a wife and a partner in his life, and a lover, such as Sarah. He rarely took her for granted; she knew she was appreciated and loved, by her husband, and by her blossoming daughter, too.

Sarah and Steve enjoyed a robust sexual relationship. Besides the pleasure they gave each other, they each recognized how much of an elixir, a restorative, loving each other could be. When Sarah needed a break from her household routine, and when Steve needed a break from the stress of running the business, they nourished each other, and themselves, with their passionate and varied love-making. They loved loving each other, and fucking each other, in many different ways. And, they didn’t hide their activities from their daughter. They taught Erica a healthy attitude about sex, partly through their uninhibited sexual play and love-making at home, and answering Erica’s many questions about sex, relationships, boys and love. Steve made time for his daughter’s questions and increasing fascination with her parents activities in their bedroom—their sanctuary and sacred space. Though Erica dated boys from time to time, none caught her fancy. Unbeknownst and unexpectedly, her parents exceptional relationship spoiled Erica. With the naiveté of youth she wanted her relationships with boys to be the same—an impossible expectation for a teenager. Alas, Erica was disappointed Ankara escort with her dating partners.

After Sarah’s death, following a short illness, both husband and daughter were in great sorrow. Their loss was huge, and deeply felt. Their lives were out of kilter for a long time, like a three-legged stool losing a leg. They came to depend more on each other. Erica began preparing meals, doing more to maintain the home, and caring directly for some of her father’s needs; Steve learned through trial and error how to be present for his daughter, to realize that he didn’t need to fix all of her problems. (That is such a guy thing.) He made more time for his beautiful daughter, who he came to understand ever more deeply the gift she was, and continued to be. Between his devotion to Erica and to his newly thriving business Steve didn’t date for at least a year after his Sarah’s passing; none of the relationships lasted more than a date or two. In some respects, Steve thought of his daughter as his woman.

Now, about three years after Sarah’s passing, they had each allowed their heart to open. Erica’s and Steve’s first time physically loving each other [see Chapter 1] was his first time being sexual since his wife’s passing; it was Erica’s first sexual coupling, period. What they now had was a fully loving relationship with each other based on trust, love and physical need.


Already a confident girl, and an extrovert, Erica blossomed even more. To her friends, Erica said her life at home was great, she liked school, and she looked forward to college. She was past her 18th birthday, and knew the danger of trouble with the law was small; but she didn’t want any negative flak from what people would say about her special relationship with her father. She loved the sex; she loved their special relationship. The young woman kept to herself the juicy details of her special relationship. People enjoy having their lascivious secrets. Erica liked having hers.

Steve taught her a great deal: the importance of saying what she physically desired to her lover; the pleasures of fellatio and cunnilingus; and the fun they could have with sex toys. Daddy and daughter attempted anal sex on her several times, but Steve’s penis was too thick for its comfortable insertion into Erica’s bottom—she felt considerable pain, little pleasure. They played with, and enjoyed using an anal dildo, especially when Steve fucked her cunt. Erica learned the ‘dirty’ language of sex, too—beyond that which she didn’t already know—and she used it to good effect on her father.

With her increasing sexual maturity, Erica attracted more attention from boys. The young woman exuded a sweet sensuality. Her male schoolmates lately saw her as more attractive, but they couldn’t say what made her so. Several boys asked her out, and many others fantasized doing so. They all got a clear and appreciative no.

Erica loved her life. She had many girlfriends. She loved learning. She loved mostly her close and sexual relationship with her father. ***


“Daddy, do that again.”

“You mean this?”

“Aaah, oh yeah!” Erica grunted.

“Does my sweet sexy girl like it when she gets fucked from behind?”

“Daddy, don’t stop, please!”

Steve drove his cock in and out of his daughter’s lubricated, snug vagina. He slightly altered the angles of his assault into his sexy daughter’s cunt. Erica’s crouched on her knees, driving herself back onto her father’s penis, loving how deep it penetrated her.

“Daddy, let me lay down on my back. I want to feel your penis rubbing my G-spot.”

“In a minute, dear. Daddy wants to enjoy how good it feels sliding so far into your cunt like this.”

“Sometimes you’re so selfish, daddy,” the young woman teased, .

“Remember what I told you, darling. Ask for what you want.”

“How does my princess like how her daddy fucks her?”

Steve thrusted forward; Erica drove back, his penis penetrating the grasping pussy. It was a Friday night. They had all night to fuck, to make passionate love to each other.

