Dating a Nymphomaniac Ch. 04

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When I was about 30, I had the great good fortune to meet a sexy, 25 year old woman named Penny.

And the reason I say “great good fortune” is because Penny was a very good looking gal. Pretty face. Long red hair. Big, full, firm 38-D breasts, Killer body, And…she was a stone-cold nymphomaniac.

She just plain liked sex. Anytime, anyplace, and as often as possible. And I was her “main man” for three glorious years.

And being a sex-crazed woman, she was with a lot of other men during that time of course, but we usually got together 2 or 3 times a week for dinner, drinks, and wild crazy sex. So I learned to live with sharing her. And accept the fact that I wasn’t her only lover.

It seemed like a fair deal to me, and truth be told, I don’t think I could have kept up with her sexual desires and needs all by myself. But since I was her “favorite”, and I got all I could handle, I didn’t complain.

Anyway, on one memorable night after dinner we ended up in a little honky-tonk, country-western bar called “Slim’s”. And it was late so we were both pretty buzzed and were doing a lot of touching and feeling each other under the bar, And she smiled, and got “that crazy look” in her eyes, and suggested that we go back to her place.

So I immediately flagged down the bartender and said “Check, please”, and I quickly paid our tab and we left.

And as we were walking through the parking lot to my car, Penny suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong? Did you forget something?”

“No. I just had an urge to do something NAUGHTY.”

“Naughty? Here? In the parking lot?”


“Like what?”

“Oh I don’t know. I guess something like…THIS!”

She pushed her halter top down, and let her big, full, firm, gorgeous tits plop free and naked.

“Jesus Christ, Penny!” I said.

“What? You don’t like the view?”

“I like the view just fine! But aren’t you fucking worried about someone seeing you?”

“Of course! That’s why it’s so much FUN to do it!”

At that very moment, as if to prove her point – an old, dark-blue Chevy pick-up truck – with three, young, college-aged boys inside – came barreling into the parking lot – and screeched to a stop right next to us.

And the blonde kid who was driving said “Well Shit!! What the fuck is THIS?”

And the guy with the beard in the back seat behind the driver leaned out his window. “Goddamn!” he yelled. “Them are some NICE FUCKING TITTIES, BABY!”

“Why thank you sir,” Penny said. “Why don’t you fellas park your truck and join us. And I’ll show you some more.”

Well hell. That damn sure didn’t seem like a good idea to me.

“Are you sure about this Penny? This could get ugly real alert missing persons unit izle quick.”

“It’ll be great,” she said. “And I’ve got you here to protect me.”

Great, I thought. A sexy, big-titted woman and three drunk college boys. What could possibly go wrong? I suddenly wished I had a weapon of some kind on me. So I opened the trunk of my car and made sure that the crow bar was within reach.

They parked the truck, and got out, and walked towards us. And she stood right where she was – with a big smile on her face – and her big, luscious tits hanging out – and they stood in a semi-circle in front of her.

“This ain’t your fucking wife, is it man?” the blonde kid asked.

“No. She’s not my wife.”

“So she’s…fair game then, huh?”

“Yeah, I said. “As long as you guys don’t get rough”

“Hell!” the bearded guy said. “Any chick who would stand out in the middle of a fucking parking lot with her fucking tits hanging out like that has to be FAIR GAME! Right, Mister?”

“I think you ought to ask her about that, fellas.”

“Well whaddya say, baby?” the short guy said. “Are you?”

“Gee,” Penny said. “I don’t know. I guess it depends.”

“Depends?,” the driver asked. “Depends on what?”

“Well,” she grinned. “You can start by showing me your cocks. Let’s see what you’ve got. I’m in the mood to do some cock sucking tonight.”

They all unzipped their pants and pulled out their still-limp dicks.

So now I was standing in the middle of a parking lot with one sex-crazed woman, with her big boobs exposed, and three, goofy, giggling, young boys with their dicks hanging out of their pants. And just for the record – even though they were all still pretty limp – based on what I could see from a quick, cursory inspection – they WERE fairly well hung guys. And I could tell from the expression on Penny’s face that she agreed with me.

“Ooohh,” Penny said. “You guys are pretty big boys.”

“Hell yes,” the bearded guy said. “And we ain’t even half hard yet.”

“Oh I know how dicks work, fellas,” she said. “Believe me. And I think I can fix that half-hard thing. Come on over here and let me get a closer look.”

They did. And five minutes later I was doing lookout duty – while she knelt on the ground between two big vans, with the three of them standing in front of her. And she was sucking their dicks in rotation – one at a time – around the horn, so to speak.

