Dasha’s Training

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“Arch your back, angel. This requires your help. That’s a good girl.”

She took his long thick cock out of her mouth and obediently, eagerly turned away from him and arched her back just as he’d told her. “Is this right, John?” she asked innocently. He grunted, then said in her ear, “Call me master, my sweet little angel.”

GOD! She loved this. Her pussy fairly twitched at the command to call him master. She was living a dream come true.

It was sweet young Dasha’s first time. She was 18 and learning how to fuck a real man — her next door neighbor, John. He was so experienced – a much older man. She felt so lucky, hot little Dasha, as she pliantly knelt on all fours on a beach towel, her most private areas totally exposed to this amazing sex god behind her.

In moments, he had his finger inside of her pussy, probing and prodding, praising her wetness, running his thick manly digits along her wet, smooth slit and then diving back in. He admired the clean, hairless, puckered little asshole above where he fucked her with his fingers. His mind began to work, and his mouth began to water.

She was glad she’d gotten that waxing a few days ago. Not that she was very hairy – her tender age and light complexion meant her little blonde muff was fine and slight. Still, she was glad she’d gotten it all fixed up for her master. She was hoping it was to his liking. Just then, “You have a beautiful cunt, baby,” he huffed in the sexiest voice she’d ever heard. “So smooth and perfect.”

“Thank you, master.”

Her cunt gushed right then and there. And she didn’t know why, but she loved being on all fours with this handsome older man behind her. She felt sexy and beautiful and wanted, to be sure. But she also felt naughty, and she really liked to feel naughty!

She knew one thing for sure: she’d never been touched like this by a boy at school! They just jacked off onto her pretty dress, or pulled her dress up and pawed her little wet pussy through her wispy, delicate lace panties. It always seemed like fumbling, though, and sometimes it even hurt. She never came that way, not like she did in her bedroom while fantasizing over her teacher, Mr Smith. But that was another story…

They’d grab her delicate hands and lead them to their hard cocks, have her unzip them, hold their taut shafts in her hands and stroke them. They would swoon, moaning how good it felt. The hand jobs did excite her, for sure, and the boys never failed to shoot off all over her pretty little dress, and that was kind of hot. But they weren’t very interested in pleasing her.

John, on the other hand, was older and more experienced. He was taking it slow, and has taking care of her! Wow! He was really working her with his fingers, and she was really liking it!

Suddenly she felt a prodding, wet finger against her tight virgin anus. OH My! That was not a finger! That was a tongue! She was more than a little shocked – he had bent down, and now tongued her ass while fingering her. It made her jump. She’d never imagined! And those boys – they’d NEVER do that! The feeling was amazing, especially when he got enough tongue up inside her to be able to push it in and pull it out like he was fucking her with it.

Slightly, charmingly shy, she nonetheless began to move herself against this man’s fingers and tongue. That was making her lovely doe eyes roll back in her pretty little head. And she deduced that he was clearly enjoying it himself as well, based on the sounds he was making as he thoroughly licked her behind. She felt like she’d unearthed his animal nature, and that was so exciting. There was that naughty feeling again!

She imagined, just for a moment, returning the favor – kneeling behind this incredible man, spreading his taut, cute cheeks, with her pretty slender hands, and licking him THERE, right on his hole, while petting those huge balls hanging below his cute, tight behind…. now THAT was a naughty idea! The thought sent her into another intense orgasm, making her hips buck in the process. She cried out as he lapped at her sweet hole and pinched her tense throbbing clit.

There was a break in the action behind her. His tongue left her tight hole, and the wetness there felt hot, especially when she could feel the coolness of his breathing hit his copious saliva that fairly dripped from her precious asshole.

Suddenly his cock was at her mouth again. “Suck it, angel. Make it wet for your stud so he can fuck you. There’s a good girl.” He bucked his hips as she pliantly accepted his phallus. She was a good girl, indeed. She clutched his balls gently and hefted them in her hands, feeling the weight of them, and thrilling at it. He MUST be a real stud, she mused, his balls are huge! He drew his cock out of her mouth, patted her on the head and kissed her deeply.

Then he reached down and was spreading her pussy lips – swollen and plump with her charming arousal. The feel of her slippery, velvet slit made his cock twitch.