“Oh, fuck, daddy. Keep going! Keep going! Keep fucking me. You’re so tight inside me! I love how you touch every part of my pussy. Oh my god! Oh my god, daddy. Here comes another one.”

Erica released a long and rapturous confirmation of her orgasm.

Father and daughter almost all the dark night pleasuring each other. Steve came three time, spread out over several hours. Erica experienced many orgasms from balling her daddy—clitoral orgasms, vaginal-clitoral orgasms, and full-body orgasms. She hadn’t felt such pleasure in her young life.

It was almost noon Saturday when they woke up, somewhat reluctantly; still tired from their Ankara escort bayan night-long romp. They enjoyed a languorous shower together; taking turns cleaning each other, the soap was an excuse to slide their hands all over each other. Steve got Erica leaning back against the shower wall only to initiate a thorough oral cleansing of his daughter’s pussy and clitoris. Whatever sleepiness Erica felt was expunged by the orally induced orgasms.

Steve had a couple of minor repairs he wanted to get done on the outside of the house. Father and daughter, becoming more of a couple, spent a couple of hours eating, getting the necessary do-it-yourself supplies and knocking off a couple of items on his to-do list.

“Daddy?” Erica said hesitantly.

“Yes, darling. Is something the matter?”

“Daddy, I want to have a baby. I want to have your baby.”

‘Jesus,’ Steve thought, ‘this again.’ “Baby, why do you want a baby?”

“It’s hard to say. I love you so much. You’re a strong man, I feel wonderful with you. You treat me like a grown-up, rather than someone who’s your daughter. I feel safe with you; protected by you. I want something that’s ours, together. And, I know you would love to have more children, and you’re not that old.”

“Well, thanks a lot, darling, for the ‘not that old’ remark.”

“Oh daddy, you know what I mean!”

“Erica, it would wonderful to be a father again. I never thought it would happen. I resigned myself to that when your mom was with us.”

“So, it’s agreed. You’ll impregnate me, and I’ll have your baby.”

“Whoa! Wait just a minute. I wasn’t finished talking. There’s a lot to think about here. We’ve lived in this community for a long time; lots of people here know us. If you got pregnant, and word got out that I was the father of your baby there would be hell to pay—in the community, at my business, with our relatives. Have you thought about that, Erica?”

“Well, no, I guess not. It’s just that I love you so much, and I feel this strong urge to have a baby, with you. I haven’t thought of anything else.”

“Listen, sweetie. I’m so flattered that a beautiful and sexy young woman wants to not only have sex with me, but she wants to have my baby, especially since she’s my daughter. And, you remind me so much of your mother, as if I get to have your mom all over again. That means so much to me. But, having sex with you is one thing; it’s a wonderful thing. But, having a baby with you is something else entirely. We can hide that we are sexual with each other; we couldn’t hide your pregnancy, and then the child.”

“As usual daddy, you’re right,” Erica responded glumly.

“Erica, my darling, let me think about all of this. Let me see if a solution can be worked out—a happy solution for the both of us. How’s that sound?”

“Okay daddy,” Erica said with unenthusiastic resignation. Hope flickered, but persevered.

“In the meantime, my little sexpot, you got me turned-on and hard. How about we retire to the bedroom so you can do something about the problem you caused?,” Steve said huskily, with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, yeah, daddy Steve. I’m good at solving those kinds of problems.”

With that, the inspired couple scampered off to their king-sized bed for some afternoon frolicking.

“Get on the bed…on your back…and pull off your panties…NOW!,” Steve ordered.

‘Uh-oh!’ Erica thought delightedly, ‘daddy’s in one of his bossy moods.’

The girl jumped onto the bed, onto her back, pulled off her panties, and smiled. She spread her legs wide, steepled them very wide, presenting her bald cunt to her lover.

“Aren’t you fucking gorgeous,” her father pronounced while shedding his clothes.

“Now, staying on your back, move so that your head is off the side of the bed.”

Erica complied.

Steve moved so that his hard cock dangled just above his daughter’s face at the bedside.

“Open your mouth.”

Without hesitation he put his penis into Erica’s mouth, steadily moving it deeper into her oral cavity until she gagged. He then backed out.

“I’m going to teach you to love my whole cock in your mouth, Erica.”

“Okay, daddy,” the young woman said.

“Talk to me, sweetie. How are you doing?”

“I want to please you, daddy. I really do. But, I sure don’t like gagging. “

“I know darling. We’re going to take it slowly. We’re going to train your reflex to not respond when my cock is sliding into your throat. Daddy wants you to try it. Okay?”

“Okay. Please be gentle, daddy.”

