Daughter’s Dream; Daddy’s Fantasy? Ch. 02

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(Introduction: It isn’t necessary to read chapter 1 of this story to get pleasure from reading this chapter, but it may enhance your pleasure by reading the first chapter first.

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Last evening, after an hour or so of carefree slumber, Erica’s dad slowly returned to full consciousness with the realization of what he had done with his precious daughter. He felt revulsion and contentment, shame and a deeper love than he thought existed. He had an impulsive romp with his daughter—his daughter! Damn, it felt good from a purely sexual point of view. But, he also felt revulsion. What kind of father has sex with his flesh and blood child, regardless of her age or maturity? Apparently, a father with no shame, an immoral father, he told himself. He loved his daughter, his one and only child. He decided to let his feelings and thoughts simmer for awhile. With that, he gently slid his arm under his languid daughter, lifted her close to him, in a protective embrace, and carried her carefully to her room where he softly placed her on her bed. She hardly stirred.

After covering her with a light blanket, he went off to his room, where, with so much on his mind he got into bed. Tossing and turning for a while, he eventually fell into a restless sleep.

Erica slept the sleep of a happy princess without a care in the world. Rising out of her bed, she walked to her daddy’s bedroom. She crouched down and softly kissed his cheek. Whispering, “I love you, daddy,” she departed and showered, savoring all the parts of her body where her daddy touched her the day before. She languished at many of those spots on her body where she was made to feel so good, so juicy, and so thoroughly fucked. Afterwards she went downstairs to fix her daddy and herself some breakfast, knowing somehow she was a different person than before fucking her gorgeous father. The only difference of which she was certain was that she felt sexy, or what she supposed sexy felt like.

Hearing someone, as if from a distance, calling his voice, he opened his eyes with the beautiful vision of his Erica bending over him breathing his name barely at a whisper.

“Good morning, daddy.”

“Hi beautiful,” he responded, stretching the kinks out of his body.

“Your princess made you breakfast.”

“How sweet of you. You are so wonderful, darling.”

She couldn’t resist kissing his mouth. He loved the feel of her lips against his.

Bouncing out of the room to finish fixing breakfast, Erica felt a flood of delicious thoughts and feelings. Meanwhile, dad rinsed his face, brushed his teeth, clambered into shorts and T-shirt, and headed downstairs knowing his new relationship with his daughter had to be addressed.

Dad entered the kitchen and sat down in the small breakfast nook. Erica brought his breakfast, kissing him on his cheek.

“Enjoy, daddy!”

“I’m sure I will sweetie.” Finishing his first bite of delicious scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, the image didn’t escape him that his daughter—and now lover?—was being the very picture of the traditional domestic wife, right down to cleaning up.

“It’s delicious, sweetheart.”

Moving quickly to his side on the bench, Erica wrapped both arms around her handsome daddy, and with a beaming smile, squeezed him saying, “I’m so glad you like it, my gorgeous daddy.”

Knotting up a bit, and feeling a lusty surge, too, he swallowed hard.

“Honey, we’ve got to talk.”

“Is anything the matter, daddy?”

“I want to talk about yesterday with you, sweetie.”

She loved it when he called her ‘sweetie’, but felt apprehensive, too, with the serious tone her dad was now using with her.

“Okay,” she mouthed.

“Erica, darling. What we did together yesterday—making love—was wonderful. It was extraordinary.”

“I loved it, too, daddy. You were wonderful. I love you so much.”

“Sweetie, I’m also feeling some not-so-good feelings. Like I took advantage of you. That it was wrong what we did. My God, you’re my daughter!”

“Daddy, yes, I’m your daughter, but I’m an adult, too,” Erica replied.

“Honey, do you have any regrets about what we did?” Dad said, knowing that if her outward appearance and behavior was true, then his daughter found nothing wrong with what they did.

“Oh, daddy. You were wonderful. So strong, and so gentle. We were wonderful together. Don’t you think so?” she said with a little catch in her throat.