She gasped as she felt John’s cock — so large, Şirinevler escort but thoroughly lubricated — bump against her smooth young pussy, which was aroused and open like a lovely flower. Slippery with her saliva as well as the slick ambrosia that seemed to fairly drip and gush from her pussy, it hurt a little but felt amazing as it began to work its way into her.

“Oh, angel, arch your pretty back for me, baby. You are so fucking hot.”

Her back arched pertly, like a kitten being petted along its spine. She gazed behind her to see her towering, powerful lover. She thrilled at the gentle rubbing his thumb was giving her anus. Giddy with schoolgirl lust, she wiggled her little ass instinctively.

The look of her shaking her sweet behind was beguiling. Yes, he thought, he liked it when she did that, and asked her to do it again. She did, and he groaned in pleasure. “Are you alright?” She asked. “Mmmm, I’m more than alright, angel.” He switched thumbs on her anus, licking the one that had just left it to whet it, and replacing the second again.

She was in heaven. She smiled, and felt as happy as she’d ever been. It wasn’t just the cock, either: she loved the feeling of having this powerful, older man behind her, mounting her and dominating her. She liked being taught how to fuck, and told what to do, and this guy did that.

He came down on his hands, arms on either side of her slender torso. His head was over hers, and he let his face fall into her beautiful blond hair… he smelled fruity shower gel, lip gloss – girlish, feminine things. Just the sweet young scent of her made his cock twitch, made him want to thrust home, deep into her little cunt.

He did give a short fucking thrust, but just a little one: he didn’t want to hurt this precious angel in the least. She wasn’t quite ready for a real, rough fucking. Not yet. There would be time.

He balls swayed full and heavy behind him. They dangled against his upper thighs. He wished he had a girl behind him to lick his balls and play with her clit. Another time…

His cock throbbed again. “I wish you could like my balls while I fuck you, angel.”

She couldn’t believe how hot this talk was. She turned back toward him, said, quite honestly: “I wish I could lick them too, master. I wish I could take them into my little mouth one at a time and suck them.”

“That’s a good girl. I’d really like that, baby. You have a very pretty mouth. You can lick and suck my balls any time you’d like.” She moaned in thrilling pleasure at his words and at his big cock pushing further into her.

He was very pleased to be training this young lady how to fuck. There was definite pride on his mind, for having caught this wild little angel for himself. She was perhaps the prettiest, and youngest, he’d ever had, at least since he’d been 18 himself – which was a while ago! Lucky? Fuck yes. And so is she, he thought with a smile. She would have agreed.

He nibbled at her ears gently and growled like an animal. He licked her ears and moaned, the sound of a desperate beast, rutting, needful, just like he was. He moved his cock a little bit more into her tight virginal cunt. He loved how she kept turning back at him and moaning, looking smokey-eyed.

Standing, she might have come up as high as his chest. Petite. Perfect. She was half his size, it seemed, and his athletic body, muscular and full, was in sharp contrast to her teenage frame, shapely but slight and thin in all the right places.

Narrow waist, delicate shoulders, smallish breasts with little nipples, now larger than ever due to her intense arousal, but small nonetheless. He pulled on them as he pushed further into her. She liked how he pulled on them roughly, pinched them, and squeezed her nipples hard.

She loved it all – the way his body covered hers, the way his arms rested on her back, his hands going through her hair, the way he lightly rubbed the ring of her anus, the way he pulled her hair to bring her lips to his and kiss and tongue her pretty mouth while he slid a little more of his big shaft into her, the way he pushed his middle finger between her pouty lips and fucked her mouth with it.

He was definitely in charge, and that made her pussy drip with excitement. He’d told her to arch her back again and again, so she made sure her little ass was pointed up and her pussy thrust back toward him as much as possible. When she’d re-check her back to make sure it was arched, he’d praise her. “Good girl,” he’d say. And she loved it.

Being fucked doggie style felt so hot too – it was like the way animals mate, and that was exciting. She felt like a lucky little cave girl being taken by the clan’s top alpha-male; or the newest harem girl being trained by the handsome sheik; or the cutest cheerleader being fucked by the hot coach (she’d already had the quarterback at school groping her; he was a loser).