Steve slid his rigid shaft back into Erica’s mouth. “When my penis hits the back of your throat you should swallow. When you begin to gag I’ll back off. Doing this Escort Ankara several times should help you to accept my cock down your throat.”

Erica’s trust was rewarded, and so was her father. After several attempts, and with a bit of discomfort because of Steve’s thick penis, her lover’s penis slide into her throat. Her mouth produced lots of saliva, keeping the penis lubricated, facilitating its penetration.

Because his penis blocked the passage of air when fully inserted, and despite how good his penis felt in his daughter’s mouth hole, Erica’s father withdrew so he filled only her mouth. Erica loved her daddy’s penis with her tongue, her mouth juices, and teasingly with her teeth.

“Honey, you’re doing so good. You’re so wonderful for allowing me to be in you so deeply this way. Damn, it feels fucking fantastic…oh my god!”

Her mouth full of cock, the increasingly sexually adventurous girl could respond only with an, “Mmmmmm!”

“Lover, tell me where you want my cum, because with what you’re doing to my cock, it won’t be long until I cum.”

“My cunt, daddy. I want you to squirt inside my cunt.”

“Okay. Move around and up the bed. Hurry! I’m going to shove my cock into your pussy and fuck you until my cum fills up your womb.”

Again assuming the missionary female fucking position Erica readied herself for her father’s assault into her vagina.

“Do you like how far I go inside your pussy, my little girl? I love how tight, how snugly, I feel in you.”

Erica moaned like a bellows, “Oh (pause to take in some air), oh (the single syllable drawn out proclaiming all the pleasure she felt), oh-my-god.”

The girl’s lubrication more than kept up with the man’s thrusting. Her cunt oozed and expelled some its copious secretions. Steve knew the pleasure given by changing the speed and forcefulness of his fucking. Slight shifts of his strong hips led to Erica’s pleasure throughout her pussy, and radiating outwardly. Erica, by keeping her legs wide and back, felt the fullness of her daddy’s cock, of his penetration. The father varied the injection and withdrawal of his penis into his daughter—sometimes pulling out partway, other times teasing his submitting lover by having his penis tip graze her cunt opening.

“Daddy, you’re such a fucking tease.”

“Hey girl, watch your fucking mouth. I never taught you talk like that,” he teased.

“Aw daddy, I thought you’d like it if your whore talked dirty to you. Oh-my-god. I’m gonna cum, daddy.”

“You’re too fucking smart. For that I’m going to make you cum big time.”

“Oh daddy, daddy, daddy. Make me cum. Make me cum hard. Oh, jesus.”

Steve now kept a steady rhythm with his penis inside his daughter’s pussy. He positioned himself so his shaft came as close as possible to the girl’s G-spot. He was pretty good at it by now, having been fucking her every day for several months.

“Do…you…know…how…much…I…love…fucking…you, Erica?”

“I do, daddy…I do.”

“Daddy, don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

The girl’s body lifted up, her back arched, her hips high above the bed. Her mouth expelled a long groan of orgasm, her eyes boring into her lover’s. She inhaled deeply, and groaned again. She felt such a release, an energy surge throughout her body. The flow and the force of the sensation was incredible, just like it was nearly every time she had sex with her lover, her father, her very own daddy. Waves of pleasure swept through her as she collapsed to the bed. Her eyes closed as she retreated inward, feeling the blissfulness of her orgasm. Her breathing came in gasps. Erica slowed her breathing, making it deeper, to be in touch with her pleasure.

Her father remained hard inside of her. His movements slight, so as to perpetuate her pleasure, her orgasm, but avoiding over-stimulating his beautiful daughter, his lover. He felt pleasure, too. It wasn’t the euphoria of cumming, but the contentment of giving this woman who laid beneath him such satisfaction. And, he did feel physical pleasure; through the walls his lover’s throbbing vagina an energetic sensation transmitted itself through him that connected him more deeply with his lover, this young woman, his daughter, laying beneath him.

Steve lowered himself gently onto his lover, their sweaty bodies sliding a bit before settling comfortably into the other’s. Erica’s breathing became normal; Steve’s penis fell out of Erica’s vagina. He wrapped his arms around her back and turned them as one body onto their side. The man then sliding his fingers through the woman’s hair. Steve became aware that he was often thinking of his daughter as a woman, as a person unto herself, separate from him. She wasn’t his little girl as much anymore; she was a grown woman, still young, still very much younger than he, but a woman nevertheless. The idea of having a child with her he began to see as a possibility, as a desire.

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