And since I knew what an incredibly great cocksucker Penny was, I wasn’t at all surprised that it didn’t take very long for the combination of their inexperience in such matters – and her excess of experience alice in borderland izle in such matters – to have a very definite and noticeable “stiffening” effect on their schlongs. And on their degree of arousal. Which proceeded very quickly from half-hard to fully erect. And from occasional grunts to rapid groans and moans, to loud and wild gasps and shrieks. And to the usual muscle twitching and body jerking that all men experience just before they come.

Until finally, after only about six or seven minutes of “work”, she brought each of them to a state of full-bore, earth-shattering orgasmic ecstasy. And as usual – because Penny was a proud and appreciative “swallow don’t spit” type of a woman – she sucked and milked them until they were completely and totally “done”.

“Jesus-fucking-christ, baby!” the short guy said.

“Did you enjoy that?” Penny asked.

“Fuck yes, baby,” the driver said. “That was fucking incredible!”

“Shit! I can’t fucking believe you fucking SWALLOWED!” the bearded guy said.

“Oh I always swallow,” Penny said. “Why wouldn’t I swallow?”

Penny looked at me. “Are you ready now, Jim?”

“Uh, what?”

“You heard me. It wouldn’t be fair to leave you out! Come here!”

I did. And about twenty seconds later, they were doing look-out duty, and she was kneeling in front of me with her sweet, hot, wonderful lips sliding up and down on my dick.

“Oh shit, Penny.”




“Damn, baby,”

And she proceeded to deep throat my cock until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Then she pulled back and started going up and down on it real fast.

“Mmmph. Agh. Ach.”

And it felt very good. VERY good! Because Penny loved to suck dick. And she took pride in it. And she was a great fucking cocksucker. So she sucked, and I enjoyed, and the three boys just stood there watching – and jacking off.

Penny was obviously very turned on by the fact that it was happening in public – with a fucking audience – and that definitely heightened and intensified” the experience for both of us.

So like I said, I was having a VERY good time. And much to the three young guy’s amazement, I stood there strong and proud – and took all she had to give – and I didn’t “fold up” after six minutes like they did. Which is exactly why Penny liked to suck my dick, by the way.

First of all, she knew that I was as experienced as she was – which meant that I had good technique – and meant that I knew how to “give” as well as I “got”. And she also knew I had great control too, and had the endurance ans stamina to allow her to suck my cock to her heart’s content without americas got talent all stars izle worrying about me “finishing” before she did.

So like I said, we were getting it on pretty good, and the longer we did it, the more astonished the boys got.

“Jesus Christ, man!” the bearded guy said.” How can you stand that without fucking coming?”

“It’s called experience, son.”

“Yeah, but…”

“And because I WANT to stand it! And I want to ENJOY it as long as I possibly can! And because I don’t…Oh God, Penny!”

“Umm! Ungh!”

Her superior cock-sucking ability was over powering my stamina and endurance. And as her head bobbed up and down on my cock, I finally had to let go.


I waited until the last possible second before pulling back and letting my throbbing cock slide out of Penny’s mouth. And when my body started twitching and jerking, I leaned forward again, and held my dick above her sexy, smiling face. And when I started coming, I leaned forward further, and rubbed the head all over her face, and let my hot, milky sperm spurt, and dribble, and ooze, and splatter all over her cheeks, and eyes, and forehead, and lips, and eyebrows. And when I was just about done coming, I aimed my dick upwards, so that the last two or three spurts went in her hair. Then I looked over and grinned proudly at the three little fuckers while she licked my dick clean with her tongue.

And as they stood there silent and dumfounded, I grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head, slid my dick back into her mouth, and started fucking her mouth real slow and easy.

“I think we ought to show these fellas what else my old dick can do, Penny. Whaddya say? Is it okay if I fuck your mouth for awhile until I get hard again? And then we can fuck?”

“Oh hell yes. Jim. Do it.”

I did. And after about five minutes of her sucking my cock I was hard and ready, I pulled her head back, and let my stiff, hard, glistening, fully-erect-again dick plop out of her mouth. then I lifted her up and laid her

on her back on the hood of a dark green Honda Accord, and shoved her skirt up around her waist, and tore off her panties, and started fucking her.

“Oh God, Jim. Yes.” she whimpered

“Is that good, baby?”

“Oh YES!”


“Yes! Fuck me, Jim. Fuck me!”

“Like this?”






“You ready babe?”


“Tell me when.”

“Oh shit! Oh yeah. NOW! NOW!”

We came together in a terrific simultaneous orgasm. With my body twitching, and her body writhing and pushing up to meet my thrusts, and in that magical moment we were consumed in twenty seconds of intense sexual pleasure. And we completely forgot that we were in a parking lot with three young boys watching us.

And then we stood up, and Penny pushed her skirt down, and pulled up her halter top, and I put my dick back in my pants.

“Okay, guys.” I said “The show’s over. We’re gonna leave now.”

And we did.

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