Daughter and Friend Visit Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning with Becky playing with my cock. I was already semi erect and it didn’t take much to get me hard. Becky was between my legs pumping my cock with her soft hand. I looked down at her and said this was more than I could take. She just smiled as you started licking the length of my cock with her tongue. I watched this beautiful sight as Becky expertly ran her tongue around the head of my cock before lowering her mouth over it. She was giving me a wonderful blow job. She stepped up her efforts as I was building an orgasm inside. I mumbled that I was about to cum and Becky raised her eyes to look at me while I squirted my juice in her mouth and down her throat.

After my pleasure subsided Becky cleaned my cock with her mouth and moved her pussy above my face straddling me. I went right to work eating this young cunt so wet and juicy. I ran my tongue up and down her lips and inserted it deep inside her. Her juices were so wonderful to taste. Her smell was erotic to say the least. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shaking as she went into an orgasmic state. My hands were cupping her tits as my tongue did a job on her luscious cunt. She rolled off of me and lay still catching her breath. I so wanted to fuck her but I wasn’t going to push it. My thought went to Janice and what was going to happen when she found out I was having oral sex with her best friend.

Becky and I spent the day outside mostly waiting to pick Janice up at the airport. I was worried but also excited. I had been thinking about Janice and how lovely she was. I was sexually excited about seeing her naked for the first time as an adult. My emotions were mixed. It was one think to play around with Becky but a whole different think with my own daughter.

Becky and I wore no clothes the entire day. She was truly lovely. We also didn’t mess around anymore either. I got used to being naked around her. It was time to make our way to the airport. We drove off and on the way I asked Becky what her plan was to tell Janice about what had happened. She said she wasn’t going to say anything right away. She just wanted to see Janice and catch up. I agreed that was an excellent idea. When we arrived at the airport, I dropped Becky off to go inside and catch Janice as she left the security area while I circled around. Finally I saw them waving at me as I came around. I stopped the truck and jumped out to catch Janice running into my arms for a hug and a kiss. It had been almost a year since I had seen her.

She was a lovely girl with big brown eyes standing 5’6″. pendik escort Her body had developed quite a figure. Her breasts were nice size and protruding nicely from a sweater that was rather tight. I felt them as we embraced press into me. It was the first time I had a sexual twitch so to speak hugging Janice. She had short hair in sort of a pixie cut. She had on jeans and carried a winter coat she would not be needed for the next two weeks.

The girls sat in the back on our drive home. I felt like a taxi driver. They were catching up and Janice was so happy to see Becky. I chimed in from time to time but mostly was thinking about sexual things. I was wondering what it would be like to have sex with both of them.

When we arrived home the girls went directly to Janice’s room. I poured myself a drink and since the evening was warm I sat out back on the deck nursing a huge scotch and sporting erection thinking about the girls and sexual fantasies. I was rubbing my cock through my shorts.

The girls were upstairs for a good hour or so before I heard them in the kitchen. Janice yelled out the door and asked if it was ok to have some wine. I said sure. Soon they came out on the deck and my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They were both wearing t shirts and panties. I had not seen Janice this way since she was grown up. Neither of them wore bras under their t shirts and my eyes were transfixed on how sexy Janice looked with her firm breasts straining against the material. My cock was stirring at this site. They both sat down across from me and soon we all talked and caught up on what we were doing in our lives. We had more drinks over time and particularly excited when Janice would fetch the drinks so I could see her round ass through those skimpy panties. I could also see her dark pubic area beneath the panties.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to take on a sexual nature. The girls were talking about boys and I heard a few things I probably shouldn’t have. I couldn’t get rid of the erection I had so I just sat tight. Then it happened. The question I had been dreading since yesterday.

“So Daddy, Becky tells me you have been naughty.”

I wondered how much Becky had told Janice. I looked over at Becky and she had a devilish smile on her face. I was so screwed. “I have no idea what you’re talking about” I said knowing right well that was a big lie.

“What exactly did you tell Janice” I asked Becky hoping like hell she left out the oral sex parts.

“I just told Janice that I saw you masturbating maltepe escort in the shower and walking around with an erection Mr. Williams.

My face was turning ten shades of red. “I can’t help it that you spied on me Becky.”

The girls were giggling. I was in a corner here. I had no idea where this was heading and how much Janice knew. “Gee can’t a guy have some privacy?” I said.