“Yes, I do sweetheart. I have other Escort things I’m feeling, too. A lot of it is about how what we did affected you. I love you so much. I don’t want to hurt you, ever.”

Her dad, feeling full of emotion and conflict, had difficulty getting his last words out. There was a stammer, a hesitancy in his voice Erica hadn’t heard before.

With tears in her eyes, Erica began kissing her daddy all around his head–behind his ears, on his neck. Pausing, and through her tears she cried, ” Daddy, daddy, I know you love me. I know it so much. I know you’d never hurt me.”

Turning his body as much as he could with his beautiful daughter pressed against him, he firmly grasped her chin with both hands, held her head just far enough away to see her lovely young face, basking in her beauty. Thinking, ‘What wisdom for someone so young,’ and said to her, “Erica, what we did last night was one of the most, if not the most, wonderful and hot and sexy and loving things I have ever experienced. Part of me wants what I had with you yesterday to never stop. And, a part of me says that I would be denying you so much of your life to continue what we did, even though I know we both love each other so much.”

He pulled his precious daughter to him into a full hug, one arm reaching almost the way around her slender and firm body, the other hand caressing her head to the crook of his neck.

In a voice just above a whisper Erica haltingly said, “I love how I felt with you yesterday. I don’t want us to not do that again. I can’t describe the feelings, but I haven’t felt anything as wonderful before in my life.”

Erica’s eyes were tearing up recalling yesterday’s joy, but also because of the pain she felt in this moment hearing her daddy’s reluctance.

“You really do feel good about what we did, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes, daddy.”

Her dad, feeling less conflicted because of Erica’s reassuring words, now had to decide how to proceed.

“Honey, I still need to sort things out a bit. But, I heard what you said. How about we do this? We’ll spend some time together and see how it goes. I’m concerned that even though we love each other, that because of so many years separating us we’ll find little in common with each other.”

“Okay, daddy. I understand, but I just know how I feel right now,” Erica said, unaware of the potential long-term difficulties of their relationship that her dad’s life experience had taught him to consider.

Separating from each other, Erica’s dad looked seriously into her eyes.

“If we’re going to test out a different kind of relationship between us—what do we call it, a lovers’ relationship?—then you should start calling me Steve, instead of daddy?”

“That would be weird daddy, but I see your point. Can I still call you ‘daddy’ sometimes?”

“Sure, sweetie. And only call me Steve when we’re alone.”

Erica smiled, giving him an enthusiastic hug.

“So, sweetie, it’s Saturday and a gorgeous day. How about we pack some food and go for hike on the coast?”

“That’s a great idea. Let’s go!”

Two hours later, with a sheen of sweat coating much of their bodies, Steve and Erica broke out of the trees cliffside above the big blue waters of the Pacific, and the wide, nearly flat and apparently deserted white sand beach that stretched for almost as long as they could see. When Erica was a little girl, with her dad and mom, enjoyed special times in this forest, and on the beach. Erica looked much like her mother, and even possessed some of her mannerisms.

After a few minutes in silence Steve motioned for his daughter to follow him down to the sands on what was an infrequent clear and brightly sunny day. Returning to the present, they bounded down the cliffside. Arriving on the beach, Steve pointed out a small nook in the cliff and suggested they stop there for lunch. They settled on the large blanket and setup their lunch.

“Daddy, thank you for bringing me here today.”

“You’re welcome, pumpkin. Remember, you can call me Steve if you’re comfortable with that. I would prefer it when we’re out of the house.”

“Sure dad. Just give me some time to get used to the idea.”

Her daddy leaned over and gave his new lover a soft, lingering and goose bump-producing kiss on her mouth. Laying her down on the blanket, Steve wrapped his arms around his daughter-lover pulling himself to her while kissing her assertively. Erica returned her daddy’s passion with that of her own. She moved a hand down to his manhood feeling his hardness. She moaned Escort Bayan in response to his arousal. He grabbed an ass cheek, firmly squeezing it while his other hand flat against her other cheek drew her body to his. Quickly his hand went inside her shorts to massage her bottom. She moaned again. With a bit of difficulty, and driven by lust, she managed to lower his pant zipper, needing to feel his hard cock. She reached her goal, and began sliding her small hand with its tapered fingers along the shaft.