A few minutes earlier John had cradled her head in his hands and fed her his cock. She sucked Ataköy escort the big bulbous head, and felt the thick veins and throbbing shaft pulsating in her mouth. He loved the sensation, no doubt – but he loved the site as well – this petite young lady, the height of class, her cheeks bulging, desperately taking as much of him as she could. A dear, sweet site indeed.

This was one little piece of heaven, fucking this little angel’s face. Her mouth was small and inexperienced, so she couldn’t take the whole shaft. This caused her a little distress. But John was intensely watching her and he seemed pleased.

As he stroked her gorgeous mane of blond hair, muttering, “Beautiful, perfect, sweetheart…” She sucked and moved her mouth ambitiously on his cock head – a busy little bee, she was! Coating it with a thick layer of saliva, she dutifully tried to please him as best he could.

He liked the feeling of her saliva running down the length of his shaft, hanging in a slick droplet from his cum-full balls, and splashing on her arm.

She developed a rhythmic technique – moving her mouth, sucking quick little sucks while working her tongue all around the shiny big head. Her sweet little pussy was dripping, she could feel it – it almost felt like she’d wet her panties there was so much lubrication from her constant, intense arousal – yes indeed, she liked the way this stud took charge.

He began to buck against her face and grunt, making her cum instantly at the thrill, especially when she felt his weighty orbs bump against her chin. He was fucking her pretty mouth, and that felt so hot. He stopped short of cumming, since he had other plans for this lovely lass.

He pulled his cock out of her loving wet throat and lifted himself up, bringing his taut, swaying balls to her open mouth. He held her chin firmly and brought her obedient lips to the smooth skin of his sack.

“Open your mouth wide, sweet baby,” he commanded. Feeling her panting breath on them sent him spinning. He was crazed with lust for this stunning little cock sucker, this oral princess. As his balls came to rest on her open mouth, she couldn’t believe how sexy and full they felt. They hung on either side of her open mouth. She began to work her tongue along them, savoring their salty male muskiness, yet another trigger for her dripping pussy. She licked below them a little, not too far back, just far enough to savor the musky elixir of his perineum. The slithering of her tongue just at the base of his crack thrilled him, and her as well.

As she returned to suckle the heavy eggs below his towering cock, which she gazed awestruck at, he began to whisper, in an almost incantatory way, these words… “These carry my seed, angel, and the seed is all for you – I want you to take it as a gift from me, as you please and inspire me so much. It is your beauty that causes these balls to make my seed, more and more of it. You’re an inspiration.”

Now, only minutes later, her elbows bent and legs spread, she was fully open to his rear entry. He told her to spread her pussy lips with her fingers. He was ready to start really fucking her now.

He placed both of his powerful hands on her delicate young shoulders and she could feel the thrust as he pulled her back toward him.

OH! She thought he must have slid all the way in with his massive cock, and started to piston in and out of her, the length of him seeming to take forever to retreat, and reenter, her tiny, magnificent pussy.

He was saying sexy, filthy, hot things into her ear… “Hot little slut, such a sweet ass… I wanna cum in your beautiful mouth, you sweet piece of ass….Oh my god you have a wet little cunt… fantasizing about you for weeks…”

OH! More thrusting! He took his hands off her shoulders and reached around and underneath her with one to expertly touch her clit. He told her to reach down herself and touch there, and then to reach further down and feel where his cock entered her pussy.

She was amazed at the way her little hole had stretched to accommodate him. She was clutching his cock right as it entered her, marveling at the hardness, the girth.

“Reach further back, angel.” She did, and found his swinging balls. God they were so big! They felt heavy in the palm of her pretty girlish hand. He loved her hands on his big, heavy balls; they felt so sweet and feminine. “Play with them with your delicate hands, my pretty girl.” She LOVED when he called her his pretty girl. She clutched and tugged on them gently with her sexy hand.

Then recalling her earlier mini fantasy, she explored bravely behind them a little, finding the beginning of the crease of his ass. Her middle finger wiggled around back there, sliding up and down the smooth, sweat-lubricated crack. She had loved how he touched and licked her ass.

“That’s my good little angel. Find my ass and just rub it with your finger. That’s my good girl.”

She toyed with the tight ring of his ass for a while, Bakırköy escort realizing it was clean and tight, and began pushing in to her first knuckle. She started jiggling her hand to send vibrations through her finger, into his ass and up his spine. This was the finest girl he’d ever trained. “I am a lucky man, angel. You are beautiful.” She smiled to herself and pushed further into him.