“We are just busting on you Daddy. Don’t get all huffy.” I just wanted to be able to see too.”

Now that little comment floored me. I was so sexually charged up by this conversation I didn’t much care where it led. I just wanted to present a feeling of outrage even though I knew it was phony.

“Gee Janice do you think that is proper?”

“Maybe not proper but it is something I have fantasized about. I hope you are not angry with me daddy.”

“Of course not baby, just a little confused.”

“Are you hard right now?” Janice asked.

I felt a flush in my face and took another gulp of scotch. “I might be” I replied. My cock was like steel.

“Why don’t you take your shorts off Daddy and show us your hard cock.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this from my daughter. It was so erotic. Before I could reply the two girls stood and removed their t shirts and stripped their panties off. What a sight, two gorgeous girl’s one being my lovely daughter. I stood up and removed my shorts and t shirt as well. My hard cock was sticking straight out. We all sat back down and the girls had their legs spread and scooted their asses to the edge of their chairs. I could see my daughter’s wet pussy clearly. I instinctively started stroking my cock. The girls were both running their fingers up and down their cunt lips and rubbing their clits. Janice’s eyes were transfixed on my cock. She had inserted a finger in her pussy and had a look of lust in her eyes. I was so entranced looking at both of them but especially Janice. Her one hand was working on her nipple. Becky had both hands working on her pussy. I could not apply much pressure to my cock as it would have exploded.

Janice got up from her chair and came and knelt down in front of my cock. She replaced my hand with hers. I told her I was close to cumming and with that she lowered her mouth onto my cock. The sight of my lovely daughter sucking my cock was too much for me to bear. I exploded my cum into her mouth. There was so much it dripped out and down her chin. What a sight I was seeing. She worked on my cock until it was drained and cleaned up all the cum that kartal escort had escaped. I heard Becky have a powerful orgasm watching this action.

I lifted Janice up and swung around and sat her in my chair as I knelt between her creamy thighs and kissed them on my way to her honey hole.

“Oh Daddy please eat my pussy.”

I moved my mouth over Janice’s sweet smelling cunt and lapped at her wetness while cupping her breasts.

“Oh Daddy make me cum she yelled.”

While I was eating my daughter’s pussy, I felt Becky grab my cock and stroke me. All of a sudden Janice cried out that she was cumming.

“I’m cumming Daddy, oh yes!”

Janice came with such a great force I thought she would pop out of the chair. I lapped up all her sweet juices as her orgasm subsided. Becky was bust working her mouth under me sucking my cock. Instinctively I moved Becky around on all fours and slid my cock into her cunt as Janice watched.

“Fuck me Mr. Williams” she yelled. “Fuck my cunt.”

I rammed my cock into her hungry pussy as Janice watched me fuck her best friend. I was pounding Becky now with each thrust getting more intense and rapid. Becky cried out that she was cumming and I shot my load deep into this beauties cunt. I was spent as I withdrew my cock from her drenched pussy.

I lay down on the deck totally spent. My mind was a blur at what just happened. I lay there for a minute and saw Janice eating Becky’s pussy. She was lapping up the cum that was oozing from her freshly fucked pussy. My cock was coming back to life as I watched my daughter eat her best friend. My hand went to my cock and stroked it back to life. I positioned myself behind Janice and bent down to whisper to her>

“I want to fuck you baby” I said.

“Yes please do it Daddy fuck me hard”

I positioned my cock at the entrance to her wet cunt and drove my cock into her as deep as I could. Janice jumped as I rammed my cock into her all the way.

“Oh yes that feels good daddy, fuck my cunt.”

I was fucking my daughter. Something I had never dreamed I would do. I rammed my cock into her hearing her moan and yell for more. Janice came hard as I shot yet another load of cum. We all collapsed in a heap on the deck. Janice curled up next to me and Becky to her. It was the first time I wondered if anyone might have heard us. I really didn’t care much at that point.

“I love you Daddy” Janice whispered.

“I love you too baby” I said.

The rest of their visit was more sex than I ever imagined one could have. We all slept together and I watched several times as the girls made love to each other. I was never so sexually fulfilled as I was those two weeks. Surprisingly this was never repeated and never even talked about. I was fine with that as the guilt was heavy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32