“Your hand feels so good wrapped around me, darling,” he managed to say with brief pause in kissing her lips, face, neck and on and around her ears.

“You’re getting me so hot, daddy.”

Steve raised his hands up his lover’s back to release her bra, but discovered she wasn’t wearing one. This did what it would do to most men, it got his cock even harder, not knowing that was even possible. In a flash he placed one hand on a breast, massaging it and pinching her hard nipple.

“Sweetie, you feel how hard I am for you?”

“Oh, daddy. Oh my God. Yes, yes. I want you so much. Feel how wet I am.”

“Oh, baby. You are so juicy. We’re going to have to do something about my hard cock and your wet pussy, aren’t we?”

“Please help me with my wet pussy, and I’ll help you with your hard cock.”

“Oh, fuck. Take your clothes off. I want you naked.” The teenager lifted her small tight ass as she pulled her shorts and panties down and off her smooth firm legs. He slithered up and into her beautiful wet triangle to orally love her pussy.

“Oh, daddy. Oh, Steve. Please love me. Love my pussy. Love it any way you want.”

“Your pussy is so delicious. You put out so much juice, honey. I love to love your cunt.”

Slowly and delicately, he slid his tongue tip inside the labia. Up one engorged side, then up the other. Erica’s juices were delicious and copious. Steve lapped up all he could get; the girl rapturous in his passionate attention.

“Oh, God, oh God, oh God. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. It feels so good. Please daddy, Steve. It’s so good.”

His tongue slithered along one side of her clit, then the other, leisurely and determinedly back and forth. Not yet raking his mouth-swab over the head of her pleasure spot. He moved around her clit like he was giving the finishing touches to a sculpture. Erica was almost overwhelmed with sensations, so strong they were, one sensation cascading into another.

Steve stiffened his tongue and probed her pussy portal, setting off sparks of fire and electricity in her sex, throughout her body, and in her head. Steve’s tongue swirled around her oozing love hole. Moaning, constantly moaning, Erica paused only to catch another breath. Tried as she could, it was barely possible to feel all that was going on inside her head and within her body. Then it happened, after her dad swabbed her clit with his tongue; and sucked on the button of nerves. Then, as if reaching superheated sensations of bliss and intensity, all of her being energetically exploded in a powerful orgasm. Her body tensed, a long moan escaped from her mouth with a power that carried out over the water and up to the top of the cliff. The undulating moaning and full-bodied tremors lasted a long time. She was oblivious to time. She basked in the rush, in the energy flowing through her body.

Daddy slowed his oral and tongue love knowing how sensitive she would soon be. But he didn’t stop. He stayed in contact with her body with his mouth and his hands and fingers, letting her know he was with her. The girl felt his presence, heightening the waves of pleasure passing through her.

Through moans and rippling tremors Erica said to her lover, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, what did you do to me? Oh…my…god. It was so wonderful. So wonderful. I feel so wonderful.”

Steve, lifting his head from her sex, said, “You are so delicious. I can’t help but want to devour you. And, I think that’s what I might have done.”

They chuckled.

“As good as you were yesterday I have never felt so good before in my life!”

“Honey, it is so fantastic being with you like this. I love loving you. I can’t get enough of you.”

Erica, up on her elbows, looked dreamily into her lover’s eyes and began quietly crying. A small sob flared—once, twice. Steve, eyes fixed to hers, with her luscious syrup coating and thickly dropping off his chin, sent her his love through his gaze. Giggling softly when seeing the wetness all over his face, the young woman said, “Daddy, oh, I mean Steve, you look so funny with Bayan Escort your face all wet.” When she said this she felt a spasm of electricity flow through her pussy, realizing her juice covered her lover’s face.

“Daddy, you take your pants off now. I’m going make you feel so good.”