He was so kind, and wise and experienced. She wished she could really BE this man’s girl. Maybe she could. But she was, after all, only a teenager. He was, what, 45? 46? He didn’t LOOK it, but he must be that old….

He was more than twice her age, nearly three times! Dasha felt safe with and protected by him, safe in the knowledge that he was wise and knew what to do and was showing her how.

She could smell his musky male scent, stronger now that he was fucking her, thrusting his big cock into her, and she could smell her own scent, one of feminine arousal and sexual desire. She loved how the two scents mingled.

He was enjoying the view from his vantage point. What man wouldn’t enjoy this view! A slender 18 year old blond on all fours while he mounted her from behind… there just isn’t much in the world more beautiful than this, he thought, as she shook her blond mane, and as he watched the arch in her back bend more as she helped him work his cock into her, as she approached orgasm after orgasm, he could see between her ass cheeks, the hairless, clean hole, and below that, his throbbing cock and her impossibly stretched pussy. Yes, he had a great view.

She continued to think about his scent. She’d smelled him most when he’d taken her hair in his hands and brought her mouth to his cock. The way he grabbed her and forced himself into her mouth was so hot. Of course she knew he was gentle and that this was sexy and not violent. He was showing her what he liked, and showing her what SHE liked.

When he’d squatted over her mouth and told her to lick his balls, she again smelled his strong musky scent. She decided without hesitation that it was a smell she liked. She licked his balls lovingly and even drew them into her mouth. They filled her mouth and felt good…two egg shaped orbs, on in each cheek. He brought her hand up to jack him off while she suckled his amazing balls. “Good girl,” he praised her.

She was worried about how her fingers didn’t go all the way around his cock. Was she pleasing him enough even though her hand was so small? His cock looked like a baseball bat in her hand. She didn’t know it, but he loved how small her hand was as it wrapped sweetly around his cock. There was room for both of her hands and her mouth. This was a good thing.

One Week Earlier….

A hot little mouth sucking his cock. That’s what he needed. Yes: he NEEDED it. He needed his beautiful lover, resplendent in her ‘uniform’ — a naughty leather number with a little thong back, studded bra, and dog collar — servicing him as he’d become accustomed. She was a good girl, and he missed her.

She was gone. Maybe forever. He didn’t know for sure. He did know, however, that she was the best lover he’d ever had, and that she was the best-trained young lady he’d ever had the pleasure of teaching. That was his expertise: to train a willing girl how to please a man.

Longing for his lover’s tongue and hands and sweet pussy, he dozed in the hot afternoon sun. He was secluded in his backyard, unseen — or so he believed — and he lay on a chaise lounge, on his back, in a tight, revealing swim brief. Given his thoughts, his cock, hard and throbbing, pressed against the stretchy material and showed him to be well endowed and highly aroused.

And in his relaxed mental state he had no inhibitions, so he brought his hand to his cock and petted it through his briefs for a moment, pretending it was HER hand, but he didn’t begin to jack off in earnest. He so longed for his lovely girl’s trained touch, to feel her fingers, much more slender and delicate than his own, begin by petting him through the briefs, whispering to him how hot he looked in his suit.

“Oh, lover, what a stud you are in your sexy bikini. The girls on the beach would drip like slutty little angels and want to drop to their knees before you and pay their tribute; they’d want to touch themselves seeing your so clearly masculine figure. They would even check out your big balls and want to taste them, to lick them and taste their musky manly flavor, and they would love it. Their mouths, and their cunts, would moisten at the very thought of you fucking their pretty faces.”

She kissed the straining bulge. Then, pulling loose the drawstring and freeing his manhood, she’d wrap her perfectly feminine hand gently, even shyly, around his stiff shaft, to stroke him like a good girl. “Is this how you like it, master?”

He ached to have her delicate tongue dancing along his shaft, her sweet princess lips kissing his full, heavy, swollen balls, to feel her licking up from his hardness along his taut belly to his nipples, which she’d suck as she gripped his large cock with both hands and jacked him off. She’d ask him sweetly, “Can I please lick your perfect ass, master?” To which he’d say, yes, of course. She’d nuzzle down there and cum loudly as she licked between his taut, firm cheeks.

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