Steve couldn’t get his shoes, socks, slacks and briefs off fast enough. Laying on his back, he watched as his lover slowly ran the tip of her tongue along her lips; a lusty stare telling her daddy she was now in charge.

Erica got down to business. Crouched next to Steve’s hip so he could see, she inserted three fingers into her snatch. With her very wet fingers she wrapped her fingers around his semi-erect and thick cock, and slowly began sliding up and down the hardening shaft.

How did she know how hot that is?, he thought.

With deep, soft moans he told the teenager how well she was doing to his penis.

“Like that daddy? Feel good, huh?” she said, teasing him.

“Oh yeah, baby. Oh, yeah.”

“Steve?” she said, getting used to calling him that. “In a moment I’m going to suck your cock with my horny mouth. Do you want me to do that?”

“Yes, baby. Would you do that for me?”

Her dad enjoyed letting his lover/daughter be in charge. It was rare to be with a woman who would do so. Perhaps he had one here who sometimes actually liked directing their lovemaking and fucking. He sure hoped so.

“Of course, Steve. But only if it would feel good,” the girl teasingly responded.

“Oh, baby. Do it now! Do it now, please! I want to feel your mouth on my cock.”

Erica slowly removed her hand, teasingly one finger at a time from his shaft, prolonging his wait. The daughter began loving his cock with her mouth by circling the shaft at the point where he was most sensitive to contact, at the juncture of the crown and shaft below it, the frenulum. His body jerked. Slowly, twisting her mouth up and off his penis she lathered his cock with her mouth juices. He watched her, in awe of her cock-sucking. Erica moved slow, her tongue now gliding up all of the underside of the shaft of his penis, and then, with her eyes drilling into his, her tongue coated all around his crown, ending at that most arousing junction of crown and shaft. Her cheeks were blushed pink in passion, her lips full, and her mouth formed an ‘O’. Her head descended until his shaft nearly filled her slowly sucking mouth and bathing tongue.

“Oh, Jesus,” Daddy exclaimed. “What are you doing to me? Don’t stop. Keep going. Forever.”

Erica acknowledged him with an, “Mmmmm,” not wanting to stop her sweet torture.

Moving her mouth and tongue about his turgid cock, he felt one surge of hot energy, then another, all seemingly new and evermore arousing.

Erica soaked his swollen, hard penis with her mouth drippings. She applied snug pressure to his manhood so Steve, her daddy, was never without stimulation from her mouth hole and its dancing tongue.

“I’m getting close to cumming. I wanna cum. I wanna squirt in your mouth.”

Steve’s daughter’s response was to increase the pressure of her sucking and tongue swabbing. She felt the pulsing in his penis. As if by instinct she surrounded several inches of his penis with her mouth. With consistent movements and steady and firm pressure she coaxed his cock to erupt.

Her father’s body tensed; his breathing quickened to gasps; his balls drew up and tightened; the pulsing within his groin was palpable, its pace quickening.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Ooohhh!,” he bellowed. “Oh my fucking God!”

His cock forcefully pumped man juice into his daughter’s mouth. Erica swallowed. Steve pumped, and pumped several more times into her wanting mouth. Her daughter swallowed quickly. Some of his essence leaked from her mouth and slid down her chin. Seeing that his cock squeezed out a dribble of cum. His tightened body lifted by spastic sections off the ground. He gasped for air. His penis throbbed with the energy of his orgasm. After a time his body settled; the spasms lessened; the cock quivered and shrank.

Steve told his daughter to stop sucking. His penis was rapidly becoming too sensitive for contact.

Erica closed her mouth, and moved up and alongside her daddy, positioning her mouth over his. She kissed him, thrusting her tongue, with its remnants of his eruption coating her mouth, into his mouth. Her tongue danced in his oral cavity bathing him with his essence. He hadn’t tasted himself before. After a momentary reluctance to do so he relaxed and danced with her, accepting her gift of himself.

“Daddy Steve, you taste good. I guess I did okay, huh?”

“I’ll say,” he said while his breathing further recovered.

They cuddled, damp skin to damp skin, and fell into slumber, wrapped around each other.

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